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Toyota Corolla



  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    During my search for my 99 Corolla LE, I have found a few Corolla LE with ABS and side airbags.

    I believe I have never seen a Corolla VE with ABS or sideairbags. ABS is even rare on a CE (but there should be 1 or 2, but since they stopped making 2000 several months ago, I don't think your chance of finding one is good). ABS and sideairbags is mostly found on the LE's, and then tend to come together (not one without the other), and tend to come on a LE that's loaded with sunroof and alloy wheels.

    So if you are looking for ABS and sideairbag, you probably should look into buying an LE. But again, 2000 corollas are just about all gone now, and you will probably have to settle for a 2001 LE instead. Good luck.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    In 2001, Toyota revamp the Corolla lineup. The VE trim is gone, the CE is basically a replacement for the VE (with 3spd auto standard) and becomes the base(barebone) trim, the LE stays the same, but with less standard and more optional equipment, and the S trim is introduced which I think is positioned between CE and LE.
    I had seen a few 2000 Corolla with manual transmission(can't remember CE or LE), but I havent seen the 2001 yet. Same thing can be said with the ABS.
    Cliffy probably can explain much better on what available and what's on each trim level.

    Toyota dealership's ratings has been near the bottom of the list for sometimes. I guess thats what happen when they know that they will always have buyers for their cars.
  • My 99 Corolla has both ABS and side airbags. It is an LE with 5sp manual transmission and almost no other optional equipment. Those options were a MUST on my car. If they weren't available on a Corolla I wouldn't have bought one. And saying that Corolla doesn't need ABS because it's light is plain BS. The purpose of ABS is not to let the whels lock up, and it is a lot easier to lock up wheels on a light car than on a heavy one. I think that ABS is really helpful during heavy braking on wet road. In my opinion ABS and side airbags should come standard on all cars.
    Jusr my $.02 .
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Liufei is correct about the model line up although the manual transmission is not too difficult to find. Our dealership loaded up on S Models with the 5 speed and the sell pretty well.

    ABS is strictly a factory order proposition right now in this region. I don't agree with Toyota's decision on this but I do understand it. They believe there are two reasons to not ship the cars with ABS. The first is that this car is in a very price sensitive segment and anything that contributes to raising the price is going to adversely affect sales.

    The other reason has to do with how much people will really benefit from ABS. Cars with ABS have not been shown to have fewer nor less severe collisions. Most people don't use them correctly. When the ABS engages, you feel the brake pedal vibrating and hear a groaning and clicking sound from under the hood. When this happens, people tend to ease off the brake and thereby defeat the who purpose for ABS. Toyota figures that if people are not going to benefit from it, why charge them for and and make it less price competitive.

    If you must have ABS, they can be ordered. Most dealers hate factory orders because they are not easy for us. We can do it and if you are patient, the dealers can build your dream car.
  • Daytime running lights are standard on the 2001 Corolla,I have them. I also have dual power adjusted side view mirrors. Don't believe all that B.S. the dealer is telling you.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Liufei and cliffy1:

    You two will love these pictures on the totally redesigned 2001 Corolla in Japan. This is from the offical Toyota's website in Japan. GOD THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!

    First the exterior photos: click on the number on the right of the pictures to get a bigger and better one.

    now, hold your breath, and look at the totally amazing interior shots:

    HOLY SMOKE! A colored multi-functional screen display! My god! I want one of those! And look at the interior quality. I could swear it's like a Lexus. (0k, maybe a lexus is little too much, but a camry solara at least!) The instrements are kind of Lexus IS300-like. What do you all think. Also, notice there are significantly more rear seat legroom and the seats are higher off the floor giving a taller driving position.

    This is more than enough to wet my appetite. I demand that they bring it here to the U.S! We are just as good as those Japanese and Europeans are we not? And we have higher living standards, we should be the first to get our hands on that redesigned corolla.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    COOL!!!!!. Nice job wenyue ^__^
    Here are some of the images from the site that wenyue mentioned. Toyota need to make an english version of Japanese website!!
    Exterior pics:

    Interior pics:

    I noticed the price for a Corolla with the cool looking Navi system is only around Y1.8M, translates to arround $15.5K. WHY WONT Toyota bring it here?? I definitely would buy one with all the goodies it comes with!!!

