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Volvo S80



  • campscamps Posts: 12
    Re post 446:
    I have no doubt that you will enjoy your S80 2.9. I own one for over one year and it is the best car that I have ever owned. At first I was thinking that I should have bought the T6 and was agonising with Rollie over the decision I had made. However I have grown accustomed to the performance and to be honest, I feel that if I had the T6 I would not be able to do justice to the car because of the heavy traffic on the roads. The 2.9 is therefore just fine and is quite powerful as well. Whenever I get the rare opportunity, I get up into 180kph without much fuss. It is quite fast as it is so I don't think I really need the extra power any more. Just buy the car and enjoy it to the max.
  • dougf2dougf2 Posts: 21
    Responding to Bucky1's call to arms, let me say a few things -

    I am on my second S80. I bought my first one in September 98, one of the first lot. My car was in the shop for 40 some odd days in its first 6 months. In hindsight, it was a first year car and dealer service centers weren't accustom to working on this new of a vehicle, so I have to cut some slack to Volvo. I always received a loaner car. And yes, I soon discovered VCNA is not overly responsive or helpful. However, with a little persistence, several phone calls, a few letters, and 4 months, I did receive a replacement (at my request - not a buyback) MY2000 with more options and a higher sticker than the first. No outside assistance or arbitration was necessary. I ended up with a $1000 credit and a car that will be worth more than the 99 it replaced when the lease expires.

    Why did I opt for another one? I looked at all the cars available again, and still came to the same conclusion I did in '98. I love it. I went to the showrooms of Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, Audi, and Lexus, and with the possible exception of Lexus, knew that I would not get any better treatment on either the showroom floor or the service center.

    I've been keeping up with these posts, and while I believe most are honestly using this board for helpful communication, some just really annoy me, expecting a lemon designation for petty and inconsequential annoyances. But to those who have real issues, like engine stalls, a few words of advice -

    1. Your dealer does not work for Volvo. Don't always blame Volvo for dealer shortcomings.

    2. Having a good service center is important, as has been said. It makes a big difference.

    3. Don't expect Volvo to offer replacements or buybacks. I don't think any carmaker would.

    4. Enlist your dealer's help in dealing with the Volvo regional reps. Be persistant. Don't bother communicating with New Jersey. Stay at the regional level.

    5. Don't even think about calling it a lemon until it's been in the shop 30 days in a year. That (not the number of times in for 1 repair)is the overriding stat to them.

    6. You'll have much better luck dealing with VCNA if you're willing to accept a replacement.

    7. If anyone in NoCal would like Volvo regional contact names and numbers, let me know.

    I have earned the right to complain. I can't say the same for some others, based on some trivial rantings on this board.

    I still love my black/black T6 w/the best NAV design available.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I've been fairly quiet about the S80, but most postings by me have been positive.. on the way home today I was thinking about this forum and I actually started listing, while sitting in traffic, the good and the bad. Here's what I came up with:

    Here's what I don't like:
    - Breaks are to sensitive - I almost hate this at times
    - The hand exit thingy hits my head once in a while (drivers side). I actually pulled it off for a while, it's back on now, and I'm aware of it.
    - I don't like the position of my right leg when it's on the gas pedal.. it actually curves around the center console a bit.. this could be a seat position issue, but it bugs me.
    - back seat room is marginal

    What I like:
    - Trunk space
    - Seats
    - Stereo
    - Sunroof and windows - they all operate independently. Some cars you start one window up, then over-ride it by starting another window up, and the 1st window stops. Not here.
    - The steering wheel adjusts many different ways, in and out, up and down, as does the seat, and the seat set's itself to the memory position depending on which key you use to open the car.
    - The gas mileage is great!
    - The back seat arm rest / cup holders / storage area is great. As is the pass-through back seat arm rest.. I have actually used this, keeping a cooler in the back trunk area, and reaching though to get the cold cokes. Cool, no room taken in the passenger area.
    - smooth power.. this is great (T6). I am still amazed, at 15K miles, how nice this is. And I think the car is quite.. some say not, I think it is.
    - The "ride" is also very nice & smooth.
    - I like the dual climate controls and the air conditioner / heater works as I expect them to.

    I have three things I don't like and the rest I like, and like a lot. You may disagree.. or agree, but for me, it's a car worth keeping.
  • I have one of the earliest manufactured S80 2.9, my car was manufactured in 9/98 and I purchased it in March 99. In the past 1.5 year, I've clocked 21k miles and 99% of them are trouble free. Like almost all S80 owners, I had that sub-frame problem which was fixed during one scheduled service. I had the front ball-joint replaced and a loosen steering fluid pipe clamp replaced. Other than that, my S80 has been working beautifully and I really couldn't have chosen a better car. I have talked to many S80 owners and all of them are very happy ones.

