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Dodge Intrepid



  • fluidfluid Posts: 5
    frito, I was "MAD" for that movie! "MAD, MAD, MAD"

    Jay T
    00 IR ES
  • 2000trep2000trep Posts: 30
    If you fellow Intrepid enthusiasts haven't done so already... you need to get your priceline gas cards. I just got online and purchased 30 gallons of gas @ $1.15 per gallon... and that was on the first try. I'll have to start my bids much lower next time.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,496
    Hey gang,

    I finally got an alarm for my Intrepid. I got one of those Viper models that also remotely unlocks your doors. Now, if I can just get over my fear of the parking lot at Six Flags America where it got broken into...

    Next step, when I get some more money saved up, is to get the windows tinted.
  • davidudavidu Posts: 40
    Today I went looking to replace a burnt out driving light bulb, but couldn't find the exact wattage bulb specified in the manual.

    The manual calls for a 35 watt H-3, but the only H-3 bulbs I found were 55W or 100W. I know a 100W bulb would probably melt the lens or reflector, or set the wiring ablaze, but how about the 55W? I'd like a little more brightness in the driving lamps anyway.

    Anyone got any thoughts or experience on this one?
  • juliadjuliad Posts: 2
    I guess I bought mine before they had problems ironed out, but I will never buy another Dodge. I only have 56,700 miles on my 1993. I had new tires, new transmission, the ABS light has never been unlit (taken in several times to dealer to check computer), my keyless entry never worked right. I have a short now with the horn so the fuse blows everytime the horn is blown. I had the driver window motor replaced. Now the latest happened yesterday, the back end started shaking horribly and made loud noises and almost fishtailed. I couldn't go over 15 mph without this happening. I had it towed to a garage today.

    What do you think that could be? I am tired of not being able to rely on my car.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    then get rid of it...
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Hey there.... you thinking what I"m thinking? CD changer is on back order.. Other than that all's well..
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    yep, it's a no brainer!
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Your problems with the Intrepid are all very typical. Your best bet is to replace it asap and be prepared to take a beating on the trade in value. Most dealers know the reputation of the DC herd and value them accordingly.
    You will probably get a better reception if you stay in maintanance topic 1414. This topic should be renamed Intrepid Huggers only. I am surprised your negative post hasn't been deleted the host here also seems to be inclined to hug DC.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    just as i thought!
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    and the truth shall set you free...
  • 2000trep2000trep Posts: 30
    just got back from a trip to tx. i finally "broke free" from the 26 mpg rut i was in. i got 28 last time and it looks like the tank i'm on now is going to be another good one.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    how many miles do you have on your car?? the more miles the better gas mileage you'll get.
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    I used to get an average of 24.2 mpg in mixed driving.
    This was before the battery was replaced.
    After the battery replacement I started of getting 18 mpg in the same driving conditions.
    Now it has slowly reached 22.5 mpg. Hopefully in another month it might get back to 24.xx
    Looks like it acts like a new car after the battery is replaced.
  • 2000trep2000trep Posts: 30
    i have about 4500 on it.

    like the r/t forum, this one sure is getting slow! is everyone on vacation?
  • miakmiak Posts: 2
    I have a 98 ES with 43500 miles on it. My dash lights will occassionally flicker from normal to bright. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Does anyone know what the codes mean on those NHTSA reports?

    I have the upgraded Infiniti sound systems and my 95 Altima sounds better that that does.

    Sorry for so many topics but I have been away for a long time.
  • marimikmarimik Posts: 3
    i have a 1995 that has all the whistles and bells on it, 3.5 litre mototr, and i think the body control module/computer is going out, can any one help?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    there is no way that a battery would affect mpg. all i can figure is that when your battery was replaced it reset your average mpg and it has been gradually going up with more highway miles than city miles...i'm presuming you're using the overhead readout for your numbers?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,496
    Sometimes the dash lights in my 2000 Intrepid flicker, as well. There are 2 things that could cause this. First, I think the electric fan cycles on and off to maintain the temperature on the car, and that put a drain on the electrical system. I use this car part time to deliver pizzas, and when certain idiots- er, I mean customers take too long to come to the door and the car sits idling, I can hear it cycling on and off.

    Second, the lights may flicker when you have the a/c on and the compressor cycles on. I have a 1968 Dart that does this, but really haven't noticed with the Intrepid. When my light flicker, it's not enough to really notice, unless it just happens to catch my eye.
  • 2000trep2000trep Posts: 30
    i haven't noticed any flickering dash lights in my intrepid. but i have noticed when my headlights are on and i open or close a window, my headlights will momentarily dim.
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    This time the compressor siezed and destroyed the drive belt, result, car had to be towed. As usual the dealer offered a Neon as replacement, my reply was the same, no thanks. I have rented a Taurus will check to see if quality is really job 1. For a fact I can state that DC doesn't have the slightest idea what quality is.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Things do appear to have slowed down a bit--perhaps it is vacation time? Things are going well on this end. I'm a bit disappointed in the length of time it's taking to ship a new CD player. NOW, as luck would have it, it hasn't skipped once since the new one was ordered.. Perhaps my Intrepid IS a music critic after all--at least until threatened.
    Had my mudflap ripped free of the car--and the fascia mildly bent--while going through a car wash the other day. I admit it--I have used a soft cloth car wash on occasion. Kind of cool though, the kid operating it said..."hey do you use, like Zaino, or something?" They agreed to replace the mudflap and have the fascia repaired--very minor stuff.
    Only car related concern I have is that my seat has started to "shift" occasionally when I'm rousting about. It's intermittent--sometimes it will move (about 1/2") and other times it won't. I seem to someone else had a similar problem. As a species we linebackers have never been particularly "gentle" to seats. End of story...
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I posted earlier my experience of 30 mpg on highway travel back east. I just returned from a trip west - over the Rockies. While I didn't measure mileage quite as religiously on this trip, I was surprised to see 30 mpg on this trip as well. Again, this is a base 2.7, and I was using cruise control @ 78 mph. However, I find this to be surprisingly good, considering the size and comfort of the car! It has been a real pleasure to drive (now 8,400 miles in just 3.5 months.)
  • 2000trep2000trep Posts: 30
    do you have an electric seat?

