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Mitsubishi Galant



  • Automatic transmissions are a long standing weak spot in Galants, and Mitsubishi products in general. If you scroll back on this post a few months you will seem much discussion of this problem. I strongly suggest that you consider the following steps to lengthen the life of your tranny: Change the transmission fluid and filter often. It may seem a waste, but clean fluid made a dramatic difference in my Galant giving me perhaps 10K more miles before time for a rebuild. By the way, the filter is about $15 and is accessable by removing perhaps a dozen bolts and dropping the pan on the bottom of the transmission. When you change this filter you may be able to fortell potential problems down the road by the presence and amount of metal debris on the filter. Next, never use the overdrive in the mountains or when towing even a small trailer. The car will perform fine but the transmission fluid will heat up and begin to break down. The damage will come back to haunt you later. Lastly, have a transmission cooler installed. If you install them yourself (the directions are rather clear) purchased for under $50. You can buy them at any AutoZone or similar store. If you are not mechanically inclined -haul is one place that usually does this type of work. Check with your dealer, but this is generally not a change that jeopardizes your warranty.
  • ern35ern35 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the insight. I did go back and saw the various posts about Gallants/transmissions, as well as other issues I have also had with mine. I will keep that in mind about changing the filter/fluid and will also look into the transmission cooler. I am definitely not mechanically inclined so I will have to have someone else do it for me. At this point, I have two years left on the transmission warranty, and then plan to get rid of the car, so I don't anticipate putting more than 20,000 more miles on it. I don't have to worry about the warranty since the transmission went out 4 months after it expired! I only wish I had kept my '78 Volvo station wagon I got rid of to buy this car!
  • Just bought a 2001 ES and love it (only 145 miles, though!).

    I could have gotten more Honda for less money on a lease, but after driving an Accord for three years, I couldn't bear the boredom any more.

    The Accord seats five comfortably to the Galant's four, and the creature comforts are better (much more storage under your right arm on the driver's side; 12 radio stations instead of six; sunglasses holder). Also, the odometer reads in tenths of a mile and the trunk is bigger.

    The Accord V6 was 15/mo. cheaper than the Galant (in Atlanta), but styling won out.

    If you're looking for a roomier, more comfortable car, go with the Accord. If you want more styling, go with the Galant.

    I also drove from Atlanta to B'ham and back (four hours on I-20) and did not see one other Galant, so you'll be driving a much more unique car.
  • cho7819cho7819 Posts: 20
    Sam2361, I think your wrong about the 12 radio station presets. In my 2000 Galant ESV6, I noted that there are 12FM presets and 12AM presets. Galant's Tripometer reads the 10ths not the Odometer. I do agree the Galant is painfully small. The engine is way beter than the Accords. I can feel the responsiveness right away, unlike the Accord where you have to spin the engine to about 5000rpm to get any power! The Accord's seats feel comfortable but looks like crap. BTW, the Galant's radio kicks butt compared to accords. I definately feel i made a good decision in buying the Galant.
  • gman28gman28 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Galant LS. I have 4000 miles on it. This morning I awoke to puddles of pink transmission fluid all under the car. It is running down the frame and underbody of the car. It is all inside the rear wheel wells. This doesn't look good. Will take it back to the dealer and wait to hear what they say. Has this happened to anyone else???????????

    Pissed off !!!!
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Hi, well I just had a flat tire in front of my house and since it's sunday nobody's open to fix it ... Does anyone know what kind of warranty the tires have? I know most places you buy tires they fix your flat for free ..

    About Transmision thing .. I haven't seen anyone here posting that kind of problem yet
  • I own a patriot red 2000 Gallant AS (4 cyl.) in June 2000. The car is absolutely gorgeous (minus the scratches--see below for explanation) and handles great. However, I say this now after several months of some problems with the car and the service department.

    The problems with my car were numerous: 1) tachometer worked intermittently, 2) dome light didn't shut off (yes I had it in the "off" position or the "door" position), 3) "auto off" function for the headlights didn't work, 4) fuel gage worked improperly, 5) engine block had a oil leak, which was discovered at 9000 miles, 6) brake rotors were warped, 7) stay bolts on back passenger door were missing, 8) steering wheel had a lot of vibration, and 9) had to jump start car twice in December and the car would shut off while driving (battery failed load test).

    What was frustrating about these problems was not the problems themselves but the treatment I received from the service department. Every time I brought my car in they were either not able to "duplicate" the problem or they dismissed what I was telling them was wrong (like the oil leak--"It's probably just the rust inhibit or", or like the vibration in the steering wheel--I told them that I thought maybe the tires were out of balance and they told me "It's the way the car is supposed to feel"--they finally balanced the tires and the vibration is gone). Also, for whatever reason, they could not put the car back together properly (dash is never snapped back together, etc). The final straw was the awful scratches/gashes they left in my paint job (presumably from their wash rack). I also found it annoying that a majority of the service representatives told me I should have purchased a Toyota Carry (FYI--this dealership also sells Camrys). I have decided that I would rather drive my car 60 miles to another dealer for service then take it back to where it was being serviced.

