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  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    marsha7 (bob),

    there are a couple tsbs recently out about poor a/c performance. you can look check em out at this link.

    mention these to your service tech when you take the car in for service...
  • x1262x1262 Member Posts: 7
    DC IS OUT. My third and last Dodge product. Same
    old story substandard quality. One of the reasons
    I remained hooked was the dismal tradein value.
    No other dealer wants one of those on their lot,
    but next time (in about 15 months) my 00 Intrepid
    (both year and value = 00) will be gone and good
    riddance to the shake rattle and roll.
  • 20222022 Member Posts: 3
    Hey gang! Just bought a new 2000 r/t. Love this car! Quality of workmanship is excellent and absolutely no rattles, car feels real solid. I got the new Black, wow, it really makes this car look AWESOME!
  • coachditkacoachditka Member Posts: 11
    For some reason, the brakes on my 99 have been sounding funny lately. Not squealing, but it sounds like the caliper might be sticking. Being the manly man that i am, i decided to have a look see for myself. I have done brake jobs before, but this one took the blue ribbon. I carefully studied my haynes manual before doing anything. What the book failed to tell me was to watch out for the clips on the top and bottom of the caliper. They popped off before i saw their position.

    Anyway...after some mild profanity and cut fingers, i managed to put the caliper back on. Next time I will pay to have it looked at. Besides, it's still under warranty. The calipers are covered, but not the pads. I am going with Bendix or Performance Friction. Any imput? GO BEARS!
  • 2000rt12000rt1 Member Posts: 8
    Welcome to the family of R/T owners. You own
    one of five thousand model year 2000 Intrepid R/Ts. Have you checked out the Town Hall
    section for Intrepid R/T enthusiasts ?? Also
    Check out
  • 2000trep2000trep Member Posts: 30
    I smell a rat!
  • fritofrito Member Posts: 70
  • 2000trep2000trep Member Posts: 30
    What kind of problems are you having with your 2000 Intrepid?
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    I too would like to know the specifics of your troubles with the 2000 'Trepid. I have a '99 ES and so far have found it a joy to own and drive. I have found no manufacturing defects, no misfitted panels, no harshness, no pulling, no vibration, no weird handling characteristics. Maybe I'm not discriminating enough, but I like it a lot.
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    Thank you for the link, I found some bulletins listing the A/C problems. Is there any way we can pull up the actual bulletin and read it, or do we just go to the dealer and ask for bulleting number 234567?
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    i don't know of any way you can pull up the entire bulletin on the internet. you could write down the numbers or print out what the nhtsa site has and take it to your dealer. obviously they can look up the entire bulletin.
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    I swear that you and fastdriver must sit and wait for me to post, as your (welcome) responses usually appear in less than a half hour. :)
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    let us know what you find out about your a/c...
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,543
    Hey gang,

    Well, fate finally got me, and my Intrepid got broken into at 6 Flags America in Maryland. Luckilly, we got back to the car just as they were still messing with it, or it could have been a lot worse. At least they didn't get a chance to get in the car. They took off, but we got pictures of them w/ a digital camera and the police took fingerprints. They pulled the whole door handle assembly loose on the passenger door, but thankfully it doesn't look like any major damage. In fact, it looks like I could just push the assembly back in and it would clip into place, although it looks like a piece broke off in the back. Anybody else out there had their Intrepids broken into yet? I'm kind of curious if they're that hard to steal, or if they're a very hot item among thieves. I'm taking it to the shop tonite to see how much it will cost to fix.

  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    Too bad you weren't carrying your phaser set to kill; that would have made them think twice about doing it again; if Scotty had been in orbit above, you could have humanely beamed them to the moon and let the vacuum kill them instead. So much for MY compassionate conservatism :)
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    I will certainly keep you informed. Thanks again.
  • nelson33nelson33 Member Posts: 100
    Have not been here in a while. Glad to see the forum still up and running. Sorry to hear about your car. Its unfortunate. It's probably best that there was no confrontation with the "Rif Raf". You never know what can happen. To the professional, I can only imagine that no car is difficult to steal. Things like clubs, key chips, and clubs merely slow them down. At least you got there in time to scare them off. They could have entered the car and damaged your steering column, assuming their intent was to steal the car. Let me know if the cops are able to apprehend them.

