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Mitsubishi Galant



  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    2000 Mazda Protege ES 5 speed. I test drove one for a second car choice and let me tell you its is one sweet little ride. I thought the seats fit like a glove and the seating position and the great visibilty with the tight handling and sweet clutch and smooth revs were enought to make me get one. I think It is the most underrated car out there. I test drove the auto and it sucked peroid. This car comes to life with the stick and its like a different car with the 5 speed. For those out there who cant afford a new Galant, try a Protege ES stick and you will fall in love with it.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I just want to praise a great product thats all.
  • Hey, i know you bought your car about the same time I did Nov 99 .. Too bad you're changing cars .. although not a bad choice, my sister has a protege since 94 and it's been good and reliable, not to mention gas efficient....
    but this time do your homework before going into the dealership, don't make the same mistake you did last time with the galant ... Good Luck.!
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I just cant seem to park that size of a car well in a tight gargare or parallel park in well. When I go downtown or a place thats has parking problems, I take my 82 Corolla that I die in during the summer with no AC. I got two offers for my 9,800 mile 2000 ES 4 cyl and it was 12,000 and 10,000!!! OUCH! unless my name changes to Bill Gates JR I might have to get a 2nd mortgage to get another new smaller car.
  • Just imagine the tax you paid $2000? which is gone, then add tax for the protege again , $1500? you're already off like $3500 only in tax .. not to mention big time depreciation on the galants ... so the switch may end up costing you like $8000 ... or more ..
    so unless you go marry Bill Gates' daughter (if he has any) LOL !!! :-), then it may be of your best interest to stick to the galant for some more years..
  • Here's an update:
    Mitsubishi refuses to budge (surprise, surprise) to cover any costs of my transmission replacement. Customer service is useless. To recap: the first replacement was at 62,000 miles (at which time I had a Mitsubishi service center put in a Mitsubishi-factory transmission), now 39,000 miles later the new transmission is inoperable. The dealer wants $650 to diagnose it! Customer service wants nothing to do with it, and were rude in my phone conversations with them. So much for customer care and reliability...
  • You want some '99 Galant feedback:
    My father has a 99 Mitsubishi ES. It has warped rotors all the time. It seems like they only last about 3,000 miles or so. And his car has < 15,000 miles. Interior construction is cheap also. Both front door handles have cracked already and are in need of replacement. On my 95 Galant, I leaned on the door armrest once while driving and cracked it. I'm not THAT big (195lbs).

    Anyway, my advice is to avoid the Galant like the plague. Mine is sitting in my driveway with it's 2nd broken transmission in ~100,000 miles and I still owe a lot of money on it.

    I've spent over 6,700 dollars in repairs to it (including a the parts bill for a rebuilt transmission now) in the past 2 years, since 60,000 miles. If you plan on keeping the Galant over 60,000 miles, you might as well buy a Mercedes Benz, financially speaking.

    Actually the Chevy Impala is looking good right now: ~23,000 loaded (much less expensive than the Galant), it's a full size sedan, 200 hp, and you get to deal with honest American service stations and dealerships.
  • Well, if you make up your mind of not getting a galnt... just make sure not to buy any other american car neither, they suck as bad or worst .... everyone i know has problems with their american cars (ford, GD, chevy, etc)
    If you're not convinced with the mitsus , try toyota, honda, or nissan .. or any german car.
  • thank you vac23, I got my stress bar from the place you posted and installed it in 15 minutes. All factory parts. very happy now
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    You're welcome. I'll send you my bill for my services :-)
  • msnmsn Posts: 2
    Hello Town Hall participants!

    I&#146;ve been reading and enjoying your comments for many months now, albeit it&#146;s been mostly in the Nissan Sentra group. I&#146;ve been delaying a purchase of a Sentra SE for roughly a year now, just waiting for the right moment to come along.

    Two months ago, I purchased a 2001 Galant &#147;ES, V6&#148; for my wife. Quite by accident, I fell in love with the car and the idea of settling for the Sentra SE was all but history.

    Well, I&#146;ve put all of my eggs into one basket as of today. I put a deposit down on a low mileage, one owner (verified via CarFax), used 2000 Galant, also an &#147;ES, V6&#148;. I&#146;m sure hoping that I don&#146;t experience the same troubles some of you good people have encountered. A double whammy of this sort would be crippling.

    Now on to my question, &#147;Puzzling Options?&#148;
    Since I researched the purchase of my wife&#146;s car, I was somewhat familiar with the options that are available on the 2000-2001 ES V6. Normal options for this trim do not include LEATHER INTERIOR or CASSETTE/CD stereo, however the car that I place a deposit on has these items and they are factory. It does not have anything else outside of what come standard on the ES V6 trim. The car was originally purchased in Texas.