    I've also driven the T6 and frankly, I like that better but due to limited budget and some other factors, I settled with the 2.9. T6 is really powerful, when I floored it on a very straight stretch of a freeway, it is fabulous, the acceleration was so smooth, so firm yet very responsive with very minimal turbo lag. 2.9, on the other hand, has a more gradual acceleration which, depending on how your driving styles are, can be something you would love or hate. I am not hard on my acceleration and very very rarely would I floor the accelerator so the 2.9 works really well for me. Only once in a while when I get into my friend's T6 would I realise the difference of an extra 70hp.

    Happy driving!
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    Votaress: I suspect you have not spent much time browsing the hundreds of posts on this issue of the quality of the S80, in this Part Five (Topic #3554) nor the previous 4 parts. I and many other satisfied S80 owners have repeatedly tried to provide some balance to the posts of unhappy owners.

    Go back and read as many of these negative and positive posts as possible and then do your own independent research, as other owners have done.

    If you are considering some other brand, do likewise on the boards and newsgroups for those vehicles.

    I started researching the S80 in August 1999, reading all previous posts on Edmunds and the Brickboard, including the negative ones. After considering all the pros and cons, we bought our 2000 T6, build date 10/99, on overseas delivery. We have not regretted the purchase.

    There's never been a car parked in our garage that I considered perfect, either in terms of design, quality or performance, though the S80 comes the closest overall in my judgment.

    While some have apparently had serious problems with theirs, some go on and on about "problems" that I don't even consider problems at all--depends on your definition of a problem, I guess ("...on what the definition of 'is' is")!

    The subframe bushing "problem" (issue?) has never, to my knowledge, been shown to represent anything more than an annoyance, yet I've seen posts suggesting it might be basis for a lemon law action. Personally, I find that unreasonable. (Our S80 and those of other owners I know have NOT had this problem, and I question the suggestion that "almost all S80 owners" have had this issue.)

    Similarly, some are terribly upset with an "almost imperceptible" click heard/felt in the steering column, "sometimes". We all have differing sensitivities to such things in our cars--either ours doesn't have it or my wife and I are totally insensitive to it (reminds me of the "princess and the pea"). I don't get worked up over such things.

    I've been mildly amused, increasingly annoyed, by posts over the past year that say something like "I've been very happy with my S80, there have been no problems, EXCEPT the subframe bushing problem was fixed [where's the problem?], my son broke the rear door handle and my wife scraped the corner of the garage."

    Then there are posts from those who haven't read the owners manual carefully and find fault ("problems") with something they haven't yet learned how to operate.

    Anyway, as bucky1 noted above, the most vocal ones here are the minority who have had significant problems. That's understandable and just a fact of life on internet forums. The majority of happy owners either are not on here at all or are just silent. There are far more reading this than posting.

    Like dougf2, I don't think there is a car available that offers so much at its price as the S80. And you could spend thousands more and still get "problems."

    No offense intended to anyone who has had legitimate serious issues with your S80 or VCNA, but keep in mind when you read venomous posts, especially about poor dealer/VCNA service, that you are hearing only one side of the story; and I assure you there are always TWO sides. Some people can have extremely unreasonable expectations and methods of dealing with perceived problems. And when they then don't get everything they want when they want it, they can use the power of the internet to vindictively attack the objects of their anger and try to do them harm.

    Broeux, Volvo S80 Owners Club ([email protected])

    '00 T6, Nautic Blue/Silver Granite, sunroof/leather, HU801 stereo, Homelink security system, Arrakis, DSTC, navigation system, back-up radar, CWP, sunscreens, grocery bag hooks, driver's side wide angle mirror and a few other goodies
  • trip7trip7 Posts: 5
    Bought 2000 2.9 in May of '00. I have put 13k miles on the car and love it.

    What I don't like:
    Headrests block rear view...but you get used to it. Mine cannot be switched "down".
    Radio tuner and source control is difficult to use.
    Glove box door squeaks.
    No cargo net.
    Cup holders are akward.
    Brakes are very sensitive but you get used to it if it's the only car you drive.

    The above are mainly design issues. There have been no reliability problems. Just change the oil, wash exterior, pump gas and drive. It's that simple.

