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Infiniti Q45



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    From Chris Wardlaw, Edmunds editor in chief:
      "Find out what Liz Kim thinks of the new Infiniti Q45, which shows just how serious this luxury division of Nissan is about competing on even footing with Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The new Q shows the direction in which Infiniti is headed, away from rebadged Maximas and Pathfinders and sorry wannabe wheels like the G20, and toward world-class luxury/performance automobiles that look like Hyundais and whose voice-recognition systems can't understand you unless you're from Omaha. Wait. Did I just say that out loud?"
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  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Mabye people who are interested in information on the Q45 should read articles by REAL automotive journalists like those who write for REAL automotive publications like Automobile, Road & Track, Car & Driver, and Moter Trend. All of which have been blown away by the new Q45.

    Also the voice recognition system can understand almost any American regional accent and just in case can be trained to recognize even the most incoherent mumblings
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I haven't heard your "voice" in months...good to have you back...
  • kappaman1kappaman1 Posts: 18
    Read your analysis of the new Q. Very impressed with your insight and assessment. Clearly the new Q is a drivers automobile that is ready to rightfully take its place in the luxury car arena. I have always felt that the Q was a great car that was marketed poorly. However, if the recent ad is indicative of things to come then look out! This car will definitely turn heads.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    If there are any new owners of this car, I, for one would be interested in your impression(s)....
  • adobadob Posts: 18
    For those interested, has pricing info.
  • Yes,as a matter of fact. I got my new 2002 Q45 just about 2 weeks ago. I was on my way to pick up a new LS430 that I had ordered. I had not seen any of the marketing materials on this car and I noticed, what I thought, was a very cool car at the local dealer. I found out that the dealer just got four in stock. I test drove one and fell in love with it. In my opinion, much better in many respects than the LS430.


    I have owned the following cars in the last several years:

    BMW 750iL
    BMW M5
    Jag XK8
    Lincoln Navigator (don't ask where that came from)

    After two weeks, I can provide the following observations:

    Things I like:

    Handling. I have the premium package so I get the sport handling option. While my memory sometimes fades, it handles almost as well as my M5 (in the Q45 sport mode). It doesn't feel as heavy as my 750 (why should it?) but it is close. The steering is also much better, in my opinion, than the LS430. What I mean by this is closer to typical BMW steering (tight, some road feel) rather than like the Mercedes quality of the LS430.

    Navigation. DVD-based and up-to-date. One disk for the whole country. My house is one year old on a new street and the navigation system knew right where it was. For me, I like the setup on the Infiniti better than the touch screen setup on the Lexus. I found I had to take my eyes off the road to work the hand/eye coordination on the Lexus setup.

    The 18" wheels and tires obviously assist the handling capabilities. They also look cool but I don't like the stock wheels. Trying to find some after market wheels for this car.

    Interior appointments. Awesome. It actually smells like leather.

    Instrument layout. I like it although I have heard people say it was a little "different."

    Quality. Perfect! Fitment and finish are perfect. No gaps, no exposed pieces where there shouldn't be any, etc. Definitely, a quality automobile.

    Headlights. A real head-turner. I have more people stop and take a look at the headlights than anything else.

    Performance. How could I forget? Definitely faster (acceleration) than my XK8 or 750. Feels close to my M5. Definitely better than the LS430

    Voice system. Perfect! It works the first time, every time is is quite cool. You can do almost everything with this if you don't want to play around with he controls (which are pretty easy to navigate, BTW).

    Things I am annoyed with:

    Door locks. They don't seem to be automatic. Most cars I have had automatically lock the doors when the car is moving. The I doesn't appear to do this. I have to manually lock the doors when I enter. Maybe someone else that has a I can fill me in if I am doing something wrong. I will have to check this out with the dealer and I view this as highly unusual for a high-end automobile not to have this feature. The LS430, of course, can be programmed many different ways to operate the locks.

    Don't particularly like the stock wheels. Again, this is a subjective evaluation.

    At night, it is very difficult to see the clock. Being over 40, I lost my night vision a long time ago but other people in the car noticed that.

    Nothing else really. After having the car for a couple of weeks, I have never experienced buyer's remorse. I like the car and would recommend it highly.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    Isn't the trunk on the small side? They list it at about 13 ft3 which seems small by comparison to the competition. Is the space laid out well for luggage? While this may seem like a small issue ,for some who need the second vehicle (if the first is a sports car)to be able to carry enough luggage for several on trips it is important.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi from's PR Department.

    A journalist from one of the country's largest newspapers has asked us for help finding consumers who recently purchased a Lexus L430, Mercedes C class or BMW 3 series after considering a more expensive vehicle, or anyone who recently considered purchasing a luxury vehicle, but decided not to because of the economy.

