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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a Q7 3.6 premium as well and had the same problem. They replaced my entire engine at about 6000 miles. They DO know what's going on - you aren't the first one they've had to swap engines out on. They never said it would cause major problems, but you gotta wonder why the big fix. Anyway, I didn't mind the other glitches - they were small, but the black mark on the car with the engine being replaced...and still having other things pop up here and there, finally getting resolved. They are replacing my car. Just make sure they get to the bottom of the oil issue because as I understand it, its limited to these early build 3.6, but there more than a couple of us out there so they are aware and will be able to analyze what's best for your particular issue.
  • jorgecruzjorgecruz Posts: 10
    Jorge da Cruz Angola AFRICA.IT Hapened with my Q7 3.6 i bougth the car in usa and shipit to Angola...
    Engine metalic noise and oil in dashbord happened at 4.800 miles some times... I took the car to dealer : engine seized destryed and audi is not helping me being evasive etc etc my car was bougth at milenium audi texas dey do not care i had to import all spares camshafts bearing rods etc etc including the oil pump,i wrote to audi etc etc my Q7 is now my nigthmare. Tho change the oil pump you have to remove all engine down and transmission dismount the tension chain etc and i do not believe it is the solution as the angolan audi dealer filipino mechanic is saying the possible cause maybe is a oil retention val bolted to the engine block under the cilynder head if so my engine is going to the destryed aggain ! Can you hel is the oil pump the cause or that oil rettention valve bolted to engine upper just behind the cilynder head gasket ???? can you help
  • jorgecruzjorgecruz Posts: 10
    There is a malfunction of oil pump or a oil retention valve just bolted to engine under the cylinder head gasket wich does not aloud oil to return to oil sump ...

    Every time you hear the noise(metalic) and you see the oil ligth is your engine being destroyed...

    Do something!!! they do not want to hear you because seems UNBELIEVABLE BUT ITS TRUE there is a lack of lubrication in the mornings for 3/5 seconds i do not know the reason yet but to change the oil pump you will have to remove all the engine down unbolt the transmission etc etc.
  • jorgecruzjorgecruz Posts: 10
    wITH MY 3.6 q7 it happened also you can go to audi world forum and follow up all my nigthmare ( my Q7 was shipped to Angola Africa where i live and now i am repairing the engine rebuilding it at my cost audi just ignored my questions ... i ordered the oil pump bearing rods camshafts etc etc my nigthmare Q7!
  • jorgecruzjorgecruz Posts: 10
    Solution take it to the dealer ! Dismount all engine down and transmission check camhafts for damage check metalic particles in oil filter housing check bearing rods damage its a oil pum cause or that rettentio oil valve audi now bolted to the engine block just behind the cylinder head gasket wich retains the oil so it will not return all down to oil sump ?
    Its a lot of work to put a new oil pump you will have to dismount 37% of the car empty the ac sytem etc etc etc......... a mechanic nigthmare !
  • jorgecruzjorgecruz Posts: 10
    See my posts if you have a oil pressure ligth associetd with metalic noise in engine in startups in mornings you have your engine being lost seized sloooooowwwwwly ! BEING LOST EVERY NORNING THAT HAPPENS !!
  • Wow!!!! I cannot believe what you are going through. I'm so sorry. My dealer is in Southern California and has been great at trying to ascertain the problem and addressing it. They contacted Audi and within two days they all determined that there was a weak oil spring (I think that's what they thought but I'm not that was the sum of it in the final anaylisis), I also heard that they figure it was only on the 3.6 and earlier builds of the 2007 model only. I remember them coming to some kind of conclusion that had to do with the oil valve bolt and the oil flow? I think that might have been after they fixed a few (nationwide). All I can tell you is that they replaced my engine right away, and I called Audi customer service and because I've had other issues here and there and was without my car for so long that it definitely qualified as a lemon, they are taking care of the problem and have been really good about it. They do realize they have an issue and I do believe that by now they have figured out the cause because I know my dealership's dealt with a couple and has told me that they narrowed the problem down. I still love my Q7 - I just didn't get a good one. I wonder if you are having problems getting much of a response because you are not in the country where you bought it anymore? I think that for my dealer, when the car got to the point where it was a lemon, they were relieved because that's an Audi problem, overall, and the individual dealer probably doesn't get stuck with the car in the end? I don't know...but they've been great and very forthcoming about handling everything.
  • matnatmatnat Posts: 3
    Now that was fast. They called today. Told me the problem was serious and they would get with once they heard back from Audi. Audi called them 15 minutes later, the dealer called me 16 minutes later and it was decided that I needed a new engine. Wow. I guess, the cost to get at this problem just exceeds the cost of replacing the whole engine. Absolutely amazing that this is not out on the street yet. Audi is definately concerned for there new baby and I suspect that they want to nip this in the bud quick. Not sure how I want to proceed. Supposedly they are sending a new engine this week. I can't see that being done and I can't see it arriving for a while - I don't suspect it will air freighted so if it goes by boat it will be about 4 weeks and then another 2 to put the engine in. I suspect it will take all of 6 weeks to get this done. Then? I will have a car with 7K on the chassis and 0k on the motor. The transmission, all the harnesses, etc, being violated. I wonder if the best thing to do is dump this thing back in their lap.

