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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • finny2finny2 Posts: 7
    Did anyone buy an extneded warranty for their Avalon?

    I've never had a car with so many electronic features (i.e. heated seats, power seats, on-board computer/dash...).

    Not sure if the extra $1495 is worth ot or not.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Avalon restyle and revised feature content in 2003, major redesign for the 2005 model year. Does anyone expect a power boost for 2003?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    If the warranty is a genuine Toyota warranty and if they are offering the Platinum plan with $0 deductible, it may be worth it. The price is a little steep, but still less than Toyota's suggested price on it. For the 7/100 plan, $1380 should be a target price.
  • bmpbmpbmpbmp Posts: 8
    I had been planning to buy a used 2000 Avalon in the summer/fall, and then had a burst of a brainstorm and decided it made more sense to go the extra 8 miles and get the 2003 when they come out. I've read through the entire message history, and have seen the hints of updating for the 2003.

    Do any of you guys have an idea what interior features will become standard for the XL? Ones I'd most like to see would be the remote keyless entry, auto climate control, AC power outlet, and a mpg tracker that doesn't reset itself each time.

    I've read where there's been rebates on the Avalon - do they do that a specific time of the year?

    Lastly, I noticed has a purchase price of $200 under invoice for the 2002 XL right now. Will the 2003's be at a premium for the first 2-3 months? Do you think a 2003 XL/XLS can be gotten near invoice Oct-Dec of 2003?
  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    I decided to make the jump from Honda to Toyota and bought an Avalon for the wife for Christmas. So far the Avalon has exceeded all our expectations.

    The ride is floaty which makes for comfortable cruising on highways. However, we were very surprised by the Avalons immediate response when taking turns. It doesn't feel like a boat, more like a Camry.

    The interior room is incredible. We have a 2 years old and he can't touch the back of the front seats anymore. The seats are on the firm side yet comfortable, they should hold up over time. The Avalon is well insulated and road noise is not a problem. Combine the quite interior with the JBL stereo and you have your own private concert hall.

    No rattles or dash reflection problems. The leather is just a notch below Lexus, but should stand the test of time. I do recommend getting the wood dash kit if you get the leather with the XL, it completes the look.

    As far as price goes, I managed to get our Avalon for a few hundred over invoice in the exact specification I wanted. I dealt directly with the Sales Manager over the internet and this may have contributed to the flawless transaction.

    I was considering the Infiniti I30/35, Lexus ES300, Acura TL and the new Camry. I'm glad I bought the Avalon and considering the '02 packages are cheaper than last year, you can't go wrong. Thanks for all the info from previous members.
  • ljk3ljk3 Posts: 10
    My local dealer (I am in Reno Nevada) is WILLING to sell me a 2002 Avalon XL for $27,580 plus tax & documentation fee of $199.50.

    The car comes equipped with the following options:

    LP- Leather Package & CD radio
    CF- Carpeted floor mats
    N1 - Auto dimming mirror.

    Is this a fair price or not. For what it is worth, the Edmund TMV price without the mirror and floormats is $26228.

  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    LJK3, unfortunately, Nevada and California have a higher premium on the Avalon compared to other regions and the price you have is in line with what can offer. You can do better ($400 over invoice)if you were willing to purchase the Avalon from an Arizona dealer and make the LONG drive back. The question is whether or not your time is worth the money? I think you might be better off trying to negotiate locally. At least have the dealer drop the documentation fee.

    The Avalon I purchased had the same specs as yours, plus the wood dash. I would recommend considering the Wood Dash kit, it's pricey at $306 (invoice), but it's real wood and really completes the looks. The plain black plastic dash doesn't do the leather justice in the Avalon IMO.
  • Re: 1263, Finny2. I bought the extended warranty from Toyota dealer for a very low price as recommnded by gschiel in message number 1085.
  • 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS with under 1700 miles. Fifteen minutes after engine start noticed a scratching, metal rubbing sound on right side of dash. Sound comes from right center vent and from vent on right passenger side. Sounds like metal hitting metal, or a needle in a groove with the needle trying to come out of groove. More like a scratching sound rather than a fan blade hitting metal. Noise persisted in 1800 miles of driving. Noise continued, but at lower level, when auto stopped. Has anyone experienced this or similar noise? Need your help!!!
  • finny2finny2 Posts: 7
    My 2002 XLS didn't come with a coin holder. I understand the 2001 model did.

    Does anyone know if Toyota sells it separately now?
  • rrzeparrzepa Posts: 11
    I had similar noise around the same area, although never sounded like scratching. It was one of the metal clips holding "things" together. It was loose. Dealer fixed it ptomptly.
  • I have a 2002 XLS and my car didn't come with a change holder either. Anyone else?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    I received this email today from What do think? Is the list representative or is it showing a bias towards domestic Vs import car buyers?

    "The top five cities in "Car Smarts" in terms of haggling and vehicle knowledge were (in order):
    01. Detroit
    02. Los Angeles
    03. Princeton, New Jersey
    04. Chicago
    05. Boise, Idaho

    Lagging the field in the bottom five spots were:
    96. New Orleans
    97. Miami
    98. Seattle
    99. Washington, DC
    100. Portland, Oregon

    The "Car Smarts Index" is determined from an analysis of new-vehicle prices in each city, actual transaction prices, typical discounts, the amount of haggling shoppers perform, depth of vehicle knowledge, and use of the Internet for collecting vehicle information."

