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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I checked and and you were right. I went back and inflated to 36 psi today. I was reading the sidewalls which say 45 psi. But, recommened is 36 psi. I have goodyears.


  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The 45 on the sidewalls is if you carry a heavy load in your van. Then you need to put more air in the tires.
    My 1 ton truck I had calls for 50lbs. all around unless I am carrying a heavy load like my 5th wheel before I sold it. Then I was to put 55 in the front and 80 in the back. Of course this was on my tire sticker on the driver door. They should put simular stickers on all vans etc. but they don't.
  • edgarmacedgarmac Posts: 6
    If the door plate says 36 psi and the tire says 45 psi max, I would split the difference. The manufacturer wants a softer ride but I think the tires will last longer at the higher pressure.
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    After another "miscommunication", the dealer has tried to get me to go well above invoice. Originally gave me a number that should have included my last couple of lease payments. Later said he didn't understand what I was asking. I am making a final offer on a fully loaded SE. I came up with an invoice price of $31,500. $2,000 rebate takes us to $29,500. Splitting part of the dealer cash rebate. $29,200 doesn't seem unreasonable to me. What do you think? The dealers are really trying to give the impression that these vans are flying out the door. But that's not what I've observed so far.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Jeffc1 - if the vans were flying out the door why would they need a dealer cash rebate AND a $2k customer rebate?

    Let's get real: the top end DC minivans are having trouble moving, partly due to overpricing, partly due to the economy. I'm almost certain there are unpublished dealer incentives on these minivans, and the dealers I talked to 2 months ago simply remained silent when I suggested as much. Suggest you try another negotiating strategy. Find a different dealer in your area who has lots (20+) of vans similar to the one you want in stock. Go in on a weekend, be as polite as possible, indicate you are ready to buy right now, but that you have limited time (30 minutes) to find the item and agree to the price (you'll come back later today to sign the papers if the price is right). Show them a write-up, such as a print out from a web site, of exactly the van you want. If you locate an in stock model you are willing to buy right then, offer them $2k under invoice ($4k under invoice with the customer rebate). If they start with questions like "how big a payment do you need" or stuff like that just politely interrupt, reminding them you're on a time limit, and repeat the offer. Tell them that depending on their response you'll come back later that day to close the deal. Again, keep it as polite and businesslike as possible.

    They can do one of several things. 1) Decline to counter offer (very unlikely, you're a real buyer and they have too many minivans in stock). 2) Accept the offer (also unlikely, they don't want to leave any money on the table). 3) Counter the offer. If they come back $1k below invoice, tell them you'll sign today for $1500 below invoice, and leave (did I mention to do this politely?) giving them your phone number. After all, by now your 30 minute time limit is probably up. If they come back much higher, say, invoice, again leave them your phone number and politely say that was more than you'd been hoping and will need to do more "research".

    The upshot is that you'll probably get a much better price than you've been given so far. If not, and you try this at 2 dealerships, then you can satisfy yourself that the local prices are not much lower than invoice.

    But, my own experience in CA is that the high volume dealerships are willing to go $1k and more below invoice to move the high end vans.
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    Thanks for the help. That's pretty much how I've been trying to approach the "buying experience". I made a final offer at $2500 under invoice including rebates. The salesperson tried to cry the blues. He said they are locating the vehicle so they won't get the holdback. It's costing them money to go and get the vehicle. I said thanks but no thanks. Said he could get me a lesser equipped vehicle for that price. He was missing the point I think. No biggie. The local dealers all seem to be OK with not selling the vans. I'm in no hurry though. So we'll just wait them out.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    $2,500 below invoice including rebates. Thats what carsdirect has. I would printout a carsdirect order, writein the costs (I couldn't get carsdirect to printout the costs but, I wrote them in), go to the dealer and say, "If you can beat this, I'll sign today". Don't worry about what they think about it or get into that talk about payments and whatever. Just offer it and walk away if they can't do it, and if you're ready sign if they beat it (even if its only by $100 or if they beat it by throwing in stuff like chrysler mud flaps or a cargo organizer).

    I was blessed in that I the dealer that I went to gave me that off the bat ($2500 off invoice) and wouldn't budge below it into their holdback (which could be more through unpublished rebate). I never had to pull out the carsdirect printout. But, I know that it would have worked. I also put in an order with at $2500 below invoice and had a dealership call back the next day with 4 vehicles ready for me to choose from (depending on color).

