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Audi A6



  • jji7363jji7363 Posts: 33
    I'm considering an A6 and we have several Audi dealers to choose from here in the Pittsburgh area. Are there any indicators of dealer quality that I could use as cues regarding the best one for service? For example, does Audi give awards to the best dealers? Thanks!

    Regarding the A6 vs. the I30 and ES300, the base price for the A6 2.8Q isn't that much over the I30. With the new I35 and new ES300 due out this fall, the difference in price may be even smaller. I'm waiting for these redesigns before deciding. The I30 and ES300 seem to be the reliability winners but the A6 has a soul. Looks like the old head-vs-heart dilemma...
  • noshonosho Posts: 119
    Just to complicate comparisons with the I35 and
    ES300, consider the 2002 A6 with a 220hp 3.0L V6.
    Just that much more soul....
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I apologize if I said $70 was the price I paid for the tires (each). I will check my prior posts.

    I ordered the tires on-line @ for $144.00 for one tire x four plus a few bucks for shipping -- the amount on my credit card was about $600.00 for the tires total. Dismounting, remounting and balancing at the dealer was another $100+. The 4 wheel alignment and new brakes were Audi Advantage.

    The tires are 255 x 40 x 17 -- exact size replacements for the tires that came on the A6 w/the sport package option. No plus zero or anything, stock size all the way.

    Again sorry for any confusion or misrepresentation -- no magic, just the Internet.
  • llinn78llinn78 Posts: 2

    I just bought an A6 in Pgh at Sewickly Motors. 2 friends of mine also just bought there. They have a pretty good rep for car knowledge & service.

    I visited the 2 other area dealers (Day in the east and another south I forgot the name of). Sewickly beat both on service and price.

    I would avoid Day...heard bad stories of price & service. The one in the South Hills I have not heard much about, just visited. They seemed pretty knowledgeable about the cars, but I did not get a feel for their service.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Sorry this is off the A6 topic, but....I'm looking to upgrade my A8.

    Where did you get your A8 suspension upgrade. I've been looking at 2Bennett Audimotive ($2,195 for shocks, springs and bars) and Autobahn-perfomance ($2,150 for "S8 Sport Kit").

    I assume you had dealer install the kit. How was the ride? I don't want too harsh a ride as I'm always hauling customers around. I'm also trying to get a reasonable price on the 18" Avus wheels ($475 is best so far), but as I had a set of 18" Speedlines on my last A8 and A6 and they really firmed the ride up, I'm worried that the tire & suspension package will be too harsh.

  • jji7363jji7363 Posts: 33
    The reason I ask about dealer quality indicators is that I read in the Edmunds posts on the Toyota Avalon (ugly car so it's out of the running now) that Toyota has some sort of "Presidents Award" for its best dealers.


    How much over invoice did you pay from Sewickly Motors? Have you been happy with service? Do they give you a loaner? Funny you should give Day a thumbs down, as I had a bad feeling when I went out there. The sales guy had only been there a week and it looked like they put more emphasis on selling VW. Sewickly, selling Bimmers and Porsches, has a higher quality standard I bet. I'm heading out there next week to test drive an A6. Besides, Sewickly is much closer to Wexford than Monroeville, anyway. Is there a salesperson that you would recommend?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    S8 upgrade was from Joe Hoppen Motorsports.
  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780
    Money Factor - Ooopps - 2400 x MF = Interest is correct.

    Lease Rate - For a least of $46,000 list, $44,000 Cap cost, 0 down, 60% residual (may be too low), MF of 0032, I get a lease rate of $748, incl. tax & lic fees, so you are in the ballpark.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The ride with the S8 suspension and new Pirelli PZero tires size 245 X 50 X17 actually improved. The squirm in the butt went away and the sometimes floaty nature of the Comfort Suspension + the Comfort Seats (i.e., non-sport seats) was all but vanquished.

    I also put a "high performance" air filter on this 1997 A8 and truth be told, the only real difference I could tell there was the "honking" sound got more noticable under full throttle -- which was a good thing, but I couldn't really vouch for any dramatic performance improvement.

    The suspension+new tires really made a difference though. When I got rid of the A8 (at 47,000 miles) I frankly decided an A8 was too big and I wanted an S6, instead I have the closest thing, IMO, avail here in the US of A -- an A6 4.2 w/sport package. I have no delusions that it IS an S6, and am optimistic that since there will be no new S4 model for probably almost 2 years that Audi of America will import a true S6, so that Audi can have at least 2 S variants in the US (as I am assuming the S8 will soldier on).

