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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • tduncetdunce Posts: 4
    Wow! a bit surprised at all the people on the forum that are reporting this issue. I did read in another forum about someone (josephy) who believes they've actually fixed his now and he says that Audi has a TSB (technical service bulletin) on it. I've pressed for more details but have yet to see a reply. The solution that supposedly worked for him was Audi has come up with a new, beefier control arm. Here is some of his comments:

    Audi is going to "...replace the lower (upper) control arm with a wider, heavier version. Ours are coming from Germany and should be here any day."

    "According to the rep, they understand the repair has worked on another Audi with the same problem and has solved the issue entirely."

    "it looks as if we have a solution to the steering wheel vibration issue. We are on our third day of driving the Q7 with new control arms and it's steady as a rock. The steering actually feels more stable and solid and there is no vibration at all."

    "I would highly suggest that all of you with this same issue contact your local dealerships and have them review the current TSB on the issue. "

    When I asked a local dealer they said they knew nothing about any TSB. So perhaps if enough of you are out there digging, someone will come up with the TSB # info on this...or find out that one does not exist.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    I owned Q7 3.6 premium for almost 1 year and 11K miles.

    Leased from NW NJ dealer and was very happy with experience.

    On the 3rd day glove box wouldn't open... with EZPass in it :cry: After trying 2 other dealer service depts. in NJ by my office and 1 in NYC by my house, settled on the ONLY one that was willing and able to pry that thing open and rescue the EZPass. 2 months later a new box came from Germany. :(

    Since then, have visited that service dept a few more times and cannot say anything but high praise, esp. for the service advisor.

    Every now and then CHECK OIL PRESSURE comes on. At first I thought it was the "COLD WINTER" thing, but it keeps coming on in all temperatures. Goes off after restart. Dealer tried to reset some software - to no avail - they cannot replicate the problem. :mad:

    Lastly... the funniest and probably most annoying thing - gas tank lid does not open. Again, at first I thought it froze. But then, it kept happening in 50, 60, 100 degrees. Dealer tried to fix - worked for a while. Thank god for WD-40 :D and a PLASTIC SPOON which I often use to pry it loose before pushing the release button. My car-pooling co-workers have a blast each time we go to the gas station... to them, my car costs $60,000.01 - that 1 penny is for the spoon - the MOST IMPORTANT accessory! :)

    So... even though I enjoy the car most of the time, I wish it wasn't THAT annoying some other times.

    Now a question... did the Maintenance Brochure come with car? I do not have one and cannot find one online either.

    Can someone tell me what the recommended maintenance is around 10-12K miles if any? My car annoyingly reminds me of "SERVICE!" yet my maintenance contract only covers 15K service and I was told by the selling dealer that the contract is supposed to cover all the maintenance I would need except brakes and tires.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide has service intervals listed for the Q7.

    Nothing about when to replace the spoon though. :D
  • My car made all the same as yours except for the glove box.

    The metalic noise improved up to the warning oil is dashbord.

    The metalic sound also... 3/4/5 seconds.

    Changed the oil and check oil filter housing and found a lot of metal particles.

    Car was sent again to local audi dealer plugged to a oil pressure sensor and at the mornings the oil pressure was very low associeted with the oil warning and metal noise for 4 seconds .... restart`: Ok.

    They took all angine and transmission down remove sump to check crankshaft bearing etc they were scratched !

    They remove the oil pump and for it they had to dismount the transmission gearbox as it is located on the back of the cylinder head the oil pump was dameged and also scratched, the reason is a oil retention valve bolted to the block under the cylinder head wich lets all the oil to return to sump so every norning the oil pums works dry until it pumps the oil again to the upper engine.
    Camshafts were danificated also.

    They changed averything and i got the car back...

    Again there is a metalic noise in morning at startups but now only for one second no more oil warnings...

    I think audi knows very well what is happening my friend also has a Q7 3.6 and makes the famous noise as mine makes now but he never got the oil warning and noise is only one second in morning at first start up my car is from september 2006.

    You can go to audiworld forum and see fotos of my car and engine removed on my account.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Thanks, jorge.
    I did not realize it was that serious :(.
    How long was your Q out of commission? I am not sure I'd be willing to part with mine for a long time - being a leased car with 1 year left and the ONLY car in my family I cannot afford to be without it, or get some lousy undersized loaner and continue to pay $$$$ monthly for it.

    Also, do you have the gas-tank-lid-Plastic-Spoon issue as well? :)

    I was not such an avid web poster/researcher with the Q as I was with my previous car, so seeing some of these posts here about all the problems makes me very uncomfortable. I thought my Q was near-perfect except for those few "minor" quirks. :cry:

    Steve, thanks for the maintenance link. Much appreciated. I guess I'll wait till 15K - that SERVICE reminder must be a dealership gimmick.