    Source: CNW Marketing Research
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    If they are talking about greater Washington DC, you can throw that survey right out the window. Our consumers research their brains out to the point that they have a hard time actually saying "yes" to a dealer.
  • 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS with about 24000 miles. On the rough road conditions, I have been hearing annoying rattling and squeaking noise from the passenger side window along the weather strip. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the rubber weather strip to eliminate the squeak. The problem has not gone away and I am going to take the car again to the dealer. Please post if you are experiencing the similar problem.
  • kbolinkbolin Posts: 6
    I just took a new 2002 XLS for a test drive. WOW what a car.... I've owned Crown Vics in the past, but this car just blows away ford products for fit and finish. I'm really impressed.

    I only experienced the dash glare on the windshield when the low fuel light came on, but other than that I didn't any glare on the windshield. In fact I had comletely forgotten to look for it when the low fuel light did come on and then I noticed it in the windshield. Although in my vehicle I generally NEVER let it got below a 1/4 tank anyway.

    BUT... here is my delema... in Canada the dealer won't budge from the price quoted. He looked it up on and said "There is your price!" and wouldn't budge. Anybody have any advice. It's $43,000 CDN here and I'd like to get him down just a couple thousand.

    Any advice!


    I was researching for my brother-in-law who is considering the XLS. The dealer cost price is $40,577 not including taxes, pdi etc. This # comes from the APA. How good the price you were quoted depends on what the legitimate profit should be. Edmunds and Consumer Reports has some suggestions on this.

  • and boy am i happy! for a 7 yr old car with 72000 miles on it, it sure is put together well.

    just threw 4 new Michelin Pilot XGT H4's on her, and she seems to be very pleased with them.

    can't believe i paid under $10K (from a dealer) for what seems to be (knock on wood) such a solid vehicle.

    have never bought used before, so here's hoping all goes as well as possible.

    Avalon owners, can i reasonably expect 150000 or 200000 miles? thanks.
  • hello52hello52 Posts: 11
    donellm1 and rrzepa, our 2001 XLS occasionally has a squeak. It appears to come from the clear plastic that covers the center display. When you press on it, the squeak stops, but I've only noticed it a couple of times...the stereo works too well to turn it off :)...
  • Just got interested in a 2002 XLS. Never bought a Toyota, so I need some pricing advice. I've always thoroughly researched the car's dealer cost before I buy.
    I hear that some import cars will not discount as much as US made cars. I've been in sales for many years & have been fortunate enough to make good deals on my previous purchases. I always work with the dealer from their ACTUAL cost. I can usually buy at no more than $400.00 over dealer cost. That means getting into their hold back. Has anyone made this kind of a deal on an Avalon?
  • Oh I forgot to ask: Does Toyota ever run any rebates on the current model Avalon? If so, what was the highest rebate offered?

  • ljk3ljk3 Posts: 10
    What is this car worth at a dealer:

    1998 Avalon XLS,

    Power everything, heated leather seats, power moonroof, AM/FM CD Tape, and traction control. One owner according to CarFax 27,000 miles. Car looks good except for scratches on one door.

    Purchase will be subject to an inspection by the local toytoa dealer.

  • I have a 2001. The first thing I did was get rid if the coinholder as it interferes with access to the console. You are not missing anything.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    When you figure out a way to figure out a dealer's monthly advertising expenses, divided by the number of cars sold, average floor plan interest, sales commissions, manager's salaries, utility bills, taxes, legal fees, property depreciation and a host of other figures, you'll be able to determine the dealer's actual profit. If you can get this information, I'm sure a dealer would be happy to sell a car for $400 over that.
  • Hi Cliffy1
    Didn't know any dealers were in this forum. But since you are, YOU DA MAN. So tell me what is a great deal on an Avalon. I know every deal is different. I know some people will almost pay sticker price. But what are the very best deals you see on an Avalon? Could you give me an idea from say dealer invoice? Don't worry I'm nowhere near Virgina so I wouldn't use the info against you.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Well, remember that supply and demand are VERY regional issues. Combine that with the fact that each region has a different advertising association fee added to invoice (I've discussed this before and the only way I can discuss a deal relative to invoice is to discuss total invoice) the answer to your question may not help you much. Around here, we have a good supply of Avalons and if a consumer is willing to take one that is common, $300 to $500 is pretty normal. I've seen them go for less, but not much. Holdback is not normally brought into the discussion and unless you buy the "one at this price" car from a newspaper ad, you generally will not get them under invoice.
  • Thanks for the info, that's just what I needed. Believe me, I want to be fair to the dealer. If he can't make enough profit he can't keep the doors open. I understand that completely, I own my own business. However, I'm proud to say that we supply a high quality service for a very reasonable price. I've built my business on volume, not profit margin.
  • perrydperryd Posts: 5
    I was not in the market for this car until I did research on line.

    Below is what I found .

    Carmax had a Black car with Ivory cloth seats , add'l options were Premium wheels,night/comp mirror,carpet mats,wood grain dash, list was $28,850 going out the door for $24,795.

    Before my wife and I went up to Wisconsin , we test drove a Pearl red one in Illinois. Car had all above except wood grain dash. I showed the Illinois dealer the Carmax print out, Dealer came back to me (after checking out if deal was legit with options) with an out the door price of $25,290. They even had a better financing option of 6% through Toyota.

    We bought the car from the Illinois dealer , because my wife did not want to drive 200 + miles round trip. We saved the $500 on this car with financing, total savings of $2M !

    I had more ammunition with the Consumer Reports car pricing report , cost of $12 was well worth it. The report shows what dealer hold back is too , with all incentives if any. If you can get a deal close to this one , go for it !!!
  • Has anyone heard about Toyota starting a new brand? (Cliffy?) Here's what says about it:

    ... Irv Miller, an executive with TMS ... said Toyota will go ahead with the third brand but the official announcement is being pushed back into the spring because it has to address several issues ... a name for the new brand, ... discuss the final plans with dealers. Miller also said the new brand won't take over any existing products. It will have its own portfolio, which should appeal to buyers of all ages, he said.
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