    Still can't believe the engine would just go poof like that. No over temp, etc. Knocking in the morning was definately a give away in hindsight but still, poof goes engine.
  • I had the same concerns when they replaced my engine at such early mileage. I was without my car for 2 mos. and they offered to compensate me the equivalent of two mos. lease payments but I was concerned about the bigger picture. The black mark on the car way later on when I go to sell/trade it - it will be there. So they are replacing the car itself. They DO know there are problems with a limited number of engines so it IS out on the street. Sounds like they've moved to right the problem in the future, but for those who already have a problem.....If I were you, I would check on your state's laws. Sometimes you don't have to have the repeated same problem, sometimes you just have to not have possession of your car for a certain amount of time within, for example, the first 18 mos. of owning the car, to qualify for a replacement. Its worth checking out if you are concerned about the longevity, warranty, etc. If you do keep it, you should definitely get Audi to give you an extension on the warranty, eh? Audi's done a good job of dealing with my situation. They do know something is up and they want to keep me in an Audi for years to come I guess.
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66

    I leased my Q7 3.6L at the beginning of June 2007, and now have about 2600 miles on my Q. I have noticed that each time I start the car (after it has been sitting for more than 2 hours) the engine seems to knock for a good 2-3 minutes. The engine then begins to idle with a different, and much more smooth and quiet sound. Was this the type of knocking sound that you experienced? At what point did your oil light start coming on? I have not yet seen the oil light come on, and each time I do use the "check" button, everything comes back fine. At what mileage did your issues start to occur? Is Audi providing you a loaner car while yours is in the shop?
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66

    I leased my Q7 3.6L at the beginning of June 2007, and now have about 2600 miles on my Q. I have noticed that each time I start the car (after it has been sitting for more than 2 hours) the engine seems to knock for a good 2-3 minutes. The engine then begins to idle with a different, and much more smooth and quiet sound. Was this the type of knocking sound that you experienced? At what point did your oil light start coming on? I have not yet seen the oil light come on, and each time I do use the "check" button, everything comes back fine. At what mileage did your engine issues start to occur? Did Audi provide you a loaner car while yours is in the shop? What other issues did you experience with your Q7?
  • matnatmatnat Posts: 3
    That is the exact fact pattern. I would say, ou will have the lite come on in about 2500 to 3500 miles.

    The funny thing about the issue is just as you describe, the engine goes back to normal. That is what makes this so bizarre. You won't have anything major to give you a signal. The light will pop on. Then it will go off and you can go on your way. This will occur (in my case for only about 2 days) for a very brief period and then the car will shut itself down with no other warning or indication - no high temps, etc. Very very bizarre.

