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Volvo S80



  • You are welcome - I am glad that I am able to save some other folks the aggravation that I was put through. It is really a shame, but that's the way it goes.

  • I'll check out the SA Volvo dealership the next time I need servicing - will probably try them when the recall comes around (mid-Sep?).

    Hate to bash those guys, but it drives me nuts when ANY dealership spends so much time on "quality audits" instead of focusing on good dealership practices. It's so simple. Take the word "no" out of your vocabulary. When dealing with luxury cars, there can be no other way.

    Hello - Volvo dealers, are you listening??
  • emachine and Croeux.
    Thanks for you comments. I intend to try both methods.
  • Is it just me or did Car and Driver say that the 2001 S80s will be five speeds?
  • No 5-speed for 2001.
  • jarchjarch Posts: 16
    You know rowlandj, I understand that you no longer have an S80 and you are happy with your new car, a Mercedes. Great. But your personal negative experience with your Volvo is not the only relevant opinion out there either!

    What I don't understand is why you are trying to make it sound like the S80 is the worst car on the planet and that anyone who buys one is in for years of headache and trouble (and must be stupid or something). I think you are wrong and I feel I should at least alert other users of this forum that other valid opinions (positive ones) also exist out there.

    Personally, I am also baffled as to why rowlandj you must keep posting on this S80 forum and trying to sway people away from buying Volvo cars. Sounds more like a personal vendetta to me...

    Anyway - I have a 2000 S80 T6 and I have had a very good experience with it. It isn't perfect, but I don't believe perfection exists anywhere on this planet either. Overall, it is simply the best car I've ever owned and I think its value is GREAT compared to a MB or BMW (I've owned 2 BMWs before).

    So others that are new to this forum or are trying to decide on a new S80 (or not), realize that rowlandj's opinion (and mine included) should all be take with a grain of salt. I like my 2000 Volvo S80 T6 very much and want to remind everyone that there are many more happy owners out there (by far) than dissatisfied ones...
  • I'm experiencing severe clunking / popping noise upon slow turns on incline or decline. Local Volvo service suspects the car needs a ball joint replacement.

    Several posts on this message board mentioned a bushing/O-ring replacement.

    What is the difference?

    Just curious.
  • I gotta agree with JARCH on this one. Seems like
    RowlandJ does indeed have his knickers in a tight
    wad over his ex-S80.

    Our S80 T6 has performed wonderfully over the past
    7 months, coming up on the 7500 mile service

    We've had a few minor factory issues (the Radio/CD
    player required replacing, and 2 interior trim
    pieces needed replacing), and one self-induced
    issue (inadvertently using metallic tint on the
    rear window, mucking with the NAV system); but
    overall - the S80 ranks on par with our vehicles -
    to include our pampered baby - the 2000 MB E55.

    So for prospective buyers of the S80 - I'd
    heartily recommended you download all 5 sections of
    the Volvo S80 thread, make a pot of coffee, and
    settle down for some interesting, enlightening,
    helpful, (sometimes bickering, but I scroll past
    those poor souls), and always useful
    tidbits that have come out of this forum.

    Rowlandj - pack your bags and move on over to the
    MB forum; you'll be more welcome there - and your
    posts more apt to be taken seriously since you now
    own the E320.

    If you were in the Dallas metroplex, I'd welcome a
    cup of coffee and a chance to sit down, away from
    the keyboard to discuss the virtues - good and bad,
    of both the Volvo and MB product.

    At any rate folks - enjoy your car - no matter
    what you drive.


  • just realized with my last posting I've moved onto a new handle on this forum (to match the license tag of our S80) - TX Behr.

    Used to post under philzornes (bland, not original) - now posting under TX_Behr...

    Happy Motoring Folks!

  • To those of you who would take the path that says "my car is fine so you should not have a problem" are missing the point of my postings.

    Not all car manufacturers make perfect vehicles, however when they make a bad one they should stand up and do the right thing. In my case they didn't, and from what I can tell this is true for many others with this particular model.

    I would have been more than happy to take another S-80 since I really did like the car, this option was never available to me. Instead I was treated as if I was the problem by VCNA.

    So say what you wish here, I for one will never have anything to do with a company whose support of the top of the line vehicle is as poor as Volvo's.

