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Audi A6



  • elrod3elrod3 Posts: 3
    Can anyone contrast the cornering and ride characteristics of the base 2.7T vs. 16" Sport vs. 17" Sport packages for me? Also, how comfortable are the sport seats vs. the base seats. Finally, I haven't decided between a A6 vs S4, how does the S4 handling compare to the 17" Sport? And if you'll bear with me for 1 more question - how about the tiptronic 2.7T vs the 6 speed? During my test drive there was a really bad lag from the line with the auto but the manual was pretty snappy (although that was in a S4 since they had no 6 speed 2.7's) I thought.

  • cochesecochese Posts: 19
    I drove a 2.7t twice for an extended period of time. It was a 6 spd with the sport package and 17" (they are actually BBS). I have also driven a 6 spd S4. IMHO the A6 is a great car, it has light steering, and is definitly stiffer than a normal A6 when equiped with the "Enhanced Sport Package". If you drive smooth through corners you wil not notice much float or rocking, but the car does not like quick inputs during even slightly aggressive corners. On the other hand the S4 feels smaller, more tossable, more planted. The steering is more weighted, and the car is harder to upset in cornering.

    I ordered a 2002 S4 (they are calling the last of the 2001's, 2002's, they are not the new body style, and production ends in July) and it was a difficult decision...more room...more sport...more features...more exclusive...

    good luck either way.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Has anyone turned in their lease early. With a baby on the way we decided to get rid of our 99.5 A6 and keep our 97 A4. I called AoA and they told me that I wouldn't want to turn the lease in early because it would inadvertently affect my credit rating (I forget the term they used).

    I then talked to the general sales manager and before I could even sit down he told me it would "cost a lot". He asked me how early I would turn it in (1 year) and what my monthly payments were. Then (to my amazement) he multiplied my monthly payment by 12 months to give me what I would have to pay to turn my car in early.

    I almost laughed, if I were to pay the whole amount off I think I would just keep the car for the duration. I then told him I thought the calculation for depreciation would be taken 1 year earlier and that is what the value of the car would be (after they check it over). He then basically told me that lease estimates are not an exact science and they wouldn't be able to get that kind of calculation because it is very subjective.

    This was a shock to me because when I purchased the car the salesman told me about the amazing lease where I could turn it in early or sell it off, basically do anything I wanted. I went with this type of lease because you never know when something else may come along (as it did).

    I tried to sell my car privately (competitively priced) but there isn't a large A6 market where I live.

    Is this scenario correct? Seems unbelievable.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Someone here might have some information for you, but while you are waiting you might also want to ask your questions over on our Finance, Warranty & Insurance Board. Try this link: Lease Questions - Ask Here. I'm sure Car_man or someone else over there has dealt with this situation before.

    Good luck - let us know how it works out.

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  • I was over at AudiWorld and came upon a conversation of adding Tiptronic to a 1997 A8. They said it only ran at the price of 2K. Has anyone done this or heard of it being done? Worth the money? Also how often should the Dust/Pollen Filter be cleaned/replaced?
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    ...versus my 4.2, there's simply no reason. Really nice new car smell.

    1. sat in the back...had to grab my thigh to extract my leg out on the LS.
    2. LS has auto-on lights. Darn it, Audi! They got us on that one.
    3. Audi drives way the heck better at the limit. Scared the $&*# out of the sales guy when I took a right turn at 50 mph and tried to force the car back into the right lane. Those with Quattro need to be careful when driving a less-capable car.
    4. No Nav or factory built-in phone
    5. Handling is okay, but the absence of Quattro is noticeable.
    6. Leather and wood quality is far deficient.
    7. Alpine stereo gives the Bose a run for its money.
    8. Tiny little trunk, compact spare on the LS.
    9. No lush, padded soft-open pockets on the doors.
    10. Only one dome light in the reading lights.
    11. LS has better cupholders and 2 up-front, instead of 1 with the Nav on 4.2.
    12. Isn't anywhere near as quick as the 4.2.

    Verdict: For $40K fully-loaded and heavily discounted financing, versus $55K for a fully-loaded 4.2, the LS V-8 is an INCREDIBLE buy. I wouldn't buy it myself, but the $15K buys only incremental value. The real difference: Quattro, somewhat more refined engine, more comfort for rear seat passengers, more high-end options (like 4-way lumbar and passenger memory). For many people, that's not worth $15K.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Did you notice any difference in steering refinement. That was my promary objection to the LS. Frankly if not for that I would get the LS and save the money.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Most leases -- not all, however -- impose the same limitations as either outright ownership or contract financing.