    Hey cliffy, how many petition do you think needed for Toyota to bring a particular model to the US???
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Thank for redirecting the link. Forgot the webpage was in a frame. Thanks for the help.

    I definitly want one of those new corolla! This is just too unfair to leave us hanging like this. TOYOTA ARE YOU READING THIS! If you bring it here, it will be HUGE success.
  • Wenyue: Thx 4 posting the pix. Exterior looks a little like a VW Passat. Grille work takes a little getting use to. Prefer body color grille. Otherwise, looks like there a lot more headroom in the back. Couldn't say anything about trunk space. Interior looks clean. Just waiting 4 the press release on the performance.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    no prob. :)

    The over all shape of the car reminds me of Prius.

    Anyay, the trunk according to web page is 437L (or 15.4 cubic feet). That's huge. Can that be right? Somebody varify my conversion. 437L = 437,000 cubic cm = 75.9 cm side length = 29.9 inches side lenght = 2.49 ft sidelength = 15.4 cubic feet. Somebody double check me.

    The engine is 1.3L (88 hp), 1.5L (110 hp), and 1.8L (an update of the current 1.8L, giving 10 more hp to 135 hp). Also, the wagon version gets an updated celica GT-S engine that makes 190 hp!

    Also there are some nice safety features. First there is VSC (vehicle stablity control), and a tire pressure monitor, along with WIL seat (whiplash injury lessening).

    Also there is a nice feature.

    Notice how the passenger seat turns to face outside. NICE!
  • I like the new Corolla, but the back looks a lit like the previous generation Honda Accord.
  • I guess they need the stability control for the hi COG the car seems to have. As for the swivel seats, didn't they come & go due to safety problems?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...the Corolla platform, like the Camry, is different for the US/Canada than the rest of the world. Dream on all you want, but the car we get [and will get] in North America is and will be a unique design only vaguely related to the Japan/EU version. Our cars will continue to be designed and built exclusively for NA, here in NA. The "other" Corolla is interesting, of course, but has a completely different place in the market in Japan and EU than it has here. No one will pay the price they would have to charge in North America for the car as produced for the overseas markets, with all of the bells and whistles.

    Our Camry is also unique to this market [wider and longer]; the Japanese Camry and Windom are just as different as the various Corolla versions.

    Honda makes three different versions of the Accord - the NA version is also wider and longer than the Japan/EU versions, has different suspension settings, unique engines, etc. The basic platform is the same, but very little else but the name.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    we can dream can't we? :)

    anyway, the Toyota Windom in Japan is more like the Lexus ES300 here.

    Toyota Camry in Japan is actually more or less the same car here.

    It has just about the same layout. Besides the obvious switch of driving position from left side to the right side, and the availability of the Nav system, almost all the things are the same. Including the 2.2L 4 cylinder engine.

    When the Japanese 1998 Corolla and the US version was very similiar.

    So I hope Toyota will bring the new Corolla over intact. :)
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    that last message was meant for jrct9454. Sorry dchinn. :)

    Oh dchinn, was swivering seat ever available before in the U.S? I wasn't aware of any cars that had that feature.
  • Swivel seats were on either the 68-70 Pontiac Grand Prix or some large American car. I do not recall exactly.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    oh, that explains why I haven't heard of it. I wasn't even born yet.
  • i just hit 44,000 miles on my 98 corolla ve, only had to bring it in to replace some front suspension part that was making noise. otherwise flawless in and out. Tires need to be replaced, as they wear out I notice a louder ride and not so sure footed. I don't want the oe Firestones, they stink. Toyo makes a real nice tire for this car, it has a stiffer sidewall which should give me better handling.
  • Even if the interior isn't as luxurious looking, I'd still love to see that body-style adopted for the next generation Corolla in North America. I think it's classy looking, especially that picture of it in white!