    If you fit this description and care to share your story, please respond to and/or with your e-mail, phone number, city and state of residence, and a brief description of your experience. The journalist promises to keep you identity hidden at your request.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Jeannine Fallon

    Director of Public Relations

    PLEASE NOTE: Respond by clicking on the email addresses above. Responses posted here will NOT be seen by the folks who want to hear from you. Thanks!

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  • Yup, your are right. I forgot to include this. The trunk is on the small side compared to a LS-430. It is is pretty obvious when you look at the two. For me, I don't particularly have a requirement for a lot of trunk space but others would.
  • jochijochi Posts: 18
    Yes, I was recalled. As with many cars. BMW's, Benz's etc. are not immune to them. Infiniti's have a history of great reliability; that's a FACT. A recall because the fuel tank locks up prematurely making it unable to fully fill up does not mean this car is not on par with the others. BMW, Benz and certainly Jaguar's reputations are not based on their reliability. If this was the case, Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans would be the most prestigious cars.

    I do believe this car is on par with it's competition. Subjective areas like prestige are inarguable, but objectively, this car more than holds its own. Although this is a new model, I'm more than confident in Infiniti/Nissan's reliability, since it consistently is among the industry leaders in this regard. You forgot to mention that every report of hood flapping came from PRE-production models and that the engineers were well aware of the problem and that it would be addressed. I've only read one review in which the voice recognition was less than optimal. Everyone else praised it. Personally, I had no problems with it, it only failed to recognise my command once.

    I admit, Infiniti has sucked, mostly due to allocation of resources from Nissan during the dark financial years. There is a new committment to Infiniti with the Renault alliance, and the new Q is just the beginning. Nissan has argueably the best (if not among the best) engineering among any carmaker. If management can be as good as engineering, the product will be amazing. Changing perceptions like yours Titanfan1, will admittedly be a little harder.
  • demigodhdemigodh Posts: 3
    Put simply, what are the advantages/disadvantages when comparing the 97 Q45 to the Acura RL without navigation. The V8 on the infiniti is the only difference i could find. (i didn't look very hard). Are there different luxury options? Also, is one more reliable.
    Any and All information will be greatly appreciated.
  • Well, I can not speak to the recall of the Q45 as I haven't received notice as yet. Probably because I have only had the car a couple of weeks and am not in the "system" yet. My gas tank fills fine so maybe the problem was isolated. However, one can look at the recall history of cars and find there is no manufacturer immune to recall. Rolls-Royce had a recall a couple of years ago and Ferrari and BMW has recalls all the time. Often, you do not hear about them unless you are an owner. Most are very minor and others (notably Ford) are more major in nauture. So, if a manufacturer has a recall, does that mean they make an inferior product? I don't think so. If that were the case, BMW's and Ferrari's would be the worst cars on the planet.

    Even after taking my new Q45 (after the 1,000 mi breakin) up to 135 mph on an empty Interstate, I can say I do not experience "hood flap" and the voice recognition system works perfectly at that speed. Furthermore, the car handles and tracks perfectly. I would have expected high-speed wander and it just wasn't there. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I happen to think it is a world-clas car and far superior to it's competition.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I too see the resemblance to a Peugot 605 or whatever the model name is. And I am quite fond of the Peugot. But, I think it may be a bit too conservative to become the leader of the group. The MB S-Class, which is what everyone compares their cars to, has the brains and the beauty. There is no doubt that the Q has a perfect IQ, it's just that it is too plain jane. But, so is the LS and is has become quite popular.~ A.R.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Yes, I read that article. It said that on a pre-production prototype the hood flapped at speeds over 145MPH. Two things It was a preproduction model and that was 145MPH not ones usual crusing speed.

    Recall was on first run vehicles and is completely ordinary. Most cars a recalled at least once esp in the first year of production.

    What about tire noise and vibration. That there isn't any. That one review said you would need a decibel meter to tell the difference between the Q and the LS, and another thought the Q might even be quieter.

    The voice recognition works a hell of a lot better than any other. Oh, yeah Infiniti is the only one that even offers it as standard equipment.
  • Kevin,

    I really appreciate your comments. I too was shopping for a Lexus LS430 when I saw and drove the Q45. The main thing that stopped me was that it is a new model, and some of the features were not yet available-- telephone, laser cruise control.

    I was also worried about depreciation since I am fickle and tend to trade often. (Actually, I love em all.) Did you lease?

    I ended up trading my 97 BMW 750il on a 2001 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro. The Audi is much smaller and looks sportier, but there are many features of the 7 that I miss. I had previously leased a '94 Q45, and enjoyed the car very much.