    My 99 DI ES is running great. 12.5K miles and no problems. I'm driving the car a little more aggresively (ie faster) and it really inspires confidence for a full-size car. The only thing I've noticed is that the car is somewhat reluctant to downshift when I want to pass, let's say from a cruising speed of approx. 40mph. It will just stay in the gear that it's in (which I believe is 3rd) and accelerate from there. I have to observe the behavior a little more and get more information (what gear, how many rpms, etc) to decide if it's a problem or not. Anyway people, enjoy your wheels.
  • x1262x1262 Member Posts: 7
    Problems regarding the 2000 Intrepid, approx 9 months old.
    The day I picked the car up from the garage there was a vibration from the front at speeds 50-60. As usual the dealer blamed the tires, but to keep this short between the dealer and the tire shop eventually they found the fault to be in a faulty wheel, replaced on warranty.
    Next problem windshield motor decided to retire at a very awkward time.
    Rattle appeared in steering column area, on rough service roads there is a constant noise and slight vibration. Garage has worked on this three times, no improvement and now I have a broken /scratched dash panel from repair attempts.
    Next problem trunk release failed, could not be opened, complete assy replaced.
    Next, it was there in the beginning but not noticed, the rear seat material has a flaw in the stitching it comes apart with very little pressure. New cover was installed and of course the color doesn't match. Dealer states it is impossible to match exactly as there is a slight color difference in each batch run. I'm not sure if I will live with that or ask for the front and rear seat back be done also so all will match.
    Next fuel leak, gas fumes inside car, problem repaired quickly apparently its something the garage was very familiar with.
    Next , for the last three weeks the trans is going into the limp mode, no faults are appearing when checked by the dealer. From the first the trans is slow to shift into fwd after being in reverse. I have become accustomed to this now and give it time to catch up before giving it gas. At first I had a few jerky starts, sure gets attention in a parking lot.
    Next brake pads / shoes , rotors, and rear drums replaced at a very early age. This was an attempt to eliminate break squealing, vibration. The squealing is alot better but it still very evident especially in reverse.
    In general the fit and finish is substandard. Body panels gaps are too large and uneven ie the gap on right side of hood is much larger than that on the right. Plastic body parts don't match the color of the metal ones. Maybe I am too fussy but Dodge has had plenty of time with this model to iron out the bugs. From my point of view they have done nothing except for a few cosmetic changes. The body style is getting outdated and the car just does not meet the quality of others in its price range. I am disappointed with the car, the dealer has given excellent service, but the car should have been put together better at the factory, its too late for that type of thing after the sale is made.
  • dc13dc13 Member Posts: 23
    Sorry to hear about the problems with your Intrepid, the problems you mention are all too typical. You are very lucky to have a good dealer my experience with the Dodge boys indicate they are programmed only to sell.
    The only good thing about the overall picture is the sales of the infamous Decrepits are decreasing at an alarming rate, the sales figures for june are -16% less than May they were merely able to break the 10,00o mark even with the major rebate/ low interest rate program.
  • srobsrob Member Posts: 2
    I'm new at this so be patient. My 1999 Intrepid
    left interior push light bulb has blown. Does
    anyone know if this is a big deal to replace?
    Will Dodge try to rip me off to replace the bulb?
  • Jason5Jason5 Member Posts: 440
    Emale... Been out for a few days. The dealer ordered a replacement 4 disc CD player for me. None were available in inventory at the moment. And that, as they say, is that. It still works but will occasionally skip severely on two of my favorite CD's.. Perhaps it's a music critic in disguise? I have to chuckle about this because I had the CD player (single disc) in my 96' Montero replaced twice for the same problem. Care to wager who sources Chrysler's stereo's? Yup...Mitsubishi... Looks like our "friend" is back, in several guises.
    Andre. Sorry to hear about the attempted theft of your Intrepid. Good work with the digital camera and police fingerprinting. I'm forced to wonder what they thought they were doing? Especially with the Sentry Key option!
  • bogidubogidu Member Posts: 2
    If you don't mind me asking, what is your source for the production numbers? I've been looking all over and can't seem to find them.
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40
    Seems awfully quiet in here!! Man, take a few days away from lurking at the 300M board and almost 200 posts to read!!

