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Lexus IS 300

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the Lexus IS300
topic. Those of you joining us from that topic are
welcome to continue your discussion.

If you're new to this topic, you may want to
follow the above link for additional archived

On a side note, I just saw the commercial for the
IS 300. The "24 Seconds of Pedals" or whatever...
I like the IS and I'm sure it will be a worthy
competitor but... I'm not inspired by two pedals
on this car. Three? Yes. Two? No. I know...
it's on the way. Great car but a dumb commercial
if you ask me... Just my opinion...


Sedans Host


  • exacuraexacura Posts: 6
    If the model that just came out is the 2001, when or how long must we wait for the next one with a manual?? Will that be a 2002?? Also, does anyone know if that one will have a armrest between front seats??
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    The IS 300's Manual Transmission will be released for Model Year 2002, which should be out around October of 2001.

    There are also rumors of a stick available with the GS 3&4. Don't know if that's true or not.
  • It's nice to know someone reads these postings. After my first weekend, tooling around center city Philadelphia on the eve of the convention, I got many looks, stares, and thumbs up upon drive by. Here's to many years of fun driving.
  • What fun that is!!! I here is my $.02.

    A4 - Nice interior, best out of the 3. Feels tight and heavy. I can't push the car in tight corners like the BMW and IS. Disappointing.

    BMW 328 - fun fun fun. But I don't like the interior. Corners like a champ!

    IS 300 - fun fun fun fun... and braking is excelling too. Feels a little light but handling is just as good as if not better than BMW. I have my mom (65 mind you!) seating in the passinger seat and she's very impress with the IS and enjoying it all the way. Now she wants to know when I'm going to get one. :-)

    Honestly speaking Lexus still can improve quite a few items with the interior.

    Arm Rest is almost non-exitence. Not a big deal but comes in handy for storing stuff or bigger cup holder.

    I can't use the e-shift since my right thumb can
    't reach and rather uncomfortable.

    I don't like the the shifter, give me the shifter like Acura TL 3.2

    I don't like 6 disc in dash changer. That's minor stuff.

    Other than that, let's hope they change the shifter design and I'll get one after my lease is up with my 00 Jetta.

    - Allen
  • drzuldrzul Posts: 8
    I know this is a bit out of topic but I need some advice on choosing between an IS and Saab 9-5. I managed to get the saab at the same price as the lexus but I do not know which is the better car. in terms of handling, i've heard that saab is worse than the IS. And choosing between 4 or 6 cylinders?
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    The 9-5 does offer a manual transmission, and BTW, how did you manage to gey one for 34,000? However, I'd get the Lexus, for the RWD, and craftsmanship (not to mention reliability)
  • exacuraexacura Posts: 6
    My dealer so far has only the white and the black models...Anybody seen a great color other than these two???
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    > aren't there more moderate tires that
    > would last much longer?

    Sure, but you give up the handling.

    > I dirve an Infiniti I30 now, and get
    > 60k miles per set of tires easy.

    Must be a fair amount of highway miles. If you want 60K on a set of tires, don't get soft performance rubber.

    > I am looking at IS300, Audi A6 [...]

    Two radically different cars. IS to me is light, quick, small, fun! A6 to me is heavy, slow (regular 2.8 version), roomy, and not fun. Could they be any more different?

    > mainly need to seat people in the
    > back for 'emergencies'.

    If that's true, and you're interested in fun, get the IS.

    > But to get the IS300 with a center
    > armrest, I need to wait 11 more months?

    More like 14 months.
  • uofmiamiuofmiami Posts: 19
    I am on vacation in LA area and I saw 2 IS's on the road today. I am yet to see any on the road back home on Long Island, but I know they are on the road out there. Anyways, I saw a yellow one, was very striking and the other one was black. The yellow is a real attention getter though.
  • ...Introducing the IS.

    It makes the BMW 3 Series Seem So Five Minutes Ago...

    What a slogan that wags the dog!
    After comparing the following pictures of the C-class Mercedes and the Lexus IS
    the advertisement for the Lexus IS should be enhanced to:
    ...Introducing the IS. It makes the BMW 3 Series Seem So Five Minutes Ago... And It Makes Lexus a loud-mouthed thief that keeps on stealing Mercedes' styling.

    It's unthinkable the way Lexus does business, stealing one German manufacturer's design to compete against another German manufacturer. Perhaps it's a culture set by Seiko copying Rolex, Yamaha copying Steinway, Suzuki/Honda/Yamaha copying Harley Davidson, etc.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The last time this business got posted, I asked, so I'll ask again: "WHO CARES?"

    If the car looks right, fine; if it doesn't, then I don't have to buy it. I couldn't care less if Lexus wants to make a car that looks like an MB [I happen to like the way most MBs look], as long as the reliability and finish look like a Toyota.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Here's yet another post regarding features I would like to see added to the IS300. I haven't read all the previous posts, but I'll try to avoid items that have been mentioned over and over and over...., such as the manual tranny and telescopic steering wheel (which I understand are planned for the 2002 model).

