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Dodge Intrepid



  • whats the mileage on the car ? are you the original owner of the car ? If you replace the tranny fluid check owners manual ( either atf 3 or atf 4 fluid ) and be sure to use right fluid. I would definetly replace tranny filter also. I replaced fluid and filter myself ( cost me about 35.00 ) dealer charges 165.00 need help e-mail me.
  • Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new mid-size and was wondering if I could hear opinions from Intrepid owners on their purchases. Most of the buyer guides are critical of recent Chrysler products in general and I don't think I've seen the Intrepid on any publications "Recommended" or "Best Buy" list, build quality being cited as a major concern. Just wanted to hear opinions from buyers of recent model Intrepids. With zero-percent financing, this car is more affordable than a V6-equipped Honda/Toyota midsize. I love the styling, but the practical side of me is worried about quality and Chrysler's customer service levels. Thanks in advance.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    ...but doesn't Consumer Reports rank the Intrepid as average or slightly better, nowadays? I know Consumer Guide has the 'Trep on their best buy least it was in the 2002 edition of their book that my uncle bought, when he was in the market for a car back in May.

    From what I've heard, the worst Intrepids (and all LH cars) were the '93-95 models. I think it was '96 when they started finally putting some real improvements into the tranny. '97 was better yet, and 1998 was one of the most trouble-free all-new car launches the Big 2.5 have probably put out since the Chevy Caprice, way back in 1977!

    They've continued to make running improvements to the tranny since '98 as well, so basically, the newer the model, the better the tranny.

    Engines never were an Intrepid weak spot, although I believe some of the earlier 3.5's had a tendency to lose the water pump prematurely. A/C problems were common on early models, and back when they used plastic front fenders, they'd warp.

    I bought an '00 Intrepid, and if I had it to do over again, I think I'd still pick it over any of its competitors. GM build quality today is all over the map...they're probably the only company that can roll one car off the assembly line that's as good as the best that's ever come out of Japan, and then have the next one be so bad it makes the '70's build quality look good! I never was much of a Ford man, and the Taurus really doesn't do anything for me, anyway. The only things I'd do differently would be to get a power seat and a bigger engine, so today, I'd probably go for an ES or SXT instead of a base model.
  • Thanks for the feedback. When you purchased your 2000 intrepid, did you consider the Accord/Camry duo or any other non-Big 3 make? WOuld you consider them today?

    And you are right about the Consumer Guide review....they did give a 2002 Best Buy in the large sedan class to the Intrepid. I'm not sure about Consumer Reports. I have their 2002 used car guide and they rate the 2001 Intrepid as a risky buy - not sure why though.
  • hey Mike,

    the mileage on my car is 90,000Km and I just bought it off of a lease (83,000Km) and I'm the second owner. I don't know if the trans fluid + filter was replaced before I got it. The level appears ok and the colour is still pinkish red etc. The funny thing too is that the car didn't even have an owner's manual when I got it so I don't know what type of fluid BUT I figure mechanics or the dealer would know. I still haven't received the owner's manual yet from the dealer.

    How did you replace the fluid yourself? I don't know that much about servicing my vehicles (mechanically-speaking that is) -- is it easy enough? If I get the filter and fluid replaced should it result in a smoother tranny? Let me know what u recommend here as I can't seem to locate where to find your email address.....Thanks
  • When you are going to change the trans fluid , use the ATF+4 stuff its better than the ATF+3 you have in there now. Yes you have to get under the car to chamge your fluid. The pan on the bottom of the trans must be removed to get to the filter. You might want to get a shop to do this for you , unless you have jack stands , a jack and a basic set of tools . Your call.
    Yes you should have a better shifting trans once it has been changed.
  • ok thanks ottowrkr, I will most likely get it changed soon....hey are the Mr. Lube places good for that? That's where I usually get my oil changed and I know they do trannys too. Would they have the ATF+4 fluids? (I should probably give them a call...)
  • .Sorry I cant comment on Mr. Lube as I have no experience with this company.I am sure they would stock ATF4 . Just make sure before you get it done
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    ...If I had to buy a new car today, I'd at least give the new Accord and Camry a look. Back when I bought my Intrepid though, the Camry and Accord just felt too small inside for my tastes. The Camry's front seats felt under-sized and uncomfortable, and the Accord was a bit tight in the back.

    Usually, I'm the only one in the car, but I've had enough instances where I've had 3 or 4 passengers, so I like a car with a little room to it. I usually have to drive with the seat all the way back, and can't stand having someone's knees in the seatback!