    From the approach, I did have two dealerships call me that wanted me to just look at their stock. I mean, I could have done that on my own. They were using my request as an announcement to them that I was in the market. But, the other dealer (a large comglomerate dealership) actually found cars that fit what I specified and was ready to sell one to me (they probably would have tried to push dealer stuff in addition had I went there).

    But, I just went back the first dealer that handed me a paper showing invoice - $2500 and bought from them. I think they may be a better dealership anyway.

    Where are you? I'm near Balt-Wash DC. I saw that the dealership that I bought from just put about 20 more cars out on the lot. So, their ready to deal again. I can recommend a salesman, etc.

  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    jeffc1 -- dealers do usually lose holdback if they buy the minivan from another dealer. Better for you to work with a dealer who already has the minivan in stock.

    In general, though, it looks like the demand for DC minivans has improved. June stats show a 61% increase in T&C sales over last year and in general minivans, along with the PT Cruiser, are a big reason DC's unit sales are up slightly relative to last year. (Note T&C sales were depressed at this time last year, so the increase is not as great as it sounds, but it is still good news for DC.)

    What this means for buyers is that the market is not as soft as it was in March and April, when (for example) owner loyalty incentives were being offered.

    Demand also varies by region. Where domestics are more popular demand is higher, such as Ohio. Compare the price for the same minivan with an Ohio zipcode vs. a California zip code and you'll see what I mean.

    Therefore, $2500 below invoice may be the best available in your locale.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Has anyone bought the extended warranty from a Dodge dealer. When I bought my Grand Caravan I also picked up the Platinum coverage warranty from Fidelity Warranty Services.
    For 72 months/100,000 miles the charge was $2,102
    I have a full 60 days to cancel and get 100% refund.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    pgs_28, or anyone else who may have this.....

    I saw where it says, "I also have a problem with an air noise . . . . at the driver-side door in the upper left corner? " [msg #451]

    pgs_28, I saw where the dealer replaced some trim that helped this. How much did it get rid of it? And, are you sure it was the front door and not the sliding door on that side?

    I also have some amount of outside road noise coming through what seems to be the top/rear of the driver's side door. I had read your message and was just prepared to settle with it. But, yesterday I rode on the passenger's side and heard even more noise coming through. Have you rode over there in your vehicle and did you hear road noise there too?

    Really, some of this noise that we're all noticing is simply because the rest of the van is so quiet. So, if the interior of the van is real quiet, little outside noises coming in are more pronounced.

    But, I am thinking of mentioning this to the dealer and maybe he could replace some trim and have a positive effect on it for me too.

    Anyway, its a very nice van. Its like a gift to drive it.

  • mnoutdoorsmnoutdoors Posts: 19
    The airbag warning light on out 2001 T&C LXi has been intermittently coming on during the last week. We haven't been able to pinpoint a pattern yet. It sometimes stays on after starting the engine, and it will come on after the car is in gear and moving as well. It usually goes off in 10 sec to 1 minute. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  • smccarthysmccarthy Posts: 31
    Have a 2001 T&C Ltd and am getting the same Airbag warning light. Someone earlier had posted that they had this as well and the "clock spring" was bad - this is the 'trigger' mechanism for the Airbag so if it's faulty, it won't fire. I'm taking the van to the dealer Friday to have several warranty items taken care of. I'll let you know what they find on the warning light.
  • mnoutdoorsmnoutdoors Posts: 19
    smccarthy - Thanks for the update! I'll wait to hear how they handle it for you.

    We haven't had our T&C in yet for any fixes (now 3+ months old). The only other problem we have is the delaminating silver insets on the side body molding. Has anyone had these replaced? I'm interested in knowing if they replace just the silver strips or if the whole large molding piece is removed and replaced. If it is a major job (i.e replacing the whole large piece), I'm not sure I want to run the risk of whatever paint damage could be done on the door panel underneath, or the color matching when (if) they repaint the large molding section. The molding delamination is hardly noticeable unless you're looking for it after a rain when moisture has seeped in.

    I'd appreciate hearing of any experiences people have had with this.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    mnoutdoors, if you do have that molding replace, I'd appreciate knowing what they charge for doing it. I know that it'll prob be done under warranty, and you wont have to pay; but, they'll probably give you some write-up after its done showing what everything costs, and I'd just like to know what they charged for parts and labor.