    1) Head protection airbags

    Now that Audi will make head airbags standard equipment in the 2001 A4, I think all the European manufacturers offer hear airbags (or head-protecting side curtains) as standard equipment, except maybe for VW. I understand Lexus wanted to keep the price down to the mid-30's for a typically-equipped IS300, but to compete with BMW, Audi, MB, from a safety standpoint, I think Lexus should have offered these as an option.

    2) Trip Computer

    Why don't the Japanese manufacturers offer trip computers? I know they might be considered frivolous, but I find some of the information helpful from time to time, such as "Miles to Empty" (especially when that fuel light illuminates and I'm out in the boonies!) I think the IS300 would have been an excellent candidate for Lexus to introduce some sort of trip computer option.

    3) Fold-down rear seat

    I think this has been mentioned before, but I wanted to add my $.02! Seems like the IS300 is targetting younger professionals, many of which may be single. The IS300 trunk is barely over 10 cubic feet in size. Not allowing cargo space to expand (via a fold-down rear seat option) is going to give the European sports sedans an edge when a single person is choosing his/her sole vehicle for work, vacations, weekend getaways, trips to Home Depot, etc.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Good suggestions... one question I have (enigmaone?) - WHY DOESN'T LEXUS HAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS TO SEND SUGGESTIONS TO!? (OR DO THEY?)
  • As a working engineer I am aware of the fact that just about all car designs are designed from the outside in, until reality hits the road. Compromises are made for features that go under the skin and compromises are made for the manufacturing process. At the in of the road you have a vehicle that now is finalized in its appearance. From this, if there is thievery involved at Lexus, then it goes far beyond exterior looks.
  • Lexus is having a free performance driving tour. I guess if your a Lexus owner you'll get an invite. But the website says you can call register.
    In addition to have several IS300's for testing they were a few
    Audi A4's, and BMW 3-series for comparison. This isn't a drive around the block with a salesman, they actually let you blast these cars through a coned off course without any salesperson and really test the cars cornering, braking and acceleration. I was really impressed that Lexus would create such an event. I wish more manufactures would take note and offer such comprehensive test drives.
  • Lexus Performance Tour

    Yep... it was a blast. I went last weekend at the Hollywood park. Totally blew the BMW 328 away.

    - Allen
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Allen, from your experience with the Lexus Performance Tour test drive, you thought the IS300 "blew the BMW 328 away". What areas do you recall thinking that the IS300 was superior to the BMW 328i? According to specs, they both seem to have the same 0-60 times when equipped with the automatic. Were you commenting on the handling and cornering? If that's the case, I bet the 328 was not equipped with the Sports Package (firmer suspension, larger anti-sway bars, sports seats, 17" rims, perf tires, etc). That's my guess, anyway. Even Consumer Reports magazine has commented that the Sports Package significantly improves the emergency handling of the new 3-series platform.

    I'm just curious as to where you noticed the biggest differences between the two cars, and also on how the 328 was equipped. I'm not defending BMW on this point. Heck, if I was Lexus, I wouldn't equip the competition with their best options, either -- especially if the IS300 comes with all the performance features as standard equipment!

    The one point I WILL defend BMW on is that this performance test should use the 330i, now that the 330i is currently replacing the 328i in BMW showrooms.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Please, for the sake of all in this room, pull that 3-Pointed stick out of your [non-permissible content removed] and wake the hell up. What Mercedes model looks anything like the IS 300. NONE!

    Your arguements about the GS and LS stealing styling, while stupid and idiotic, at least are somewhat understandable. they have SLIGHT resenblances, and I emphasize SLIGHT.

    With your comment about the IS, I now know that your balls really are up the wrong tree.

    If you are going to Criticize the IS 300, go ahead, I enjoy talking about cars. Please, though, say something that means something next time.

    I've also noticed that you never respond to these posts; it usually takes you a month or so to reappear. I guess you are a true p$@#y, you can't even defend yourself in an internet chat room.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    THe IS300 will most probably get curtain airbags for 2002. As I said in the previous IS300 topic, Lexus is supposed to iron out all/most of the deficiencies for 2002. That includes auto up and down windows all around, auto dimming mirrors, memory seats, a real armrest, power passenger seats, lumbar support, manual transmission, and I would guess curtain airbags would come out for 2002 also since the GS300/430 is getting them for 2001 and the 2002 redesign of the ES300 will defianately incorporate them.

    Trip computers--The LS400 comes standard with one. And GS300/400s with NAV come with them. Personally I think they are useless. The most useful feature I find of use on a trip computer is the average MPG function. As far as filling up the tank--you should start looking for a gas station when the needle gets to the 1/4 mark.

    You sure Lexus doesn't have a suggestion email?? HAve you tried or website ?? Otherwise you can also tell your dealer. I know that engineers from Japan go around to dealer about twice a year asking dealer salespeople, service techs, etc. about what the customers have been saying about what they would like to see added, changed, redesigned etc.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    I went to one of the early ones here in Atlanta.

    My impressions are at the following URL...
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Yes, I've looked on all the Lexus web sites. I think it's lame they don't have an e-mail address for feedback.

