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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    It would be posh for a limo

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Dodge, Chrysler minivan door locks recalled.

    (guess everyone else is posting in the DC subcategory discussions, eh?)

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  • This is a general question. With all the technology on modern vehicles, do these have the capability to store parameters of driving conditions? For example, could you(I don't have one)pull your car into a dealership and let them hook up to it with diagnostic equipment and tell things such as engine rpm, speed, gear, etc? I wonder if people have intentionally tried to destroy their engine by driving in a low gear until it blows. Wouldn't you hate to be the one that tried this only to be told by the mechanic..."Sir, we won't be replacing your engine, it looks like you ran it in first gear at 9500 rpms until it broke". Just curious, don't read too much into this. I have a '95 Maxima and I have no plans to do this.

  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    Isn't it that D/C would say never happened in the real world. I find it amazing that groups testing the vehicles can replicate results and D/C can't. This all somehow sounds familiar.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
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  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    Does anyone know if there is an internet site (or good old brick and mortar store) that sells MOPAR aftermarket products at decent prices. I am especially interested in the rear compartment organizer that DC sells for over $200.

  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    Two questions:

    1. Does anyone know if the 3.5 liter V6 will be available on the 2002 minivans?
    2. I presently drive a 99 300M and felt the 3.8L engine in the 2001 minivan is much smoother than the engine in my 300M. Anyone else like to comment?
  • Well- MotorTrend New Buyers guide arrived. Thumbed to the Chrysler section to see what mods could be expected for 2002 on the Minis.
    Unfortunately (depending on your view of the world) the 3.5L engine was not listed as an option. What I do recall:
    - DVD based enteratinment system as an option
    - Tire pressure monitoring system
    - Rear audio controls (not sure if this was new for 02, don't recall it being available last year)

    Did note that Honda is upping the power in the Odyssey to 240hp and I believe offering a 5-speed automatic. Based on this I was hoping Chrysler would take a step on upgrading their drivetrain.
  • I went to a suburban Chicago dealer Friday in response to their add for new Caravans for under 16,500. They had 'em at that price and I test drove one and came real close to the purchase. the vehicles had auto and air and were pretty darn fast with the 4 cylinder in them. I just wanted a comfortable new ride that could offer cargo space, people space and good visability at a low price. I was only hesitant because I thought about needing the 3.3 engine for possible towing(the manual says the 4cyl can tow 850lbs with 2 adults). To step up to the 3.3 was major $ difference due to the base model being the only one with approx $5000 off the MSRP at this special sale. Be advised though that the 2002 did drive exceptionally nice and the 4 was adequate. There may be one my future.
  • I have just purchased a 2001 GC and would like to upgrade the stereo. I have the cass and would like add a CD Changer or comb CD/Cass Radio. Other than the dealer, is there any sites or places that would be good to check out for MOPAR/DC equipment?
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Either your question is too difficult or everyone is still boycotting Troll Hall.

    Try the following sites, plus consider the FM modulator option.

  • Thanks scanner-
  • I have the 4-CD changer that came standard with the 2001 T&C. The changer works great with store-bought CDs, however, like with most other auto mfgr-supplied CD players, it is erratic with home-burned CD-Rs. Some work great, others don't.

    Don't know if that matters to you (or your kids), but if it does, I would strongly recommend purchasing a CD player that claims to be sensitive to CD-Rs. Either of the links provided by Scanner will serve you well. Depending on where you live, Car Toys and Magnolia Stereo are also decent retailers.
  • Some people have told me that the problem with CD-R/RW in car stereo could cause by the brand of CD-R/RW. Some brands have gold/silver surface (cost more) but most of them are blue. Fortunately, all my CD-R/ RWs work fine in my T&C's changer and all Pioneer systems in my other cars. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy, you can go to to check which stereo will fit in your van and go buy the unit at (much better price)
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    I'm not sure how to spell it, but the van is now making a diesel / clattering at lower rpm's. We are using 87 and 89 octane, and this was not happening initially. Would this just be an engine adjustment?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Clattering noise, hmm, some may say noisy lifter or rocker arms? When was the last time you changed the oil?

