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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • I beg to differ. Any quality body shop using today's paint matching techniques can do an excellent job. And, I think very few could tell the difference.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    "Original Manufacturer's Equipment".

    Only have a vehicle repainted if you absolutely have to. Otherwise for chip paint repair, you guys might be interested in this product to fix the areas that have been damaged by road rocks:

    And yes get yourselves a new Car Bra or Transparent Car Bra system if you know for a fact that the paint quality of your vehicle is very soft and therefore can be easily damaged by common road debris.

    Most new cars today have this problem since paints are WATER based not OIL based like before to comply with EPA regulations. Cars manufactured in North America such as the Avalon have water based paints. More chip resistant oil based paints can still be found on vehicles imported from Japan.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Paint matching without a doubt but there are areas (Specifically around the edges) that Body Shops won't or can't finish properly. Have you ever seen an used car appraiser running his/her fingers around the edges of the Hood, doors, fenders, etc?

    This is one way they can determine if the car has original paint or if it has been repainted suggesting body work repair.
  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    "Original Equipment Manufacturer" i.e. Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, etc.

    There are also "Tier 1" companies which directly supply the OEM's. i.e. Delphi, Johnson Controls, Lear, Visteon, Denso, etc.

    "Tier 2" companies supply the Tier 1's and so on down the line...
  • I have a 2001 Black XLS. I've had it a little over 5 months and the paint is still perfect. I live in the Southern Calif desert where we have a lot of dirt, heat, wind and a lot of bugs that end up on the front of the car. My previous vehicles have been an Expedition, Grand Caravan, Sable Wagon and F350 Ford Crew Cab truck. This is my first car with a trunk in 20 years! I love it. I will never go back to a big vehicle. I have a question to those who have replaced their dash covers due to the night glare. Do you think taking out the old and putting in the new will make the dash not fit right? I don't have a problem with the glare but I'm afraid if I replace it, it will eventually start to squeak or not fit right.
  • I have a 99 XLS Platinum Edition which was considerably damaged by a hail storm. I took it to a friend who owns a body shop that specializes in repairing and painting high-end cars. He repainted the entire car and it looks far better than the original paint. It took him 6 weeks of hand labor, and he used 4 color coats and 3 clear coats on it. It has a depth and glow that you just can't see on factory paint jobs.
  • Anyone had their windows tinted ?

    Bad/Good experience ? Where (I am in IL)
    and what is the good price ?

  • I paid 189 for tinted windows in Texas, where TINTED windows go along way toward reducing penetration of the heat from the sun, by as much as 50 percent. The 189 price was for premium tinting with life time warranty, but is not transferable, if you sale the car to someone else.
  • Anyone know what the new Toyota rates will be for a 2002 Avalon?
  • I have a 2000 lunar mist color Avalon and the paint is chipping on the hood? Is this covered under warranty?
  • I am currently looking at my first Toyota and wondered if I could get an opinion. I drive about 40K miles per year and trade every 24months. I just test drove a 98 Avalon XL this morning. Wow, what a car. I always looked at the Avalon as being a bit too old for me. My dad works for Ford so we always drove Fords. We currently have a 2001 Windstar SEL (all decked out) and a 98 Ford Taurus SE.

    I was very impressed with the Avalon. The car has 89k miles and is clean as a pin. A local fellow I know owns it and he has had a Toyota dealer perform all maintenance. Car is verrrry nice. My questions are
    1. Any known problems with the 1998 that I should know about.
    2. Do you think $11K (no sales tax) for this car is reasonable. I checked both Edmunds & Kelly and found the numbers to look pretty good. What do you think?

