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Audi A6



  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    After 30,000 miles on a '00 2.7T w/tip, I can tell you that I would buy another one in the future. I haven't had any major problems at all, basically just "adjustments", i.e.-fixing driver's power window switch, fuel sender (recall on all Audis), replacing wiper blades, and just general service for oil changes. The most serious problem would have been fixing the climate control,last summer the air wasn't cold enough for my wife's satisfaction, the dealer made an adjustment and it worked fine.
    The vehicle has lots of get up and go, cruises nice at 100+mph, and the quattro system has worked well,especially here in MN. winters. Spacious trunk area, it is amazing what can be hauled in this car! The downsides are fairly poor gas mileage, 17-19 (in town), 21-23(highway), mandatory use of premium fuel and a slight restriction on the driver's right legroom. The space is fairly narrow, but it does make you feel like you are in a "cockpit". The driver's seating /legroom area does have a nice, secure,tight, "sports car" feel to driving the vehicle. No long dash or "peering" over the bonnet of a car like the Chrysler 300 for example.
    I haven't driven the '02A63.0 so I can't compare to the 2.7T, but if finances are an issue, I believe the 2.7T is $5,000 more. In '00, I paid $42,500 including most options except Nav, 6-disc (in trunk), warm weather pkg. I feel the Xenon lights and Bose option were important enough to pay extra for.I absolutely hate driving a car w/standard halogens after driving the Audi!
    If a fully equipped 3.0 is actually $5,000 less than a comparable 2.7T, I personally would lean towards the 3.0. They sound like very similar cars! I only bought the 2.7T in '00 because the 2.8 standard A6 (at the time) was such an "dog" in the performance area!
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I posted a comprehensive comparison a month or two ago, but can't find it. I've got an '01 2.7T and had an '02 3.0 as a loaner. The major differences are that the '01 2.7T still has significantly more power and more powerful (but more problematic) brakes. The '02 3.0 rides firmer and has better steering.

    However, we're coming up to the end of the model year. A left over '01 is basically a two-year-old car at this point. IMHO, the only way it would make sense is if it were below dealer invoice. Even then, I'd be very wary of any car that's been on a dealer's lot for two years and has 145 miles on the odo. I have to wonder why. I'd even check to make sure it was never titled.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    OK, as I've written before I had my A6 3.0 quattro on order for a couple of weeks. Want to check pricing that they came back with .

    2002 A6 3.0 quattro in Polar White with Convenience pkg; Premium pkg; Preferred Luxury pkg; Bose Premium Sound System and 16" Wine Glass Cast Alloy Wheels. MSRP is given at $42,375, was given price of $40,345.

    Good deal or not???

    Need to hear from all you great folks on this since I have to make several thousand dollars of cost over my company provided benefit out of my own pocket in a lump sum when I pick up the car. Also, how many miles should I expect and what discount can I get if car has been used as test driver, I personally drove it a couple times over last two months for 15-20 miles each time.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    What is the invoice on the car you've ordered? When you tell us that, then we'll be able to tell you whether or not it is a good deal.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    As we all know, the purchase price isn't all that's involved in the true cost of a vehicle. Check out the article and new tool at

    True Cost to Own (TCO): Revealing the Hidden Costs of Car Ownership


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  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    Invoice price is $38,422 and TMV is $40,788 per Edmunds. And I really don't have to worry about "TCO" as it's a company car and the company picks up everything but gasoline for length of use.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    I think you can do much better than that. The price you were quoted is still almost $2000 over invoice. I'd be willing to bet if you try hard enough, you can knock off at least another $1000 off the price. A6's (3.0's especially) aren't really in high demand right now.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    market conditions in Austin, TX vary greatly from those here in the NYC metro area.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • postnobillspostnobills Posts: 43
    FWIW, 2.7T's are going for $1000 over invoice in the metro DC area. Don't know if 3.0 prices would be any different, but I doubt they would be any higher since the dealers here have many more 3.0's on their lots than 2.7T's.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    Thanks for all the information, unfortunately I don't deal directly on this but will push agent as far as possible. Alternative to this will be TL-S if price can't get to down my threshhold.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I finally got the information on the 2003's two days ago -- and boy was I disappointed.