    Just got back from a 1,400 mile road trip during which my 99 Intrepid ES turned 20,000 miles, so I figured some impressions are in order. Having now owned a new vehicle from each of the "big three" within the last three years (97 Explorer XLT, 98 Grand Prix GTP Coupe)I can say in my experience this is one of the best cars I've ever owned, possibly with the exception (believe it or not), of a 1990 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo.

    Although I certainly wish it had the power of that GTP Coupe, my Intrepid is comfortable, roomy and perfect for the long road trips I purchased it for. On this last trip, I managed 85 mph for about three hours through central and eastern Montana, and still ended up making 26 mpg. The car is confidence-inspiring, rock solid and completely vibration free at that speed- whoever balanced my tires at the factory should be given a HUGE bonus. To date, absolutely no problems at all, with the exception of a no-charge installation of a redesigned differential vent tube. On top of all that, the car still gets compliments on its looks despite the base model's apparent availability at every car rental location in the country!

    It was interesting to note how much more powerful it felt at a lower altitude. This past trip was the first time this car's been driven much below 5,000 feet in elevation, and the power increase at 800 feet elevation is remarkable.

    Anyway, for those of you considering this vehicle, I'd recommend it without hesitation!!
  • adf1adf1 Member Posts: 20
    It's really great to see the gang is still up & running! Since my 98 ES 3.2 has reached the "ditant age" of 32K miles (and unlike some postings, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!!) It's time to change both tires & air filter. I read in the past some suggestions/recommendation in this forum, but don't seem to find it now. Please help??
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40

    I don't know how or where you drive your Intrepid, but if you're looking for a higher performance all season tire than the Eagle GA's that come with the ES, I'd suggest you look at the new Michelin Pilot XGT V4 or Z4.

    My parents have a 99 non-PHP 300M, that originally came with Eagle LS's, and they had the same vibration problem talked about so much in the 300M forum. Four months ago, the OEM tires were replaced with the Michelins Z4 - what a differenceð
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40
    Lost my ISP just after I hit "post" on number 29.

    Anyway, ADF, I've driven my parents' 300M several hundred miles before and after they made the switch to the 17" Michelin Pilot Z4's. I felt they were much quieter with better handling compared the Eagles. They've got a pretty stiff sidewall (which looks awesome), so they tend to be somewhat harsh over expansion joints and the like, and they are kind of expensive, but it really made the car handle better. I can't wait for my Eagle GA's to wear out so I can get a set.

    From personal experience, I've had several sets of BF Goodrich Comp TA VR4's I've been happy with. The tread and sidewall design is somewhat dated, but they are relatively inexpensive, fairly quiet, and offer a great compromise between snow, wet and dry traction.

    Good luck with your search...
  • fluidfluid Member Posts: 5
    adf1 - I replaced my stock air cleaner/front resonator with a K&N conical filter 1000 miles ago, and am glad I did. It was a simple job requiring only hand tools, costs around $60, and the result is more throttle response above 3000 rpm with virtually no additional noise. It has a 'custom' performance look but not a 'boy racer' one. I can post the method again if desired.

    Most dyno tests of the drop-in K&N filter for the stock air box show no significant hp gains. Some drivers report 'feeling' a gain, others do not. The surface area is really too small for the cfm of the engine; a conical element has much more surface area and thus is much less restrictive.

    Jay T
    00 IR ES
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40
    Jay- I'd be interested in knowing how you did that. Please post the method again.

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,543
    Hey gang,

    Well, I dropped my Intrepid off at the bodyshop today to have my door handle fixed. In the meantime I'm driving my grandmother's battlecruiser 1985 LeSabre...not the best handler in the world, but man can you stretch out on that crushed velour sofa they call a front seat!