    What I do like:
    Extremely comfortable seats.
    Low road noise.
    Near-perfect climate control through a wide range of exterior temperatures.
    Good "ride"
    Styling. Chicks dig it.
    Smooth acceleration.

    Great value.
  • Bob

    I as well as others appreciate the time and effort that you have put forth, as well as your rational thinking. However, problems when rectified are no longer problems, just bad fading memories. Problems that are not either being addressed or handled properly can be very frustrating. I know that you already knew this. It has been my experience that many dealers as well as VCNA turn a deaf ear, almost to the point of "well if it is not bleeding, don't know how to fix it". I can say with certainty that my MY2000 S80-T6 has had more problems both new and repetitive then any others. If someone wishs to challenge this statement with a wager I will gladly accept. (Be forewarned you will lose.) It is a "great ride" when working to spec. I have dealt with two different dealers and have had to beg them to look at the problems again (even after funding them with a one to two page description of current problems). My desire is not to complain, it does no good; nevertheless, complain is all that can be done when one is helpless to repair their own car. I will not reiterate my feelings toward VCNA, as others have colorfully detailed. VCNA will not change. I have posted months back, listing all my current problems, some (almost said many) still exist. I will continue to say that I have a love-hate relationship with this car. (That's sick to begin with!) I either hate to love it or love to hate it. I am one that insists on driving a unique, statement type auto with advanced engineering (that I can afford). The S80 is that in spades. Mine is Black with Silver-Granite interior, including all options (expect Back-Radar) with NAV and WWP (even though they say it cannot be done, it is there). I have lowered the car, installed aftermarket 18" wheels and tires. I must say it is one sexy machine. I have been pulled over twice by police in my area so that they could tell me that it is the best looking Volvo to date. I receive compliments weekly. Hard to get ride of something that makes you proud and confused simultaneously.

    Bob, I noticed by your bio that you live in LA. I live in Moorpark, Ventura County. If you are ever interested to meet let me know.

    In closing I feel that the S80 is one of the best looking, driving and reasonable cars available; faulted by problems that a manufacture can not or will not correct. The poor dealers are the middle men. But, after a time, I don't care, I wan't my sweet ride that I paid for!

    Just my 4 cents (longer message then most)

    Craig C.
    [email protected]
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    Craig, I live in Louisiana (LA), not L.A. I have a brother, though, who teaches photography at Ventura College. Sometime I'd like to point my nav system toward Ventura and make the journey--the S80 is in its element as a touring car--and, if I do will be sure to look you up.

    Broeux, Volvo S80 Owners Club ([email protected])
  • Item #1: As previously reported, on 10/06 I had my T6 in for the ball joint recall work. After the work was performed, I now have the infamous "clunking". I made an appointment to have the o-ring fix installed on 10/17. The dealership confirmed that I had the clunk, which needed the o-ring fix, but had no parts (they had ran out). I was disappointed (since I had told them that that was the fix I needed when I made the appointment). They'll call me when they have new o-rings in (and held for me). The service tech indicated that he had not seen any o-ring fixed cars returned for the clunk (although he had seen them returned after the earlier loctite "fix"). The technician convinced me that the clunk is NOT a safety issue.

    Item #2: When my car was in for the ball joint replacement I also had several other computer downloads performed, including the one-touch all-unlock and the flash-lights on unlock. I discovered yesterday that if I attempt to lock the doors using the door mounted button, or by pushing the lock-stem down, the door lock stems go down, then immediately return to the unlocked position. Anyone else experienced this in the past, and do you have a remedy?

    Item #3: Another minor item I wanted remedied during my last visit dealt with the sunroof. Above the sliding headliner panel, but below the sunroof glass, there is a metal panel at the rear of the sunroof opening. At the front edge of that panel there is a rubber strip that fits down over the metal edge to keep you from cutting yourself, and to keep the metal from directly contacting the glass panel. My rubber strip won't stay on. It doesn't appear to be glued on in any way (maybe it should be). Anyone with this problem?

    Thanks again in advance for any comments. Neil
  • dfwt6dfwt6 Posts: 24
    On #2: You probably tried to lock the car using the plunger or the door-lock button while the door was open. I have experienced this and attribute it to being a no-lockout feature most Europoean carmakers put in, a safety feature to be sure you don't accidentally lock yourself out of the car. It doesn't bother me since (a) I usually have the fob in my hand, and (b) I've hit the button or plunger once or twice by accident and would have been royally pissed off (at myself) for being locked out of my car if it had locked and I'd shut the door. Not a reason to sell the car.

