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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • I have 112K on my '96 Sable w/Duratec. The only things I've replaced were the water pump and A/C clutch. I did the water pump myself. It was a bugger, but well worth the savings! I still have excellent power and the (since day 1) 1-2 hesitation. Oh,yea. I just had to have the oil gallery plugs replaced. They were leaking up a storm! The repair was ~$100.
  • Was away for a few days, missed all the fun. 10K is actually real hard dollars that you the consumer don't have to pay.

    Sable LS Premium has a TMW of about 22K but are advertised in the Boston area for 18,999. At the time of my post, I'm 90% sure that Ford did have a 0% 60 month offer available. (I remember since this deal was so much better than the one I got in 2000 when I bought a Sable.)

    Camry XLE comes up with an Edmunds TMV of just under 26K. Options can push this higher, and you'll need to select some to get the same equipment level as the Sable. Based on just the TMV, the difference is 4K, with a real world spread in my area of 7K (26K - 19K).

    Ford financing is now showing 2.9% for 60 months on the Sable, while Toyota has no promotional offerings in the Boston area. Figure you can get maybe 5.5-6% on your own for 60months. Fully finance both and the interest difference is 1500. At the time of my post, 0% vs 5-6% would be about $2300.

    7K price difference plus 2300 interest savings = about 10K.....

    Intelli-choice will factor in insurance and depreciation, and yes I'm taking a bath on depreciation....but I plan to keep the car for 10-12 yrs so depreciation doesn't really affect me. Up front purchase price and interest savings are real dollars you don't need to shell out. Any Intelli-choice numbers for a holding period of 10yrs?
  • Where do you guys think Accords and Camry's and most Mazdas are made? They are providing wages for Americans. Anyway, regardless of the country of design, I wonder, suppose you were insistent on buying 'American', and suppose you had the worst luck on more than one car, would you continue to buy 'American' just on principle? Just curious.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    why would tmv be off by $3k. not saying you're wrong, just thought tmv is supposed to be adjusted for a particular area?

    boy are you asking for it, good luck. i'll just add that some of these japanese transplant cars also have high domestic content in terms of parts. and it's true the profits go back to japan, but billions of dollars are invested right back into this country. they don't have a problem with american labor.
  • Actually there are tons of Camrys available on Hertz car sales ( I counted something about 60 Camries in CA available versus only 8 Tauruses. The price of 2001 Camry is 14,500 - about 2,000 more than for Taurus. It is similarly equipped cars with 155 hp engines but with less milage ( 20,000 vs 30,000 on Taurus). So that milage difference also explains partially the difference in price. Now tell that Camry don't depreciates or that it is not a rental car. Thats all are crap. It is just a myth. Go check yourself if you don't believe me.

    It is that plain simple that you save a money buying Taurus or Sable esp well equipped.

    If you don't beleive me consider Matrix and Vibe. Matrix outsell Vibe 2 to 1 (35,000 vs 20,000 so far). And it is exactly the same car. Uninformed customers pay the price. When my friend went to buy Camry XLE he didn't have an idea what the price is. Salesman and manager in Toyota were just fooling him. He called me to find in Internet the invoice. Toyota dealership didn't allow him to use computer. They just trying to make big money on him, as simple as that. He was really angry and furious after that experience. But he deserved it. You have to be prepared before going to dealership and don't believe the hype.
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
    I have a 2001 Taurus SES(3.0 V6) and I notice that under hard acceleration the engine has a rattle/ticking type noise. It sounds like something is shaking up front. I really notice it if I am trying to merge onto the highway. I have just over 13k miles. Has anyone else noticed this? any solutions? Thanks
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    now that you backed your assertions with such solid facts, of course i believe you. thanks for straightening this out. by the way, who said there wasn't any camry rental cars?
  • The point is not that there are rental Camries, but that there are a lot of rental Camries and they are on sale right now. And the most attractive is that Hertz backs it with good warranty and choice is much better than of rental Tauruses or Sables thats are only few available. And plenty of factory bumper to bumper warranty is still in place in 20,000 miles. And also I have to add that my friend I mentioned before spend about $1,300 for 60,000 miles service on his 1997 Camry - four banger that he bought as a certified preowned for 20,000+ in 1999 with 20,000 miles on it. So don't tell me that Camry is cheaper to maintain. He said that he had a lot of repair made already, most of them thanks god covered by extended or basic warrantly like power steering failure, rotors, waterpump and etc.
  • jcat707jcat707 Posts: 168
    My Taurus also makes that rattle noise. I hear it all of the time. But it is really bad when the A/C is on and I am accelerating. I guess I will have to take it back to the dealer again. This will be the fifth dealer trip since I bought the car new in July 2002. At least I don't have to pay for these problems. This car will be going straight back to Ford Motor Credit when the lease is up in 2004. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the 2004 Explorer, Crosstrainer, or Expedition.

