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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I had a hard time with the dealer getting them too. As I posted when I purchased the van, the dealer handed me a T&C/Voyager accessories booklet when I got the van (he said they didn't need the 2001 edition anymore because the 2002 would be out soon). So, I had the book with an actual color glossy picture of the parts in it.

    So, I called the dealer (parts dept) on the phone and ordered molded splash guards for my 2001 T&C. He looked and said that they didn't make them. I said, "I'm looking at them." He said to come in and show him. In the meantime, I called a place I found on the internet to see if I could get them cheaper than the local dealer. They too said that they don't make them for the T&C. I said, "I'm looking at them in the book." They told me it was a mistake.

    The next day I went to the local dealer. He tried to find them. Couldn't. He did find them for the Voyager and the Caravan, but not for the T&C. I pulled out the book. He was a little surprised to see them in my book but looked in his ordering book again. Two pages backwards from the flat ones for the T&C and the molded ones for the Voyager, were the molded ones for the Grand Caravan. It also said "Town and Country". (turns out that they are listed in the book strangely and not easily found.)

    I ordered them and they fit perfectly on the Town and Country. They are black, with no distinguishing marks to separate them from whether they were made for the T&C or the GC. But, I do note they they say "LWB" (which I take to mean "Long Wheel Base") on the inside of them. I would guess that the "SWB" ones may have different holes.

    The part number is 82206552. I'm looking at the box and it says, "Splash Guard Kit, Dogde LWB Rear" so I guess that they were originated toward the GC. But, I can tell you they fit fine on the T&C. Maybe Chrysler will make body colored ones for 2002. But, the black ones fit fine and look fine. And, they do help some with gunk on the rear of the van.

    They list in the book for $26, but I think that you can get them cheaper. The holes on the side line up fine, but theres a hole underneath to attach the guard to the van and hold it snug. They come with a screw that you could use to do that, but I didn't do it because I did not want to "make" a hole in my new van (even though it would have been underneath and hidden). So, I just attached that part of it with a bent paper clip (quite unorthodox I know). It works fine and they look nice. I wont be going off-road or using drive-thru washers anyway, so I'll just be a little careful around them when I wash the van.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I think I am going to tell the dealer I have a 2001 GC ES and see if they would let me order one. Last time when I told them I have a T&C LTD, they wouldn't place the order for me because their book said it wouldn't fit.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Saw 4 Town & Country LX that looked like rental units at the local Dodge dealer. All 4 had the message written on back window: "Check Air bag warning light". This dealership is owned by a mogul who owns at least one dealership of every brand in this area. We are closest to airport so probably all DC minivan warranty work is done here.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I've been looking the stock of a local dealer here, and out of about 30 vehicles (and they got about 20 of them in the last 2 weeks) none of them are AWD. Not a single AWD on the lot (perhaps they are hidden in the back or something). I've been looking for them to have one so that I can drive it and see if I detect this "resonance".

    Do you think that Chrysler, or even this dealer in particular, are laying off of the AWDs because of the resonance problem? I mean ~30 T&Cs and no AWD? Something must be up.

    Anyone else noticing this where you are? I'm in MD, and we certainly have snow in the winter. I would think that AWDs would be a big selling point here. But, this dealer doesn't seem to be stocking them.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Maybe they are just in demand in MD?
  • tdmantdman Posts: 4
    We have a '01 GC ES AWD that has a intermittent high-pitched metallic squeal/squeak in the rear. Particularly present after braking -- after exiting a freeway, etc. Light pressure on the brake stops the squeal.

    First pass with dealer didn't find anything -- but doubt if they looked very hard. So now off to battle we go....

    Anyone else run into this problem?
  • smccarthysmccarthy Posts: 31
    Got the van back from the dealer on Friday and was told my Airbag warning light was caused by the "clock spring". I was told that they are on 'colossal back order', especially for steering wheels with the radio controls built in. He said expect it in 1-2 weeks - that doesn't sound good. I expressed my concern about an airbag misfire or failure to fire and he said that the airbag is deactivated when the light is on - wont' fire - but as long as the light is off it should work fine. Also there shouldn't be any risk of misfire. Easy for him to say - it's not his wife behind the wheel!