    On #3: Yes, about 4" of that strip suddently appeared one day on me, damned if I know how, and I just pulled it all off. My fat fingers couldn't get it back on so I just had the dealer reinstall at the next service interval. It's still there. No biggie. Not a reason to sell the car.

    Now, that flashing lights on unlock sounds great--I'll have it done next service. I'd really like it if there was a way to turn on those outdoor lights on unlock (like by pushing yellow button on the fob). Not a reason to sell the car.

    Anybody know how to say fahrvegnugen (sp?) in Swedish?
  • dfwt6dfwt6 Posts: 24
    There's a saying that a happy customer will get you three, but an unhappy customer will cost you nine. As such, anticipate that dissatisfied customers are three times more likely to make their dissatisfactions known than satisfied customers making satisfaction claims.

    Not that either is wrong. That's what this board's about. Inform. Exchange. Exclaim. Together!

    Disclosure: '00 S-80 T-6 lessee, 12/99 acquisition, 11/99 build, HAPPY!
  • dfwt6, please don't get me wrong. I'm a happy camper when it comes to my T6. Although I've had the recent issues noted above, I'll be keeping my T6 for years to come (MANY more years to come). ANY CAR will have issues, regardless of the price of the car. The S80 is a great automobile. I like most of others on this board am grateful for the opportunity to learn of its many (unadvertised) features as well as its issues in a manner that allows me to take advantage of the features, and remedy the issues. Volvo has a winner with the S80. Neil
  • kublerkubler Posts: 7
    Re: Message #459
    I had my rubber strip fall off a couple of times. Used RTV (same stuff you use on your bathtub) to glu it in place, has never come off again.
  • IMHO....

    In regards to the overall package, you'll be hard-pressed to find something comparable to the S80 2.9 for the price. Based on the ads I've seen, you can pickup a well equipped 2.9 for about $34-$35k. Other than performance, the car you're getting for this price is a luxury car, NOT a "near-luxury" car. Can you find a better performing near-luxury car for this price? Absolutely! Can you find one that's comparable in size, ride, fit & finish? Good luck. I've driven the Acura TL, Infiniti I30, and a few others. Bottom line: You get a LOT more "luxury" in the S80.

    No offense to the T6 drivers out there, but it's harder to justify the price-tag of a $40k car because that allows several other competitors to enter the scene (GS300, E-Class, 5-Series, etc.). Most of the reviews I've read puts the S80 up againsts this price-level of car, and ranks the S80 low. I suspect if they reviewed the 2.9 against it's $35k equivalents (and review it for more than just performance), the Volvo will come out near the top.

    So, is the 2.9 a home-run? Hardly. What's desperately needed is improvements in reliability, and more importantly, a national dealership program that improves the quality of service 10-fold. (Think "Infiniti Total Ownership Experience".)

    My Experience: I purchased a '99 S80 2.9 about 18 months ago and have logged 38k miles. I've had more problems with the S80 than I've had with any new car purchased the last 6 times. I've considered trading it for another $35k car (which is the price I paid), and simply can't find one that feels so luxurious. So, I continue to have it serviced and am thinking very seriously about the extended warranty! (One other complaint: Like any European car, maintenance is expensive!)

    If only this car had the reliability of a Lexus and national service policy of the Infiniti....
  • shaunsshauns Posts: 24
    Well said.

    Volvo is better thought of as a very well appointed mid-range car that wants to be a luxury car. It is - or was - a small enough company that it could not afford the R&D expense that the big guns could to keep its engine and suspension technology up-to-date. Perhaps Ford will remedy this.
    This I was quite aware of when I bought the 2.9. At $40K, there are very competent competitors. At $34K, it is a good deal as long as you understand its limitations. But if you want a real driver's car instead of a decent handling large luxury car, there are others for less.

    Still, I'll keep mine for a while.
  • Just passed 16,000 miles on my 2000-2.9 and find it is the best new car I've ever owned. Yes, I had
    the clunk repaired, and the people at VCNA are for the most part not eager to help , but overall it is a great car and I hope to keep it for many more happy miles.
  • Okay-new guy on the block! Just put the TDS order in for an '01 T6, silver metallic with the "off black/granite" interior combo. Apparently this interior is available only on TDS (or European) cars, and I'm a little concerned about the interior combination--has anyone seen this?
  • Recently acquired 2001 2.9. (Nautic Blue with Granite Gray interior for a little above invoice.)

    Thought I would conduct a little survey regarding cleaners, waxes, leather treatments.