    I wish someone, who really knew the straight poop would tell "the world" why Audi of America would bring an S4 and an S8 (which has to have a very very limited market) to the US but no S6? I have been unable to come up with any model that really makes sense -- were
    THAT many customers clammoring for an $80,000 big Audi car? The market would seem to support a greater quantity of cars in the S6 price bracket ($60,000?) than in the S8 price range.

    And why bring a new A4 to market without an Avant or an S4 is also beyond my comprehension.
  • sandeckisandecki Posts: 29
    $550/39months/10k/year/57% residual/0.00165 Money Factor in NJ$

    Premium, Sport, Lux, Bose, 17in rims

    Can I do Better?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Called my guy at local dealer -- he says it is a good deal, but questioned why only 10K miles -- thought you should price it at 12K miles.

    Claimed it seemed to be a good deal, but to watch the gotcha's on the milage -- must not be Audi Financial or it must be a highly restricted milage offereing or there is a "big" penalty for exceeding the milage.

    See if you can get the same deal (or close) @ 12K miles per year -- anyway my dealer says it seems like a good deal.

    You know how they are -- one guy always thinks he can beat the other someway.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Yep -- that's what I heard too! The only S6 in the US will be an Avant. I'd rather have an allroad if I'm going to get a "wagon" or quasi SUV.
  • amarchanamarchan Posts: 23
    Go for it! The best MF Audi is quoting now here in SC is .00227. However, try to get them to 12k miles/year and make sure you're not paying MSRP. For an A6 that lists in the $46k range you should be paying around $43k, that's invoice plus $1.5-$2.0k.
  • llinn78llinn78 Posts: 2
    jji7363 -

    I paid $1700 over invoice. Didn't haggle all that might be able to do better.

    All the salespeople there seem pretty good, try Ron Kean or Chris Armstrong.

    I Don't know first hand on the service -- just got my car 2 days ago. Friends who have bought cars there for years say it is 1st class though.

    Make sure you keep the June 6th date in mind if you're going to lease. . .a pretty good deal from Audi Financial.
  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    Here's the latest deal I've received:

    2.7T with cold weather pkg., Bose premium system, Premium Pkg., Preferred luxury pkg. = $45,175

    39 month lease, 15,000 miles, 0 (zero) down $599/month. Offer good thru 6/6

    Sound good?
  • amarchanamarchan Posts: 23
    That sounds like the terms of an Audi (VW of North America) lease, similar to what I got last month, except I had the pearlescent paint and rear side air bags, no cold weather package. MSRP in my car was $46,100, and I paid $1500 over invoice. These are not bad terms. The car is well worth it. You can extend the lease 6 months without penalty with the same terms in most leases, and you will still be under warranty (45 months) and into the new model year (2005).
    That sounds like a MF of around .00226-227. You might get a better MF from an independent source, but Audi leases have a higher residual value which may offset the monthly payment. None of the independent leases I checked could do better than 55% residual. However, if you plan to keep the car after the lease expires (and with an extended warranty) shopping around for a better MF may actually pay for that extended warranty with money left over. Extended warranties to 100,000 miles are running anywhere from $1700-$2000 now from Audi dealers - who knows what they will be in 4 years?
  • omszzomszz Posts: 10
    Just picked up a A6 2.7T on lease. Thought I'd post terms up here for those looking at the current deal Audi has going on:

    39 mo
    $560/mo (includes tax - 512 w/o tax)
    Down - 2k (includes all fees, licensing, and first months pymt).
    Money Factor - 0.00155
    Capital Cost - 43,100
    Residual - around 26k

    The money factor was amazing - lowest I've ever seen, so i took it. Plus i got a decent reduction in the Capitol Cost - from 46k down to 43k.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    To omszz: This is the best deal I have seen so far. I'm almost tempted to take the '01 instead of waiting for the '02. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Thanks for the post. I'll contact my Audi dealer. BTW, what sorta equipment did you get? Bye. Mario
  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Markcincinnati, I will be moving to Cincinnati in August, and plan to buy a loaded 2002 2.7T soon after. Since you seem to live there, which dealer/salesperson would you recommend?
  • jji7363jji7363 Posts: 33
    Just checked out the 2.8Q today. I was taken aback by the options pricing. If you get the premium package ($1025), you can't get the celebration package (leather, sunroof ~ $1200). Leather ($1550) and sunroof ($1200) are priced separately. Thus, the premium package is actually costing an incremental $2575!!! Every 2.8Q on the lot was loaded this way.

    Is it that the well-optioned cars go fast and these are all that are left or do dealers just order every car this way? I'm interested in what others have seen.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The Audi dealer my wife and I patronize is called Joseph Northland Audi. They have many fine salesreps -- we deal with Ralph Winters. The man has high integrity, is the opposite of pushy and is one of the top grossing salesrep within the Audi of America organization. He is genuinely interested in the products he sells and the people to whom he sells. Some of my friends call him the laid-back salesrep -- he is so low key. And, he has been at this dealership "forever."

