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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,362
    It could be because I live in the northeast (NJ) with tons of dealers, but I have never even thought of buying out of state. I have always been able to either find a dealer who had what I wanted or the dealer found it for me. As for pricing, unless there is simply no competition I can't imagine any dealer not meeting a price from another (as long as its a real quote and not a "low ball" offer) within the cost of a plane ticket and travel expenses.

    When I bought my 06 Avalon the "Blizzard Pearl/ dark grey leather XLS was a tough car to find. The dealer ended up getting one about 350 miles away at no extra charge. Fast forward to 09 and I wanted a burgundy/ivory Genesis with a specific option package (No 18" wheels) and again it was found for me about 300 miles away. With a good, persistant dealer it can be done.

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  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    The savings are $1500-$2300. The real issue for me is I didn't want to do a factory order then wait 2-3 months, which is what 10 of the 12 dealers I contacted told me; the other two wouldn't budge on price, and they told me I'd also have to pay for shipping to get a somewhat similar car from the far side of Kansas plus the shipping back to there with a car a local dealer would swap, IF the other dealer was willing to do so; total there was $750. The Ltd. without navigation is rare around here now with Toy pushing the $1500 nav package into all the new Ltd models. So it wasn't just the dollars, but the wait time for an order, or a near-msrp price for a car similar to what I wanted but not exact.

    A one-way ticket costs $100-$150, gas/food/hotel room for one night stayover might be ~250. Total wouldn've been around $500, to be generous, so the savings alone would be around a thousand minimum, not considering the wait time to order a new one, etc. It's worth it to me. Thanks for your responses everyone.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    edited June 2010
    Here in Atlanta we have multiple dealers of every brand, I have never gone outside the metro area, 50 miles or less from home, to find a decent price on any car. But there are at least two friends in the neighborhood who always buy in TN. They say it's at least $500. less to buy anything, with even more savings on Toyota, Honda and Lexus, and the drive is under 1.5 hours one way to Chattanooga. Whatever, glad it works for you, get what you want, save money and enjoy the ride.... !!
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    Yeah fin, it's times like this when I miss living back east, where a dozen of whatever you want are available from a couple of different places. Still, I found and bought exactly what I wanted at a good price. I'm a happy guy.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    So - has anyone owned both the Perforated seats and smooth leather seats, and what are your thoughts on comfort?

    I'm sure it has a lot to do with the persons size and such, but my 2008's seats seem a bit hard. Maybe nice for short (sportier) rides, but on the long haul, my small [non-permissible content removed] is glad when I get out of the car and stretch my legs a bit.

    5' 7" 155lbs.

    The local dealers all have 2011's with the same style seats I currently have, so I'm not sure it's worth taken one for a test drive.

    My goal would be to get a new Avalon if it in fact is a smoother ride, a quieter ride. I have purchased a few seat cushions and they help, but I'd like to think, that buying seat cushions was part of buying a new car.

    I just came back from a short sales trip and paid more attention to what is so uncomfortable with the seats, and I can now say, it's the seams. They are hard and in the wrong place for my [non-permissible content removed].

    Oh, well. I could go on and on, but I do need to get the work:(

  • boord1boord1 Posts: 17
    Kind of in the same mode as ncee, has anyone have experience with the driver seat "extension" on the LTD model? Does it make for extra comfort on long trips? Thanks
  • adholtmanadholtman Posts: 21
    Replying to message #278; I have a 2011 Limited; all great--no issues. I am about 6'1" and have tried the seat "extension"; I am more comfortable without it...F.Y.I.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I did hear some negatives regarding using the seat extension on the Limited. I tried years back when the Limited first came out and wasn't crazy about it. Thanks for your honesty saying your more comfortable without extending them. I've heard that many times. I have the 2011 Avalon, and had other Avalons in the XLS model and the seams on the seat were never an issue. I find them quite comfortable on my drives from SC to NY. It's never been an issue. The most comfortable seats in a car I once owned, was in the 929 Mazda. They were special and softer.
    It's a choice one has to make.

    I purchased my Cypress Pearl to my specifications, memory etc, at an excellent price and didn't have to go out of state. My dealer always had the ability to get the Avalon I wanted with only a couple of miles on the odometer.

