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Toyota Prius (First Generation)



  • We submitted our order for our Prius mid July, so I guess we'll get it sometime late September. I'm very excited. I'd like to read more from new owners as the cars get distributed.
    I'm still quizzical about the CD player. We opted for the $335 version, and the dealer thinks it could be a 5 disc player (he's not sure). I've read here it would be a single disc player. Rather expensive, but I'm wondering if it will be operable by the touch screen.
    I also want to have a door molding put on to protect from inevitable dents. Would I do better to take it someplace other than Toyota for this?
    I've truly enjoyed this townhall discussion. 'Hope I'll soon be able to bring in some positive experiences myself.
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    Nancyart, the only 2 options available are floor mats and single disc CD.

    When the car arrives at the port, you will get a phone call asking whether you want these 2 items.
  • Just wondering, for those people who ordered the prius back in June, Do you guys actually got your prius yet?

    When I order mine last week, the dealer told me that the first prius is coming in this week for the first person in line and he ordered like 2 months ago. I am number five in the queue according to the dealer but I have been told to wait until Nov before I can see mine :(
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    Check out There, you can see pictures of at least one person who has received his car. Also, there is reference to at least one delivery (and pictures) on the Yahoo Prius club.
  • Today while driving on the freeway in Northern California, I wanted to stop at a Toyota dealership to see what color demo they had. But we didn't have the time. Suddenly we were passed by a speedy little electric green Prius. Our first sighting in motion.
    We tried to follow it with our hulky van, but that Prius was going 85 mph passing other cars, during rush hour. We couldn't keep up with it. Within minutes it was out of sight. It was exciting to spot it, and we would have been envious except that we'll be in our own soon. Well, hopefully soon.
    So it looks like they'll start appearing, sort of like harbingers of a new age of vehicle transportation. Yes!
  • davidfsdavidfs Posts: 12
    Are there any potential or current Prius owners from Albuquerque or anywhere else in New Mexico?
  • We took our Prius in to get an extra key cut and programmed, wheel locks, and program the door lock to engage when you put the car in drive. (Could have sworn the model we test drove did this).

    We had ordered the key and wheel locks when we took delivery of the car August 4th.

    (The salesman kind of scared us with a story about an owner whos angry wife threw the keys in the lake and then they had to order an new 1000.00 computer with the new set of keys since there was no other way around the immobilizer.)

    When we order the key I asked how long it would take to program the new key and was told 20 minutes.

    Anyway, back to the service visit. The dealer installed the wheel locks, no problem. But then it seem to be taking longer than expected for the other things and after the car being in service for ~1.5hours they came out and told us they were having a 2 problems.

    They said they needed to check with Toyota, but they didn't think the door locks could be programmed to autolock when put in drive. I would have bet money the other car had but after test driving sooo many cars it is all a blur needed to be cleared up with a Corona!

    Oh, and the extra key, apparently they think there is a limit of 3 keys MAXIMUM. Oooops, guess this was a good day, because we both learned something. :)
  • When we bought our van, it included auto door locking which was completely new to us. We found that to be extremely annoying. We were having to repeatedly unlock if the passenger(s) didn't get in within seconds. When we took the car to have an engine noise checked, the mechanic asked us to turn on the car. We were all outside the car when, of course, the car locked itself up with the keys inside and the engine running. Luckily that time my husband was with me and had another set. With a small child inside, it would have been too much. I can't think of a good reason to have those locks. Even in questionable areas of big cities, we can easily lock the car as I choose.
    I think you're better off without it. I certainly hope our Prius doesn't come with it. Best wishes...
  • No I wouldn't like door locks like that either. What we have seen and owned in our previous Saturn, was a car with a settable option, in which the doors are locked automatically ONCE THE CAR IS PUT IN DRIVE and reaches ~15kph.

    It unlocks automatically upon removal of the key.

    EXCELLENT 'deterrent against carjacking etc.

