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Toyota Corolla



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    They're technically right and morally wrong. I'd make a fuss with dealer management, and if necessary, bump it to the Toyota regional rep. It's a matter of interpretation, and the first thing to learn from this experience, is that you don't want to buy from this dealer again.
  • haven't been here for a while. I recall reading some posts about creaking noises. Didn't have the problem then, but have it now. I have a 99 Corolla with 17,000 miles. Last month or so I have noticeable creaking when going very slowly down or up a curb or over a bump. Seems very creaky when "cold" and becomes quieter after driving for a while. I can only hear it from the front end. Sounds like creaky suspension. It just seems too loud and too noticeable. How have people dealt with it? Does it just require a little lube or something, or is it more serious?

  • Just saw the previous posts after posting above. Sorry about that. Though I would like to know this: I think it should be covered under warranty to fix it. Will it work to just call around to various dealers and find one who will fix it under warranty?
  • Can any tell me whether the 1998 - 2000 Corolla has a timing belt or timing chain.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yes, that's the approach to take; I believe you will find someone [in a typically competitive urban area with multiple dealers] who will take care of this under warranty. Sounds like they have the classic bushing problem again, this time in the Corolla. Eventually, on the Camry, they found a new material to the meantime, a little magic lube juice will probably do the trick.

    The new engine [which is a real jewel, by the way] uses a chain. Eventually, the chain tensioner will have to be checked, but at mileage that will be way out there - well over 100k miles.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    The dealer where I took my Toyota for service isn't the one I bought it from (moving from another city), so thats maybe a reason, albeit a poor one. I think your best chance is with the dealer you bought it from, since they definitely want to retain your business in the future. According to jrct9454, Toyota has no actual obligation to fix it under warranty, so I guess it depend on your relation to the dealer and how good/courteous each dealer is.

    Timing chain, with service interval of 90,000 miles.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Sorry, my post overlapping yours.
    Where did you find the information that the timing chain should last way over 100K miles? I was told that timing belt should be changed at around 60K miles, and timing chain at around 90K miles.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    it should be tune up free for the first 100,000 miles. Timing chain last twice as long as the timeing belt. Just the general rule of the thumb.
  • I was considering the purchase of a 2001 Corolla CE 5 speed with air/ and the wheel and molding pkg. I am concerned with stories found on this forum seriously questioning the relialbility of these cars. Are they unreliable ?
    What is a good price for a Corrolla 5 speed >? with air
    I ruled out the new Civic, b/c/ it had almost no increase in horsepower, and no decrease in price. I ruled out the new Sentra b/c/ it did not fair well in JD Power's initial quality or rather the whole Nissan line up did poorly. I don't think I want a Protege b/c their underpowered, DX, LX.
    What cars are left that are good anymore >? I may start taking the bus so I don't have to worry about a dumb car anymore : )
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    What makes you think this car is unreliable? The corolla finish on the top of initial quality survey by jdpower for compact car. They're one of the most reliable car on the road.
  • Problems U read on this forum are focused to particular owners own car & not found in most rollas as a generalization. We are here to help one another; to ask others if problems they experienced are common w/ other owners or not & to give possible remedies. One problem in 1000 rolla owners is only one-tenth of a percent. And I know there are more than 1000 rollas on the road. No car line is completely perfect. Even Mercedes Benz, BMW, & LEXUS have their lemons. If U worry about cars that are under powered or poor in quality for the $ U want to spend, U might have to build your own & see how far U get. Maybe U should spend a few $ and get a AAA Diagnostic before buying that new car to ensure "quality" or get IMOTORS.COM to evaluate & fix all problems in the "used" car U select prior to your purchase. 'Nuff said.
  • Thanks for the advice, I realize that no car is perfect, and you can't expect a Caddilac for a Corolla price. Yet, with the Toyota nameplate , it raises the bar for consumer expectations on what quality should be.
    I may just buy another Saturn, at least their I am treated like a human being, compared to my experiences with toyota dealers in the past (former Toyota Celica owner) . I want a good car for under 14k, don't think thats too much to hope for
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Unfortunately Toyota;s dealer ranked near the bottom when it comes to customer satisfaction, I guess when they know they can sell the cars, they don't really pay attention to customers....
    Saturn has generally good dealer attitudes, although their rank has fallen, but you pay MSRP for a car that (IMO) doesn't worth the MSRP price on it.
    You still haven't said what kind of quality expectation you expect from the Corolla nor the problems you feared. But if you want the best value for your $$$, nothing can beat the korean car right now (Hyundai,Daewoo,KIA).
  • Their are some Toyota dealers around my area, (albany NY) that have consistently won the Toyota touch presidents award for customer satisfaction such as "Kinderhook Toyota". I will be trying Toyota dealers with better reputations first.
    The kind of quality I expect from a Corolla is what anyone would expect from a Toyota imo, I don't want to put any money into it except normal maintenance for at least 6 or 7 years. After that, some additional maintenance such as a new oil seal, would be understandabe.
    I like the new 2001 Elantra, looks very classy, but can't get past how most people still veiw Korean cars. I would rather have a base Civic or Corolla then a loaded Korean car. I read on this forum that some people have had suspension problems with thier corolla's, etc. If I buy one, I simply want a good one
  • I bought a 2001 LE automatic "loaded" two months ago and I love it. I was able to get mine for well under MSRP and slightly over invoice. This is my second Corolla and third Toyota. All served me very well. This is one of the reasons I stick with Toyota. I am currently also driving a Tercel that I bought new back in "86" not a major problem yet.
  • Good to hear that tercelton, I had an 87 Celica GT, but unfortunatly it leaked oil at 60k, and had a broken turn signal switch which they wanted a few hundred to replace. I told them to keep the car :) and got a Saturn instead, no major problems , knock on wood.
  • Go w/ the Korean car which has the 10 yr/100K warranty. Hopefully U can rest assured. I think there's one Korean carmaker that has a 5 yr free maintenance schedule too, although I'm not sure if that's offered in your area. Go check out the ads. $14K including T&L doesn't buy U much these days especially if U need the std options (AT, AC, PW, PL, etc.) $16 or $17K would be more reasonable.
  • Im looking for under 14k, a Corolla 5 speed CE with only air conditioning is under 14k. With some bargining I should be able to get it around 13.5 k easy. I can buy another Saturn SL2 with 124 horsepower, and Air for under 13k with my owner loyalty rebate apon my purchase of a second one. I have a bit of time before I will actually buy something else, who knows what I'll take.
  • Go buy that Saturn or Kia, it sounds like thats what you really want anyway !!
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    2001 Corolla CE with manual tranny & Extra Value Package (A/C + Radio & Cassete + Digital Clock) invoiced at $12,569. So you should be able to get it for around 13K or less.
    Since you getting a manual, the 3-spd auto on the CE won't affect you in anyway.