    I am happy to report that my Galant is problem free since December 26, 2000 (knock on wood and thankfully the car is under warranty). You definitely can't beat the value of the Galant. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I got a good-looking car with mahogany, cd player, power windows/locks, fog lights, etc. for $18,000 out-the-door (ie, price includes 6% sales tax and title). It would be rare to get this kind of a deal on a brand new Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or VW Passat.

    Anyway, has anyone else had any similar problems with their Galant? And, for anyone who lives around Lansing, MI, have you had any problems with the service department at Spartan Motor mall?

    If you like, you can email me at
  • whit16whit16 Posts: 2
    kpdriver Yes I have the popping up airbag problem that you have in my 1998. But other than that I have had no problems. I am actually considering returning it (its a Lease)and purchasing the 2000 or 2001.I had a '96 and other than a defective brake caliper it was basically problem free. So i feel that along with my history and what I've heard here, I think I'm gonna do it. Any prices paid(I probably going for 2001)appreciated...
  • whit16whit16 Posts: 2
    I live in NJ but leased my 1998 from Tom Masano. Very helpful and nice. Not pushy at all. I had taken over a lease of a 1996 from my parents which was over the mileage and a couple of scratches and dings. I traded that in for my 1998 with no problems. They are running the same deal now which I will take advantage of. I want to got there again but am trying to find a dealer closer to home for service reasons. I hope I find a dealer as great as those guys...
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I bought my silver metallic in Dec 1999. Totally love it and think it is a great piece of machinery! I was at the Mitsu plant in Normal a little over a month ago. You should see this place! It is huge! So many cars outside that it was unreal! One question, I changed my air filter just a few days ago with 15K miles on it. I don't think I drive on to many dusty roads but maybe I do. I noticed a lot of black on the bottom of the filter. Looks like the old one was doing its job! Anyway, I attributed the black to the air quality around where I live. I changed the filter and all is OK so far. Engine runs great and has good pickup. I love it and hope to maybe get it paid off in a couple of years. Happy motoring!
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I replaced my tires at 11k for my 2000 es 4cyl already. I went 2 sizes wider at 215 60 15 and I think its worth every penny. The 195 65 15 are just too small and that size tire if one checks is on cars like the Focus, Protege ES and other smaller cars. I would have gone to 225 size but the guide book only went to 215 for plus sizing. Besides I didnt want to take a chance on the tire hitting the strut. Do what I did and you will love the difference.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I sat in like 3 or 4 different Galant models and it doesn't seem the seat goes back far enough for me. i am 6'3 and weigh about 270 lbs. and it seems that I need more leg room to be comfortable. How about you people who are my size or larger and have a Galant? Can you all get comfortable and stay comfortable in it?

    Also, how is fuel economy with the V6 engine? I want a V6, but don't wanna put premium gas in it. Is it required?

    Lastly, how are the new-generation Galants holding up from 1999 on? Just curious, because I know some of the older models had transmission problems and such and I want a reliable car. Thanks alot in advance for your help.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Well, I'm 6 ' , and driver seat is not a problem to me at all .... I put it all the way to the back, and my back is straight .. and I'm really comfortable .. It depends a lot on your driving style ... My friend who's like 5'5 drives like he's sleeping , so he puts the chair very close for the pedals and the back is all the way to the back ..

    About transmission ... Someone posted about that problem with his 95 galant I think ... but since the new generations is still kind of new, we may not know much about it yet ... If you're thinking of getting rid of it after warranty expires.. that shouldn't be a big deal.

    About fuel .. I'm getting 24 mpg on like 50% freeway .. 4-cyl ... 89

    About tires, I'm gonna upgrade for 17" .. I think bigger wheels look better ..
  • annem2annem2 Posts: 1
    At about 10,000 miles, my 2000 Galant has started falling apart. The trim came off from around the headlight, trim came off of driver's door, overhead lights fell out, vents fell out, suspension under left front and right rear are bad, the vents aren't blowing right, and now they're saying I need a new radiator. Is mine the only Galant with this many problems? Not to mention that we're having a big problem with the service department. Their first diagnosis for every problem is that "It's supposed to do that". i can't believe Mitsubishi would manufacture a car that is "supposed to do" all of the problems mine's having.
  • My 2000 Gallant AS 4cyl that I purchased in September of 1999 now has 34,000 miles on it. I have not had any problems with it other than the a rattle in the drivers door, the map light falling out and the weather stripping around one of the headlights needed to be replaced. The dealer did a great job of repairing these small problems. I am wondering if an extended warranty on the car would be worth it? I just priced a warranty through and a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty would be $836. Does anyone have any experience with 1 Source Auto Warranty?? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  • My nephew is shopping for a brand new car. He is fed up with his mazda 626 after all the problems he's had as well as the crap that the dealer gives him. He is considering an Es 4-cylinder galant and is wonder if the galant will out preform his 4cylinder 626? Also, the 626 was excellent in snowy weather and is wonder if the galant will be? Anyone driven a galant is foul weather? Another question, is Mitsubishi reliable? If you could please send back any information about the galant it will be very helpful.
  • mich2kmich2k Posts: 2
    I have problem with leaking rims,all of them.Turned and rebalanced tires maybe 5-6 times.Finally change two fronts.Mileage under 30K.Also had failure ABS unit,replaced underwarranty.I satisfied with engine perfomance and handling,
    But still tnihking about durability,vary intresting posting about bad trannies..
    I 'd like to hear somebody who has 1999 model about their experience with Galant ES.
    I dont know,do I have sell this car and stick with another?(which one has same engine for 20k)
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    It shoud be worth it .. maybe .. well to my on experience only maybe on american cars ... they do requiere you to do all the maintanance and keep all your recepts or proofs ... also they only cover major stuff .. a lot of electric and computer related problems they won't cover ...All japanese cars should last at least 5 years , so what I would do is If unsure about long term reliability of your galant, just get rid of it after the warranty expires or after like 5 years ...
  • homer61388, Your nephew should surely by a Galant. I have a 1999 ES 4cyl. with 22K. I have not had any major problems with it so far. I have only replaced a hose clamp with a better designed one. Other than that no serious problems. I out of all the cars I've driven ( a lot) I think the Galant 4cyl. to be the best I have ever driven. Even with so much pep the gas mileage is still great! As far as looks go, I still smile everytime I visit the car wash. There's nothing better than having a reliable car that turns heads too.