    They also unlock in case of an accident automatically.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    They shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to program them and you should be able to get more than three. Unless Toyota changed things, you can program up to 9 keys. At least this is the case with the Camry.

    Also, the cost of a new engine computer is more like $2500, not $1000. Again, this is for the Camry but I suspect the Prius would be even more. Be very careful with those keys.
  • 15 minutes maybe when it isn't the FIRST car they have tried it on. Some learning curve. Sure am glad we bought the 6 yr ext warranty. That should give them plenty of time to get used to doing things to the PRIUS.

    Wouldn't want to be paying an hourly rate while they 'learn' about the vehicle while having to do service.

    Toyota Canada confirmed THREE keys max, and the door lock cannot be set to autoengage. Too bad. That and the REMOTE trunk release would make the car 100% complete, but then I have cruise. :)
  • Is the 6 year warranty something Toyota sells or is a dealer provided "repair insurance" policy?
    Wonder what is and isn't covered? The "repair insurance" policys I have seen exclude batterys. Wonder if that means the battery pack on the Prius is covered or not.
    Best of luck with your car! Please keep the group in the loop!
    Bill Powell
  • After reading all the postings in this listing, there were some that believe that the LCD screen on the dashboard can be used in the future for GPS. According to the live chat on, my dealer and Cliff (who runs this board), the 2001 model will NOT be compatible with GPS. It will not be able to be upgraded.

    I find this unacceptable. I've been told to wait until the 2002 model. Frustrating!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I started this topic but Edmunds runs it. Actually, you will note that I would be surprised if the 2001 couldn't be retrofitted with the GPS. I know this is not the official line but I have a threoy about that. The PR people are not technical people. They know a lot but if it is not in their notes, they may not really know. I have spoken to Toyota PR people who don't even know what GPS stands for, let alone the difference between a DVD based system and a marine grade system.

    Toyota engineers built the car with the map and display buttons for a reason. It is reasonable to assume that the reason is because they intend to make the GPS available. If your purchase of the car depends on this, don't buy the 2001. If it is just a want or hope, sign up now while you still can.

    The other thing to consider is the cost. DVD based systems run between $1800 and $2700 right now. Simple marine grade systems with mapping cost around $400. It is reasonable to assume the factory system would come in near the $2000 mark. That is not chump change.
  • That pricing you gave for GPS helps the decision-making process. I thought that the resale on the 2001 model without GPS couldn't compete with the future models that have it as standard equipment. However, if they price it $2,000 above the current cost - the 2001 model can be competitive.
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    1. Per Priusman, GPS will indeed cost about $2,000 when it is available. This sounds right as the option cost the same amount in our Odyssey and even more in my 540i.

    2. Tucson, where I live, isn't digitized yet onto GPS maps, so the absence of the GPS option isn't so significant to me. With all the other cool things going on in this car, there will still be lots of tech-stuff to play with and show off.

    3. I'm still wondering whether after-market GPS, DVD/TV and internet screens can be added to the Prius display. Time will tell.
  • In order to get a tax credit for an alternative energy vehicle, according to my accountant, the vehicle must be primarily powered drawing current from rechargable batteries. Only if you can get Toyota to put this in writing - that the car is primarily powered by current from recharable batteries - then you get the credit. If not - no credit is available.

    The website states primarily powered by the battery only during acceleration. All other times, the motor is used or the gas engine and battery work in tandem. It will be hard to prove that the Prius is "primarily powered by current from rechargable batteries."
  • sheinesheine Posts: 8
    I received my Prius on August 16. Most of my driving was on I-10 and I averaged about 50 mpg over 375 miles. Although I have held the speed down to 60 mph as directed, I have had no problems with inadequate acceleration.