    #1. If you bail out early -- and the value of the car on trade or at the retail level is less than the "at the then time" residual -- you will pay the difference.

    #1a. If the value of the car is greater than or equal to the payoff, you keep the difference -- this has happened to me twice in 24 Audis.

    There is no #2, that I can think of.

    A "special lease" may require months times monthly payments no matter what -- I knew of one of these on a Chrysler Lebaron Convertable -- which was $199 month for 24 months, 10,000 miles a year and NO MATTER WHEN you got rid of the car, you were obligated (and the contract said so) to pay 24 x $199 -- or better said, the total you had to pay whether in month 2 or month 24 had to add up to 24 x $199 -- so even if you only kept the car 3 months, you owed them 21 more payments.

    I have only seen this one time.

    I have been using ALMOST exclusively Audi or VW Credit for my Audi leases -- for years and years. And, while I virtually always get out early from my leases (usually 3 - 6 months early), I have never had to pay such as you have been told -- and sometimes the lease has just been "cancelled" -- but then again, I was always trading in and trading up -- low milage highly desirable cars.

    Ask again, ask someone perhaps who has more experience -- and see if you can sell the car or have someone take over the lease or go to for more information.

  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I too was able to get out of a lease early through NMAC (Nissan), but it was a simple interest lease. My last car that i wanted out of early was not a simple interest lease. The bank wanted all the payments to end the lease as i was not going through the dealer to buy another car. I ended up going to a large used car retailer with the dealer buy-out in hand and sold the car to them for $1,500 more than I would have had to pay. While that was a good deal, the dealer then took over 90 days to pay off the buy-out, this required a lot of work on my part to keep the lender from marking up my credit. This was a low milage/desireable car in perfect condition, perhaps the only reason I was able to do this. The up-side is that the car is still on their lot as they got slammed with penalties over $2k and are completely upside down in the car.

    I just inquired through Audi/VW financial and found that they are not a retail lender, and will work only through dealers. The buy-outs are fixed and non-negotiable. I was trying to set up a deal for my step-father to buy my A6 at lease end. For AFS to sell the car to him, I had to provide a copy of my birth certificate and a copy of his marriage license to show the relationship. In the end he passed on the car and a co-worker bought it through the dealer (for Audi Advantage purposes). Dealer sold the car to him for my buy-out plus $500 for Certification.

    The dealer was always ready to help me out of my lease, assuming I was leasing again, but when I found my A8 and wanted to buy it, they couldn't help me out of the A6 lease due to too much time remaining(10 months early in a 36month lease) and I ended up keeping the car for the duration for my family to use when in town.

    I t was the same scenario, pay all the payments and turn the car in or pay all the payments and buy it for our contracted buy-out. Either way I was going to have to make all the payments.

    Look at your contract, check your fine print, ask a professional, if all else fails, find the owner of the dealer, and with the salesman who sold you the car, explain what he said to you and see what happens. Good luck.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I must admit my 2000 A6 was leased through a bank -- term 27 months. I bailed out of the car @ 17 months and 23,000 miles. I got Audi of America to make the first payment on the 2001 A6 (on an AFS 30 month lease, no money down and no sec dep). I walked out of the dealer with the new car with 29 payments to go.) I still got a discount on the new car -- and they did pay off the old car completely -- and I did not have any issues crop up later. This is not my first Audi Financial Services Lease and I have been able to bail out time and again -- but I have always been trading in and trading up to a newer Audi. On one of the leases I traded a 1995 S6 on a 1997 A8 followed by a 12 month lease on a 1999 A6 2.8. The '99 was traded in after 7 or 8 months on a 2000 A6 4.2, etc.

    I have no doubt about the "gotcha's" that have been disclosed in these posts. I have had exactly the same situation -- when I borrowed the money to buy a car -- not lease a car. I got upside down on a 60 month loan on a car (a Chrylser product of some sort) -- when the car pooped out before the payments, I found myself in a very painful $ituation.

    So I am a "fan" of leasing -- but I have not been "burned" -- ever.