    Summary: Mitsubishi builds great cars!!
  • I live in Michigan and we have had a lot of snow this year. I must tell you that I am very impressed with how my 2000 Galant ES (4 cyl.) handles. It beats the 1994 Honda Accord that I drove for 4 winters. No more "white-knuckles".
  • I have a 2000 galant es..ive been having w/ the car vibrating at speeds of 65mph. the steering wheel shakes, the passenger seat, the sun visor, etc. i had the wheels balanced twice! any suggestions??
  • I have a 2000 Galant ES V6. I have had no problems with it other than some squeeky brakes that were fixed. I am looking to change the foglights mainly to improve the looks of the car. I changed the headlights to the new fake Xenon lights and I think the car looks a little bit classier. For $20 at Wal-Mart it was a good investment. If anyone can give me information on what type of aftermarket foglights would be good or if I can even change them without having to change the wiring. Thanks!
  • Another unlikely, but possible source of the vibration is, believe it or not, the transmission. My when the torque converter started to go out in my 1990 Galant it would shake at higher speeds like you describe. In my case it would vibrate for a few seconds, stop, then start up again. After repeated alignments and balancings, then changing two rims unnecessarily, I noticed that the vibration was not as bad when I shut off the overdrive. Changing the fluid bought me temporary relief but a rebuild was necessary. You are probably on the right track as the problems are most probably 1. Out of alignment tires. 2 Out of balance tires. 3. Irregularly worn tires - perhaps even a steel band or tread separation 4. Bent rim 5. Torque converter 6. Broken motor mounts (longshot to cause the problem but problematic on Galants).
  • mich2kmich2k Posts: 2
    I 'd like to replace my horrible eagles tires.
    Does anybody have some idea if there are better tires than GY,but not very expensive?.
    Does 3-36k warrantie covered rims?
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I replaced my Goodyear with Bf goodrich Touring TA 215 60 15 H rated speed for 62.00 each at Sam's Club. They ride about the same as the Goodyear Eagles Ls tires that to me were just fine, but at 195 size doesnt corner well or gave a good steering feel. If you want to really save try to find Cavalier tires, they are made by Michelin. I got 205 60 15 H rated for 50 each. They are better than my Goodrich tires as they are very quiet. Toyo Z800 ultra is the best of all but rather expensive. They cost me 64.00 for 185 70 13 tires so for 15 size about 100 and up.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    Edmunds? I rented one for 2 days and thought it was one hell of a fun ride. That 3.5 engine rocks and to me had no fuzzy or confused transmission at all. It was ranked 8 out of 8 in a comparsion test by Edmunds. I saw one advertised in the Seattle area new for 22k and if I didnt get the Galant first would have jumped for the Diamante. Best part of my vacation was the car rental that how much I want a Diamante now.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    The Galant would be a good choice. I live in the snow belt & the GTZ handles decent in snow, it's even better now that I changed to a new set of tires. The g/y tires were alright on dry pavement but not on wet. As far as reliability goes, Mitsu is not up there w/hondas & toyotas but they can hold their own. Haven't had any major problems up until today when I found out my right rear wheel bearings needs to be replace. I currently have alittle over 29k miles on it so hopefully it's covered under warranty if not I guess I'll make them. I was qouted $390 at a independent shop to replace the bearings.

    Someone from another forum replace their existing fogs w/ ones from catz I think the model is "MSC" They stated they didn't need the wiring that came w/ the lights. It'll work w/ the existing wiring for the factory fogs.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    In case someone hasn't heard yet. A recall was issued last week to have one of the transmission lines replaced due to a manufactuering defect. It affects all galants made between 3/98-12/00. For more info go to & put in your vehicle info under the recall heading.
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