    Anyone out there have any knowledge of this? Sounds like the 'clock spring' is a growing issue for DC.
  • mnoutdoorsmnoutdoors Posts: 19
    smccarthy - thank you for the update. I had called my dealer to ask if this was a known problem and inquire about the implications of driving while it was on. They were very aware of the clock spring issue - I have an appointment to go in next week. I will call back however and ask about parts. Since I have the steering wheel mounted controls, it would be great if they could have the part on-hand.

    re: AWD availability - I happened to look a week ago - out of approximately 40 minivans, my dealer had 3 AWDs on the lot. Since AWDs are only made twice a year, once the spring production run is distributed, that's all there is until Fall. I ran into this same situation last summer when looking at 2000 AWD T&Cs. After the incentives and rebates have been in effect for awhile, there just isn't much selection left.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Thanks for the information. I have called up Geico and looking over the information. I just bought the extended warranty from the dodge dealer at $2,100> Will get a full refund for the warranty.

    Is the dodge dealer coverage and Geico the same coverage?
    Thanks for the help
    Savings of over $2,200 between insurance and warranty
  • I thought that the 2100rpm problem is resolved and that DG has instructed dealers to take appropriate action? Some Washington DC dealers are selling 2001 T&C for $3500 below invoice. Any better deals around?
  • The IIHS crash test result announced today are disasterous for Chrysler/Dodge minivans. They earned the LOWEST possible rating. I feel lucky because I did not yet buy the vehicle. Check it out yourself:

    I recommend any responsible father/mother to get rid of the vehicle asap.

  • Couple years ago the GM vans (Opel Sintra) got the worst possible crash test results in Europe. GM reacted appropriately by stopping the production and the sale of those vans in Europe. DG should recall all 2001 minivans. They should also resdesign the van and launch a completely new product to regain the customer confidence. They can do it. The Germans counterparties of the DG Group have long experience in making the best and safest cars in the world. As a result, DG has the know-how, they just need to put it practice, consistently and worldwide. I have never seen any Mercedes product earning less than 5 stars or best results in any crash tests.

    Do not buy DG minivans before the problem is fixed. I am not talking about the fuel leakage. Look at the results! This is not acceptable in the 21st century!
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    As all they indicate is how the vehicle reacted to a deliberate crash at a specific angle at a specific speed. How often has someone had an accident that exactly duplicated the test scenario?
    The real world experience is far more valuable where ride, handling, and AVOIDANCE characteristics determine the severity. DC minivans drive and handle very well as indicated by the discount for SAFETY that USAA gives me on my vehicle insurance. It is much more important to AVOID an accident.
  • mechanmechan Posts: 7
    I agree completely with your assessment. As a 98 Grand Caravan owner, I am very disappointed that DC did not at least equal the top scores achieved by the Odyssey. I mean, the latest edition of the Odyssey has been out since 99 and DC has had ample time to improve the van's structure to obtain top ratings in the crash tests - there should be no excuse.

    Surely DC should be learning from their experiences and not continue to suffer this embarrassment - look at the mediocre scores achieved by their full size cars (Intrepid, LHS, Concord, 300M) in last year's IIHS tests.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Unfortunately, there is no way that you can avoid all accidents. If someone runs a red and smacks into you, you probably won't be able to avoid it. Obviously it is unlikely that the IIHS crash test conditions will be duplicated exactly, but I have seen plenty of accidents that are similar. Personally, I plan for the worse, but hope for the best.

    Last year a few months before after the '01 Chrysler minivan's launch at a dealer's convention, Chrylser did admit to the dealers that they had misjudged the very positive effect on sales that good crash test scores would have (they specifically referred to the Windstar and Ford's use of the crash test ratings in ads). As such, they did not design the new vans to have the best crash test ratings as they could've, and it was too expensive (and too late) at that point ot make any structural changes. They expected the vans to have good and okay crash scores in some areas (i.e. NHTSA tests), but not the best.