    Happy motoring to the rest of you - whatever vehicle you choose.

  • The problem you describe sounds exactly like a similar experience of mine with the sub-frame bushing. A relatively easy fix, I've lost track of the specifics, but I think I had a 3rd generation bushing replaced at about 3000 miles and have had no hint of any noise since, although I think this didn't work for everyone. I think they are now on to a 4th generation bushing fix which has had even better results.
    Regarding the ball-joint, I have to plead ignorance. I was under the impression that this problem would manifest itself in terms of a steering feel (looseness) rather than noise, but don't know for sure.
    I do know that what you describe sounds exactly like mine, especially if the pop seems to be coming from underneath your left foot position.
    Hope this helps
  • The problem you described sounds like the subframe bushing(s). I currently have the same problem with my 1999 S80 with only 2,000 miles on it. The latest series bushings and o-rings DID NOT eliminate the noise problem. The VCNA representative road-tested the vehicle with me and concluded that the noise is still present and that Volvo IS UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING TO CORRECT THE SITUATION. I have requested that VCNA buy-back the vehicle, since it cannot be repaired.

    The clunking/popping noise is unacceptable in a car in this price range. I have sent two registered letters to VCNA's new president and CEO, Mark R. LaNeve, which surprisingly, remain unanswered. As others have mentioned in this forum, VCNA's handling of this matter has been most unprofessional. I am surprised by Volvo's total lack of concern for the customer. Volvo needs to do what is right and repurchase or replace cars that they cannot repair. Perhaps the head of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle, would be interested in the the goings-on at Volvo?

    Below is a Reuters article that spells out what Reitzle is trying to accomplish with the Premier Automotive group:

    Ford to Focus on Luxury Car 'Perfection'

    7.55 a.m. ET (1155 GMT) May 26, 1999

    DEARBORN — Wolfgang Reitzle, the new head of luxury vehicles at Ford Motor Co., said Tuesday he wanted to create an "obsession for perfection" in the world's No. 2 automaker's four luxury brands.

    Reitzle, in his first remarks to U.S. securities analysts and investors since joining Ford in March, said he planned to keep the product and market identities of Lincoln, Jaguar, Volvo and Aston Martin distinct while using common parts among vehicle platforms to hold costs down.

    Reitzle, former product development chief of German automaker BMW AG, is group vice president of the newly created Premier Automotive Group. He is one of several high-profile executives brought in to Ford since Jac Nasser took over as chief executive officer Jan. 1.

    Nasser has said Ford wants to expand its sales of luxury cars and trucks worldwide to hit 1 million units sometime after 2000. Ford, which purchased the Volvo AB car unit in March, expects to have luxury unit sales of 750,000 by 2000. It had sales of 250,000 in 1998.

    Reitzle said he wanted to inject a combination of emotion and engineering skill into all of Ford's luxury brands, creating vehicles that customers immediately recognized as Lincolns or Jaguars, for example. At the same time, he said, building the brands requires continuity and consistency, qualities that allowed BMW to become a dominant player in the luxury segment.

    "We will focus on perfection," he said.

    In my opinion, the "focus on perfection" regrettably doesn't exist at Volvo.

    jmaze, I hope you have better luck than I have had.


  • I received my 2000.2 NAV CD a couple of weeks ago too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who picks up on subtleties! I thought new Mr. Navigators's voice was clearer (less crackly) and a little more abrupt (talks faster, like you said, Phil). He's not quite as nice and calming as old Mr. Navigator. Now what about a Mrs. Navigator...?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #352:

    doubf2, it's definitely not you. I've got the most recent release in our S80 and the prior release in our V70 and the differences are just as was described here. My wife noticed it first. The newer version can be much more abrupt. I don't mind more terse instructions but it seems like I get less warning of upcoming turns as well.

    I too would welcome a female voice although my wife would probably tell you that I wouldn't hear it!

    Oh well.


  • I just brought my Volvo S80 2.9 in for the 22.5k service at 19990 miles today. At the same time, I requested that both the ball joint(recall) and the clunking problem be fixed altogether. I've had clunking noise at the very beginning of the ownership(I bought my vehicle in March 99) but it has been very minimal, happening only when I make an abrupt tilting turn, something that I rarely do during normal driving. I've discussed with my service manager at Lawrence Volvo(Walnut Creek, CA) couple of times about the ball joint and we decided to get them done all at the same time. I drove the S80 for about 30 miles after the service and didn't notice any clunking at all, I attempted making turns which usually lead to those noise but I couldn't hear any today. I will do more extensive tests tomorrow but at the time being, I would consider the problem resolved.