    A comparable Saturn SL2 will cost $13.3K, but thats without the owner loyalty rebate.

    Personally, I would suggest getting a 2001 LE, with manual transmission + Extra Value Package 1 (AC + power window+power lock). It invoiced at $13.2K, but you should be able to fetch greater resale value than the CE.

    If you do want to go with korean car, go with Hyundai or Daewoo. Avoid KIA, their cars are still generally inferior compared to the other 2.
  • I thought 'saturnboy' would never consider another brand than a Saturn. Will your screen name change soon?

    Anyway, a rumor going around is that either all manufacturers will offer longer warranties like the Koreans, or as soon as sales get up to a good level, the Koreans will return to average warranties. Which do you all think?

    I would rather get a used Corolla then a new Kia.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    I would get almost anything else than a KIA.....
    With the exception of Chryslers/Dodge.....

    I doubt that other manufacturer will increase their warranty to match Hyundai/KIA. Its mainly a sales pitch, since its only valid to the original owner. Afterward, it goes back to 3/36K & 5/60K for any subsequent owner.
    I doubt Hyundai/KIA will lower their warranties either, unless they have extreme # of warranty works....which I fears what will happen with KIA, unless they cleanup their act quickly. At least they're own by Hyundai now.
  • I drove a 91 Civic Hatchback and was blown away by how fun it was to drive. It felt like it had much more power then my 98 Saturn, and it handled like it was on rails. I am looking at Civic's, hoping they remain true to their fun to drive character.
    I don't think most automanufacturer's will extend thier warranties to compete with Korean cars, the korean car companys like hyundai/kia will most likely cut thier good warranties when their reputation improves. Remember , dodge/plymouth/chrysler had the 7/70,000 warranty, and when people thought thier cars weren;t crap anymore, they dropped it. Imo, their still crap :)
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    If you could compare a 91 civic with 98 saturn...then either honda is that good, or saturn is really lagging a few years back on their car compared to their japanesse counterpart :)
    It should be no contest though, the 2001 civic shoould be much better than the 91, although they did loose the double wishbone suspension from the previous generation, but they also improve rides and passenger space as well.
  • Well, the Civic hatch is fun to drive. I failed to mention that my car is quieter believe it or not, yes , Saturn's can be quiet especially since starting in 98, Saturn received engine improvements to deaden excess noise. Also, my 98 Saturn rides more comfortably, would much rather go on vacation in my car then my friends Civic.
    I heard that since the 2001 Civic's lost thier wishbone suspension that their kind of soft riding too. Maybe that will be a good thing ?
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Well, thats kind of depend on the driver. I bet the typical rice-boy enthusiast won't be happy because of the probable performance drop, but other driver would appreciate the softer ride and more quiet cabin, as well as extra room.
    How soon are you from purchasing the new car? Beginning of new model-year makes it a bit harder to get lower prices.
  • I have a ways to go before I will actually buy or lease a new car. Im constantly car shopping/comparing new models,etc. Probably about 6-9 months before I buy. Should give the Honda dealers/salesman time to realize that "their shi* does stink" and their sales games won't fly with me. They or who ever can either sell me the car I want at the price I want, or I will buy something else. I do like the softer ride, but also want something that handles decent
  • If you want to purchase a Corolla for a good price, consider a 2000 Chevy Prism. I just purchased an LSI with a 4 speed automatic, CD and Chrome wheels for $13,700 plus tax. This includes A $2000 rebate. The car is loaded with air, cruise, PW ,remote entry,larger tires, power mirrors, etc. I was even able to apply points from my GM charge card. Bottom line, I paid 12,900 with tax.
  • Any newer Corolla owners notice a soft brake pedal on their cars? Got a 2001 LE with front disk and rear drum and no ABS. I think the brakes are soft. I wonder if this is normal? Also, is there supposed to be a seatbelt warning buzzer to go along with the seatbelt warning light?
  • karegkareg Posts: 1
    yes. i also found the brake soft. also it seemed to make some noise also. regarding the seatbelt, i think there is a warning ring also.
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