    Best advice I could glean from all these posts -- read the contract. GM used to buy down the payments by inflating the residual, for example -- net effect, it was impossible ever to get out early as the value of the car was always way less than the payout. The payout only went away at the termination of the lease -- perhaps some of the same circumstances are in the contracts of AFS or the bank's.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    If Mendham (Morris County) works for you, I've been pleased with Audi of Mendham. Got two cars through Bonnie Manniello. She's very good to do business with. E-mail me if you want any more info.
  • antbartantbart Posts: 3
    I went to lease an A6 2.8 b/c of that special thats going on right now. BUT the problem is that the deal has been going on for about a month and most of the colors I want are not available.
    I'm not stupid and realize that the 2.7t is much better but I'm not sure about the price until I went to the dealership yesterday and was made an amazing offer.
    First of all, all the other dealerships that I have been to gave me a 39 mo lease price on the 2.7t for $578 w/ $1600 out of pocket, which was a bit too much for me. BUT yesterday someone offered me a 39 mo lease at $499 w/ $2000 out of pocket.
    The car includes premium package, bose stereo, col weather pkg.
    The msrp is $45,500.
    Can someone let me know what they think of this deal?
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I've read that the mileage is only 10K a year, and over mileage is a killer. Don't remember what it was, but check it out. IMHO, $2K out-of-pocket isn't great. My out-of-pocket was $100 through a credit union, with monthly lease amount approximate to STANDARD Audi Financial deal. Also '02 A6 should have some substantial improvements, and word on the street is A6 sales have slowed a lot. An alternate strategy might be to wait 4 or 5 months, and see what you can do on an '02. IMHO, it's more important to buy the car, than the price. From what I know, I'd be inclined to wait for the '02's. If that's a deal-breaker, then the offered lease IS pretty good, if you do low mileage.
  • dsumberadsumbera Posts: 8
    Picking up my new 2001 A6 2.7T this evening. Does anyone have any special tips for the break-in period?
  • antbartantbart Posts: 3
    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the lease mileage is 12K per yr.
    So thats $2000 out of pocket, $499 a mo for 39 mo.s on a 2.7t that was sticker priced at $45,500.

    Alright, another problem just came about, the Lexus dealer that I went to has just called me and said he can do a GS300 for the same price w/ 12k miles per yr.
    I test drove both of them and I think that they are both fantastic cars.
    Any suggestions and links to any sites that may compare the two.
  • antbartantbart Posts: 3
    The quote i recieved for the 2.7t was $42,212.00 and the msrp was $45,500.00.
    Invoice is $41,109.00, do you think I can do better than $1,100 over invoice?
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    what is your cap cost?
    what does this translate to in terms of invoice?
    what is your mf?
    I am assuming no security deposit and no acquisition fee?
    also do you own or lease an audi, presently?
    what state are you in?
    what shape is your credit in?

    from what I can tell you are over-paying. my goal would be $1000 over invoice with the base audi mf, which is believe is around .00139 for 2.7t (for the 4.2 it was .00153). You should decide if 12k mileage is reasonable as 15k will lower you residual by only 2%, which increase your payments by less than $20. If you really push the deal, $600 over invoice is probably doable as a recent poster got a 4.2t for $731 over invoice; however the difference between $600 and $1000 is only about $12 a month and I wouldn't loose sleep over such a difference. also I would make sure the color/option will suit you. the last point is probably a lot more important than some of the previous financial information.

    if you never leased before there is a lot of information you must consider, if you are patient the people on this board, the edmunds leasing forum and can answer almost every imaginable question you can have.
  • adam68adam68 Posts: 59
    Interested in purchasing a base A6 2.8 with
    celebration package. How much should I expect to pay? Is 33k out of line?

  • I saw your earlier post, regarding the inaccurate outside temperature gauge. I don't know where it is on the A6, as I have not yet had a reason to look for it on my car. But the sending units on most vehicles are usually bolted on somewhere low on the front end, possibly behind the air dam, or under it. Sooner or later, on all cars, they fail due to constant exposure to weather, or being struck by foreign objects. The sending unit is also usually a plug-in device. Once you find it, you should be able to just unbolt it from its mount with a socket wrench, carefully unplug it, and then replace it with a new unit. I don't know what Audi will charge for a new outside temp. sending unit, but these are simple little devices that usually don't cost more than $15-20 at the parts counter.
  • Audi is sending out postcards to current owners offering them a $1000 to purchase a new Audi, or no-money down leases, if they purchase or lease by Sept. 20. Obviously, they are trying to move the cars in a slow market, to clear the way for the 2002. I have seen quite a few A6 and A6 Avant w/celebration package here in NJ. I would probably determine the dealer's invoice cost, and offer him that amount, at least to start. You must might end up with the car.
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    Mine's dead accurate according to KGO, a local radio station I normally listen to when commuting to/from home. If they say 78, it's +78 on the dashboard. If they say 97, it's +97. If it's 41, it says +41. I HOPE they don't have my car bugged!