    I did have a chance to look at an '02 Camry back in May, when I went with my family looking at new cars. My Mom & Stepdad were thinking about one. The seats feel more comfortable and supportive...oddly enough, they felt like the seats in my old '89 Gran Fury! Main problem though, is that the new Camry felt tight on legroom up front to me. I'm 6'3", and kinda long in the legs, so legroom is pretty critical to me. I also wasn't too crazy about the Camry in general, though. I'm sure it will be reliable, and everything lined up the way it should, but it just felt cheapened, compared to previous Camrys. I guess to keep prices affordable, they're starting to use cheaper bits, so maybe it's not all bad, but this particular one I sat in just didn't feel like it was vastly superior to any other car out there.

    I haven't seen an '03 Accord in person yet. I think they're kinda ugly in pictures, but I'll reserve final judgement until I've seen them in person and gotten accustomed to them.

    Actually, if I were going for a Japanese car in that range, I'd probably go for a Nissan Altima! I like the styling better than the Accord and Camry, and the seating position was better for me than the Camry. I drove one back in March, and it felt like it had more legroom up front than the Intrepid! It was pretty gutsy for a 4-cyl too, although it was pretty noisy at idle and hard acceleration. Eerily quiet at highway speeds, though.

    In the end though, I think I still like the Intrepid the best. It has the longest wheelbase, and I believe the widest track, too, compared to the likes of the Impala, Camry, Accord, Taurus, Altima, etc. It might all be in my mind, but I think that just makes the car feel more stable and sure-footed when driving.

    I've also had pretty good luck with Chrysler products in the past, so as long as I don't get screwed over by them, I'll give 'em first shot when it comes time to get a car.
  • I think I might have to take my wife on a test-drive of the Intrepid and Accord before I can decide. It's either going to be a 2001 or '02 Accord with low mileage or a new Intrepid with discount financing, I think. I just wish I could find some assurance that Intrepid quality has increased these last few years, cause I still hear more horror stories on the Intrepid/Concorde faimly than on the Accord series.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    one thing to think about is the very long warranty you get with dodge. 3yr-36k bumper to bumper plus 7yr-70k powertrain. honda still only offers 3yr-36k bumper to bumper with nothing else. unless you happen to own one of those hondas with faulty trannies...for those particular cars honda has extended the warranty to 7yr-100k. you can read all about it here:

  • Thanks for the opinions, all. I had been following the Honda transmission problems before Honda's announcement, so it was not a surprise to me.

    In Canada, the warranties for Chrysler and Honda are alot similar, with the exception that Honda has 5 yrs on powertrain, while Chrysler currently is offering a 7yr warranty. Unfortunately, I don't think that on its own is enough to win me and my better half. I love the style of the Trep, its capacity and its ride, but my wife is playing devil's advocate and I haven't been able to convince her (or myself) that quality and financial/resale value is close for the two. Oh well. Every choice has trade-offs and sacrifices. I think I'll be in the market for an '02 Accord EX V6. Happy driving, everyone.
  • Where has the Autostick gone? No Dodge offers for 2003, that I can discern. What about Chrysler? Does the 300 & Sebring Sedan still offer it? Will the LX cars offer Autostick or the MBZ 5-Speed Manualmatic?


  • You are correct , Dodge Intrepids no longer offer A/Stick ?? . The 300M is the only LH that still has it. "Will the LX cars have A/Stick" ,I would think so. But who knows with DC.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i would presume the sportier versions of the upcoming LX cars would include the mercedes tranny version of autostick??
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    hey otto,

    anything going on at the plant in prep for the coming of the LX cars next fall...?
  • Oh yeah , they are expanding the Trim area of the plant as we speak. They have crews working all over , every weekend and I guess also these two weeks that we are laid-off. I cant wait to see what these cars look like .
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I rented an Intrepid while in Florida the last few days, and I was very impressed with the car. The 2.7L felt smoother and more powerful than Ford's 3.0L Duratec, and it got 24 mpg driving in congested traffic on Florida's A1A. The body structure was solid, and the ride was smooth. The only thing I didn't like is that I can't see the hood from the driver's seat. I would definitely consider this car and would be content with the base engine.
  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    Don't over estimate Honda's quality. All cars can give you trouble. The premature engine failure in Toyota's you will also hear about in the future for Honda. I've known about the tranny problems for awhile now.

    The NTSA has a top 10 list of so called lemons - the cars with the most complaints and Honda has 3 in the top 10. Audi is high on the list, too.

    And even Consumer Reports recommends it now.

    The Intrepid is an awful lot of car for the money. You can get them close to invoice and with a rebate on top we're talking a sweet price with an exceptional warranty. If you want an extended you can also get them for 100.00 over cost (850.00 or so for 7/75k $50 deductible).

    I've purchased 5 LH cars since 1993 - all new - and all have been exceptional to me. Still have our 93 Eagle Vision with 154k and still running strong. My maintenance costs are as low as any
    vehicles I've owned. And like most people, when it comes to cars I've had some good ones, some not so good ones and of course the ones we'd all like to forget.