    P.S. I wonder why Ford doesn't give some kind of visial notification when you press unlock or lock on your keyless remote. I would love to have my headlights and/or taillights flash.
  • Good thing these cars have an on/off feature. Has anyone had this problem? Is this an easy fix or an electrical gremlin nightmare to diagnose?
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    am i reading your post correctly? are you saying there are more camry rental cars than taurus rental cars? i didn't know this, i thought it was the opposite by a good margin. thanks for straightening me out again.
  • Funny, Ford owns Hertz.
  • I cannot tell how many cars of certain brand really Hertz owns. All I said is based on the number of vehicles that Hertz is currently selling in California. If you go to and check different brands you will find that there are usually about 10 Tauruses are available, about 5 Sables, about 60 Camries, about 40 Mazda 626. There are also Nissan Maximas and other cars, though I checked only cars that were interesting for me when was chopping for low miles preowned family sedan.
  • I also believe that Ford sold or going to sell Hertz. From my experience and others experience I can tell that Hertz cars are in pretty good shape and are dependable? though there may be some issues, because it doesn't get the best ones from manufacturer. And also engines are basic ones, thats why I didn't go that way and decided to by a new car, semptember-october this year is a fantastic opportunity to buy a new car. It is very unique time and may never happen again soon.
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I had the same problem. Was a door switch. Part is about $10. You can still shut your interior lights off? I had to close my drivers door about 15 times to get mine to go off.

    I got charged about 2.5 hours of labor by the dealer for this repair. New a Ford Dealership mechanic; he said this is fairly common. He liked this job because they can get it done it about 45 minutes.
  • Not sure why TMV is off on the Sable. Sunday Boston Globe had ads for Sable LS's at 18,999 with 0% 60 mth. Ad claimed that they had multiple vehicles in stock and there was no fine print on the finance deal (eg: nothing on rebate in lieu of 0% deal.) Two local dealers are offering this, including the one I purchased from 2 yrs ago.

    Not sure why this is, but this price has been like this for months. Paid 19.5 for my 2000 and at the time could not figure out how they made any money on the car since my cost appeared to be below the invoice price per Edmunds. They had probably 15 of these on the lot at the time, so figured they got some discount based on volume.

    It's a mystery, but also a great deal. The new LS has a platinum trim option and got new lights under the side view mirrors and the cost went down $500 from 2 yrs ago????
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Edmunds TMV has been high for Taurus for a long time. For example, when I bought my 2000 SES, the TMV for an SES with the base engine was $18699 and this was for a car that had MSRP of $19810+$600 destination charge=$20410. The one I bought had the Duratec engine option + floor mats which raised the MSRP of it to $20410+$695+$55=$21160. I bought the car for $18,000 (not including sales tax, title and license transfer). So I got a more well equipped SES than Edmunds for $669 less than TMV.

    I think Edmunds TMV is does not account for rebates and other dealer incentives that allow for much lower prices than TMV.

    If you don't understand how Ford does these prices, it is likely because Ford wants to keep their plants up and running. With the union contracts that are in place, it costs them nearly as much when a plant is idle than when it is operating. With the weak economy, low prices and incentives keep sales up and the factories open.

    Just makes you wonder what kind of profits Honda and Toyota and their dealers are raking in, given the substantial additional prices they are commanding for equivalently equipped cars.
  • I have a '97 Taurus GL, about 82K miles. Recently, the steering wheel has started shaking once brake is applied just a bit hard. Is this normal for a car of this age, or is this a sign of major problems coming? Does anyone of you have similar experience with your Tauruses?
  • Sounds like warped rotors. Replace your rotors with a quality aftermarket set (like NAPA) and you won't have problems again. Also make sure your wheels are torqued correctly with a torque wrench, not an impact gun.
  • Ford has no plans to sell Hertz Rentals.

    They should buy more Camries, since it is the #1 car. Fill the lots with them to erase their imagined resale value.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    While my wife has a 2001 Taurus SEL, my car is a 2000 Mustang convertible. One of the big reasons I bought this car is loving a 1999 Mustang rental from Hertz in Las Vegas. Well, we've been to Vegas 3 times since then and have rented a car from Hertz at the airport every time. The first two years we had a Pontiac Grand Am and this last year a Nissan Maxima. Funny...the company is owned by Ford but seems like they're doing all they can to spread the "rental car" image to other brands too!
  • If I was Billy Ford, I'd order Hertz Co. to fill the lots with the competition's cars and then make them have bigger "Hertz" stickers on them.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Why is Honda misrepresenting the MSRP on Taurus? When you use Honda's Web site feature to compare a 2003 Ford Taurus SES Deluxe with 2003 Honda LX V-6 Sedan, they list MSRP for the Taurus of $22,120 and $650 shipping charges which is ok so far, but they end up with the total MSRP of $23,520 rather than $22120+650=$22770. Where did this extra $750 come from? My guess, they lied!