    Yes, they have provided a very nice loaner.
  • I never had knocking, pinging or any noise, or any shutdowns or any problems except for a light that said check oil pressure or low oil pressure, can't remember which. Here's the bottom line though, Audi KNOWS about all of this stuff already, and from what I've heard its on 3.6 2007 early build engines, so ASK THEM or call Audi and ask their customer service national people. This is not a mystery so you should be able to find out what's going on. No way should you be putting up with sounds, noises, etc. and from what I've heard some people have had their cars shut down? I never had that, but they've been great about fixing the problem and giving me a loaner. My car was in the shop for 2 mos. getting a new engine. I've had great customer service.
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    THANK YOU! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. I does drive you crazy! Well, I drives me crazy when I actually get to drive my Q7 - it's spent most of it's time in the shop!! :lemon:
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    I haven't noticed my lights being different colors, but I do know what you're talking about w/ the cargo cover. A few weeks after I got my 4.2 I was out and needed to use my 3rd row seats - well, where do I put the cargo cover? (Mine is like your's and won't fold). That night I put it in a friend's trunk and the next day I read the book. It mentions how to take it out and put it back in, but nothing about what to do w/ it while it's out. I called my sales guy and he told me to put it in the garage!? That's great if I know ahead of time that I'll need the 3rd row seats, but most of the time that's not the case!
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    I haven't had the same issues you've had, but I'd LOVE to get the phone # for the Q7 team!! I've had my car (correction, I bought my car a little over a month ago), it's been to the dealership 7 times!! The first 6 were for steering wheel vibrations, which is still not fixed, but I was driving the car until the part came it that would supposedly fix it. Yesterday, the transmission went out and it had to be towed to the dealership!! The wonderful (?) Audi roadside assistance took over 3 hours to get a wrecker to come get it. Finally, I called a wrecker service and has it towed myself! Now, I'm wishing I'd driven it to the dealership - maybe it would have blown up and I'd be done with it! Sorry to rant, but long story short - I'd really like to get the phone # for the Q7 team! :lemon:
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    :lemon: I have a 4.2 that was doing the same thing, but being a new audi owner I chalked it up to the German engineering. Apparently it wasn't, yesterday mine had to be towed to the dealership b/c it wouldn't shift! (By the way, mine only has 1,700 mile on it!) So get it to the shop - not that they'll be able to fix it, but get it in before it strands you (or your wife) somewhere. Also, worth noting - the Audi Roadside Assistance took over 3 hours to get a wrecker to pick it up! I finally called another wrecker service to come get it.
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    Write a letter to Audi claiming you want relief under the Lemon Law of your state. I did that and the part that wasn't going to be here until the end of July, magically arrived w/ in 10 days of Audi getting my letter!!
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    I bought my 4.2 in May 2007 in Arkansas. Like you, I've had horrific problems with the car. It had to be towed to the dealer yesterday (with 1,693 miles on it)b/c of transmission problems. The dealer has had it more than I have. I've actually filed for relief under Arkansas' Lemon Law, and am waiting to hear from that. I hate to hear you've had to deal w/ bad dealers/service in addition to the problems w/ the car. I'm lucky, my dealer has been great - they are just in a bad position b/c their hands are tied by what Audi says. I would REALLY like to join a class action suit against Audi!! If anybody's interested, let me know!
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    I don't have any experience with the S-Line Q7, but as an owner of a 4.2 Premium Q7 - RUN!!!!! There are so many problems w/ the Q7s. I'm very disappointed about the quality of the auto I got for $65,000. I'd be really mad if I'd paid the s-line price! Spend your money else where! Lexus is coming out with a new LX, which is the big SUV in Dec. - wait on that!!!
  • Wow, I was surprised to find out you have a 4.2 I heard that the 4.2 had been around and because of that they hadn't been having problems with that one. As I said before, we contacted Audi and because of the lemon laws in California, they are replacing my 3.6 No questions asked. I am glad to hear you got the part you needed in such a short time, but if you have major engine problems, I'd be worried and if you are without your car most of the time, I'd be irritated, too. Mine's spent about 4 total mos. out of my hands and is ready to go in again now. I've also had steering wheel vibration issues that haven't been fixed. Everything was checked out and realigned/balanced and seemed to be fine after having been addressed several times, but its doing it again. What did they say was the issue with yours?
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    What sort of steering vibrations are you having? Is it that your steering wheel vibrates when highway driving? I have had a constant steering wheel vibration on highway drives. I did a 900 mile road trip from 7/4 to 7/9, and it was quite obvious during that drive.