    Thanks for any info and advice you can provide. After reading many of the posts here, I want an Avalon even more now. Can't afford a new one though. Too many miles on new cars cost me way too much money.
  • some ways of spotting a repaint have been mentioned, i.e. feeling around the edges of the hood. particularly where the hood meets the cowl near the windsheild. body shops find it difficult and time consuming to "tape" this portion of the car completely before painting. and, as this part of the car it so well hidden to all but those that are actively seeking it out, it doesnt contribute to the "OEM" look that everyone is after with a new paint job.
    i work in sales and leasing at a toyota dealership and am often the first person in line to see someones trade in. there are other dead giveaways in telling whether a car has been painted (by the way the comment was made that painting a car to reduce the appearance of rock chips would bring down resale or trade in values, this is absolutely true. dealerships, when taking cars in trade can not afford to give the benefit of the doubt on this. because if the dealer is going to recondition the car and sell it on his lot prospective buyers if the notice the repaint will also jump to the conclusion that it was in an accident rather than having been painted just for asthetics) when you pop the hood on any car just look at the bolts holding the fender to the chassis do they have marks on them to suggest that they have been turned with a wrench? are some bolts painted and some bolts not? probably the biggest giveaway of all is that most cars these days and certainly toyotas come with theft protection stickers on all body panels (hood, fenders, doors, trunk) they are intented to allow the police to accurately track cars that have been stripped into many pieces and are suppose to be a theft deterent. these stickers can not be replaced once removed. and if the attempt is made to "tape" them the paint will likely run onto the stickers
  • I am looking at a used 2000 Avalon XLS with 11,000Km on it, mint condition. What would be the $ value in Canada (British Columbia). This is from a Toyota dealership (manager's car). If I could get a wholesale value, that would be best as I have a trade-in and would like to deal wholesale-wholesale.

    I am a bit concerned about buying a first production year model. Should I get a new (discounted) 2001 instead? Any known problems for the 2000 model?

    Thanks a lot!
  • wcpwcp Posts: 40
    I agree with teo. With modern equipment and technology a good body shop can match the color of the original paint with little problem. But the even the best body shop paint job cannot match the quality of the factory paint. I had a Honda Accord which was involved in an accident in the first year of my ownership. I took it to the best shop in town to have the fender repainted. It did look like new, same shiny color. But six years later the repainted part started to peel and bubble. One more year later rust spots came out while the rest of the car was still in excellent shape, with some stone chips but not a single rust spot.
  • Thanks to those of you who mentioned the service bulletin about the fix for the green reflection problem. I have a 2000 XLS that I love but the reflection drove me crazy at night, and turning the back light down made it difficult to read the dash indicators. The fix took less than an hour and involved five parts. The glass looks less curved, if not flat and looks great! Oh, when I called my dealer I had to tell them about the bulletin and give them the number-they said mine was the first they did, but bet it won't be the last. Otherwise I've had my Avalon for more than a year without any of the problems mentioned on this board except the reflection problem. It is quiet,powerful,economical and plush. Life is good! I live in the country (boondocks) so going anywhere involves at least an hour,so I put on a CD and travel in complete isolation from outside noises. Unfortunately it would take more than a car to isolate anyone from the grasp of terrorism and its consequences. America is blessed, but we certainly must be cognizant of those who equate us with Satan, and this act must not go unpunished. I can't fathom those who believe that " a friend of my enemy is my enemy " and who value life so little that innocent civilians become their unwitting victims. My prayers go out to the victims of the ruthless acts of barbarians who kill without compunction.
  • I can get a used (dealer own's car) 2000 Avalon XLS, black, grey leather, put on the road February 2001, 7,000 miles, for the equivalent of US$23,000, including the Platinum warranty (5 years [from Feb 01] 65,000 miles). I am in Vancouver, British Columbia (west coast).

    Is this a good deal?


  • Sounds like a great deal if the car itself is free of damage. The mileage is low, and you have the warranty. I bought a 2000 XLS with everything less wheel locks for $30,300 (package 7 plus gold,VSC,full mats and power moon roof). I have less than 6000 miles and your price sounds great if it is simarily equipped.
  • Thanks for the input Glenn.

    I am not sure what package number it is but it has the following: power moonroof, leather, 6CD changer, traction and VSC. No accident, excellent condition. Looks like I am going to buy it!

    Thanks again!

  • Has anyone installed a gold emblem package such as that available from ToyotaParts4U?

    Any special tools or care needed?