    Still, does anybody know if the MAINTENANCE Brochure is a standard-issue literature?
  • Make sure they track down the issues with the low oil pressure. If you’ve got a 2007 3.6 engine they have experience with this already. I have one and the engine had to be replaced when the car had only 6000 or so miles and has now qualified as a “lemon”. Audi was great about dealing with it. I never had wierd sounds - just a check oil pressure light, but they stepped up and said the engine had to be replaced and I they explained to me about the backflow of oil. I think there may have been particles, too, and that's why they knew they had to go ahead and replace the engine. Anyway, I was without it for 2 months but I had a loaner, and that time period qualifies the car a a lemon and so it needs to be replaced.

    From what I understand its only with some of the 3.6 2007 engines.
  • if your car is doing that funny noise at startup in the morning associeted with oil warning ....

    Engine is lost seized ... its only a question of time until you will be in the midlle of nowhere and the car broke ...
    Happened to me see fotos of my car end engine in audiworld forum jorge da cruz account see please .... dont let your dealer fool you around...
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Jorge, thanks again for the warning!
    I took it seriously even the first time.

    However, due to loaner availability and other minor stuff, I called Audi Customer Service first and...

    1. "A known problem" with a documented solution as of July 2007

    2. Should NOT cause damage to the engine

    3. Audi does not get involved in the loaner car business - it's up to a dealer. Warranty does not explicitely provide for one. :mad: Who do they compete against? YUGO???

    So I have a call with my service dealer to see if I can "stretch my luck" until the next service appt, and if they can arrange for a loaner for me (of equal size and preferably same value).

    Will post here of any resolution.

    Thanks again for the input.
  • Please go to Audiworld forum Q7 posts about engine oilwarning & metalic noise...

    See my account there you will find some support for your problem and present-it to your dealer if not they can say it is you the reason why the engine seized.
    You need to show a mechanic at audi dealer my images he will understand easy and will investigate the car one morning to listen to the metalic noise&oil warning!
  • ZERO major issues - perfect engine, body & performance since Day 1.

    No engine failures, no vibrations - nothing !

    NW Eastside Dealership does a fine job everytime I drop in for minor things (they also offer unlimited free washes !) & I've serviced it only once on their advice. 20K service coming up in 60 days.

    Driver Side door squeak - WD40 or equivalent liberally applied by dealer & problem solved.

    Gas Tank flap does not open on ocassion in last 2 months - always works when I take it to dealership, so I look sheepish. Therefore, I take the manual way out - open back hatch, open RHS felt panel & tug on metal manual clasp inside - flap opens & works a few more times without manual intervention before it clams up again. No spoons being used.

    Back Hatch - on ocassion pops open, but does not auto slide into preferred height position. Press button & repeat process (door will retract into closed position) & you press button to open again - it should work fine.

    Rail covers of front passenger seat rails tend to slide off when seat is moved back. It has to be clipped back in place.

    Rare 'Microsoft' freeze moment with AMI. Shut engine & start again - problem goes away.

    Adaptive Air Suspension failed on one ocassion - this is hilarious once you get past the fright - all of a sudden, I got this suspension failure sign flash on the dash, on a short drive. The Q7 rolled around like a ship in water & by the time I parked, the entire body had sunk over the top of the tire wall into a 'deflate' mode - looked an old NYC cab. However, on re-start of engine, Adaptive suspension 'regained' status and went back to preferred 'automatic' setting. Never happened again.

    Never regretted my choice in August 2006 to go for this beauty (or beast, as you may..) and I love the long gazes / stares the Q7 gets from all the other drivers (including other Q7 drivers). If you don't have it, you are missing something ! :D

    By the way, what happened to the Audi Q7 iPOD integration kit for 2007 models ? My dealer still has not seen one here in the Pac NW.
  • the 3.6 premium has been a great experience. havent had any major problems, though:

    1. there is a rattling noise from the rear if the third row seat is not up.
    2. the "shutter" to the rear sun roof does not seem to stick in its lock.
    3. i am getting this you need service at 10k miles warning, while the dealer says it is scheduled to be at 15k.
    4. my wife does report that she is at times not happy with the initial acceleration.
    5. i did have a moment of computer freeze which was taken care of by restarting the engine- has not happened again.