    For 2003 -- and I am speaking of the allroad in this case -- more colors become available, but when you order heated seats you only get front seats heated and no steering wheel heat. These may seem to be little things -- and in terms of money they are -- which baffles me and pisses me off. Why not say "rear seat heaters $150 -- and have a package deal that allows you to purchase seat heaters and steering wheel heaters, etc etc."

    So, I tried to order a 2002 -- na baby na -- too late. So IF I move forward with a 2003, I have to take less content. And the content was told to me too late to make a decision.

    Anyway the 2003's are the only ones able to be ordered. I suspect that as each day passes the window for ordering 02's is closing. But from another point of view, why would you order an 02 when you could get an 03 in the same time frame (approximately)? Even if the '03's MSRP is up a percent or two, the lease price on an 03 will be less than an 02 (residuals, you know).

    I am so miffed that Audi seems to be nickle and diming the customer. I mean for pity's sake if you are buying a car (the Audi Family) that generally ranges in price from $30,000 to $80,000 (the allroad would be $51,000) why would you care if the heated steering wheel was $50 more? I understand that. What I don't understand is the reduction in content as we move forward -- but the real crime, the real disservice is the removal of CHOICE! What the heck are they thinking?

    It ALMOST makes me want to shop another brand -- I said almost.


    PS -- the 2003 TT will have an automatic transmission (180HP version only) available too!

    PS2 -- the 2003 A6 Avant will offer a 2.7T for the first time.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Sorry Mark, I can understand why that's disappointing to you. And yes, it is hard to understand why, when in Germany (and elsewhere) you can get Audi's with just about any option, color or material you can fanaticize about. With engine and drivetrains there are legitimate arguments about trying to recoup certification costs, but heated steering wheels?!?! Do you ever get the impression that the AoA division of VWoA is still understaffed?
  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    We got an A6 with same specs 6 months ago and paid $41k in Houston. We didn't bargain as hard as possible but I thought it was a decent price, especially compared to competition. Also the '02s were just out and it was hard to compare. The car drives great and we have had no problems.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Did you pay $41,000 for the 2.7 T or the standard A63.0? I paid $42,500 in '00 for the 2.7T w/all options except Nav, warm weather pkg.,6-disc in trunk and rear window shade.
  • cncarlsoncncarlson Posts: 26
    My .02 on your delimma, My first Audi a 99 1.8T Q 5-speed, was one of those that sat on the lot for a long time, got a great deal on price, but had a number of bizarre issues with it over the life of the car (just traded in for a A6 3.0CVT). I would say bewarry of an "old" new car, for some reason sitting around is not good for Audi's. When trying to investigate why my particular A4 was having all these problems, the most likely reason we (the Audi dealer folks, service and dealer owner) could come up with was that it sat for so long, or was perhaps a show car. Based on my experience I would go for the newer car. If something has sat that long there is usually a reason.
  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    $41k was for the 3.0q. We may have looked at the 2.7t but the 2002s were not out at the time.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    I think CNCARLSON is right. My second Audi was a "leftover" when I got it, and it had some bizarre problems that the dealer couldn't fix, or figure out how such anomalies came about. Sure, I got it at a very good price, but the experience was not very pleasant, to say the least. Nothing safety related, but just petty recurring annoyances. I hope everyone else had a more pleasurable time with their new cars. Mario
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 91
    The A6 4.2 that I ordered was due in mid-June, supposedly awaiting the availability of OnStar Telematics. The car arrived today (May 8), and I will pick up on May 18 (going to be out of the country for the intervening week). The car came with OnStar installed and working. However, the Audi phone (a Motorola V60 with a special circuit that links its voice activation into the car's system) is not yet available. With the fat sports package tires (255/40/17), the fender bulges, and the exposed twin pipes coming out the back, it's a rather mean looking car for a sedan.

