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Dodge Intrepid



  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    your christine experience pales in comparison to
    assmans post! seems to me that christine would
    have only been at the dealership a couple times if
    it weren't for the continual misdiagnosis of bad

    anyway, a laundry list like the one assman posted
    is always interesting to read. but certain things
    always jump out. like me, don't you wonder what he
    meant by "developed structural damage"?

    as for wondering why someone would waste their
    time making up this crap; you are kidding, right?
    there is one particular person that has frequented
    this and every other intrepid topic under several
    aliases, a few of which have been banned from
    townhall. he continues to spout off info that isn't
    true. he even sends email to me using one of
    those fake email addresses that you can't reply to.
    talk about needing a life!! or at least more
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Emale.. Yes...

    FastDriver.. Emale's story is correct. More's the pity, I suppose..
  • pobrepobre Posts: 3
    Hello all...I have been reading these posts now for a couple of months and have come to my own conclusions. I am a proud new owner of a 2000 Intrepid ES with all of the possible options. The deal was too good to pass up, especially with the 0% financing. Obviously, it was a leftover and the dealer had already put about 2k miles on it, but I didn't really mind. (for an extra $10 month, I extended the warranty to 5 years/60k miles). Originally, I was looking for a 2000 R/T but the ones that were left did not have half the options the ES has. Also, I was trying to be patient and wait on a 2001 R/T but I know I would have probably paid at least 5k more without the incentives and with the similar options on the ES.

    A little wife and I also own a '95 Jeep Wrangler & '96 VW Golf. With my "prego" wife getting bigger daily, we needed a larger vehicle. Since the 2 cars are sticks and she can barely engage the clutches, an automatic was a necessity. I originally wanted an SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder), but were out of my price range for now. (became 1st time homebuyer in Sept). Then did some research on a couple of 6 cylinder sedans costing < $30k fully-loaded...Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima, VW Passat, Pontiac Grand Prix, Chrysler Concorde, Trep. (Did not go with any Fords/Chevys... I hate to take sides between my Ford/Chevy friends ;) Their available models didn't impress me anyways.

    Based on performance and looks, I narrowed it down to the Maxima, Passat, Grand Prix, Concorde, & the Trep. Couldn't see why I should spend $5k more on basically the same left was the Grand Prix, Concorde, & Trep. Like the roominess and trunk space in the Concorde & Trep better for (child seat, stroller, econosize packages of diapers...) So went to all the local Chrysler & Dodge dealers and found the exact one with all the options I wanted. CHA CHING! Bought our silver ES last Saturday and the future looks bright.

    So far, my wife and I love it and have had no problems (knocking on wood). We don't mind the road noise at all. (I don't think there are any cars as loud as a soft-top jeep!) She likes having an automatic, and the autostick compensates for my performance needs.

    Looking forward to reading more of this thread...

    BTW...didn't trade anything in. I am a Jeeper and the Golf gets great MPH.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    have fun with the trep, rod! is this the first child?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I went back an re-read that message. I guess you're right. It does seem like an awful lot of things that have gone wrong for only 39,000 miles. As for that structural integrity damage- maybe it rusted out? I assume he's from Canada since he mentions kilometers. Maybe they use a lot of salt on the roads up there and he doesn't wash the underbody? It is worse then Christine! LOL....I have 32,000+ miles now. Looks like she'll be going BEFORE the lease ends in June. Don't want her when she reaches 36,000 miles with no warranty.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i don't think i've ever seen a rusted out intrepid...and i live in the northern plains where salt and sand rule in the winter time!

    hey, how long was your lease? 3yr/36k. will you get dinged for turning the car in early?
  • I think it´s about time for fastdriver to make an early return of his 300M,too much against the car already.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Lease was for 3 years, 45,000 miles! Too bad they don't extend the warranty for the extra miles. No penalities for early return. I have the other lease option. Forget what it's called, but the car is in my name and I pay the property taxes myself. All I have to do is pay the remaining payments from now until May. No payment for June.

    Yes, copperhead1, unlike you, Christine has been the WORST car that I have ever owned.

  • pobrepobre Posts: 3
    Yep. This will be our 1st child. Also, the 1st amongst our close niche of friends, 1st grandchild for our parents, & 1st great grandchild
    for our grandparents. Friends & relatives are going to spoil this kid rotten.
  • davidudavidu Posts: 40
    I've now got about 23,000 on my loaded 99 ES and I absolutely love it. It's been a great car with only a few very minor problems.

    I still like mine just as much today as when I got it over 18 months ago!!
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    Hey gang,

    I just made a decision that's going to have a big impact on my Intrepid's projected lifespan. I quit delivering pizzas on Saturday nite. So now my average miles per year should drop from around 30K+ to around 12-13K.

    It's a relief, too, because I was already tbinking about on what car I might get to replace the Intrepid. I planned on trading in at just under 100K miles, when the extended warranty runs out. I'm just over 32K miles now.

    Pobre, I'm sure you'll love your ES. Mine is a base model, and suits me fine. I could use a bit more power, and wish I had a power seat (I'm tall and need the legroom), but other than that I'm happy with it. Just curious, what did you think of the Grand Prix? I kind of like them too, but never looked at one seriously. For less than the sticker on the base Intrepid (I have trouble calling the '01's "SE", because that's traditionally a top-line luxury badge) it looks like the base Grand Prix (also the "SE") had ABS and alloy rims, and a larger (but lower hp) 3.4 engine. I bought my Y2K Intrepid one day when we went to the dealer's service center to pick up my uncle's truck. They started talking numbers on the Intrepid that sounded too good to be true, so I jumped on it.

    It's been a great car so far...and hopefully it will continue to be.