    It's always a bit frustrating to see how some makes of cars are similar in name only. The Accord, Civic and many Toyota makes all have quite different autos using the same name. Sometimes we get models that make the Europeans envious; a lot of times though it seems like it's the other way around. At least Ford is having success with the Focus as a car that is basically the same world-wide. Maybe Toyota will do the same eventually but I won't be holding my breath...I personally think the current Corolla is a bit of a yawner style-wise, but this model just looks classy, sort of like a Mazda Millenia.

    My big fear is that the next Corolla for N.A. will be an enlarged version of the Echo! Ech! :-)
  • I'm considering the purchase of a 1994 Corolla Wagon. Auto, AC, AMFM cassette, 50,000 miles, very clean. Anything to fear? What's a good price. The various web pricing pages say $6500 to over 10,000. Thanks!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The only thing to fear is finding one. They are a needle in a haystack and if you find one in good shape you need to be prepared to make a fast decision. They don't last long on the used car market. You should see what happens at wholesale auction when this or a Camry wagon pulls into the lane. You see a bunch of used car managers who have been looking at the "Black Book" all day perk up. They put their books away and just start bidding. I've seen these things take stupid money at auction. Keep in mind that these cars end up on dealer's lots and they don't plan on selling them for what they paid for them.

    They are remarkably solid cars. I don't want to disparage the US or Canadian built Corollas but the wagons were built in Japan and seem just a bit more solid. If you can find on with good miles and no paint work, go for it.
  • Thanks for the fast response. This one looks remarkably good, though I'm no mechanic. To recap, it's a DX, automatic with air and AMFM cassette. I am having it checked by a mechanic tomorrow. I'm buying it from the original owner with 50K miles. It did have an alternator and battery at 47K. In your expert opinion, there's nothing to look for as far as chronic issues? I figure I'll do the timing belt at 60K (it has a 1.8L, I think) and change the oil every 3K and probably get at least another 100K out of the car. Thanks for the advice!
  • Try this link for reliability info on used corollas:

    Good luck with getting your wagon.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Heh, I thought the Focus IS an enlarge version of the Echo. And since the new Corolla looks like a Focus........welll, maybe it is related to Echo afterall. :)
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    This room is deserted?? :(
    Oh well, figure i Post it here as well, does anyone Corolla making some kind of squeezing noise from the front when making turn/running over bumps?? I figures I get more information before running over to the dealer again.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    What kind of noise is a squeezing noise? Kind of like a "creek"?

    I occationally heard a little "creek" when running over speed bumps. Kind of like the noise mattres spring makes when my wife and I ... never mind. :) It's not very loud but you can hear it. That's the only time that noise happen, I just attributed it to the shock/spring flexing and didn't give it another thought. Is that what you are talking about?
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    YUP! thats the one. Its just been developing for the last week or so. I ain't making any comment about your wife and mastress........ :)

    The other noise happen when making a turn, much noticeable on reverse turn and sometimes carry it over when driving.
    The front suspension is my initial suspect, may also be steering wheel since i can feel some sort of vibration (barely noticeable though).

    On a different note, we need that new Corolla to fight back the Sentra,Protege and Focus!!!! ARGH!!!
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    the new civic, it'll still be a best seller, regardless..... The civic name just have a stranglehold on the compact market, I guess...
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...on Toyotas are often caused by the suspension bushings, especially [in the past, on Camrys] the sway bar bushings. If you're in the least bit mechanically inclined, a little spray silicon lubricant in the right places would be something to try. On the other hand, if you don't know what I'm talking about, best head for the dealer.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Thanks for the information. Took the car for service today and they tighten up a heat shield next to the power steering rack, and lubricate some bushings and joints (?). It seems better now, and I will keep an eye on it.

    On a different note, the dealer tried to charge $90 for the work, citing thats its an "adjustment" instead of an actual parts failure, thus not covered in the bumper-to-bumper/36k warranty (the corrolla has 14k in it). Is this how Toyota's warranty works, or the dealer just trying to make some quick cash on me?
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