    Another person you need to be introduced to is the service manager, Bill Fliehman -- he too has been with the dealership for a long time. Buying from these guys is a pleasure and getting service from this dealership is also a refreshing experience. All of our over two dozen Audis have come from this dealership -- starting in late 1977 when I bought my first Audi 5000!

    513-851-5900 is the number.
  • omszzomszz Posts: 10
    to mariobgoode:
    Yeah it is a sweet deal. The only downside is its 10k mi/yr. But each 1k you go over only costs $200 which isn't too bad.

    The car was loaded up the yinyang (46k + change MSRP):
    - Preffered Luxury
    - Sport Package
    - Premium Package
    - Cold Weather Package
    - Premium Sound
  • jcthom4jcthom4 Posts: 24
    Hi Mark,

    I live in the West Chaster/airfield area and am interested in a 1999/2000 A6 quattro or 2.7T. Since you probably know other Audi owners that take immaculate care of their cars... do you know of anyone wanting to sell in the next 6 months?
    I have visited North land and agree they are great, however their preowned selection is always limited.
    Thank you in advance !

    Jeff T.
  • stevenb4stevenb4 Posts: 3
    I'm selling my 98 a42.8q,5sp. I/sport suspension, 1 year warrantee left. I found a 2k a62.7t I/5sp and 16inch sports suspension. The car has 25k miles and is audi assured and comes with a set of 17inch after market 2piece rims and tires. it's silver I/black leather and loaded except for navigation, for $33,895. It even has 3m auto tape bra, or whatever that's called. Car was sales managers that sold and traded back, all same dealer. I was going to wait, also considered leasing, until I found this. anybody have any comments or ideas please respond. appreciation in advance...
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    I think you got a great deal. Good luck with the car, and don't drive too fast. Enjoy! Bye. Mario
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .was on the used car lot (here in Cincinnati @ Northland) last week, its been there for several months. When I traded it in it had 23,000 miles on it. ALL options at the time were on the car. It would need two new tires, as I recall as I had put two new tires on it. I am not aware of any problems with the car (see below re rotors).

    Emerald Green/Melange/17"wheels,bose -- everything that was avail on day one. Had three sets of front rotors (including the factory originals) but they were Audi Advantage -- I have the same rotor problem with my 2001 -- there is an AudiFix for this, free, of course. The car had never been smoked in and as I recall was very very clean. This is the only one I know of, my friends with A6's and A4's all plan to keep the cars to term and then buy either S4's or S6's (if they are available at the time).
  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Can somebody explain the advantage of the 4.2 over the 2.7T? As I understand it, loaded the difference is about 6K. The performance is better on the 2.7T. Am I missing something?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The 4.2 and 2.7T are significantly different from each other -- but, and I say this as an owner of a 2001 4.2 -- one or the other is not necessarily "better." The 4.2 has a different body (from the other A6's), subtle yes, but different. Different materials, more aluminum, especially front of the firewall. More content -- the 4.2 moves several steps toward luxury and away from near-luxury.

    Additionally, driving the two back to back (both with Automatics) the 4.2 feels stiffer, more solid. Equip both with a sport package (suspension, tires/wheels and sport seats) and the 4.2 "feels" like it hunkers down around curves moreso than the 2.7T. Perhaps it is the overboosted power steering, but the 4.2 feels lighter, nimble in fact, in spite of its simultaneous feeling of greater mass (i.e., solid-feeling, cut from a single block of steel). But that low speed torque of the 2.7T -- what a rush (but the 4.2 is, according to published specs, "only" .1 second slower to 100kph).

    The 4.2 has more of that hard to compartmentalize characteristic sometimes called "Q."

    I do not necessarily believe however that it is worth the $6,000 - $7,000 more (objectively) that it can be optioned up to compared to a fully loaded 2.7T. And, no manual transmission is available -- which is the ONLY way to buy a 2.7T (IMO). The 4.2 is worth more, however, subjectively.

    The 4.2 vs 2.7T debate is similar to those who are audio and video-files and debate certain esoteric equipment's merit -- in that for an extra 10% "improvement" it sometimes costs significantly more.

    No matter what you think my bias is, I do think for those hunting for maximum value, the 2.7T is the one to get. But, again driving them (back to back and identically equipped) you will not mistake one for the other.

    You can't lose with either one.
  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Can somebody explain the advantage of the 4.2 over the 2.7T? As I understand it, loaded the difference is about 6K. The performance is better on the 2.7T. Am I missing something?
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