    Does anyone have any ideas how these unusual options made it into this car? I&#146;ve searched Edmunds, CarPoint, and Mitsubishi sites and these aren&#146;t even listed as being available for this trim. I noticed that post #31 referred to purchasing an &#147;ES 4-cyl&#148; with unusual options as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • emp31emp31 Posts: 1
    I have an '87 galant and it's got auto suspension
    in that you can switch to sport or normal
    suspension and I believe it's got air/gar shocks
    that automaticaly adjusts. My problem is that if
    were to replace these shocks, they costs $350 or
    so a piece. For a car this old, I really don't
    want to spend this much money. Does anyone know
    I can replace them with regular shocks? I've
    contacted mitsubishi and a local mitsubishi repair
    shop and they haven't been helpful. The car rides
    as if it doesn't have any springs or shocks. It's
    like riding a go-cart when you hit bumps. It just
    bottoms out.
  • Some of those odd option lists are due to local dealers. I know of one Memphis dealer that added leather seats and a few other goodies to base ES models...... Regarding reliability, have you noticed that most of those who rave about their Gallants still have relatively low miles? Admittedly, they are comfortable and fun to drive..... On American cars, the earlier post was unfortunately correct. According to Consumer's Reports, Ford has the best frequency of repair among the big three. How sad. A friend of mine has a '97 F150 with 150K miles that no dealer can fix, much less diagnose. It has run terribly for over two months. One Ford dealer put @$800 worth of parts on the truck then, when that didn't fix the misfire, told him that he needed a new engine. A second dealer did the same telling him that he had zero compression on cylinder six. My own compression test, which I might add was very difficult to do due to very poor design (the back cylinders are actually under the firewall) revealed @150 pounds of compression. Don't even kid yourself into thinking that the 1-800 numbers to Ford, as listed in the owner's manual, will do any good. Chances are the guy answering the phone will barely speak English, will not connect you with a supervisor, and will only take your name and number, never to be called. In summary, the Gallant is a much better car than its American counterparts but is still way, way behind the industry leading Hondas and Toyotas (ugly though they may be), which are followed closely by Nissan, Suburu, then Mazda and Mitsubishi (probably a tie between these last two).
  • I drive a 99 Galant ES, I took my car to the dealer to let them know about some vibration that I feel in the steering wheel between 70-80 mph ( not while braking ), first they thought it was the tire balance (tried the balancing did not work), then I showed them that there was a recall on my steering wheel box, first they didn't know of any recall, but when I asked them to run the VIN#, they found the recall, they looked at the car they said every thing is Ok with the box, but my vibration could be to a defect in the tires, well, last week I went a head and replaced all my tires with new tires, and the car is still has the vibration between 70-80 mph,
    does anyone have any ideas what is causing this vibration, (I don't want to keep on buying stuff for the car that It don't need), could a warped rotor (that a lot of people are talking about)cause this vibration.

    any help will be appreciated.

  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Did they check the front end & made sure everything is nice and tight? I bad ball joint or tie rod will cause vibration in the steering wheel.
  • yes, they said that every thing else was solid
  • As for no one commenting on the long term reliability of the Galant, I have a '92 with 220k (no that's not a typo) that I would love to clone. We bought it used and cheap in college with 80k and replaced the clutch at 180k. After 2 kids, a dead deer and six snowy winters I'm having a hard time finding another car/suv/anything that I can replace it with. I've been eagerly reading reviews and posts for a month but all that information hasn't helped. I really enjoyed the new one I drove but the stuff about the company looks a little shaky. Well, you guys keep up the banter. I'm still on the look out for another "put in gas, change oil and drive forever"-mobile.
  • Yes. I had the same problem on my 1995 Galant LS - vibration around 70mph. I got that taken care of with my 90k service which cost me $1028. The problem was engine and transmission mounts. I think the dealer will charge somewhere between $400 and $500.
  • I had my wife's 99GTZ in three times for the same vibration...first time there was a horrible noise to go with it. Replaced wheel bearing(after having to waint two weeks for a new one to come in) fix. Second time for fix. I turned around and got a tech to ride with me. He got nervous at 85mph when he could hear my watch jingling. Third time they checked alignment and balanced all the tires. Vibration went away. All this happened between 7k and 10k. We're at 19k now without it returning....however in my next post, I'll talk about that awful noise coming from the rear deck!
  • Our 99GTZ has a bad squeek and or clunk coming from either the rear seat or back deck and glass. Our dealer is primarily they are not really much help. I've never even seen a ES v6 on the lot. Any ideas?
  • All right everyone.... what the heck is that noise coming from the rear interior deck??
    Sounds like the glass rattling, but then you go back there and you can't duplicate it. Is it the deck moving, the child safety locks
  • In my 2000 GTZ I can't yet identify the sqeek coming from the back end, but mine appears to be directly tied to torquing the body - if you drive over a bump with only the driver's wheels, I hear it when the rear wheel goes over.