    reading all the alarming stuff however, has put me on alert!
  • They replaced the column twice.The first replacement column fixed the tilt ,seat etc,but caused the air bag fault light to come on. The second replacement column did not fix the air bag fault. Turned out one the DIN connector male pin had a bad wire in the new second column. Do to all the in and out of the columns the plastic dash beneath the steering column broke. Audi so has refused to send a new part because that part should never brake. Audi now wants detailed photos.Audi had the car for12 days total. The dealer provided an A-4 loaner.
  • I too noticed the vibration in the 62-75 mph range and checked inflation to find that my front left was 26 PSI, not 44 like the rest of them. Tire pressure sensors did not detect this imbalance. I discovered the low inflation after my 5k service when they failed to rotate tires or even check tires pressure and had the audacity to write a "checked and could not replicate" on my completed service form. My service manager is the best and not only facilitated the replacement of my first Q7, but when I called him about the vibration issue, he sent a tech out with a loaner and picked my car up from my home. Simply stellar service, once a problem has been identified.

    Since being back in the shop, the computer recorded a failure in the rear air dump switch that brings the tail down for loading so they are replacing that. The tech noticed that the compressor doesn't always come on to get the car self-levelled so that are replacing that too. (I hadn't noticed that...) They are also upgrading the software for the rear hatch, hopefully it will now respond to the button to close remotely now...

    They acknowledge the TSB for the vibration issue, but at the moment have swapped the tires front/back and rebalanced them, with a claim that the vibration issue has been fixed. We'll see when I get the car back.

    I use the door mirror switch in the right position and when driving off the mirror motors make a grinding noise when going back to normal position, but no funny noises when getting into the down and right mirror position. Tech claims all Q7's do that. Anyone have the same noises?

    I've had my MMI enter the initial startup screen and freeze there a couple of times over the past week, once at cold, and once when switching from rear camera mode to CD. Anyone else?

    If anyone has successfully integrated the iPod control function into a 10/06 production Q7, I'd be interested in hearing about it.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have Q=7 with factory installed towing package. The hitch receiver has a sticker on stating that the electric brake controller is not connected. The dealer,Audi techs do not seem have any idea on how to make this feature work.I have been stymied for a month. do not like pulling a #4000 load for even short distances without brakes on the trailer.
    Has anyone had this brake controller activated. All other connections on the 7 pin connector function correctly.
  • The engine was replaced in my Q7 after 6000 mi. Now, at 15,000 I'm having thermostat issues. Only diagnosed after the second dealer visit for this issue. We asked Audi to "separate" us from the vehicle and their response was they would continue to honor the warantee under the terms of the original purchase agreement. To me, absolutely unacceptable. What progress have you made? Any tips on how to approach them?
  • I had my engine replaced, too, at 6500 miles and its been good since then. Now at about 13k. My concern was that the car's value is forever affected when it has a black mark like that in its history...thinking about when I go to sell/trade it, and that replacement is DEFINITELY something someone can find out about. For sure. I think you're smart to look at your lemon laws, depending on what state you live in (cuz I'm assuming you purchased the car in the same state). For instance, California's criteria for a lemon entail how many times they try and fix a same problem, but a car can be a lemon if it has a TOTAL accumulated number of days in the shop for a combination of things (I think its something like more than ____ days in the first 18 months of owning the car). Something like that. Why don't you google your state's lemon laws to get the specific language and see if you have any standing. If you do, you can see what remedy you have the right to demand because it is the law. In my case, because it applied, it was a no-brainer. Audi has been very good about dealing with my situation. Good luck!
  • I just returned from the Audi dealer with my 08 Q7S-Line (800 miles). I have weather stripping (?) creeping out from underneath the driver AND passenger door where door meets rocker panel. They offered to fix it for $50. What has happened to Audi? Previously had an A4 and two A8's. Guess my shocked look changed their mind. Said the dealership would pick up the cost. Seems like a production issue that Audi should handle. I'm scrambling for my Audi Care brochure as we
  • Audi will no recognize my blackberry if I have my bluetooth headset connected. I have to turn off the connection to the headset and then connect to Audi.