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  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I just read the August update by Edmunds of teh Dodge minivan. They still do not like it, but i found their reasoning intertesting. They admitted that it drives beautifully, but say that is not so important to peole who buy Minivans. That may be true of some people, but I am considering the Town and Coutry exactly for that reason. It is the best of both worlds, car and truck. It drives like a terrific sedan, but can carry 7 people or a huge of amount of cargo.

    I remember what Car and Driver said when they first drove the 2001 Minivan-- this was so good it could easily replace a sedan. It takes a drive to understand what they mean.

  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Edmunds praises the Odyssey like it is God's gift to the automotive industry but it obviously lacks something that the Chrysler vans have. Even if Honda matched Chrysler in the number of Odysseys that were made per-year, I still doubt they would outsell Chrysler.

    I think the reasoning behind Edmund's dislike and almost hatred of the Dodge Caravan is presumtuous and false. People DO like a van that drives like a car, has many small but very helpfull features, offers good performance, and looks great in the process. The Honda Odyssey doesn't use the same formula as the DC minivans do and for that reason they will never sell more. can continue to devote 3/4 of it's long term update for their Grand Caravan ES to trashing the van and telling people how much the Odyseey is better, but as far as sales go, the consumers don't seem to be listening...

  • I know people have posted what they paid for the town and country on this board, but I wanted to know what people have recently paid in the last month or two. I am thinking it might be a good time to buy and 01 or 02 with the economy sputtering a little and van sales for August being down. The LXI I am looking for is with the 29u package with side airbags and power liftgate with leather. Any info. on what kind of deals people have been recently getting would be greatly appreciated
  • jlefjlef Posts: 1
    New to this board, because I am looking to buy a new voyager. Just wanted to say that my 1991 dodge caravan se 3.0 is still running pretty good, with 166,000 miles on the engine. I have now turned it over to my youngest son. It has a few idiosyncracies but I live with it. Only have had two transmissions. I am so confident this car will go another 20000 miles. I have just put a new set of tires on it, and thinking about repainting it. Inside carpeting looks almost new. Seats have held up great. Overall the best car I have ever owned, except my 1964 volkswagen kharman ghia.I truly loved that car.
  • Does anyone know what the current incentives are and if DCX is going to match the 0% at GM and Ford or do anything else to sweeten the pot? I had heard of a $1,000 dealer incentive - any confirmation?
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    I just called Chrysler's customer service number (800 992 1997) and asked when production of the '02 AWDs would begin. The person said, "I'll have to research that. Can you hold?" I did. He returned within a minute with the answer "mid-October." (I have a '02 LXi AWD on order. Adjustable pedals are currently "on restriction," meaning that they are not currently available but will be at some unknown future time.)

    Regarding incentives, they may vary by state, or even region within a state. The current incentives in upstate NY are $1000 or low-rate financing (2.9% for 36 months as I recall). I do know that if you order a vehicle, the incentives that apply are the ones in effect at the time of delivery, not the ones at the time of the order.
    Naples, NY
  • I bought my 2001 LXi on August 28. Sticker with add-ons totalled $34,150. I paid $29,630 before rebate. In fact, I didn't take the cash rebate, I took the 1.9% finance over 4 years. I think you should do even better now.

  • What is the current status of the 2100 rpm problem? Can it be fixed? Has DC issued any instructions to dealers how to fix it? I would very much appreciate any response.
  • I would also appreciate any info on solution to 2100 rpm vibration. I'm sick of trying to drive at less than 2000 rpm or more than 2200 rpm. Unfortunately, 2100 rpm is in the sweet spot for acceleration and also for highway cruising.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Does anybody know when the DVD player will be available? I want to put one in my 2001 T&C
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I am soon going to order a Chrysler T&C LXi. I would like to replace the standard 215/65/16 tires with 225/60/16 performance tires such as Michelin Pilots.

    Any thoughts?

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Ed, is there a reason you want to do that? Or you are thinking about getting a new set of rims with the new tires?
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    Just want to improve the handling. I have Michelin Pilots on my 300M. They are terrific.