    Jason5, what is the Sentry Key option? My Intrepid is a base model w/ no options, so would it have it?

    Interestingly, the Intrepid hit the 20,000 mile mark on the way home from its attempted break-in at 6-Flags America (see my post #17 if you need a recap), so the event was less-than-memorable. Still, I can't complain. Nothing has broken on the car yet. At least nothing that was the car's fault. I've gotten a flat tire, a dent in the front-end, and a dent in the rear-end (from backing into a snow bank, I'm ashamed to say), and a few parking lot dings. The tranny still refuses to shift into reverse every once in a while.

    Most of what IS wrong with this car, I attribute to the way they build 'em nowadays. Someone else mentioned that the paint on the plastic doesn't match the paint on the metal. Mine has this problem, too, but I've noticed that a lot of cars are like this. I saw a gold Maxima out in the parking lot with the same problem. I've noticed it more on lighter colors than dark, but it's a problem not unique to just the Intrepid. Kind of makes me wonder how they got the paint to match on the plastic and metal parts of my grandmother's 1985 LeSabre, though.

    Also, the bumpers are too easily bumpers have more damage in 20,000 miles than her LeSabre in 150,000 miles (or my 1968 Dart in 337,000 miles, for that matter!), but again, they're all plastic nowadays, so I guess it just goes with the territory.

    Well, I better get back to work now...I'll keep y'all posted on the bodyshop progress, and if the police ever catch the punks that tried to break into it.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,543
    Hey gang,

    check out this link...

    It lists auto sales volume for the month of June 2000, YTD 2000, June 1999, and YTD 1999. Indeed, Intrepid is down somewhat, 10,224 units for June 2000. I forget what May's figure was, but I think it was around 15,000 units. Intrepid is still up for the year, though.
  • nelson33nelson33 Member Posts: 100
    I was always searching for automotive sales figures on the web but for some reason never succesful. I bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks!
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    hey jason,

    i've been out and about too. just got back from a long weekend out of town. trep made an incredible 27 mpg average, most of the time going 75 to 80 mph on the interstate! granted winds were light but i'm completely satisfied with the fuel mileage this big beast gets! everything on the car working a-okay. well, it's off to wyoming, hopefully northworst will be on time?!
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40
    Emale- If you're headed to the Northwest part of Wyoming, give a buzz and I'll fill you in on all the exciting things going in our corner of the Cowboy State.

  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    actually headed to - green river - of all places! flying into salt lake and grabbing a rental car. don't know if i'm gonna make it up to the northwest part of the state. anything real exciting that i shouldn't miss?
  • homer61388homer61388 Member Posts: 54
    I really don't see what the big fuss is about the RT. It's nice but it seems like a base intrepid with bigger wheels and a bigger engine. I mean no leather, traction control, 240 watt sound system come on! The ES seems to me like a better buy. If you spend 26 grand for a fully loaded ES than how come you spend nearly the same amount and don't the amenities of the ES? I went to a dodge lot and I wasn't excited neither was my dad. Even with the 3.5 and 17in wheels I doesn't do anything for me. The ES is my pick definitely.
  • fluidfluid Member Posts: 5

    A standard modification for many current cars is a low restriction intake. Factory intake/filter assemblies are usually quite restrictive, this to quiet down induction noise. But the assembly restricts the volume of air the engine can ingest, limiting its performance. The current LH engines are high-rpm, high-output designs which need all the help they can get for low-end and mid-range power, and more top-end is nice too.

    The following intake was installed on my 00 ES 3.2 engine with excellent results. I noticed improved throttle response from 3000 rpm up, and top-end power seems improved too, although I have not taken any acceleration times to quantify performance. The intake noise is less than I had expected - under full throttle it's just a modest sound easily lost when the stereo is playing low. Noise at cruise is almost as quiet as stock. I am very pleased with the new intake. Total cost is around $60, and installation is surprisingly easy. It took less than an hour to do, and most of that was waiting for the glue to dry.