    Just some quick thoughts on some of the items mentioned on the forum:
    Automatic transmission durability - change the fluid every 15k miles. Transmissions are like people, some die young and some very old. In some cases there is a cause (poor diet, lack of exercise) and sometimes not. If you change the fluid every 15k miles and drive like an adult, you are statistically much better off.
    Front end vibration - the most usual cause is tires. Make sure they are BALANCED and ROTATED regularly. There are a host of mechanical problems that can also cause this. You can eliminate some of them if you jack up the car, grab one of the front tires 180 degrees apart, push with one hand and pull with the other. Depending upon where you grab and whether it moves, you may be on the right track.
    Rotor wapage - rotors typically warp because they are unable to appropriately handle the heat generated while braking. Looking at my 2000 GTZ, I can say the brakes are not underdesigned. Nobody with a 1999-2001 Galant will have enough miles to have worn a rotor thin yet. This leaves us with a more unusual cause for rotor warpage - improper torque on lugnuts. This is a common problem on my other car. Try to make sure that mechanics do not use an air-wrench to but your wheels back on!
  • All of the above posts concerning vibration are absolutely correct. You might first try taking the car to another balance & alignment shop. Unfortunately not all shops know what they are doing and the problem sounds most like either an alignment or balance problem. Additionally, Gallants tend to brake motor mounts with some frequency. My local dealer keeps them in stock. There is at least one other possibility, admittedly a long shot, that has not been mentioned. Believe it or not the torque converter in the transmission can malfunction and cause just such a vibration. On my last Gallant, after several attempts to align/balance the tires, I replaced rear wheels, rear wheel bearings, then the front motor mount, yet the problem persisted. Finally I noticed that the vibration only occurred while using overdrive and cured the problem by having the transmission rebuilt (again).
  • I have a 99 ES V6. I complained about the vibration to the dealer. The dealer said the following: We do not guarantee that your car even run at 80 mph. The speed limit is 65, so if there's a problem that we can reproduce at 65 we'll try to fix it. So your car may be falling apart at 67 miles per hour - they wouldn't give a $h!t. The speed limit is 65 :( My 2 cents on the reliablity of american cars: I have an '87 Wrangler Jeep. Runs like a champ. Gives me no trouble. Bought it for $2K from a friend :) Anyway, Mitsubishi builds cars that don't run, airplanes that don't fly and tanks that are unusable for any kind of combat. Sounds like a real looser to me. I wouldn't buy any mitsubishi product ever again, neither a car, nor a TV nor anuthing else that has a "triple diamond" on it. Being a Galant owner I would strongly discourage anybody from buying a Galant.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    For those who cant decide to buy the Galant or not? I have a word of advice. Dont buy the thing new. They are good wheels but have awful resale value just like the Fords, GMs and other domestic cars. Let someone else take the 4 to 5 thousand first yr loss. I got my new and will never never get another new car again. The closest maybe is one that is 1 yr old and under 12k. I tried to trade mine in and got 12500 max for my 2000 Es 4 cyl with only 10k. Please if you buy the Galant new there is going to be hugh pain come trade in time or private sale.
  • I am thinking about buying a new one tomorrow, but reading all the problems you all have been having is making me rethink it.
  • On Sept.22 I took delevery of a 4cyl.ES. It's great looking car thats very stately in appearance and a roomy cabin to boot.However, after about 300 miles the SRS airbag indicator came on and lasted a full weekend. I took it back to the selling dealership to have it checked, of course the light went out before I got there.They hooked a handheld computer up to it and it showed a problem with the passenger front or side airbag. They said there was nothing they could about it because the srs light was not on at that time. Since then this has happend twice and even left the car with them,still no luck. Tonight, it came on again. This is driving me nuts.The dealership tells me it has to be there and the SRS light has to on,despite a computer code of RHSIDE A/B 272. Please help!! I hate that I already regret this purchase. Eric.
  • I am now leaning towards not buying one. I think if I put a few hundred dollars of repairs in my car I can get a few more years out of it.
    How much did you pay?
  • I was looking at buying a 92 used honda civic to replace my crappy 95 Galant LS. Get a load of this: My fully loaded (leather interior, 6-CD changer, moonroof, etc.) 95 Galant LS is worth less than a 92 Honda Civic!!! I guess that should come as a surprise though. Ladies and gentlemen, the "looks" of the Galant is not even close to being worth the trouble. Get an Accord or Camry. After reading the above posts, buying a Galant would simply be irrational.
  • By reading my above posts, you all know I have suffered from severe reliability problems with my Galant, and now with the tranmission broken I do not know what to do. I have a 93 Grand Cherokee with over 102,000 miles on it which runs great and requires little maintenance, and could survive with only one car. So how do I get rid of my Galant. It has devalued quicker than I could pay off the loan (I'm about $2500) upside down in the loan, and I can't stand the thought of spending an extra penny on fixing it. I definately want to get rid of it, but the question is how, and everyday I keep it, its losing value quicker than most cars. I am going to have trouble selling it with a broken transmission. What should I do? Should I trade it for a honda or fix it and try to sell it...?
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