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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    last year i was in my friends 2000 avalon xl, it had really really good ride quality, 3 weeks ago i was in his cousins new 2001 lexus es 300, and i oticed that the wind noise and ride isnt close to the u guys think an avalon has better ride and noise quality than a jaguar x-type?
  • I have a 2000 Avalon and this evening my five-year old was pulling on the rear inside door handle to open the door while I was trying to unlock it from the panel on the drivers' door. Apparently, something broke, because now the door will not open from the inside, only from the outside. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a quick (and hopefully inexpensive) problem to fix? THANKS.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    While I have a 2000 Avalon XLS with no problems, I DID have a 1996 Avalon XLS with this problem.

    Just one day the rear passenger door didn't open from the inside. While I never got it fixed, I imagine it would only be a small part.

    Toyota would probably take off the interior door panel, and then replace whatever small part it takes to get the door to open.

    Luckily, since I'm usually the only person in my car, I didn't really feel like fixing it and Car Max didn't notice it when I traded it in so.......
  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    Since, you have a 2000 Avalon it should still be under warranty, unless you exceeded the miles. Take it to the dealer to have them look at it and if repairs are necessary, it should be covered under the warranty.
  • Have you checked the Child door tab on rear door? Sounds like that got moved and if thats the case, INSIDE DOOR HANDLE IS DIS-ENGAGED.
  • I'd like to buy a 2002 Avalon XLS, Lunar Mist. However, I am concerned by some of the posts which describe problems with the silver paint chipping, suspension problems, and gas acceleration at times. Does anyone know whether Toyota pays any attention to these complaints from Avalon customers, and tries to correct these defects?
    Is it true that Toyota is coming out with an Avalon Limited (or Special Edition), with some modifications?
    Any input would be appreciated by this newcomer!
  • Ok, it's me again. After 2 years of research on the Avalon, I was dumbfounded today to read that it requires premium, not regular fuel. IS THIS TRUE????? Anyone out there - help me on this! My Consumer's Report says regular fuel, so I assumed that was true.
  • n4pyn4py Posts: 10
    The Avalon runs just fine on 87 octane fuel. Premium fuel is not necessary. This information is in the owners manual.
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    My dealer (Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose)researched the TSB referring to the reflection of the speedometer on the windshield during night driving. Apparently the TSB indicates that my VIN # includes the vehicles that have already been fixed during production. But, I still experience this reflection! Any suggestions?
  • boordboord Posts: 27
    I've tested my 2000 Avalon with both premium and regular and noticed no difference in either miles per gallon or "performance". The only difference is in your pocketbook at the gas station.
  • rrzeparrzepa Posts: 11
    I went to a dealer last week to have it fixed (glare from the dashboard on the side window at
    night). Finally, I tested (i.e. drove home late
    night) yesterday and noticed that indeed the glare is still present. Seems to me that it is
    smaller but I guess it would depend on the position of your chair and your height.
    Summerizing, got better but NOT fixed!!!!
  • h3ybfpfh3ybfpf Posts: 16
    I want to buy an XL model and need to know what EXTRAS would I get with GK package @ MSRP $2755 vs LP package @ MSRP 1915.

    I can't find any difference between the two packages, however, the window sticker indicates $840 difference in MSRP.

    LP Luxury Package
    Includes 15" x 6" aluminum wheels, leather power seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, JBL Premium 3-in-1 AM/FM Cassette/CD player with 7 speakers including a subwoofer, diversity antenna and remote keyless entry. NOT AVAILABLE with GK, GH, GI, DJ or LT.

    GK Package #4
    Includes keyless entry, 15" x 6" aluminum wheels, leather-trimmed power seats, leather shift knob and leather steering wheel. NOT AVAILABLE with GH or GI or LP or LT.
  • I finally had a chance to see this, late at nite. It is a complete reflection of the radio, heater controls, etc. Dealer says they can get the fix and I believe I will have them do it. I didn't see anything on the side window but wasn't really looking for it there.
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    What year is your Avalon? My reflection is just a portion of the speedo. Toyota will do nothing about it except document the problem because my 01 was apparently fixed during production. I have filed a report with the NHTSA. Oh well. Still love the car though!
  • rzep22rzep22 Posts: 6
    My Avalon is 2001 XL. Before the "fix", entire dashboard (in correct proportions) was reflected in the side (driver) window. Right now seems as the reflection is smaller and it may become very small if I have my sit position in certain place or if I don't move my torso too much.

    Was it worth the time to get this "fix" ? - not sure.

    BTW, I have no reflection in the front windshield (or maybe I have not paid enough attention).
  • markxdmarkxd Posts: 4
    I am also experiencing the glare of the speedometer in the windshield.

    My car had the new instrument cluster installed during manufacture but the Toyota dealership replaced it anyway. It didn't help. The dealership called the regional service center and they said there was nothing that they could do since it was the way the car was designed.... there were no parts to fix or replace. So I asked what I could do next. The dealership said the only thing that I could do is to call Toyota Customer Service.

    I called and registered my complaint and I received a call back on the problem the next day (today). The representative said that there was nothing they could do for the same reasons given above, it was the design of the car. The rep also said that my complaint was only the second one that they've heard on this. I asked what I could do to resolve this problem. The rep said that I could pursue arbitration to possibly settle the issue. I told her I didn't want to be a jerk or anything, I would just like the car fixed but I didn't see how arbitration would fix anything.