  • Since everyone likes to complain, I thought I would complement my dealer, Bob Caldwell here in Columbus. What they thought was a throttle body valve turned into a complete, new tranny, since I had the car for only 500 miles. They went to bat for me with the zone, and made it happen.

    Anyways, the symptoms were when the car was cold, the first time I shifted into drive, it would coast in drive, but when you gave it gas, it would act like it was in neutral. Only did it once. The service manager diagnosed the throttle body valve, but the tech who fixed the car said it diagnosed as a bad transmission pump. They replaced that, but it still did the same thing, so they decided to replace the entire unit.

    All I can say is it shifts better, and no problems. I really, really missed my R/T, it is a terrific car, especially with the discounts this fall.
  • anyone have trouble with the interior plastic piece located just aft of the exterior side mirrors breaking off? my passenger side did last weekend.

    been a while since i've checked in. no other problems to report. just rolled over 7K miles.
  • A dealer that offers good after sale service is hard to find, your lucky.
    I was under the impression that Chrysler had cured the transmission problems on the new flock, might just be too good to be true.
    I was told by my dealer they also cured the paint problems, from what I can determine my Intrepid is not the only one (three years old) with the peeling / flaking / rusting problem.
    I don't intend to spend alot of time attempting to obtain any compensation from Chrysler, I will probably just unload it and let my memory record been there, done that, learned my lesson, and move on.
  • Yea, this problem did not seem to fit the normal symptons that their more common problems in the past. It did not ever go into safe mode (lock in 2nd gear), nor have any drivability problems. It was just that issue that came up twice, and only when the car first started and it was cold.

    I ran into the tranny tech who fixed it when he was getting coffee. He said it diagnosed as a bad tranny pump, replaced it, and it still had the same problem. He thought it may be a bad case, so I got a new tranny. He also told me they have had much fewer problems with the redesign in 98, in fact, he has only rebuilt four of the 98 & newers, mine was the first 2000 he did.

    If it makes anyone think differently, my friend's mother had the tranny in her 98 Lexus 300 replaced when it was brand new as well. Happens occasionally, I guess.

    I really missed the car. It was disconcerting, but time will tell. It is a great car to drive.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Quote: "I quit delivering pizzas on Saturday Night." Does that mean you no longer deliever pizzas as of Sat night, or that you do deliver on the other nights but no longer on Sat night?

    Just harassing you :)
  • ekentekent Posts: 4
    FYI, the plant that makes Intrepid's is but one that has been "temporarily shutdown" due to sluggish sales.
    This could not have come at a worse time since I am shopping around for a deal on a 2001 Intrepid R/T. Dealers are now stating that they cannot deal on a car that is not being made, at least temporarily. I have to order the car anyway, it just might take a little longer. The demand has not changed, just the supply and R/Ts were not in high demand in my area to begin with. My price has not and will not change. I may just have to go with another car brand if the Dodge dealers don't come around; so much for staying a Dodge buyer!

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    They might be doing you a favor in the long run.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    one of the rules of leasing in my book is, "never lease a vehicle for longer than its warranty"! shame on you! i can't even imagine how pissed off i'd be if i had to pay for a replaced tranny, or something just as expensive, in a car i was renting...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I only leased the 300 for 3 years. I took the 15,000 miles a year just in case I went over the 12,000 a year. WHO was EVER thinking about quality? I never had a car where something went wrong AFTER the basic warranty. I usually lease for 3 years, except for my 90 Riv which was for 4 years.

  • Guess that makes the Intrepid R/T even more

    I'd suggest going for the ES then, there's plenty of those around. :)
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    still, no matter what you lease, you are taking a chance by leasing past the warranty period, supposed quality or not...
  • ekentekent Posts: 4
    2001 SE, ES, or R/T Intrepids are not being made at the present time. Yes, there are plenty of ES models laying around, but none in Deep Sapphire Blue with Sandstone interior, let alone with the right combo of options. If I am to spend $20k on a vehicle, I plan on getting exactly what I want. I was just interested in hearing if anyone else had run into the temporary shutdown snag yet themselves.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Can't your dealer do a computer search for you and see if any other dealers in the area have what you're looking for?

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    why don't you just order the car...that way you get what you want, for the most part...
  • Turned over 40k on the 99 intrepid. All has gone pretty well except for a few problems that have been fixed by the quality (not) dealer service.

    We are going to trade the Tahoe in on a Durango. Anyone driven one? I think they drive better than any other sport utility on the market. Has anyone had a funny smell come from the a/c on the Intrepid?
  • davidudavidu Posts: 40
    Still love my 99 Intrepid, too. My wife and I drove a Durango RT a few weeks back to cash in on a $50 test drive coupon good for Dodge accessories or service.

    We drove a 2001 RT and an SLT, and decided the RT package wasn't really worth the extra $1,200 or so. Overall, we were very impressed- quiet, comfortable, lots of great features and big but not too big. From recent rental experience, I can attest to the fact that it does great on serious off road stuff as well.

    In the end, we decided to hang on to our paid-for 94 Explorer, and used the $50 to buy a Mopar custom fit trunk tray/liner for the Intrepid!!

  • Your five star dealer with the help of tsb 241197 should be able to cure the a/c odor problem.
  • Yep, I occasionally get that bad smell when going from A/C to heat and during my travels(12k-2000 R/T). It's some kind of bacteria buildup in the a/c baffles. I sprayed some Lysol in the intake and it killed it for the time being. My '96 ford truck has this problem too...the condensate pan doesn't fully drain and grows little colonies of the bad smelly stuff. You just have to make sure the a/c drains well in the summer time or it gets really bad....eck. :(
  • A Lysol can will stop that smell.
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