    What device would I need to tinker with so Audi will takeover even if the headset is connected.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Not sure about Blackberry, but my Razr can only be connected to 1 B/T device at a time. Disconnect the headset. If you already started the car and the "discovery" time has elapsed you may need to manually instruct your B/B to connect - had similar situation a few times.
  • hi did anyone ever hear about this on my q7 4.2 i recently realised that at night when the headlights are on when i open my rear tailgate the way it works is that the lights mounted on the tailgate close when the tailgate is open but when you close it they go back on , recently i realised that by me when i close the tailgate the lights donr go back on , the only lights that work are the samll tiny brake , reverse , and tail lights that are mounted on the rear bumper, the only way i can get the lights to work again is to restart the engine, but that only helps untill i open the tailgate again anyone please advise HELP?????
  • There is a software fix for the problem. Have your service adviser look at JV Recall 55612099 431WA03
  • larislaris Posts: 11
    Looking at a 4.2 Premium's an 07 and is from the US ( I'm in Canada ). Some of these posts frighten me! I am getting rid of an 04 Touareg V8...which I have loved but it has had a fair amount of issues. My husband has a V10 TDI and it's fantastic. I was assuming that with the Touareg problems, Audi would've figured out any glitches for the Q7. Should I get an 08 instead?
    Is adaptive air standard on the 4.2 Premium?? It is never listed and I wonder if the dealers are all just idiots and don't know what it is....
  • xy46xy46 Posts: 26
    See my other post in response to your questions about Q7 satisfaction. Adaptive air suspension on the 4.2 Premium is an option and not standard.
  • c3000c3000 Posts: 4
    Well Laris, a U.S car I'm not so sure about unless you really know the history. Second, the Q i a great vehicle however as with any German car maker it is a hit and miss as well as the dealership that will be servicing your Q. I hope your local dealer is a good one. If all those things fallinto place you will greatly enjoy your Q.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    At 15K service my S/A "suggested" that I should replace all 4 wheel brakes at a cost of app. $1,000 less $70 savings for "still-good" sensors.

    How does that stack up against the prices you had to pay? What was parts/labor ratio? I figure I can probably only save on labor if I go to a local shop and not to a dealer.

  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    My dealer performed a recall software update to "eliminate" this problem. I guess this is what Audi told they had as a "Documented solution."

    Just did it yesterday so cannot yet say if it actually worked :)
    However, I am very skeptical as to the usefulness of the update - instead of fixing the underline problem they taught a computer to ignore the "dry" starts?
  • So far so good. I wanted a Q7 when they first came out but had to wait for the lease on my Allroad to end. Picked up the Q7 at the end of November. We have 1400 miles on it and the only issue is the power tailgate "close button", located on the tailgate. It won't close the tailgate on occasion. About 20% of the time this issue arises and you have to manually (and very slowly) close the tailgate. When it decides to not work, thats it for the day. The next day it works. What up with that? Not a big deal and we will have this checked at the 5000 service.

    Wish Audi would allow the "power closing" of the tailgate using the key fob, like other car companies.
  • For shure its only ignoring the dry starts and !
    My engine was completly kaput after 5000 miles and i had to pay myself all the costs of oil pump repalcement ( a mechanical nigthmare) because my audi was not bougth here in Angola (i imported-it from texas) my camshafts were damaged and even the cranckase bearing rods were damaged (scratches)
    Audi dealer here never put the 0W20/30/40/50 oil or 10W40 but instead are using 20W50 oil so it not downs so easely to the oil sump leaving some oil in the upper part of the engine so at least there some oil in surface at cold starts.

    Also overfilling i do not konw why is causing more (metalic noise at start ups) that metalic noise should last for one second only !!!! if over filled with oil ( more than 6 liters of oil) the noise ( and engine dying) last for more than one second.

    So to prevent...
    Put a 20W50 oil
    Do not overfill ( 6 liters enougth)

    If noise lasts 2/3 seconds so your oil pump is damaged already wich kills the engine.

    Please belive-me all electronics on board of the Q 7 3.6 does not advice you that your oil pump is damaged, camshafts, beraring rods are also being damaged!

    Its only tells you there is a lack of oil pressure at cold start if it takes 2/3 seconds to pump back the oil up to the engine at every cold start.

    See pictures of my damaged engine and Q7 at audiworld forum . com / Q7 Jorge da Cruz engine failure
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    My 3.6 had the engine coolant warning (red) light come on again this morning. This is the third time in the past 6-8 months that I had to add coolant. I don't see any leaks on the driveway. Fortunately I have a (gold) jug of Prestone Quick Fill in the garage (hope that's ok to use), so it hasn't been a big problem. Bigger issue is why is this happening? Anyone else have this problem or any ideas?
  • My understanding is that you should only use Audi approved coolant with specific additives (which are listed in your owner's manual)...the coolant Audi uses is "lifetime" as long as it isn't contaminated with other, non-approved coolant. Other coolant may not protect the engine from corrosion and may void your warranty.

    I haven't had any coolant loss like you much coolant are you adding each time? Small (less than a cup or so) are probably OK without any evidence of overheating or leaks.

    And are you sure you are FULLY closing the coolant reservoir cap? It will screw down tight and then there is a last, little turn with a big "click".
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