    Also, did Audi provide you a loaner car when you first took it in for service? My 2 closest dealers (where I did NOT lease my Q7) will not provide loaners unless you bought the car at their dealership.
  • The steering wheel vibrates and you really feel it when you get up around 65 mph or above, sometimes even slower. When I got my car I negotiated to have a loaner with warranty work and so that's why. It is at the dealer that I bought it though, but I have had other brands of cars and sometimes they run packages when you are buying the car that'll include a loaner or service.
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    I've contacted Audi asking for a replacement/refund under the Lemon Law for my state, but the 2008 may be out before I get anywhere with that. Mine's only been in the shop for 31 days, but I bought it on May 23,2007!!! They called last week and said it was ready - even though the new drive shaft the engineer told them to put didn't fix the problem, and made a "moaning" sound when the car was driven, so they ended up putting the original drive shaft back on. Supposedly, they only put a new set of tires on it, but nobody could answer my question about why I'd had to wait on it on a couple of occasions (on previous service trips) b/c the tires hadn't come in yet! So, now it's on it's 5th set of tires, 3rd set of wheels, 2nd set of axles, and 2nd (well we went back to the original) drive shaft AND IT'S STILL NOT FIXED!!!!!!!! I'm supposed to meet with "the" people from Audi on Wednesday to discuss my car!
  • q7sucksq7sucks Posts: 9
    My steering wheel actually shakes (to the point it's visible from the back seat), and the car feels like there's something "lose in the front-end". It is like your's in that it only does it at highway speeds. The worst is between 64 and 76. I've noticed that it doesn't do it unless you're going straight - there's no vibration in curves!?!

    As for loaners, my dealership has been excellent about providing me with loaners. When I bought it, they said in order to ensure a loaner car when I had it in for service I needed to make an appointment about a week in advance, but I've just stopped by to drop it off and they've had a loaner for me. Of course, my car still only has 1,800 miles on it!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    my dealership has been excellent about providing me with loaners

    You may want to rate them with Edmunds' new Dealer Reviews and Ratings service.
  • What state do you live in?? In California, the lemon law is such that if your car is in the shop more than a accumulated 30+ days, NOT consecutive, within the the first ____ days you've owned the car....etc..... mine was. If you are in California, you are entitled to your money back or a new car, entitled. Have you read the actual language of the lemon law of your state. I suggest that you look it up online because somewhere you'll find the actual language of the code and that will help you. If you are entitled to a new car, then you just are. And your 2007 can be replaced with a 2008. That's what they're doing with mine.
  • c3000c3000 Posts: 4
    I noticed the same thing a week after owing it. The dashboard reflection is noticeable under certain lighting conditions only. It does not look pretty and looks unfinished this is surprising considering Audi a top notch when it comes to fit and finish. I guess a piece of bleck tape across would fix it however I'm not sure how you could install it unless the windshield gets replaced.
  • c3000c3000 Posts: 4
    Just curious to find out what your the problem was with the vibration? My Q7 is in the shop for the same issue at speeds over 100KMS an hour. My Q has been in the shop for 4 days now supposedly they are blaming it on two bummed tires. I'm skeptical that the 2 rear tires are causing the problem though.I'll call tomorrow to get an update and I'm not taking it back unless it is 100%.
  • tduncetdunce Posts: 4
    Just took delivery of 4.2 Premium. Driving off lot noticed the tilt was inoperative. Telescopic function worked and so did seat memories. Service said diagnostic computer was unable to communicate with the steering wheel controller board and would need to be replaced. No parts available in U.S. and would likely have to come from Germany. As I travelled to take delivery of a specific color/options and now am leaving to move cross country...I can not stay to work it out with the Original Purchase dealer but need to address it elsewhere. Sounds like a different issue than yours as my seats are fine. Funny thing is that after they ran all their diagnostics with their laptop, the telescopic function is also inoperative. Hoping this all works out without issue. So much for Perfect Delivery initiative.

    So cat3126...did they replace your board or the entire steering column? How'd it go?
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