    Paint: The guy at the dealership said the car had carnuba wax on it, but the manual refers to "polymer based car waxes". Is that different from a carnuba wax? Somebody recently mentioned a McGuire's or something and no one wrote in to challenge or give alternatives. Is that the "Best" or are there others equally good?

    Moldings: I've read all about the hot peanut butter after I screw up the wax job, but what should I use to clean/seal/protect the moldings to begin with?

    Leather: I love the light grey leather--but it also has me worried. What's the best product for cleaning and sealing w/o darkening the seats?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi all -

    I have a '00 S80 2.9 with 11K on it. I really enjoy driving the car and am happy with it overall although, I can certainly relate to the feelings others have posted regarding service.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1 - When washing the car this past weekend, I noticed numerous paint "bubbles" on the trunk top and the hood. These felt solid, not as thought he paint was coming away from the car. Anyone else experienced this or have any idea what it may be?

    2 - I have the front end clunk during cornering which I believe is the same clunk frequently described here. As I understand it, this is an O-ring fix, correct? Could someone please confirm this so that I'll know what to tell the dealer when I next take it in for service?

    3 - Has anyone else had problems with the ball joints needed for the recall being on back order?

    Thanks for your help.

  • dfwt6dfwt6 Posts: 24
    Here's one of many locations to shop for finer auto care supplies:

    Paint: For reasons that I'm not sure have been explained, it's been reported/repeated in this board to not wax prior to 6 months. If you have time to wax your car monthly, use a carnauba wax, of which there are plenty of excellent ones out there. For those without a lot of time (like me), I have used and recommend the Meguiars #20 poly sealant. It does a good job and you only need use it once every 3-6 months.

    Mouldings/Bumpers: I use and highly recommend Meguiars #40. Tires, too. My rear bumper lightened significantly after about 3 months of ownership and drive-up car washes, and this cleaned it and brought it back to black, and generally has just the right amount of sheen with no residue. Also seemed to remove wax overwipe.

    Leather: Lexol and Connolly products have been recommended.

    Good luck.
  • Does anyone have experience with the ac/heater fan coming on after the car has been parked? It's happened twice now, once in my garage and once when I parked on the street. Each time I came back to the car after approximately 45 minutes, and found the fan running full speed. I put in the key, switched to position II and then back to off and it stopped!!!

    A couple of times the radiator fan has been running when I parked. I attributed that to a temporary overheating situation, which surprised me because it's October and I hadn't driven that hard. But at least I could think of a rational explanation. This ac/heater thing has me concerned. Hate the thought of finding a dead battery one morning because of some kind of gremlin.

  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    No gremlin to worry about. It's just the system for removing condensation from the A/C. After being shut down for 45 min. or so, the blowers turn on to dry out the a/c vents. I think it's designed to prevent a mildewy smell from developing. It's in the manual if you'd like to check it out.
  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

  • dfwt6dfwt6 Posts: 24
    Your confusion regarding polish is understandable if you've not had to use it or haven't needed it.

    A high-quality carnauba wax feeds and protects the paint finish but has no abrasives in it, and therefore no "cleaning" qualities to it. Polish is a mild abrasive that works to "clean" the paint but since it has NO wax content it does not nourish the paint. Polish should NEVER be used in lieu of wax for this reason since it cuts (strips) the wax in the course of cleaning. Every procedure you'd read about would call for use of polish (promptly) before waxing. Ideally, a strong wax bond will preclude most polishing needs.

    Examples of where I've used polish before waxing (any car, not just my S80) include by the driver's door handle where fingernail scratches may develop, or anywhere that bird poo may have rested for any amount of time on the car and has left a ghost of itself. Large scale use of polish would be necessary for regular users of automatic car washes that have left wide-scale fine swirling scratches that are most evident with dark cars under fluorescent lights or mercury vapor lights at night, or for finishes which show no "depth".

    And, on wax vs. polymer products, the main benefit of polymers as I understand (and experience) it is the length of protection (3-6 months between applications is common). The drawback is that poly products do not have the same depth of shine (which can be considerable with a dark finish car such as yours where that depth of shine is oh so rewarding) as a good, built-up wax. To keep good wax protection and depth of shine, you need to commit to waxing regularly and religiously (monthly).

    I gotta tell you that someone near me has a black S80 T6 that is very well waxed (with very black vinyl that's also well cared for) and it just looks SO awesome.

    Just my $0.02.
  • aedge3aedge3 Posts: 3
    Having gone to the dealer for service for my 1999 T6 last week I feel I should post a follow-up, particularly as I put down the dealer, Prestige in E. Hanover NJ.