    When you list the 2003 Honda Accord LX V-6 Sedan, the MSRP for that car with shipping is listed at $23,460, conveniently for them slightly less than the faulty MSRP they list for Taurus.

    They also conveniently didn't list that the Taurus has alloy wheels standard. Yes, this particular Honda model has a few features the equivalent Taurus doesn't, like rear disc brakes and a 5 speed automatic. But, I think misrepresenting the Taurus MSRP is inexcusable.

    Of course, real world purchase price would make Taurus much more attractive, but Honda shouldn't start out with an erroneous MSRP.
  • That may be called what is known as "deceptive advertisement" by Honda perhaps.

    That's okay I'd still buy Ford ;)
    Let people deal with Honda's and Toyota's arrogance and supercilious attitudes.

    I'll keep my Merc or buy another one or a Ford.
  • We own a 1999 SE, 12V. We bought it because it was cheap. We purchased it in 2000 with 25K miles for $11,000. We have had it for slightly more than 2 yrs/20K miles and nothing major has happened, except for :
    1. there seems to be some electrical problem somewhere. Sometimes when I turn the steering wheel, my wipers go on and then off on their on. This also happens sometimes when we use the turn signal.

    2. Engine rattling/pinging under acceleration. This is really not a big deal for us but our other automobile (which I will not mention because I do not want to offend anyone) is just so smooth under acceleration, you can't help but notice it. I can live with it on an $11,000 car though. I wonder how the

    This is my wife's car so I do not know when it actually started. I have driven it for the past 3 weeks and it happened twice. My guess is it's the multifunction switch. I'll try that before going to the dealer, I know they'll want "an arm and a leg", just for the switch.

    Here is one thing I discovered last weekend: PLEASE SERVICE YOU TRANSNISSION!! if you don't want problems. I have 45K on mine (I know, 15K overdue), and decided to change my own ATF just to see if this is one of those rip-offs by the dealer/Ford. Here' what I found out:
    1. Fluid very dirty.
    2. So many metal pieces on the the magnet.
    3. Oil pan bottom dirty.
    4. Filter, I don't know, I didn't look, it had to be dirty as well.

    Here's how much it cost me, I was doing it for the first time:
    1. Time 2hrs
    2. Haynes manual $15.00 (Autozone)
    3. Oil $16.50 (8 qts Ford ATF, got scared to add synthetic after seeing all the little metal pieces)
    4. Filter ($20 NAPA - Ford wanted $37).

    ** Ford, a drain plug to allow us to empty the pan before removing it would make the job a lot cleaner.
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Had mine done at about 31k miles at the dealer. Cost something like $70 or $80 dollars.

    Next repair is a brake job. Pads and rotors turned. Anyone have this done lately? How much $$$?
  • The pinging could be that the ECM (engine computer) needs to be reset/reprogrammed.

    I negotiated a brake job at Merlin's for $220. Front pads and rotors. Sometimes you can haggle for repairs, too
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    Only because IMO your tranny is not 15K overdue, but 30K overdue. I've owned mostly Chrysler and Ford vehicles over the years. Both are notorious for fussy transmissions. If maintained meticulously they work forever. Don't maintain = overhaul.

    After replacing one transmission I always service automatics every 15K by doing what you did. Draining and replacing the fluid and filter. Never had a serious problem since. I've talked my Dad into getting that service done at least annually on his 95 Taurus.

    Drive it for about 5000 miles and then see if you still see dark fluid, or smell a slight burnt smell. Just draining out the fluid takes about half of it away. A second time will remove 75% of the old fluid.

    My Son's Mazda with a Ford Transmission was sticking when it needed to shift between 1st and 2nd. A drain and fill, and adding Lubegard took care of the problem within a few days. However, when he took it in again for its annual service this summer the fluid still smelled burnt, so it was replaced again. With the second drain and fill it looks and smells just about as good as new. Certainly better than when he bought it.

    It's funny, given the cost of a replacement, how the transmission is so seriously neglected.

    PS. Check out It helps reduce acids and heat that harm transmissions. Helped stop further damage on at least 4 friends vehicles. They will send the manufacturers recommendations and TSBs if you want.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    My dad is looking at a 96 LX with Leather interior; according to a New Car Test Drive review, a CD changer wasn't even an option for 96 Tauruses, but in pictures of an LX interior from Edmunds, there is a button for "CD" and "tune 1-6 disc" on the faceplate.
    I was wondering if anyone has a 96 taurus with the cd changer or was it not available for 96. Or if not does anyone know of a way to retrofit a "normal" CD player in the pod ( I know there is an aftermarket accessory to do this for escorts with the pod). Thanks
  • sarowsarow Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an opinion on the Sable vs. the Taurus? I found good reviews of both of them on the New Car Test Drive website.
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