    Also, just fromt he way it looks from the outside, I would supect that they have to at least take that whole molding off to replace the silver part from the inside. And, they'll probably have to do some damage to the molding to get it off; meaning that they'll have to replace the molding as well as the silver part.

    Is it just one side?

    Also, I would think that color matchig wouldn't be much of a problem since its the plastic part of things, not any painted portion, susceptible to UV rays. I would think that the plastic (the one being taken off and the replacement being put on) would hold their color very well.

  • tom193tom193 Posts: 5
    Looking at leasing a 2001 Caravan SE. Regular wheelbase. Have two small kids. Hope that it is roomie enough, but cost is a consideration. Never owned a DC product. Currently driving a V8 Explorer. No problems with this car. Mainly harsh ride, bad fuel mileage and tight interior. Many horror stories about DC products which are very troublesome. The new DC line does come with a 5/100,000km drive train warranty. Imports are a rip and the dealerships often arrogant. Any thoughts about gambling on a new DC van?
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Regarding reliability, read back the hundreds of posts on this topic and on other van topics. Be sure to look at the Town & Country and Grand Caravan threads, as issues are common across all. You'll see lots of opinions on reliability including links to various web sites. This may help form your own opinion. There are those (me included) who believe DC has very much improved in recent years. Others would like more evidence.

    With only two kids the short wheelbase (SWB) van should be fine on space. When we had two kids our LWB van almost seemed too large. However, if you plan more kids (we now have 4) you'll find the LWB van is much more desireable due to the luggage room behind the 3rd row bench seat. Also, if you will use the van a lot for cargo the LWB van is a big plus. 8' x 4' sheets fit in the back, and 10' boards can fit down the middle.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Yes, many of us have purchased a 2001 T&C while being mindful of Chrysler's lousy pre-98 reliability record. For me, the excellence of the vehicle was worth the risk and the data seems to show a marked improvement in reliability. But this still could be a real dumb move and only time will tell. After 7 months, so far so good.

    As a parent of two young 'uns, I am glad to have purchased the larger LXi model. If your kid-related stash isn't great and you don't expect to travel with either extended family or friends, then perhaps a shorter van will suffice. We start throwing in a few backpacks, a cooler, a jog stroller, and Grandma and Grandpa--and the van seems cozier.

    I think budget will be your biggest challenge, as the Caravan SE is pretty spartan. Do consider checking out other decent makes such as the MPV, low-end (is there such a thing?) Honda, or '00 Sienna.

    Dealer arrogance transcends any one type or brand. As one who previously only owned imports,I also disagree with your characterizing them as "rips." It seems like the whole automative sales industry is based on taking advantage of the uneducated and weak-willed. You either play the game or pay the price--and the latter happens anyway. . .
  • I am in the process of purchasing a 2001 Dodge Caravan. I have my car insurance with GEICO - they offer a 7 year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper extended warranty on new cars for just $6.00 per month which is included in the car insurance payment. This adds up to just a little over $500 over 7 years.

    I had this on my current car, a 1995 Dodge Intrepid. The best thing about it is - you do not have to have the warranty work done at the dealer, you can take it to a certified mechanic. Got my transmission fixed with this, and my air conditioning which both had problems at about 80 - 85,000 miles. Along with some other incidentals over the years.

    I have shopped around and nothing else has come close. Any salesman at a dealership will tell you it's a crock, don't listen to them. I have convinced many of my friends and neighbors to switch to GEICO and purchase this when they were buying new cars and they are all extremely happy!

    Good Luck!
  • I am in the process of purchasing a Dodge Caravan right now - was looking at an SUB, but I do love Dodge products. I am dealing with a great salesman in the West Palm Beach FL area - he sold me my Dodge Intrepid in 1995. He deals straight and honestly. I am purchasing a 2001 White Dodge Caravan, brand new, for $13,999 after rebates and incentives. It comes with a regular am/fm stereo (which I am replacing with the top of the line Infinite stereo and Bose speakers that came in my Intrepid.) This Caravan is a 4 cylinder - nothing fancy, but still nicely set up.

    Please look at my post #1173 about extended warranty!!!!

    Good Luck!
    PS - if you live in the West Palm Beach area, and want to deal with the best, call David Bean of Arrigo Dodge on his cell phone at (561)762-8671.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Good news.