    I certainly didn't want the navigation package. For many dollars less my Garmin takes me where I need to go, and comes with me when I rent a car, or join a friend in his car.
    For 10 percent or less of what the nav cost built in, I can go cross country and reach my destination without a problem. I mount it on my windshield when needed, and find it so much easier to see without looking down towards the dashboard. :)
  • bmpbmpbmpbmp Posts: 8
    I've got a 16gb USB thumbdrive I've put 169 albums of MP3s on. Thought it was a great idea at the time, but in reality, not so good, as the only way to thru them is folder up or folder down.

    In the manual, it talks about the hierarchy is 6 levels. I take that to mean up to five subfolders. Was wondering if anyone has discovered a way to move from subfolder to subfolder, then to 3rd level and back, etc.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Ok, so I took a 2011 Avalon for a nice test drive yesterday First question:

    1) Is there much difference between the standard model and the Limited, that would make it smoother, or quieter?

    2) Are the seats that are perforated more comfortable?
    The dealership didn't have but the one unit so I coudn't drive both and make up my kine.

    The one I drove, as nice as it was, was NOT enough quieter, or smoother to purchase over my 2008 Touring Edition. Yes it was a bit, but not enough. A big disappointment for me, as I have been looking forward to get a new Avalon for some time now.

    Heck I might go as far as say it was a bit louder then mine.

    I can say, I know why my seats suck! I mentioned it was the seams and after seating / driving the 2011 I can say, it is the seams in my car. The seats seem to be very much the same, except the seats in the 2011 seem sewn better then mine. The seams in my car, almost seem like the seam / bead is on the outside of the seat not the inside as is the case on the 2011. Basically, the seams on my car are much bigger and therefore - it's like seating on seams:(

    I will, if I get a chance, try a Limited out, to see if there is any difference, and if not, start looking for a use LS 460 (good luck with this quest:)).

  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    If you find an LS460 that you like, make sure the steering issue recall has been done:

    What a different mindset now in buying a Toy; in the past you'd shop for one and buy it because of the reliability reputation, now you check to see if a recall problem has been corrected.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Bottom line here, is we / I'm spoiled:)

  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I personally find the seat comfort to be pretty equivalent between the models in most normal situation. If it is hot, and even in WI that covers 4+ months per year, then the cooled setting on the perforated works very well after taking about 7 minutes to effectively cool the seat. I love it. Also, I've used the seat extender on long road trips and it really is a bit more comfortable. I didn't buy the Limited for seats but the two main differences (coolers & extender for driver) are nifty.

    I don't think there is any difference between the base and Limited in terms of smoothness or quiet. Same tires, same structure, same suspension and they appear to have gotten rid of the noise-reducing windshield. There aren't going to be many cars out there more quiet and refined than your '08.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I could see that the extended seats might not be for everyone. For me, the regular seat is just a bit small for me to feel totally relaxed and on a longer trip, it eases the strain on my legs. For a skinnier or shorter person, I think it might be less comfortable to extend the seat.
  • fhimesfhimes Posts: 17
    I just purchased a 2011 Avalon Limited andIi am confused on all the discussion on seat extension. I have no idea what you all are talking about. Am I missing a secret lever somewhere. Please help me understand what you are talking about.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    The Limited comes with a seat (driver only) that can extend about 2 inches (1 and a half inches) if you push the lever to extend it. Your Avalon doesn't have that feature. Hope this answers your question. :)
  • jwillinjwillin Posts: 16
    I just took delivery on a 2011 Avalon LTD after trading in my 2009. I was upside down in the payments, but they took it as a trade-in. I have two questions:

    1. On my previous 2009 Avalon, when you walked up to the car with the key, there were like soft lights that would come on before you entered the the car. I'm not sure the 2011 has the same feature although this a light under the side mirrors. I haven't been able to find the settings to turn on the lights if that is the case.

    2. When operating the Nav System. The map shows the correct region, but when going to the Data Map page it shows locations in Washington state. Then when wanting to input my home address, the address button is greyed out and it is greyed out on any destination that I want to input an address in. I am unable to use the Nav because I can't input an address because the button is greyed out.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • jwillinjwillin Posts: 16
    I just purchased a 2011 Avalon LTD. It is a fantastic car. It drives like a dream. I mean you can barely feel a bump in the road. It is one great driving car. You will love to drive it. Not much of a change to the 2009. The salesman told me about all the curves and tiers of the interior and the beauty of the exterior, but that may be a man curve. I almost thought he was describing a curvy stacked woman!

    The CONS?
    1. The wood grain appears to be cheap plastic, it takes away from the beauty of the car. I have a black Avalon with the black bordeaux leather. Beautiful! However, the plastic just takes away from the interior.