    A few questions: (1) The dealer doesn't know when the phone will be available. Has anyone heard? (2) One of the reasons I picked the beige interior was the light Sycamore wood trim. This car has the dark burled walnut, which looks almost black in low light. This is not what the catalog said it would have, and the dealer says this is the first beige interior he's seen with the walnut. He's investigating swapping the trim. Has anyone had this done? Is it likely to create interior rattles from pulling off door and dash panels to remove the current trim? (3) Most recent sport packages have had the new Dunlop 9000S tires, which are supposed to be particularly good in rain. My car has the earlier ContiContactSports, which Tire Rack user surveys say are noisy, wear quickly, and don't stick in the rain. Anyone have any comparative experience between these two tires? I'm putting SSR semi-solid forged wheels on as summer wheels and would have a good opportunity to switch the tires if it's worth it. (I'd probably go to Bridgestone S-03 Pole Positions . . . Tire Rack's top-rated max performance tire.)
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to your questions, or first-hand experience with any of these issues. I also prefer the lighter wood in my car. IMHO, I think I'd personally be happier having it swapped out, though I guess you might run the risk of loosening up something that might take a bit to get fitted properly again.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    (1)The Motorola V60 phone should be available Sept./Oct. '02 I 've heard from my sources.
    (2)Changing out the door/dash panels is a nightmare.I had it done on my '89 Audi 100 to facilitate a 12-disc cd player in the trunk. The panels had to be taken out and then re-installed after the CD/speakers/amplifier were wired up.They never fitted properly,I did have rattles and parts of the interior were never aligned correctly.Those panels were not made to come out again,IMO.This is why it is so devastating to have an auto accident where the interior is damaged (on these cars). The Audi Dealer lists 1 or 2 body shops that have enough experience to deal w/complexities of the Audi!
    (3)As far as tires, one of the main reasons I went w/2.7T was because of the summer/winter tire changeover on the A64.2. I just didn't want to deal w/storing/changing tires. All I can tell you is that the Conti's on the 2.7T seem to be okay for the "average" driver.I'm sure the tires you are looking at will greatly outperform the Conti's. The Conti's are quiet at all speeds,however.
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    Interesting. I didn't think the beige interior (formerly called melange) came with any other wood than the sycamore (used to be called Vavona).

    I note in the 2002 brochure that Audi seems to have moved away from their Atmospheres shtick that was such a big deal in '98 and '99. Now it's just beige, etc., and sycamore.
  • morphiemorphie Posts: 94
    I have about 30,000 miles experience with the Continentals; they were not noisy and were quite adequate in the rain. I have not used the Dunlops, so I have no basis for comparison.

    I currently use Michelins, exclusively (winter tires, also). The reason is quite pragmatic: I was tired of defective rubber from several manufacturers. I asked the Tire Rack consultants which brand had the lowest defect/warranty rates; the answer was "Michelin", by a wide margin. I realize that his may offend some who are looking for the ultimate in performance; I used to be of that mind set. However, I find the Pilots and Arctic-Alpins fully satisfactory.