    We also currently own an 01 Intrepid R/T and an 02 Concorde.
  • 5 LH cars , great to hear. So you have an RT , have you ever checked out ?

    If not check it out , there are some really great Trep owners on this site. Some of the guys do a lot of custom stuff to the cars. There is even one guy who has supercharged his Trep.
  • I have a 1994 Intrepid 94,000 miles on it. Everything thing looks like it is hanging together. I have the STD model. I was wondering if anybody would know the 0-60 time for this model or an estimate.

    Also anybody who wants to help me out can you please tell me about a good sounding exhaust for this car. Im thinking about Dynomax Ultraflo but.. I dont know just wondering if anybody has any info. Thanks for helping.
  • Help. We are looking to buy a 2002 Intrepid R/T.
    Can anyone tell me how good the auto stick is?
    Is this just something extra that can go wrong in this car? Would you recommend this? We are not really into speed but may be able to get a pretty sweet deal on this car. Someone mentioned they are not in the 2003 models, do you think this is due to problems? Thank you...
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Nothing problem related, Chrysler just keeps decontenting the cars to make the money go farther and farther. Problem is, things are seeming cheaper and cheaper in the meantime. Every auto manufacturer does it, just not to this level usually.

    The 2002 R/T is a great car though, and sure to be a rare item indeed, as they're no longer produced, again because of budget. Good luck with the purchase!
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    I'm sure they're going to vary from source to source, but I've heard that the 3.3 in the first-gen LH cars was good for somewhere around the 11 second mark. I think the 3.5 was around 9.2.
  • I am looking to buy a good used car with a little power (no 4-cylinders) and ran across a '99 Intrepid with 30K miles on it. It seems to be in great shape (what can you tell in a 10 min. test drive). Can anyone out here give me some things to look and listen for? The price on the vehicle is going to be about $11,500. Blue book is a little lower but I'm assuming the low miles boost the price some. BTW, this is an ES.

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    ...for an ES model. Does it have the 2.7 V-6 or the 3.2?

    At 30,000 miles, it's probably due for a tranny service, just as preventive maintenance. Also, I needed new tires on my '00 by 30,000 miles, so it may be ready for that, too. Check the brakes too, to see how much meat is left on the pads.

    In addition, play with the power windows and locks a bit to make sure they all work. I've heard that they've been troublesome on some models. I've got about 70,000 miles on my '00 though, and all 4 windows are still good. I did have the power lock actuator in the driver's door replaced though, under warranty at 35K miles.

    Other trouble spots I've had: passenger-side power mirror (stopped working around 43K miles), thermostat housing (small leak, replaced around 51K miles), and the rubber door frame seals (started shrinking up a bit around 45K miles or so)

    Overall though, I've been pretty happy with mine. Good luck!
  • thanks for your reply.

    Yes, it is the 3.2 Liter. the dealership puts it thru a 115 pt. inspection to make sure it passes inspection here in UT and the mechanic that I took it to said everything will pass this year on inspection but who knows on next year. Didn't really say.

    The price is going to be even lower than what I thought and it looks like most of the maintenance has been done previously. Thanks for the info on the things to check. I did check the windows, locks, and mirrors. They work.

    Do you have any idea on what might be left on the warranty? I expect the 3/36 has expired but do these have a 7/70 Power train warranty on them as well?

    Thanks in advance.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    ...but when I bought my '00, they only had a 3/36K warranty. It was probably the same in 1999, though.

    I've never bought a used car that was still new enough to have a warranty...most of mine were as-is cars, some of 'em older than me! I'd guess that the norm nowadays for a used car warranty is 3 months or 3000 miles. I'm sure they'll offer an extended warranty though, for a price.

    When I bought mine, I bought an extended warranty that bumped it out to 5 years/100K miles. Back then, I drove a lot, so I figured I'd run through the 3/36K warranty in record time. I about 14 months! I've slowed down my driving lately though, only putting about 24K on in the following 21 months, and that includes two trips from Maryland to Texas. Sometimes I wish I hadn't bought the extended warranty. I haven't used it yet, but then I guess the best kind of warranty is the one you never have to use!

    As for yearly inspections, I'm lucky I guess, because in Maryland you only have a car inspected once, when you first purchase it. I hear our inspections are much tougher though. About a year ago, I bought a '79 Chrysler New Yorker in West Virginia, from a small dealer. The guy said he'd guarantee it to pass inspection in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia (all have yearly inspections) but not Maryland! I guess those states w/ yearly inspections must go fairly easy on cars!
  • Well, the wife decided she wanted to back the 2002 Intrepid into something the other night. Got a few gouges in the plastic on the bumper. Any thoughts as to whether I should cover them with touch up paint or let them be?

    I'm leaning toward dabbing them with the paint, as it is only a couple of them, down through the color to the dark gray plastic, and they are no more than 2" long at most. Figured this, at least, would help to protect from the elements somewhat.
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