    As far as giving feedback to the dealer - to whom exactly? To a salesperson, who while pleasant, I don't expect to remember to tell anyone.
  • I knew someone is going to pop the question.

    Regardless what's on the paper. It's all first impression!! They did compare the IS and 328 on a straight 1/2 mile drag and a breaking distance at 60. IS is the clear winner.

    I didn't say 328 handles crappy. In fact, it's very good and I can feel traction control kicks in when I turn on a tight corner at 45. (Don't know if that means anything) and NO they don't have the sport package. I don't see it on the comparison. It's all base price, which means I can have the fun with less money.

    Yes the should bring in the 330 but they haven't done the comparison yet.

    - Allen
  • Yep... that's pretty much how I felt.

    A4 is a big disappointment!! But I like the interior the most. I don't like the shifter on IS. Don't care for the e-shift either since my right thumb can't reach with a comfortable position. If it all base the most bang for the bucks. IS wins here!

    - Allen
  • exacuraexacura Posts: 6
    Anybody that went to the lexus tour, what about the colors??? Anyone stand out more than others??(besides yellow). I need to place a order and my dealer only has white or black to show at moment....Thanks.....
  • billmullen, since you work at a dealership, let me ask you this: Do Lexus bumpers come with pre-drilled holes with covers for the front bumper license plate holder, or did my dealer do it? I removed my front plate and holder to give my car a cleaner appearance in the front, and to my surprise/SHOCK, there are 4, disgusting looking holes on the bumper where the holder and plate screw in. I seriously thought the holder was maybe attached to the underneath of the front bumper, not drilled in.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,337
    I've only seen the Yellow (not for me, coservative New Englander that I am) and Silver. I think it looks great in Silver, the (seemingly) controversial tail lights integrate well with that color, imho.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • I stepped in here to see what the new Lexus IS300 was like. I had heard that Lexus was trying to step into BMWs backyard and had seen some commercials where the styling intrigued me (more about that later) . I like the straight six, inherently well-balanced they are just like an electric motor, wind the wee out of them and they are still smooth as butter. They will last forever as well. I don't think as much of the slush box though. Lexus/Toyota has always made extremely good manual transmissions, I can't see any justification for not including one now. To try and compete in this class of automobiles without a manual transmission is not a good idea.

    As far as comparing "base" to "base", there is no comparing. The IS300 lacks much of what is standard in its competitors. By the time that the vehicles can really be compared to each other, the Lexus will weigh several hundred pounds more with a commensurate increase in cost. Don't think so, let's look at a little history.

    '95 BMW M3, company orders "only 2000 to be made, no dealing, onetime good deal $36,900" and it was one helluva steal. For approximately 10 percent more than a 325is, you got a whole lot of stuff, different engine, different transmission, different rearend gearing, etc. Hell, the tires and wheels alone cost more than that 10 percent differential. However, as soon as they sold the first 500 or so, suddenly you could get special orders, dealing was allowed on and on. I know this for a fact, as I have one of the very first 1995 M3s. The '96 M3 on the other hand was much more expensive, all options available and a whole lot more expensive. And the performance wasn't even as good although I believe that is due more to the inclusion of OBD II requirements than anything else.

    Honda S2000 (or the original Acura NSX for that matter, same thing applied), everybody was raving about it's 240 horsepower, and only $24,000. I got a good chuckle out of that one. Try to buy one now for less than around $35,000, good luck. At $24,000 it was one helluva car, but at one-third more, driving around between 5000 and 8000 RPM gets old kind of quick. Now in defense of Lexus, they have a car available now at a given price but please let us have a manual transmission now, not some time in the future. Along the same lines, the first GS300 was supposed to beat the pants off of all contenders. Alas it didn't.

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but if this car is to be seriously taken as a "sports car", it really needs a manual transmission. I don't care how you use the vehicle, autox, drag race, driver's schools, whatever, if you try and compete with any manual transmission 3-series (325 and up) from 92 on, expect to get your fanny spanked.

    I'll take a stab at why the rear seats don't fold down. The torsional rigidity (or lack thereof) probably requires transverse cross members at this time. A little more R&D will allow removal of that steel allowing for flip down seats. The first of the new 325i's didn't have pass through seating either. I believe it will be there soon enough. But as I said before, by the time that the IS300 is really fleshed out I'm afraid it will be quite a bit heavier, more expensive and a little short in the horsepower department.

    Notwithstanding my whining above, I think the car looks pretty sharp and with a manual transmission (especially if they can keep the pounds off) this car will be extremely competitive.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    What is it lacking right now. If you are talking about Leather, no 6-Cylinder Lexus has Leather Standard, which really is not a bad thing
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    Dealers drill the holes in the bumper cover before delivery. The factory sends the cars to the port, and the port sends the car to the dealers with no holes. They only come with indentations so that the dealer knows where to drill holes.
  • I'm looking seriously at an IS and don't have experience with Lexus dealers. I'm wondering how much off sticker (if any) I should expect to pay. I know of one person locally that got about $1,500 of sticker but he bought two cars.
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