    As far as the IIHS crash test goes, the Toyota Sienna is still slightly better than the Odyssey, even though both were rated "good". The Sienna was the only van to receive a "best pick" though.

    Safe driving everyone,

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  • jziskjzisk Posts: 4
    What do we need to do to force a recall on the 2001 fuel part that is defective? We need to campaign for this recall.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    I too am disappointed in the results, as I said in my post in the T&C newsgroup. But in the interests of accuracy, the results for the 2002 MY are ACCEPTABLE, similar to the MPV. The POOR is for the 2001 MY and based on the fact that one of the three offset tests resulted in a small leak in the gas tank. DC has addressed this for MY2002, and hints that a recall for MY2001 will be available.

    Certainly I'll press to have my MY2001 updated. After that we'll live with it, but I certainly feel DC should have done better following the performance of Toyota, Honda and Ford.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    For some reasons, I am not too worry about the crash test result. It might not be the safest among the minivans but it is still better than a lot of older cars out there. And it does has the features to avoid accident. If a 18 wheelers decided to run the red light at full speed, it really don't matter what car you are in. People got kill by a cookie stuck in their throat too you know...I am worry about not able to get the molded splash guards for my van!
  • jziskjzisk Posts: 4
    2001 owners

    Require a Recall for the fuel tank - Submit a form today

  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    Anyone know the part number for the defective fuel part that leaked in the crash test? Could this be a simple repair (i.e under $100)? Is it a major repair to replace the defective part that leaked out in the crash test.

    If Chrysler does not recall this part, no family or friend of mine will buy a Chrysler /Dodge product

    What happened to the most safety at Chrysler?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    From the above link, you will be able to see the detailed injury and cabin intrusion measures from the IIHS test and compare them to the other minivans. While this doesn't give the entire story, it does give you a good idea of why the IIHS assigned the ratings that it did.

    Obviously as little cabin intrusion is best, and as low as possible injury indexes are the best. HIC is the Head Injury Counter; the IIHS can tell if the person would get a light concussion (Are there any light concussions? Probably not. All concussions are bad.) or a serious brain injury from the accident, if it was a real person instead of a dummy in the driver's seat.

    Doesn't look like Chrysler will be recalling the vans because they think that the fuel leaks from the fuel pump/tank are not severe enough to warranty that.

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  • I fully agree that the the test scenario is not the real world experience. However, why should I buy a vehicle w miserable crash test results if there are minivans available with good results? Secondly, I cannot understand why DG decided not to produce the best possible minivan when it is the most important bread-and-butter product of the company? Why did they take the calculated risk? Even the 2002 results, which are slightly better than the 2001 results, lag behind the other major minivans. You do not gain customer confidence when your products are poor (2001) or "just average" (2002). I am an average guy but I still buy the best (read: safest) minivan with my $25K!
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    I agree with your general message but quibble on one point. The 2002 results are not just "slightly better" than 2001. Compare the acceptable rating to the poor rating. acceptable is the second best rating, and means you'll probably survive that crash, albeit with injuries. Poor means you probably won't.

    Also worth noting that 2001 had the same crash worthiness of 2002 EXCEPT the fuel leak. A 2001 with the fuel leak fix should do as well as a 2002. Now just to beg for a recall. We should NOT have to beg for a recall for this type of defect. I know Chrysler says they crashed it 50 times and didn't have this happen. PROVE IT.
  • Fair enough. However, 50 % of the tested minivans are BETTER than the DG minivan 2002. My revised point is the following: Why should I buy an "average" minivan when 50 % of the tested minivans are better than the DG minivans?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Check out 1616 and 1621 for links to web sites that describe the equipment on the SXT. Another way to find out is to call your local Dodge dealer and ask them to send you information.
  • pozdolpozdol Posts: 3
    Ordered my 2001 T&C Ltd 11/9/00 and took delivery 12/9/00. Just in time for snowiest Dec in Chicago history! Based on reading the T&C commentary for this vehicle, here are my 2 cents:

    Silver with blue interior. Blue interior isnt that dark because headliner is still light gray. Blue does show the dust on the dash way more than tan but dirt on seat/carpet/mats is less obvious than the with tan. Choose where you want to see the dirt! Dont like the hard plastic that forms the center console and around the doors and the rear "trunk" area. This hard plastic scratches easily--but this is not limited to just T&Cs.