    Thanks again for your insight!
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    The more I see the Q, the more I like it. It is not so bland to my eyes anymore. Looks a hell of a lot better than the LS. It's more understated than bland. I can't wait to see my first one whiz past me on the road, with those 340 horses running wild.~ A.R.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    When I recently took a 'hot lap' at the Zero to Infiniti event, the edge of the hood closest to the windshield was definitely moving, enough for me to call it 'flapping', and this was at speeds of 120-130 mph. The g-force generated round the ends of the oval track were certainly memorable though :-)
  • raprorapro Posts: 30
    My reaction to the new Q was very similar to that of arcoates. In pictures the car looked rather ugly. In reality it's really understated rather than ugly and in a way quite elegant. I think the car carries on the tradition, at least visually, of the first generation Q, very understated elegance. The LS looks the opposite to me; not too bad in pictures, rather hideous in reality.
  • Scottphillip:

    Congratulations on your new A6. It is a great car. I understand your concern with the Q45. Yes, some things are not available yet. For me, these were things I could live without so I wasn't to concerned. As to resale, who knows? This is a new model and resale values are speculation at this time. That is why I leased. I go through way too many cars.

    I share with you letting go of your 750. I still regret having sold mine. It was truely an awesome car.

    Good luck with your new A6.
  • matt00matt00 Posts: 32
    I am getting ready to list my 1994 Infiniti Q45 and I am not sure how to price the car. The car is in excellent condition inside and out…..Even the stitching inside the car is still white and not discolored.
    The car was mostly driven on weekends because I used my other car during the week

    I also added an aftermarket stereo system (Kenwood Excel head unit, Kenwood 6 disc changer, MTX amp and Polk Audio speakers) as well as a viper alarm system…..The car only has 64,000 miles on it and I had the wheels from a 1995 Q45 put on the car.

    When I looked up the price on KBB it came to $16,134, but that was without the upgrades I made to the car. How much should I factor the cost of the aftermarket upgrades? I spent over $2000 for everything (Stereo, Alarm, Wheels)

    I am thinking that $15,500 would be a fair price?
    I know that older Q45's are rare to find.
    Please tell me what you think?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated,
  • I came across this review today. I believe that it was posted over the weekend. Enjoy!
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    The looks of the new Q have grown on me too, I like the car more every time I see it. For me, the options packages should be re-thought.......I wish that the sport model did not mandate the smoke wood trim. Meanwhile, Titanfan definately has some hostility towards Infiniti. His Edmunds profile says he owns an Infiniti GS and he wants a Mercedes QX4. He is an expert?.........hmm????
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 91
    Don't let them get under your skin, Titanfan. I've also been searching for a Mercedes-Benz QX4. I thought I found one the other day, but it turned out to be a Pontiac Aztek . . . they do look a lot alike.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Well, I test drove the Q again this weekend. I literally liked it even more this time around. It seemed faster this time too! The dealer invited me to place an order for a Q that fits my color and equipment specs with no obligation, so I did! I will see if I want it when it comes in. Unfortunately, I fear that the gas prices may make me consider something a bit more fuel efficient. At these skyrocketing prices, I am beginning wonder whether I want to feed a 340 hp V8!
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    Saw my first new one on the road. I can say that I like the looks better than the LS430. For $10,000 or less than the Lexus, it's going to give it a run for the money. I'm considering one, but am reticent, with the price of gas, to buy now. Also, they'll be dealing better if I wait.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Due to the economy and gas prices I do not think that the launch of the new car has taken off with respect to sales. I get the impression that some dealing can be done on the new Q, which really makes it a huge bargain compared to the Lexus. I think if you shop a bit, a base car can be had for under 50k right now.....That is a lot of car for the money.
  • alexalee1alexalee1 Posts: 35
    One excuse I often heard from Nissan/Infiniti enthusiasts regarding why Lexus sells more cars than Infiniti is that people never heard of Infiniti, and once they test drive one, "they'll understand". So, there needs to be more effort to bring people to the Infiniti Dealership.

    But, yet, I, as a prospective customer who visited the dealership around the car launch date, and was promised a call so that I can pick up the brochure when it's available, I have yet to hear anything from the salesman.

    I got the brochure by ordering it off the web.

    Thanks Pxxxxxxxx Infiniti of Rxxxxxx Cxxx, California. (I think it used to be called Sxxx Infiniti. And I heard from that they had some problem with the FBI in the past, that's why the name change. I think it might be of using of customer credit info fraud or something like that).

    If it were the Lexus dealership next door, the salesman would have written me a letter thanking me for my visit, etc.
  • rjelkhatibrjelkhatib Posts: 4
    I am looking to buy a used Q this summer (98 Q45T). I don't know anyone who owns one so any comments on this car? (e.g. how you liked the car, its strengths/weaknesses, etc)

  • tmlatmla Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 97 Q45, for sale at area dealer. Mileage is low, 40k. Price is way beyond Edmunds book! $20k vs $28k...Is that normal? Anything to look for before actually negotiating the price? Thanks
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