    This is the 4th Volvo in my family, from the 240, through the 850, 940T to this completely new era of S80, I have to admit that Volvo does not make perfect car, nor does any car manufacturer in the world. VCNA's indifferent response seems to be the cause of grieve to most of the existing or ex-S80 owners here but very luckily my experience has been almost all positive. I am a Mechanical Engineer myself and I certainly can understand that mechanical device have design flaws and sometimes experience unexpected failures, the key to success is to rectify the problems in a timely and professional fashion and to make changes so that the same problem does not occur twice.

    I am very happy with my Volvo and after driving a BMW, MB and Audi, I feel that I've made the right choice. Whatever you've got, enjoy the fun of driving!
  • jq3jq3 Posts: 52
    I am considering the purchasing a S80. What should I be concerned about before purchasing? The car is a '00 and has ~35.5K on the odo, should I be concerned with this many miles on the odo? I don't think it's "Certified", and if they don't feel it's certifiable, why should I purchase it? The car is on a Volvo dealership's lot.

    All opinions are welcomed, in fact, I'd like to have an array of opinions. I've never owned a Volvo before.

    Thaxs, Guys/Gals!!
  • fwjfwj Posts: 6
    Side note: Thanks broeux for the reply #305 on my mileage question. I still can't get anywhere near what you get.

    My Question:
    I plan on getting non-metalic Madico tinting on all but the front window next week. I just wanted to check once more to see if anyone has had ANY radio reception problems with non-metalic tinting (because I REALLY enjoy the reception I'm getting now).

  • thundermist

    I had a similar experience. When I ordered my S80 T6 and left a deposit, the cold weather package was a standard feature. Nevertheless, I had the salesman specifically list the cold weather package in the list of options included in the negotiated purchase price. By the time I made full payment and/or picked up the S80, the cold weather package had become an option. When I picked up the car, the dealership had already warmed it up; it was a very cold day. I didn't notice the lack of the cold weather package until after stopping for lunch. This really up a damper on the joy I was experiencing upon picking up my first luxury car.

    I immediately called the dealer. I was told that the cold weather package was now an option and I had not paid for it, and the salesman had not included that feature when placing the order. My response was that the cold weather package was included in the negotiated purchase price as evidenced by my invoice.The dealership and the national headquarters blamed each other. It took about a month and several rounds of letter-writing including a veiled threat of instituting legal proceedings, before I received satisfaction. I agreed to an upgraded stereo in lieu of the cold weather package.

    Bottomline, if your option was explicitly listed on your invoice, you should ultimately prevail. You may want to check your state's law, but as I understand NY's law, the failure to deliver what you paid for is fraud. A veiled threat to bring the matter to the attention of the local consumers affairs office may go a long way.

    Other than that, I have been very satisfied with my T6 and luckily have not experienced any of the problems described on this site.

    Good luck.
  • My husband and I have just purchased a Volvo S-80, metallic platinum green, and we are picking it up in Gotenborg on November 3. I've read with interest the postings of Broeux and OSD on their trips and appreciated knowing that their experience was good. Because we are traveling in November, we are choosing to go south to Denmark and cross the new bridge to Copenhagen. We are staying at the BW Elite Plaza on 11/2 and was glad to hear that OSD liked it. On the night we return to Gotenborg to fly out in the am on 11/7, which hotel is best to say at -- it sounded like Broeus stayed at the SAS, would you recommend that. Also, if OSD (or anyoneelse) has any hotel ideas or "must sees" on the route to/from Copenhagen, please let me know. We can't wait for our trip -- just hope this gas "crisis" in England and Brussels doesn't affect petrol in Sweden and Denmark in November!
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    Here's what my dealer wrote me..

    I believe the recall is on early vin numbers from 1999 model cars.

    I will have (Name) the volvo service manager give you a call or you can check with your service advisor. Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you can't get through.

    My question is this.. does anyone know if the recall applies to 2000 models also.. I have a 2000 T6.


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