    Being north of "40", I must be getting old.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 91
    I appreciate the answers to my questions. Looks like I'll have a wait for the phone. I think I'll just live with the walnut trim (although I find it a bit insulting that Audi assumes a customer who special orders a fairly expensive car would view things like trim colors with indifference). As for the tires . . . I'll run the Contis until the winter tire changeover and use my experience with them to decide what to do next spring. Hope everyone keeps the chat going here -- this board's usually very helpful and somewhat more user-friendly than the site (although for deep diving into technical issues it can be helpful). Can't wait until the 18th to pick up the car.
  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    I picked up my new S6 on Saturday at the brand new showroom of My Import Center in Muskegon, Michigan. Very state-of-the-art and teriffic staff. Ask for Debra Racey. They have Toyota, Suburu, Nissan, Volkswagen and Audi. Awesome showroom and fabulous service department. If you live anywhere in Michigan, Chicagoland, Northwestern Ohio or Northern Indiana, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.
  • I have a question... I live in North Carolina (not much snow) and am considering purchasing (or leasing) an A6. The Audi dealer has shown me both a A6 3.0 CVT and a A6 3.0 Quattro. The list on the CVT is $37845 and they have given me a price of $35,000... The Quattro list is $40,225 and they have give me a price of 38,450. What do you all think of the prices and which car should I consider? There is a lease deal right now where they will give me $2000 for my 1988 300E and I would pay $415 a month for 48 months on the CVT and $429 a month on the Quattro.

  • andys3andys3 Posts: 20
    Word on the street (here in Denver) is that the RS6 (an A6 with a twin-turbocharged V8 making 450 HP) will be available in the US as a 2003 model. Anyone have any details re price or dates?
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Andy, I don't know if you also visit AudiWorld where there was quite a bit of discussion in the last couple of months about the RS6. Best guess on price is around $80K. It will be a very limited production run. If I recall there are less than 1,000 cars coming to the USA in two increments. Suggest you visit the A6 board at AudiWorld and do a search for posts using RS6. One particularly knowledgeable poster with normally good information is April. I'd tend to accept the accuracy of her statements unless proven otherwise.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have no problem with anyone who wants to accumulate 6 figures worth of miles on their cars. Since I drive less than 20,000 miles per year (which means it would take me almost 6 years to get to 100,000+ miles), however, I think I would want the newest, latest, greatest (?) technology, engine, features, doo-dads, suspension upgrades, stereo and nav system options, brake technologies, tire wheel combinations, electronic assists and safety features, etc. and I don't want to wait that long.

    So, I do indeed want a very reliable car and I would like the "peace of mind" that knowing the car will go 150,000 without a major overhaul -- but, for now, I want a new car every other model year (or two at most).

    My buddy's Honda or Acura (fraternal twin car) is a 1995 or 1996 with six figures of miles on it. It seems to run ok, but that is its only redeeming quality. It does not ride well, is not particularly a good performer, the stereo sucks, the tires roar and the transmission (auto) shifts so hard it causes whiplash. But the car is to the nines reliable -- I'll grant it that.

    I would be bored to tears with it. I'd pay to get rid of it.

    My wife has a button (the kind you may wear on your lapel) it says "life is too short to drink boring beer" (or words to that effect). Life is too short to drive boring cars -- I don't care how long they last. If they bore, I've wasted more than money, I've wasted my life.

    BTW, my friend with the 8 year old Acura, thinks cars are necessary evils, cost too much and wishes, I am certain, that we had public transportation exclusively. He thinks I am nuts to get rid of a 33K 2001 Audi A6 4.2 for a 2003 allroad.

    Takes all kinds. . . which is my way of saying, MY way is right for ME, maybe, maybe not for you.

    P.S. I drove a 2002 A4 2.5 turbo diesel quattro with all the toys and a 6spd manual -- I don't know if it would get into the MB bragging rights hall of fame class for longentivity -- BUT, it would be a great car, and I'd get one if they were imported to our side of the pond.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    In N. Carolina I would probably pick the CVT. Better gas economy and a little less price per month. Here in St. Paul,MN., nobody buys the front-trak models, for obvious reasons.
    I would make sure I'm happy w/ the "quirks" of the CVT, (I haven't driven one), I've heard there is a "sluggishness or lag" off the line.
    Just for kicks, before signing I would check out the lease on the 2.7T. Much more get up and go!!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    I mentioned a while ago that while driving my mother's A6 3.0Q, I felt the steering was way overboosted. My Dad's Infiniti QX4 seems to have a better on center feel. Is there a way to correct this problem? Or is this "just the way they all are?"

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

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