  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    GC SE.............$21,149 / 22,440 = $1291
    price difference.
    GC eL.............$22,728 / 24,175 = $1447
    GC Sport "H"..$24,470 / 26,680 = $2210
    GC eX.............$25,049 / 26,725 = $1676

    The difference in dealer markup between value priced eL and eX compared to Sport is NOT as great as one may have believed. I think DC will make MORE money on each eL and eX than on Sport if they continue to offer incentives on Sport.
    .....Why would anyone buy a GC Sport instead of lower priced eL with more features or the eX with many more features for only $45 more?
    .....My 1999 GC SE has nice extra features above the 2002 eL or Sport. They are: Cast Wheels, Roof Rack, Infinity Sound System, + single CD with AM/FM/Stereo Cassette. MSRP was $27,490 and I paid $22,590 after discount, incentive, etc.
    .....However, the 2002 GC eL and GC Sport have Triple Zone Temp Control while I have Dual Zone. It would be really nice to have the separate temp control for the rear area. I actually prefer my one piece 3rd seat that will slide, tip forward, and recline to the 50/50 split 3rd of 2002 GC eL.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    While the EL is the better deal in the long run with it's higher projected resale and all, you could actually get a 2002 DGC Sport or DGC EX with alloy wheels, Infinity CD Player, roof rack, and trip computer for just a little more than an EL.

    Mind you, this would also mean getting a Sport or EX with dual power/manual sliding doors, and power/manual trunk, so the EL may be the way to go for you, even though the EX and Sport either come standard or have available the things your '99 has, which would be the cast aluminum wheels, CD Player, and roof rack.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    Carleton said in a previous post that he preferred the sliding bench to the flip and fold split third row in the Chrysler vans, and I can't agree with him more. And while I've had the third row bench on my '88,'96, and now '01 vans, can someone with the split third row explain to me how it has worked out for your families in terms of how veritable it has turned out to be for you?

    Here are basically the pros and cons that I have come up with about the split bench. And just to let you know, these cons that I made up a while ago outweighed the pros, which ultimately made getting a Limited with the full bench a very easy decision.


    -Each seat only weighs 55 pounds

    -Can leave one in, and take another out

    -When third row seats are vacant, you can flip one or both forward for good extra cargo


    -Split seats can't slide forward and only tip forward, so in my case on vacations where the dog HAS to sit on the third row seat, the tip feature wouldn't even matter. This would mean I wouldn't have as much space behind the split third row as I would if it slid forward like the full bench

    -Dog is more susceptible to slide off the split third seats in the event of hard braking and onto the floor since they can't slide forward up against the back of the second row buckets

    I wish Chrysler would offer a split third row that tips AND slides forward, because Toyota currently offers that feature on the split third rows in the Sequoia and Sienna.

    Also, I'm wondering if anyone here could give me an opinion on the Odyssey trunk. As you might have figured, on trips, I HAVE to have the third row up, so I wouldn't even be using the Magic feature. Even with the third row up in the Odyssey, does it actually hold more than a Chrysler van with a third row bench that is all the way slid forward? The well in the Odyssey third row looks great and all, but it still seems as though the Chrysler vans would still have more space lengthwise with their third row slid forward.

    Oh well, that's enough rambling for one night. Thanks of anyone could fill me in on my questions!
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    The split bench has worked out just fine in our AWD LXi since December. I think your "pro" listing is pretty accurate and applicable to most of us. Configurability is a key advantage of a minivan. I can't imagine how my strong- -yet-small wife would ever be able to remove the full bench by herself (it is HER vehicle, really). She can, however, yank out the split bench halves when necessary.

    We put both our small kids back there and usually leave just one second row bucket seat in the vehicle. When we have to haul long items, we remove a bench half and move a kid to the second row. Real easy.

    Your "con" listing is a little more on the personal side. Your dog must be one happy canine. The major con is that you lose functional seating for an additional body.

    And yes, it would be nice to have a multiple track system like other vans.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I looked at the Buick Rendezvous(BR) and walked away scratching my head. IMHO, it appears the Town and Country(T&C) blows it away. First, there is no way you could put adults in the third row of the BR. Second, there is very little room behind the third row in the BR. Third the T&C has a more powerful, smoother engine. Of course, the T&C also has the wonderful power sliding doors to load in large items. As to the driving experience, I test drove a T&C and found it compared favorably to my friends Avalon in ride quality and quietness, so I doubt the BR could be much better.