    Anyone have thoughts on arbitration and if it would solve anything?

    I would recommend that others experiencing the glare problem to call the Toyota Customer Service center and register a complaint (1-800-331-4331). The rep implied that if enough people complained maybe something could be done.
  • rrzeparrzepa Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info. I'll call them and
    complain as well. I guess good question
    for them is that if only one (or two) people
    have complains - why did they come up with TSB
    and repair kit.

    I definetly would not bother with arbitration, benefit to wasted time ratio is way too small
    for me.
  • I recently purchased a 2002 Avalon XLS and I believe that I have made an excellent choice. However, I think Toyota could have offered a wider tire. I've been told that the stock 16" rims can fit 215's, but does anybody know if 225's will fit? I think the Av message board is great.
  • I own a 2000 Avalon with 38,000 + miles on it. Recently my check engine light kept coming on. My dealer hooked it up to the computer and it indicated that one cylinder was misfiring. I have been told that I need to replace the two injectors
    on that cylinder @ a cost of $350. My question is are fuel injectors covered under the 5 year 60,000
    mile warrenty ? If not, is $350 too much to do this work. Please advise. Thanks
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    That is rediculous. They should replace them . I had an experience with Dodge on an Intrepid and had to suggest that I had a very good law firms in New York who loved to sue car companies. No wonder Toyota has the worst reputation among customers although they sell a very good car
  • rrzeparrzepa Posts: 11
    Try another dealer. Fuel injectors should last much longer than 2 years. It should be covered under the 5 year warranty (assuming you bought the extended one). I don't think this is part of the powertrain (5/60K) warranty.

    The price does not look too bad. I don't think that parts are that expensive but it is lots of labor (~ 2 hours per injector) to replace them.

    Regardless, I would still go to another dealer to make sure that the first one was correct. What about wires/sparks... either faulty wire or plug will cause misfires as well.

    Also, I would put premium gas and take it on Highway at high speed (I do it once/twice every couple months). This re-freshes the injectors. Obviously if you have faulty one or really clugged up, this will not help.
  • Since your warranty had barely expired, and since this shouldn't have happened anyway with a car as good as the Avalon, go to your manual and look up the Toyota Customer Relations number and complain VERY GRACIOUSLY about how great a car the Avalon is BUT..... They often work with you when you don't yell and scream, but are persistent in insisting that a quality vehicle shouldn't have such a quality problem. It worked with me when my 1995 Avalon that actually had less than 35000 miles but was beyond the three year time period. Toyota picked up most of the cost. As a result I soon bought a new 2000 Avalon XLS. I indicated that their action would determine my loyalty to Toyota. They gave in and they got another future sale. Give it a try.Glenn
  • how do you all feel about consumer reports now ranking the reliability of the avalon as AVERAGE? this places it in the same territory as the crown vic/grand marquis and lesabre in terms of reliability. this must mean that lots of people (like the many who post here) are having trouble with their avalons. as a former avalon owner considering a new one, i find this troubling. i got rid of my previous one because it had so many persistent problems, yet i have not found another car that is as comfortable (i'm 6'7") and still handles with speed and some amount of sportiness. i'm curious to know what everyone here thinks about the new consumer reports classification.

  • Gentle giant

    I am driving my second Avalon. The first one (98) went 30k miles and never saw the dealer. My present one (2k) has 32k miles and has never been back either.

    My driving experience goes back to WW2 and I will state without reservation that these cars are as good as one can purchase.

    They have my unqualified approval as to being an excellent automobile.
  • My 2001 with 12K (owned almost for one year now) had few problems but those were items which I could have ignored and kept going. For example, the dashboard reflection issue and rear seatbelt recall.

    I'd definetly recommend one. Surely beats my other car (GM) when brand new (4-5 years ago) went thru 3 alternators in first 3-4 months and still has some "unaeasy" idle.
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    I'll have to check. Sometimes we can worry too much. I'm usually NEVER completely satisfied with a car, but this Avalon is one fine auto!
  • aloalo Posts: 35
    My 96 Avalon has 63000 miles and still drives like when it was new. Issues are few and far between. The dealer replaced a warped rotor free at 40000 mils.

    95-96 Avalons had some first generation problems but they sure beat any large American cars I can think of.
  • Thinking of buying a 02 Avalon xls,does anyone know if the 03 will be changed?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    According to Toyota's typical 5 year production cycle, the 2003 will likely be "freshened"- in the past, for the Avalon (introduced for 95, freshened for 98, redesigned for 2000) this meant a slight power upgrade, new front grille and taillamps, equipment upgrades. I'd expect to see the same this time around. I also wouldnt be surprised to if Side Curtain Airbags became available.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    Based upon my personal experience I would say the Avalon is much better than average in reliability and dependability.

    I have owned my 2000 XLS for about 18 months and 18,400 miles now, and the only problem that I have experienced to date is a rattle in the glove box side of the dashboard. Compared to our Volvo S-70, the Avalon is a dream machine.

    Where I rate the Avalon as average, however, is how "common place" the car has become. For me, going to work in the morning seems like an Avalon parade. In my opinion, such commonality has made the car seem ordinary.

    With the price of the 2002 substantially lower than the 2000 it appears that Toyota is trying to eliminate the Avalon from its line up and instead concentrate on the Camry. I hope not, because the Avalon is the most trouble-free "mid-luxury" large sedan out there.
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