    2. The GPS display is disposed. I liked the fact that in my 2009, I could cover the display. Now, you have it exposed and you can see every fingerprint, dust etc on that display. The touch screen is not that respondent, but adequate.

    3. Don't like CD and NAV location. Behind a door with hinges? If you get the NAV you get 4 CDS instead of 6 without the NAV. Also, with the NAV comes a map DVD, like a Mapsco.

    4. Manual is horrible for assisting on any problems or settings you may have with the car.


    1. Have usb/aux port inside console.

    2. Blue tooth is nice. Once connected you have the option of transferring all your contacts over to the car.

    3. Nice exterior.

    4. Great drive, very smooth and comfortable.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
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  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited June 2010
    Wood grain in the Lexus is so perfectly done/finished/flawless that it looks plastic.

    You have to wait about 10+ years and it begins to show cracks.
  • bob819bob819 Posts: 3
    How accurate (or inaccurate) is the trip computer on a 2011 Avalon?

    Specifically the Average MPG and the Range (i.e miles to empty). Mine seems too low. In fact when I filled up the first time it said like 6 miles for Range, and I could only get 16 gallons in (meaning there was still 2.5 gallons left. I reset the Average MPG and now after a few weeks it reads 24.2 for about 360 miles, but the Range remaining is only 11 miles. If I have averaged 24.2 miles MPG, seems like I should be able to get to about 440 miles before the Range shows 11 miles.

    Any thoughts?

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    This subject has been discussed many times.... the problem is that any DTE (distance to empty) computer is absurd by concept. Think about it. To tell you how far you can travel on the remaining fuel in the tank requires the knowledge of upcoming road conditions, future average speed, etc. There is no way this can happen. DTE, to me, has always worthless. The average mpg is generally close, my experience, but read the next paragraph carefully if you use pen and paper or a calculator.

    In most prior year Avalons, 2005 up, the odometer reads about 3% low. The speed is accurate, somehow, but the miles are off. To check yours: Get on the local interstate and check the miles traveled shown as you pass the mile markers on the highway. If the 2011 is like most others you will see a big difference within 5 miles. The mile markers will begin to pass before the odometer registers the miles. Mine is off and many other members here have found the same thing.

    Hope this helps, enjoy the Avy, great cars. I am on my third one.... :)
  • whosea1whosea1 Posts: 3
    We recently purchased a 2011 Avalon. Love the car but totally disgusted with the navigation system. Routinely takes the long way around to reach the destination. For example, a trip to the airport close to our home that takes 45 minutes to an hour was estimated by Avalon’s navigation to be 1 hr and 52 mins. Most annoying feature is that navigation is disabled while car is in motion forcing the driver to pull over to make any changes. This can be very disruptive if I’m in a hurry, while driving on the highway or unsafe if driving late at night. It doesn’t take into account that a passenger can reprogram the system while the car is in motion. Is there any way to override this feature?
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Have you gone into Navi setup and allowed it to use all the fastest methods?
  • whosea1whosea1 Posts: 3
    Yes, I have it setup to do the quick route. I compared the exact same destination to the mobile Garmin that we used prior to purchasing the Avalon. Sometimes they calculate the same route and time but overall the Garmin is consistently more accurate.
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    My 2011 Avalon's dashboard reflects in the windshield when there is strong sunlight so much it is annoying me a lot. Anyone else with this problem. Anyone know how to dull the dash's surface or other fix?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    This happened to me on my 2008 Avalon, and all I did was cleaned the dashboard with lestoil. It didn't have the shine, and it didn't glare in the windshield anymore:)

    Most dealers use Amor-all or some other similar leather protectant which looks nice, until the sun glare gets you.

  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    tnx will give it a try
  • adholtmanadholtman Posts: 21
    The brochure for my 2011 Avalon Limited says the puddle lamps on the mirrors illuminate when you are near the car with the Smart Key (interior also).

    Mine don't..what am I doing incorrectly? Anyone else having this issue?

  • jwillinjwillin Posts: 16
    edited June 2010
    Mine do not work. I think the feature has been turned off from the factory. You will have to personalize this option thru the dealership. I was at the dealership for another issue and was told in order to change your options they have to connect a laptop to your car and make the changes. We can't do them on our own. On page 530 of the owner's manual are the options you change and the puddle lamps are there also. The default shows off and the personalization shows on or vice-versa. So, I'm thinking it has to be changed by the dealership.
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