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Briefly - have now passed 70,000 highway miles on my 1999 Avalon XL. Still ticks like a fine watch. Still getting OVER 30 mpg with 2 passengers and luggage, running about 65 to 70 mph. This is already one of the best cars ever built. Never been repaired. Just the routine owner's manual stuff. And it keeps going and going and going....
  • I'm not for sure if this is a problem or not. Maybe someone else has noticed this with their 2001 Avalon. When we are traveling up/down small hills with the cruise control on (set around 70) it seems like it takes a long time to go into overdrive. Also, my husband thinks it shifts hard when it does. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Other than the paint chips and a few minor things I don't like about the car, I'd recommend it to anyone!
  • As the owner of a 2000 Avalon I am wondering what kind of oil usage other owners might report. As for me I change the motor oil myself at 3000-4000 miles and never have had to add a quart in between changes. Well,this is nice but in some ways it bothers me because I've never owned a car that didn't use some oil. Certainly there is no coolant leak because I haven't added any in the 18 months I've owned the car and until I took it back to Toyota for the child seat recall last week it's never been to a service center.
  • asawasaw Posts: 54
    Can anyone who has driven both the Avalon and Camry V6 comment on the ride, power and responsiveness of the two sibling cars?
  • aloalo Posts: 35
    I've a 96 Avalon and I never need to add oil between oil changes. I had a 71 Chevy Vega and it burned a quart every 200 miles.
  • I purchased my 2001 Toyota Avalon XLS this past June. The car was manufactured May 2001. I have 2,200 miles on the car and I'm starting to hear strange noises.
    About 3 weeks ago, I started hearing a loud ping from the engine. Most of the time I hear this noise right after I shut off the car after a long commute (45 minute drive, mixture of heavy traffic highway and stop and go). I also hear this noise before I shut off the engine (when I leave my car idle in the driveway after the long commute). At first the dealer told me it was the exhaust cooling off. They were not able to reproduce the noise. They did however put the following on my invoice, "Exhaust pipe bracket clamp hitting body - adjusted bracket and shield." I'm still hearing the noise. Could this noise be a valve tap? I have not had my first oil change yet.
    I also hear a vibration noise in the passenger side dash board when I go over small bumps at low speeds (at least that's where it sounds like it's coming from). The dealer tightened a bracket under the dashboard at the side ventilator duct. When I drove with the service technician I didn't hear the noise. Of course, as soon as I was out on the road I started hearing it again.
    I also have a noise coming from my steering wheel. I park in a multi-level parking garage at my work and about 2 weeks ago the car started making a high pitch sound "screech" when I make sharp turns around the ascend and descend ramps.
    I would like to know if any other Avalon owners have experienced these noises. If you were able to have them fixed, can you tell me what the dealership did and what parts were involved.
  • Thank you for your response. The service technician was able to reproduce the sound that day. He tightened the side ventilator duct bracket. We then went for a ride and I didn't hear the vibration noise - I was elated. About two hours after I left the dealership, I started hearing the noise again, but not as loud. It has now been 5 days since I've been to the dealership and the vibration noise has been getting increasingly louder (especially in cooler weather). I believe the duct bracket was part of the problem. Maybe the technician didn't tighten the bracket enough or maybe I have another problem (struts) that is causing the bracket to loosen. I am determined to get to the bottom of these noises. I don't think a thirty-something thousand dollar car should have a vibration noise in the dash. Is the climate control filter the same as the air condition filter? Did your dealership do anything to try to correct the noise - pull the dashboard off, etc.? You had mentioned drowning out the noise with the radio (not an option, this is really eating at me) - I had thought about the speakers. Sometimes a bad speaker gives off a vibration noise. I will keep you informed of my progress. Wish me luck.
  • I am building a mind picture of my first Avalon which I hope to purchase in the next month or so. I want the moonroof but I'm fussin' about the wind deflector. It doesn't look that good. But does anyone have any experience with it? Does it work? Can I speed down the road with the roof open and does the deflector keep the rush of air out of the car? Or must I still speed down my driveway at 5 mph with the roof open to benefit from the fresh air? It doesn't cost much but does it work? Is it worth it?
  • aloalo Posts: 35
    I use a deflector on my 96 Avalon and it does help to reduce wind noise but not totally eliminates it. Another advantage is that with the deflector, the moonroof can be opened during light rain. I also open the moonroof a crack in the commutor lot in summer and I don't have to worry about unexpected rain showers.

    I take it off during the winter months since it does scuff up the black paint surface a little.

    Hope this help.

  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    We' have a 2000 Avalon XLS with all the bells, whistles and other uninvited guests. We went through a rattle eradication period with Toyota last year! A few they fixed, a few we still enjoy. If you buy an Avalon, you take your chances. Some rattle, some don't. The ones that do are rarely fixed from we've experienced and read here.
    If you want a rattle free Avalon, buy a Lexus or an Acura. Toyota is sourcing a very large percentage of materials for their cars here in the US. The same vendors supply Ford and Chevy. You figure out the result.
  • Ref number 1135 by dp89jp. Bought in Central Florida 2002Avalon XLs,
    with GU pkg6 (6 CD changer, 16 in wheels, leather),white pearl, mats, gold pkg. No moonroof. No trade in. For all above, 6 per cent sales tax, and license & registration, gave dealer check for $30,500. Buying extended warranty, using reference by GSchiel. Showed dealer service manager paint problem experienced by mikid.
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