    Had a 1988 GrandVoyager. 2001 visibility much worse out rear side windows as compared to the '88--due to higher seats/headrests and smaller rear side windows on '01.

    Viewed chrysler web site and found part nbrs for hard splash guards and rear window wind deflector and had dealer order and install back in Feb-no problems as someone mentioned in earlier comment about splash guards. These all make big difference in less spray on doors and rear window.

    When only 3 weeks old, took to carwash and when I returned home noticed lower left front bumper around fog lamps was all cracked. I suspect car wash attendant drove it incorrectly into the track (tow is on left,near where cracks were). This bumper is SO low-have avoided this wash since--anyone else notice this? Cost me $700 to repair.

    Electric cooling fan for radiator is very noisy (low rumble) inside cabin-actually not that noisy if standing outside! Turns on alot when sitting in traffic. Dealer said many have complained about this-cant do anything. Have also noticed some sort of noise coming from center of roof (outside?)when going 55 or higher. Dealer said he heard causes were either rack is loose (not for me) or possibly because of the rear air deflector. Any comments? No problems with 3-zone auto temp control for a/c and heat.

    What is this 2100 rpm noise in some of the discussions?

    I had air bag light problem in March. Light off and on randomly. About that time D-C announced recall on 2000's for airbag clockspring problem. Never did one for 2001's that I know of. Took two trips to dealer to fix as I was one of first 2001s dealer dealt with on this--replaced some airbag connection wiring to clockspring first time then replaced clockspring second time.

    Lastly, seems my console thermometer reads as much as 5 degrees too high (even when moving). Sensor too close to radiator? '88 was always very accurate. Anyone else notice this?
  • I would have assumed that a corporate who invented the minivan and who claims to produce the "best minivan ever" would have established a new benchmark in terms of active and passive security and have not achieved just an average result. I would have also assumed that the "next generation" minivans would have been better than the minivans designed in the last millenium.
  • leomcleomc Posts: 5
    I now have a 92 Dodge Grand Caravan that has been extemely reliable through the years but am in the market for a new minivan. I checked out the Nissan Quest and am impressed with the handling and smoothness and the price for the SE is reasonable. Any input is appreciated.
  • momof5momof5 Posts: 4
    Thank-you for the part #.
    As it is I picked up a pair of flat molded figuring they'll due until Chrysler comes out w/ 'fat' molded ones made especially for the '01+ T&C [color matching?]. also a little cheaper, I was charged $33 plus tax, a bit more than you were and MSRP Mopar online is $26!

    The there's the nagging thought about the latest IIHS test results.
    Part of my buying decision was based on the NHTSA
    results improving for the 01 models.

    I also just called DC about the
    The lower control arm pivot bolt [could fracture] recall since our car was manufactured in the month of the recall [Mar-Apr] and there's a big WHEW! does not apply to our car!

    so all in all one nag gone and another in it's place.


    just hope our dealer has a knowledgeable and trained garage!
    A car is only as good as the mechanic who may need to work on it.
    GM station wagon horror story: 5 years later and moved 1800 miles [towed would not dare drive cross country! or sell] to get the 'death trap' finally fixed!
  • yawbusyawbus Posts: 2
    We have a new 2001 Caravan, the first time I ever purchased a Dodge and it will be the last time. It is outrageous that they are not recalling them. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety gave the Caravan its lowest safety rating because of the potential of a gas leak in an accident. While this of course will not happen in evey accident, no recall from Daimler Chrysler is unacceptable and shows a real contempt for their customers. We have have got to write to them and demand a recall!

    The President of DC in the United States:

    Dieter Zetsche
    Daimler Chrysler Corporation
    Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766

    Phone Number: 248-576-5741.

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