    The only time it's inaccurate is if the car has been sitting still in the heat for a long time. Then, it tends to overestimate the temperature until the car begins moving. Then, it rapidly closes on the real outside temperature.
  • Picked up my 2001 A6 4.2 this past Wednesday. Here are my impressions:

    -Luxury all the way
    -V8 is smooth and powerful
    -back seat leg room is better then my 1998 BMW 528i
    -control lights at night are cool and helpful
    -17 inch rims look great
    -car rides smooth
    -takes bumps well
    -manual gear shifting is fun
    -ming blue looks great
    -cannot believe I own a $53k car.

  • dianeb773dianeb773 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know if Audi is extending the $399.00 deal on the 2.8 through July?
  • eddie2224eddie2224 Posts: 21

    What is new for 2002 on the A6. I am considering getting the car if I can strike a good deal, but I hate when new options could have been mine for free. Plus, I am really bugged by the fact that I can't get xenons without getting the premium package.

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Suggest you check the attached URL for the Audi AG news release.

    Not all items and colors will come to U.S. However a few highlights include Bi-Xenons, tip on steering wheel, more colors, 3.0 to replace 2.8. and all the many "dynamic improvements" described. Best guess is around September, but early build may not incorporate all '02 features.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Chassis stiffness, unsprung weight on front end, Telematics, suspension changes -- and the list goes on.

    This is not a total redo of the A6, but this is a really big year for the A6. The previous years, by contrast have been evolutionary -- this one is closer to revolutionary (but it does fall short of that, however).

    I will wait, having a 6 month old 2001 A6 4.2 -- but what a difference a year makes! Hopefully even more changes when I order my 2003!

    If I could wait, I would. But the deals on some of the 2001 A6 2.7T's are very attractive -- but the content changes in the '02 might make me pause.
  • eddie2224eddie2224 Posts: 21
    I really appreciate the notice about the changes. Wow, it is a pretty extensive list. I noticed that ESP is going to be standard also. At an even I saw a demonstration of ESP in action and it was amazing. I think it is a "must have".

    Unless the dealer suddenly gives the car away, I will be lookning to next years model. thanks again!!

  • gabmattgabmatt Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I can't wait (need a car) for the '02 to come out and therefore trying to get the best possible deal on a 2001 A6 2.8 Quatro (w/ Celebration Pkge, Cold Weather & BOSE). How does this sound or should I continue to shop : 15k miles/ yr, Taxes in pymt (NY), $ 0 Down , .... $492/ mth ???
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    If I were given a car without ESP, I would take it and immediately trade it in on one that did, eddie2224.

    In fact, both my wife and I traded in perfectly good 2000 Audis (her a 2000 TT, me a 2000 A6 4.2 -- on a 2001 TT and a 2001 A6 4.2) after we went through the Audi Driving Experience in Austria last year.

    ESP is as much as a must have as seatbelts, airbags, side/ceiling airbags, dual braking systems and ABS -- in other words, the small financial hit we had to take for dumping out of our leases early (her $0.00 me less than $2,000 and Audi made the first payment anyway) was, in our judgement worth it -- 'cause when your dead or laid up from a car crash -- you can't spend it anyway.

    ESP is a must have feature -- so much so that I cannot imagine any argument NOT to get it.

    BTW -- ESP was standard on the 2001 Audi A6 2.7T and 4.2 (here in the US of A). For 2002 it is going to be on ALL A6's no matter how "humble."
  • eddie2224eddie2224 Posts: 21
    The deal I was offered in Chicago area was for

    A6 2.8 Quattro
    Celebration package
    cold weather package

    the MSRP was $39,300 and they offered it at $37,442. Stated a $21,222 residual after 39 months and a $450.98/month lease (but NOT including Illinois tax). This was for 15k miles per year. Upfront they wanted a $1,000 cap cost reduction (which I would have refused to pay).

    Take a look at the TMV calculator available on Edmunds and it would have shown an Invoice of $35,212 (incl destination charge) and a TMV of $36,530 (incl dest.). So, really, I needed to work their sale price down another $1,000+ before it was any good.

    I think you should really push them hard and go in armed with the TMV from Edmunds.

    Good Luck,
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