    I looked at it again (the molding) and it seems that the silver part is just a cover that fits over the body-colored molding underneath (probably held with glue). So, they just have to get that silver part off somehow without hurting the body-colored molding underneath.

    Anyone working for/on Chryslers know how they would do that? Possibly with heat?

    Note: I installed rear splash guards today. Very easy.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I wanted to install the molded rear splash guards too but Chrysler's parts dept. wouldn't sell me one because he said "according to the parts book, the LTD have those grooves at the bottom part of the car, those molded splash guards will not fit..." Ironically, there is no grooves on the rear bumper and the bumper look exactly like those on LXi
  • abealiabeali Posts: 13
    A few months back a couple of folks on this forum reported that they hear interference noise on certain radio stations on the 2001 GC radio. I was one of those, and in my case it is like hearing annoying crackles on one of my favorite AM stations. Except for one other persons, no one else commented on similar problems.

    Ironically, I found out after complaining to my dealer that DC has indeed known about this problem, and are in the process of making new radios to replace those with this problem. However, the new radios will not be available until the Fall. The question: have any other owners of the 2001 GC / T&C noticed such noise/Interference? Are those of us with this problem in the minority? Does anyone know of a TSB covering this issue?

    In my case, the interference shows up on only one AM radio station; It does not show up on the CD, tape player, or other stations ... and no, it is not a weak station. The station broadcast is fine and is trouble-free on all other radios in other vehicles. The static problem is caused by an interference source within the van and has been validated by the dealer and other audio specialists.

    On a different topic, I would like to know from other owners the idle RPM while stopped at a red light in hot weather (AC working) on a 2001 3.8L engine. Mine hovers right at 600 RPM and I thought it was too low. The dealer says this is normal ....

    Much appreciated!
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Well, yes, there are grooves there but they are in the mid-section of the van. The rear splash guards go on the rear-section of the van and theres some of that padding in the rear, but the same two holes are there as on other models and those 2 holes are the ones that are used to install the splash gaurds.

    I wasn't sure they would fit either (the dealer had a hard time finding them in the catologue and we weren't sure that what I got was what I needed), so I used a LXi (with the grooves) in the parking lot of the dealer to check and make sure they would fit (I didn't have my van with me when I picked up the parts). So, I know they would fit a van with grooves. I didn't install them on the dealer van, but just held them up to make sure the holes aligned.

    I have a question for you: the ones that your dealer saw in the catologue, were they body-colored or black?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Maybe it would help if you told everyone what the freq. is of this station. Even though there may not be a station there in every city or there could be a station there the person don't like but if it is a problem on there radio they may also want to get it replaced as during travels they may find that that freq. holds a station they want to listen to.
  • abealiabeali Posts: 13
    The frequency of the station is 1070 KHz. It is an AM news station in the Southern California Area. I only experience the interference on this frequency and the dealer confirms that several other owners of vans in the area complained about the same interference problem. However, I seem to remember that the other poster a while back said that he noticed the interference on other frequencies as well.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Maybe all the DC people could put their radios on 1070AM if they have a station at that freq. and give it a check. The more people who have that problem and complains will help all. The old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." Also not being a DC person but knowing most auto companies use the same radio in different products I wonder if others are also complaining. Like the 300M's or PT Cruisers. The radios may be the same with a different face plate.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    The rear molded splash guard I saw in the T&C catalog is black in color. I didn't know they have the body colar matched one avaliable.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Yes, I guess so. I was hoping that there were some body colored ones. It'd be nice is Chrysler did that. They'll probably have them for 2002.

    I have the black ones on my van. They look nice and they do block stuff from getting on the van. But, they would look so much better as steel blue. I wonder what is the likelihood of painting them?
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We are interested in purchasing splash guards. Do you have them behind two or four wheels? Perhaps it is a byproduct of AWD, as it seems like lots of gunk is dispersed on the rear body panels. How effective have the guards been?
  • momof5momof5 Posts: 4
    I just come back from returning the molded rear splash guards that our dealer gave us. They didn't line up at all on our van tho did on the '01 Voyager.
    Does any one have these and if so can you supply a part #. The parts department told me there are no molded gaurds available for this. They gave me a set of flat ones which I don't want to install if there IS a molded version out there for this model van!
    I noticed the earlier threads on splash gaurds but aren't sure of what's meant by 'grooves'? other than the Voyager rear was shaped smoothly where as the EX has a 'bump' or raised curved
    {? hard for me to explain}
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