    1) Buy a K&N #RU-3130 conical filter element ( 7" long and 4" diameter with 3.5" attachment ). This can be from Summit, Jegs, or another mail order house, or a local parts store can order it. I got mine at Schucks for $42.

    2) Buy a 3" ABS 45 degree elbow with one male and one female end for around $4.00, one 3" size black rubber pipe connector ( comes with 2 stainless clamps - get the heavy type with 0.25" thick rubber ) for about $5.00, and a length of 3" black ABS pipe from the local plumbing supply store for $7.00. This last only comes in 10-foot lengths, and you will need only 5". A small can of ABS glue is all that's left to buy. [ Note: 3" ABS pipe actually measures 3.5" OD. ]

    3) Remove the factory intake assembly by loosening the clamp on the air intake hose and pulling it off the rear intake assembly ( which is attached to the throttle body ). The intake hose, air filter and resonator assemblies can now be pulled out of the engine compartment in one piece. They are held in the engine compartment by rubber plugs which can be pulled loose from the body.

    4) Assemble the new intake as follows: cut a 5" length off the pipe and de-burr the ends, then glue the elbow onto this piece of pipe. Let dry at least 30 minutes, then clamp the K%N filter element to the end of the pipe. Slip the heavy rubber connector onto the rear intake assembly - it's a tight fit - and tighten the rear screw clamp securely. Slide the male end of the 3" elbow into the connector and rotate the new intake assembly until the filter is pointed slightly down into the open area above the battery. Tighten the front hose clamp and you are almost ready to go. K&N recommends disconnecting the negative battery terminal for ten minutes to reset the computer; I did this at the negative "jumping" connection on the fender well before I installed the new intake.

    5) Take the car for a short test drive to verify that everything clears and is tight enough. Now enjoy your new intake! [ Note that nothing on the engine is modified irreversibly, so if you need the factory intake for IM tests, etc. it can be re-installed in just a few minutes. ]
  • barbiedollbarbiedoll Member Posts: 3
    The metal brackets that hold the seatback on my 94 Intrepid ES have broken. The car has grey leather, power seats. Can the frame be welded? How much would a new seat cost? How could I find a used one?
  • Jason5Jason5 Member Posts: 440 bad. I thought you had an ES. A base model wouldn't have the Sentry key feature (a "computerchip" logged in the ignition key which "signals" the computer that it's OK to start). Glad to hear that the damage wasn't too bad.
    ADF1/Davidu--I think I'd be inclined to try out the 16" version of the tires being used on the R/T. Believe that they are Michelin Pilot MXM's. If not, several good alternative come to mind that have been mentioned including the GY Eagle LS, Pirelli Grand Touring and others. Check and others..
    Emale---Sounds about right. Glad your trip went well. My mileage is matching up with yours on longer trips...drops to about 25 when I go to warp (i.e steady 80 with occasional foolishness). No CD changer yet.. keep you posted.
  • davidudavidu Member Posts: 40
    Green River- bleechh. Nothing to miss down there except for Flaming Gorge reservoir, which is pretty cool. It's a little known fact that Wyoming is the least populous state simply beacuse the interstates go through the butt-ugliest parts of the state. Lots of people drive through but never want to stay!! Guess that's good for the rest of us who live in the beautiful parts!!
  • barbiedollbarbiedoll Member Posts: 3
    Took my seat to an automotive upholstery shop. They said seat backs break with some regularity - not just on Intrepids but many cars. They said they can weld most of them except for the newest, lightest frames. Repair will be about $100 and take one day. I was not looking forward to getting a new leather seat for a '84. Car has 108,000 miles, has had water pump and trans cooling lines replaced recently, plus new O2 sensors, spark plug wires, and fuel filter.
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    I would assume that a search of salvage yards may yield a new seat. Now it is time to dream the impossible: we want a seat in an Intrepid that has low miles, under 50K, driven by a little old lady to church, and her vehicle was struck in the rear at an angle, totalling out the rear, but leaving the front in immaculate condition, so you can buy the perfect seat(s). Don't forget, the car was impacted while it was parked and she was shopping at Walmart, so she did not suffer any injuries :)
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,543
    I haven't been to our local junkyard since late 1998, but before that I was a regular there. This one in particular specialized in Mopars. The whole time I frequented it, I think I only saw 2 LH cars in there, and both were battered beyond recognition. Anybody remember the ending to "Duel", where the tanker truck and Dennis Weaver's Valiant go over the cliff? Well, these looked worse! Maybe this is some testament to the LH cars' reliability, though, that the only 2 in there were wrecks. They had literally an ocean of K-cars and their many derivatives with undamaged bodies, which I would presume means some kind of mechanical failure put them in there.
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    And where is Lee Iacocca when we REALLY need him?
  • coachditkacoachditka Member Posts: 11
    Replaced the GY with BFG Precept Touring. Total cost 330.00 from Discount Tire Company. Michelins are too $$$$$$! I can't pay 600 for a set of tires! Pretty good tires, good rain performance and smooth on the interstate. Front speed sensor went out for the 2nd time. Output sensor replaced one, imput sensor twice. I think the service guy is putting me on his Christmas card list. Since we got the car in 2/99 the car has been in the shop at least 12 times for various things from speakers to transmission.
  • homerkchomerkc Member Posts: 113
    I just completed a trip with my 2000 Intrepid (base 2.7) and got a consistant 30 mpg. on the highway (running 70-75 mph). I only had 2300 miles on the car when I left - hardly broken in! It was smooth and comfortable AND efficient (compared to my '95 VW golf GL, which gets 35 mpg hauling a lot less car and with a 5spd). A great car for the money.
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    jeffie (dc13),