    My dealer ( he is the same dealer who serves the most prolific correspondent on this page)adamantly refused to accept my Edmund's certificate. When I called the seller of the certificate, they connected me with the lawyer who handled the case. He told me what to tell the dealer but said that he could not get involved. When I called the dealer, nobody in upper management was available and I was told to leave a message on the voice mail. That evening, after getting no response, I sent them an email saying the same thing. Up to now no response. Today I called the CCC, who again connected me to the lawyer's office, but he wasn't in. As of now, I think that I will be lucky to get my $50 back. I do not intend to either waste a lot of time calling the dealer and lawyers or get involved in a lawsuit over $100.
  • ponickiponicki Posts: 1
    If you e-mail Toyota at they will send a e-mail stating that the Prius is entitled to a tax deduction of up to $2,000 for Prius purchases completed on or before December 31, 2001
  • I ordered my Prius early July and was told delivery would be mid-August. Then I was told it won't be for two to three months - and the dealer can't give me a specific date. Then the dealer was going to charge me above advertised MSRP, but he backed down from that after I pointed out the price Toyota was advertising.
    Frustrating to say the least!!!
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    Sheine, please email me about that Edmunds certificate (include a number where I can reach you) and we will get to the bottom of this! See my profile for my address.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I want to clear one thing up. You indicated that your dealership "is the same dealer who serves the
    most prolific correspondent on this page". I assume you meant me as I have not seen any other dealers post here with any regularity. Alexandria Toyota has always accepted these coupons and would never jeopardize our legal standing on the class action settlement over $150. I checked our delivery log and didn't see your name so must assume that you are having this problem with somebody other than us. A little clarification would be appreciated on this issue.
  • sheinesheine Posts: 8
    My reference to "most prolific correspondent" was to a customer, not cliffy1. I do not want to be more specific or name the dealer because in all other respects, he acted honorably. I am not certain as to who is in the wrong in this matter. The dealer seemed to indicate that other dealers accepted the certificate as a disguised discount in order to make the sale. Obviously, there is no such incentive needed for dealers with the Prius.

    One of the reasons that I bought the certificate is because the "most prolific correspondent" recommended it here. The reference was to let him know that he will have a problem when he gets his car.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I was hoping it was something like that. I try very hard to protect my reputation on this board and the wording had me a bit nervous.

    Now, allow me to fill you in on the details of the certificate. If the dealer in question is listed on the certificate, they must honor it. The only exception is on cars that are advertised by stock number or VIN at a price under MSRP. This is to prevent people from using it on cars that we are selling in the paper as a loss leader.

    The money from the certificate is NOT paid by Toyota. It comes directly from the dealer's profit. This is why there is resistance to take it. We looked for loopholes bout found none. Fortunately (for us), there are none left for the region I sell in.
  • sheinesheine Posts: 8
    The dealer's name was on the certificate. None of the exceptions apply.
    It may be that it is possible to get a court order that requires the dealer to honor the certificate. I do not think that it is reasonable to employ a lawyer to file motions in a San Francisco fedral court in order to recover $150.
    Frankly, I am disappointed in Edmunds for selling these certificates without being ready to enforce their validity.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    It is not Edmunds who is selling these certificates, they just facilitate the sales for a law firm. There is actually a larger issue here and a lawyer may be worth while. That dealership agreed to participate in a class action law suit. By refusing to honor its commitment, they have effectively removed themselves from the settlement and open themselves up to individual suits. See if there is a phone number on the certificate for a law office or court. I think there is.
  • sam125sam125 Posts: 6
    I received a call today telling me that 12 Prius', including the one I ordered in early July, are arriving Wed or Thu of next week. I was somewhat ambivalent about this decision until I test drove one about 3 weeks ago. Very fun to drive, and like the Edmunds review says, it has a funky look to it.
  • Yes, we like to try to avoid those certificates at all cost. Parts and service, once upon a time, were reimbursed, but "sales" never was.

  • knieserknieser Posts: 5
    When did you order your Prius in July?

    Where do you live?

    Trying to get a feel for when I will see my Prius... ...Prius envy?!?

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