    that's great mileage! i hope mine continues to improve. i too have a 2.7 liter AND i typically drive about 78 on trips. i have about half as many miles on my car as you do. are you from the kc area? i'm in wichita.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    2000 Trep--Yes, I have electric seats on both driver and passenger sides.

    Emale--10,000 out of work comedians and one has to post here (wink)...... Actually it would skip on all CD's (some more than others), which was the cause of my original complaint. Odd but predicatable given my prior experience with Mitsubishi sound systems. Interestingly my seat seems to shift toward the rear and "up" slightly..

    Homerkc.. That is impressive mileage. I often wondered what the difference would be with the 2.7. Thanks for sharing the information.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,496
    That is really impressive mileage. I would think in the Rockies, your mileage would be worse, but I guess you make up for the extra strain going up the mountain when you go down the other side ;-)

    Back in April, I went on a trip on Skyline drive in VA, my car loaded with 4 people and a trunk full of luggage, and was only getting 23-25. The little 2.7 didn't really go to well with all those inclines. The car handled great, just couldn't accelerate too well.

    That's another thing I've noticed with my car. With just one or two people in it, acceleration is fine. Add a third or fourth, though, and I can really feel the strain, even on level ground.

    But oh well, nothing's perfect. Interestingly, though, I remember my grandparents taking a trip across the country when their '85 LeSabre was new. They said on one stretch, they averaged about 29 mpg on a tank of gas, somewhere out west. I wonder if that's really possible or maybe grandmom just calculated wrong. That bugs me that something with almost twice the displacement would get almost the same highway mileage as me! (of course, that car, with 150K miles, doesn't get that now!!)
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    There have been posts re: the flickering dash light problems in the Concorde topic. This happened to me on only 1 occasion- VERY hot, humid night with 4-5 passengers. After a brief stop, the lights flickered back and forth from the day/night settings for several seconds. THis ceased once I turned the headlights off and on a couple of times. My guess is that a drop of condensation from the cold A/C duct JUST ABOVE the light switch fell on the switch leads and shorted it out momentarily. With so many passengers and on a hot/humid night and a brief stop with the doors open, there was LOTS of condensation on the interior (windows etc.)

    I have found it interesting that the 2.7L DOHC engine has a lesser mpg rating (EPA est.) than the 3.2L SOHC. At first, I thought this was a mistake and the numbers were switched. But, I guess the 2.7 has to work harder to produce the 200HP than the 3.2 rated at 225HP. The 2.7 also has a higher compression ratio which also helps to give it the highest HP/L ratio for a V6. Also, it is interesting that the 2.4L 4 in the PT Cruiser gets a lesser mpg rating. So I guess you can no longer assume that smaller is better when it comes to fuel economy.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    where did you read that the epa rating for the 2.7l is lower than the 3.2l? i believe the 2.7l is rated one or two mpg higher than the 3.2l on both city and highway driving.
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Picked up my car from the dealer this morning a/c working fine. I expect it will last longer this time with the cooler weather maybe it can go trouble free until next summer. The Taurus I had rented appears to be a better vehicle. Much less road noise, more power, and a superior sound system. It is difficult to tell after only a couple of days but the first impression is very favourable.
    The current issue of CR compares some of the small cars one being the Intrepid mini, the Neon. Cr calls it a dull little car, unkown reliability as it is a new model. CR goes on to state the "old" neon had a very low reliability rating. From that info I gather the Neon must really be an Intrepid clone.
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    My 98 concorde lxi has the flickering lights problem. I have posts # 229 and 231 in the concorde thread.

    I have noticed that everyone mentions this as a dash light flicker.
    In my case ..this is not an actual 'flicker' but more like switching between 'bright' and 'dim' settings every few seconds.
    I have noticed that the behavior of the flicker is the same as turning the headlight switch to the off position and then after a few seconds to the ON position.
    This means that everytime the dashlights come on brighter the headlight is also turning off (same as turning the headlight switch to 'off' position. After a few seconds I hear a click and the dashlights go dimmer and at the same time the headlight has come back on (same as turning the headlight switch to on position)

    This problem happens only during the day with the headlights on (simulating DRL) and the interior dimmer setting (vertical switch next to headlight switch) to level 1.

    How do I know the headlights going off during the day ? On a couple of occasions the flicker happened when I was waiting at a traffic light.
    Everytime I heard the click and the dashlight flickered I could see the reflection of the headlight going 'OFF' and 'ON' on the car ahead of me.

    Have you verified whether your flicker is affecting the headlights ..?

    I am thinking it should because of the nature of the problem. I don't suspect this to be a component malfunction. It looks more like a software bug.

    The dealership could not figure out the cause and I din't want them experimenting on the car.

    I can live with the problem but in my office parking ramp it is mandatory to have the headlights on while driving at all times.
    At this time headlights keep on flickering (switching on and off every few seconds) because of the outside light falling in during day.
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