    thanks for the link. but, be sure to also post the good news once the new minivans and cloud cars hit the streets this fall. and don't forget the knockout success of the pt cruiser!


    flaming gorge is beautiful! just got back from there today. you are right...not much else to see around green river but a few deer and sage brush. but, visiting family and friends and the beer sure tastes good!

    emale (in wyoming)
  • 2000trep2000trep Member Posts: 30
    30 mpg??? wow! i haven't been fortunate to see any results like that yet. i haven't been doing too much highway driving lately, though. i did make a trip to kansas city last week, but i only got 26 mpg (which equals the best i've done so far). i've got 2700 miles on mine. anyone know if i can expect to do better? i'll be making a trip to texas in a couple of weeks. that'll be a good time to check it again.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,543
    I got almost 30 MPG on a trip from Washington DC to Carlisle PA back in April, with 3 people in the car. I've got about 20,000 miles on my 2000 now. One thing I have noticed, though, is that mountainous driving cuts its power and economy a lot. Also back in April, we took a trip to the Shenandoah mountains, with 4 people in the car and a trunk full of luggage, and mileage was only in the lower 20's. Normally around town I get around 19-21. I deliver pizzas p/t, though, so that probably hurts the mileage somewhat. By comparison, the 1985 Buick LeSabre I drove over the weekend while my car is in the body shop only got about 14.5. I'm starting to get used to that Buick, though, so I know the Intrepid's gonna feel TINY when I get it back (hopefully) today!
  • homerkchomerkc Member Posts: 113
    My 30 mpg was on a trip from Kansas City to Carlisle, Pa - mostly level interstate. I get 18-19 around town (was hoping to see 20, but not yet). I will take the Intrepid on a trip west, over the Rockies, so I'll see what the difference is.
  • Jason5Jason5 Member Posts: 440
    Next time your in PA...say hello! I noticed that my gas mileage increased as I approached 10,000. Just turned a bit over 11K and it's leveled off. Managing just shy of 19 in city/short drives and roughly 26 on trips. Good for my driving style, load, etc. Although I had hoped for more given my use of synthetic oil and additives. Still quite pleased when all things are considered.
    I can't help but wonder how things will change when Chrysler turns it attention to their transmissions. Perhaps that new "5 speed Autostick" will be the transmission we should have had all along!
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