    They have a whole new staff in service dept. since I was last there, including new service manager. In fact, two of the service reps are guys who used to be there and were lured back. And, my experience was generally very positive.

    As to my specifics:

    They told me they felt that three problems are related...the stop dead problem, rough idling while cold, and shifting lurch between 2nd and 3rd. They told me that they have applied two computer updates that deal with the timing, fuel mix, etc. that should solve these problems. One week out, so far, so good.

    AM radio problems. They are going to fix this with a complete replacement of the head unit (the four cd in dash model) and amplifier. I am skeptical but willing to give this a try. These parts are on order...they claim they will be in this week but it's Thursday already. I'll let everyone know when this is done and if it works.

    DRL were turned least these new/old guys knew it could be done.

    Loud whine from under the hood. Power steering fluid was low even though there are no apparent leaks. I believe I've seen this problem elsewhere here. So far, so good.

    Door lock on drivers side rear failure to "pop" with remote. They say they found the problem and had to take the door panel off. Worked fine for a few days but has started again. Will have them take another look when I take it in for the stereo.

    They did the ball joints on both sides ala the recall. Unlike others here, I did not start to get the bushing clunk afterwards. Seems fine.

    I have to say that they were very accommodating this time. Maybe had something to do with the poison pen letter I wrote the general manager and service manager. I think they realized they had a problem in the service area and have taken steps to improve it. That makes me happy because there is not another dealer very close to where I live.

    On the downside, I get the feeling that my performance is not quite as good since those changes were made to the computer. It doesn't seem to have quite the same "ooph" that it did before...don't get me wrong, it's still world's better than any other car I've ever owned!

    In general, in response to some other posts here recently, none of these problems is a show stopper. If I had it to do again, I'd get the same car.

  • jointjoint Posts: 4
    I have a T-6 with the single CD player. If I get a retrofit ... never having a nav system before ... is the cd player then constantly occupied by a data cd, or do you put in a cd for the area you want, it loads, and then you can use the nav system and a music cd?

    Anyone who has a retrofit - cost? satisfaction?

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #477:

    joint, the navigation system retrofit uses the exact same hardware setup as a factory installed system. The Volvo navigation system uses a CD-ROM changer (6 discs) which is located behind a fender panel in the trunk on the driver's side of the car (and in case anybody is wondering - no it won't play music CDs).

  • bvp2bvp2 Posts: 3
    Have been visiting this site since May. Leased '00 T6 in June. Many thanks to all who have and are posting with both the positive and negatives of S80 car buying/leasing/ownership. I continue to use the site as my primary source for S80 updates. Having had an essentially trouble free Acura TL prior to the S80, I had some concerns regarding the reliability issues surrounding the S80. However, the styling, cabin comfort and features, and performance of the T6 sold me on the s80. At 4.5 mos and 5K miles, and more compliments on the car from complete strangers in parking lots then I ever have had from all previous cars I've had combined, I'm happy with the decision.

    Just had it into the local dealer (Sill-Terhar, Broomfield, CO)for the recall, infamous sub-frame o-ring fix, and turn off of DRL's. Service was great, got a loaner (arranged at time of setting up for service)and had nothing but a positive experience. The loaner was a 01 V70 t5, and I sure was glad to get my s80 back! Happy Motoring to all!
  • pavlofpavlof Posts: 2
    Well now !!! Just took delivery of my "01" S-80 T-6, nautic blue beastie. Prior to this I had a "97" 850R. What a difference. I guess I would describe the T-6 as a big dog with a medium response time. Whereas the 850R was like a terrier that could do anything on split second timing.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the S-80, its just different. I find that my expectation for the car is based on the 850R especially the turbo lag and the braking. The S-80 feels and acts much like a weighter car. Conversely, the ride while not softer is much better. The 850 liked to do the "FWD" dance on bumpy country roads. While the S-80 just smoothly flows across the road variations. I do love the car!!!
  • I've been away from the board for awhile. I continue to be very satisfied with my '99 2.9 (previously drove '89 760 Turbo, wife has '99 S70). Clunk fixed with no aggravation at 7500 mile service.
    In past posts I've commented on the psychodynamics of complaining versus happy owners and will not get into it here. Suffice it to say that what you will find on any board will expose the very worst scenarios to you before you buy, but doesn't give you a context of frequency or the personalities and conflict resolution skills of the posters.
    No regrets on my purchase!!!
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