    Have I missed something about the BR or similar vehicles?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    ed12, you are right, most of the SUVs don't have the easy access, space and comfort as the Minivans but most of these SUV owners don't have 3rd row passengers and driving a Minivan just isn't as cool as driving a SUV...However, I do not know how cool it would be by sitting in a Buick...
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    A few functional reasons why folks may prefer a crossover to an AWD minivan.

    1. People may need that third row just for kids and the Buick meets that requirement.

    2. Crossovers have a higher clearance than an AWD minivan and if you travel certain backroad or ranch roads enough that may matter. Our 2001 AWD T&C performs wonderfully on all sorts of road conditions. The only time, however, when we have had to "turn back" was due to insufficient road clearance--something our SUV would have handled easily.
  • I purchased a 2001 Dodge Caravan SE on Sept. 1. On the second day I heard a noise similar
    to rusted metal. Anyway, I determined that the noise only occurred while the air conditioner was running. I also heard noises from the engine similar to the old Pinto noises when the car would continue to run after you removed the key. This latest noise just seems to boost the engine at various times. I took it back to the dealer and they kept it for two days. Both noises are still there. I got a friend to ride in the car and he said that the air conditioner noise was probably the "clutch". The dealer said they checked that and because they could not get the noise to be constant, they could not repair it. The other noise they said will always be there because the engine is running. I'm worried because the engine noise only began about 1 week or so ago. I love the way the van handles and just want to know if anyone has been experiencing same.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    I never could understand why the 3rd row has a 50/50 split where the middle passenger has hinges poking into the back. A 65/35 split 3rd row would provide better flexibility than the 50/50 and be more comfortable for all 3 passengers in 3rd row.
    I also wonder why the GC eL has the 50/50 split rear seat instead of the one piece 3rd row seat. The 50/50 split 3rd row seats cost $200 more in the GC Sport with Quads in 2nd row than does the one piece rear seat with 2nd row Quads.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    The reason why they don't have that configuration is probably because of the weight disadvantage.

    The 50/50 seats were meant for easy flexibility and having one seat weigh about 75 pounds but another weigh about 40 pounds would not be totally ideal or easy to lift out.

    The 50/50 are both an equal and a generally easy 55 pounds each. The bench though is a cumbersome 120 pounds. I guess I'm lucky I don't take it out my bench that often to worry about it.

    While you and me may like the full bench, the crack in the middle of the split seat is obviously less of a problem to the majority of Chrysler minivan shoppers, since it wasn't long until all of the dealer lot Town & Country Limiteds were fitted with the no charge split bench, rather than the premium full bench with center armrest like mine. Oh well.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    Having experience with both D/C's and an Odyssey, the Odyssey has more space with well that the seat folds into. The best use I've found for the seat well is changing diapers. She can't escape dad when I change her in there.

    As for the bench; storing it when removed was always the bigger issue for me. Couldn't park both cars in the garage with it in there.
  • Why do you keep referring to them as the "eX" and the "eL"? Chrysler refers to them as the "EX" (clearly to immitate Honda) and the "EL".
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    In 2001, Dodge called it the Grand Caravan EX.
    The 2002 Caravan brochure calls them the eC, eL, and eX on pages 20 and 21 where Standard features and options are shown and pages 22 and 23 where Colors, wheels and accessories are shown. I have not yet seen a 2002 Voyager/Town and Country brochure so it may be that Chrysler models are labeled differently than Dodge.
    The announcement in the Detroit News Tuesday August 28, 2001 stated that the new 2002 models would be called the Chrysler Voyager eC / Dodge Caravan eC and the Chrysler Town & Country eL and Dodge Grand Caravan eL
    Here is the link to the complete article:
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Very Interesting and contrary to the prediction of the professional trollers. Here is the link to the sales numbers for 2000 and 2001 thru September of each year:

  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    .....Here is the math for the data found in post above.
    Total passenger minivan sales thru Sept (2001 and 2000):
    TOTAL: 2001 = 944,804 .....2000 = 1,134,041
    NOW: each company actual sales and percent of total each year:
    DC......402,450 = 42.6%...2000...451,379 = 39.7%
    GM......177,711 = 18.8% ..2000...225,699 = 19.8%
    FORD...131,128 =13.9%...2000...183,701 = 16.1%
    Honda...95,082 = 10.1%...2000....98,272 = 8.6%
    Toyota..65,967 = 7.0%...2000....82,575 = 7.3%
    Nissan..37,255 = 3.9%...2000....61,519 = 5.4%
    Mazda...24,299 = 2.6%...2000....28,488 = 2.5%
    Sedona...7,311 = 0.8%...2000....NONE
    Eurovan..3,601 = 0.4%...2000.....2,418 = 0.2%

    DC includes Caravan, GC, T&C, Plymouth and Chrysler Voyager, and PGV.
    .....GM includes Venture, Montana, Silhouette, Astro Passenger, Safari Passenger.
    .....Honda includes Odyssey and Oasis.
    .....Nissan includes Quest and Villager.

    VERY INTERESTING: While 2001 DC sales are down, so are the sales of most other companies...including Honda (Odyssey and Isuzu Oasis). DC percentage of sales for 2001 increased impressively as did Odyssey and the lowly VW Eurovan.
  • Additional thoughts on your rear-seat ponderings.
    Most often overlooked and not mentioned when talking Odyssey and TC. How important is a full size spare to you?
    While HOnda offers the storage 'well' behind you, you can't get a full size spare. Only the temp spare tucked under the floor between then front and 2nd row passengers. Personnally, if I'm on a road trip and get a flat, I'm not sure I want to cont the trip on a temp spare and have to unload people or stuff to get to it. If you will always use the 3rd seat, then such points become something to consider.
    -- BKS
    PS - as for the k9. put him or her in a harness that fastens to the seat belt. This keeps them from becoming a flying object under severe braking or accident situations. Its better for humans and K9.
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    I'll be getting an '02 T&C LXi AWD in a few days. ('02 production of AWD began Oct. 15.) I have a 500 mile (round trip) coming up. The delivery may be very soon before the trip. I'm wondering what DC's recommendation is for break-in. I could take the trip in a different vehicle, but the T&C sure would be nice!
    Naples, NY
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    While I don't have my owner's manual in front of me, I don't remember it being a problem. I took mine on a similar trip soon after I took delivery. I have an AWD LXi also. I would interested to see if they have solved the 2100 rpm problem / vibration / pain in the neck. I have almost 11,000 on mine already, and it certainly doesn't get better with time.

    Enjoy your new car. Lots about this vehicle are absolutely wonderful.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    Let us know how the 2002 AWD is. I am thinking of getting one also.

  • evilcevilc Posts: 1
    I found a article that might explain the 2100 rpm problem, with an easy fix also.

    It has been mistaken as many different things:

    Tire balance

    Bad roads

    Engine misfire

    Fuel pump

    Torque Converter shudder is usually not the first guess that mechanics and non-mechanics will make when this symptom first surfaces.


    What you usually experience is a slight shake or vibration in third or fourth gear that is downright annoying. It has a certain "washboard road" feel in the seat of your pants. Drivers usually just live with this problem until they can't stand it anymore.


    Torque converter shudder is very simply caused by worn-out transmission fluid. The lock-up clutch inside the torque converter is slipping/grabbing giving the shudder effect.

    The fluid is originally died pink at the factory so you can tell when the fluid is failing or oxidizing. It will turn dark red, then change to brown, and finally to black. Automatic transmissions are designed to slip as part of their normal operation. Poor quality fluid allows too much slip and eventually causes failure. In severe-duty vehicles like Police, Limo, Taxi, the fluid quality is much more crucial.


    Use an Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger/Flusher to completely remove the old fluid every 20,000 miles (severe-duty). This process ensures that the fluid is reset to 100% performance efficiency. The torque converter lock-up clutch will no longer chatter.

  • Interesting that my 2001 owners maintenance schedulel shows that under normal operating conditions, auto tranny fluid is not to be changed until 100,000 miles. Seems rather to long between changes unless Chrysler uses synthetic ATF. Think I'll change at 45,000
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