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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    In my case the idle on my 5spd revs at 400 rpm...The reving that I get is rare it goes to about 2500 rpm but I noted that it did this if I lugged the engine (starting in 2nd from a stop)...sometimes when starting the car first thing in the morning it would do this but only if I had been riding the clutch when driving into the garage and shut down quickly then it would do this the next day....To me perfectly normal seen this with other 5spd flaw? I don't think so... persons driving style maybe the cause. Gas mileage has been good for me being careful almost religious about tire pressure. I up it about 3 psi from what they recommend of 30 psi cold tire. However you all might want to check your rear tires... The rear tires. They were suppose to do a Per Delivery Perspection and didn't and my rear tires wore out prematurely... The rear tires on both tires were worn to the tread wear indicators 12,000 kilometers! Obviously a alignement problem caused it to squirm in the snow. (Khumo tires)... The toe-in was way off...Hyundai and the dealer were ready to replace both tires and do an alignement for free with same type of tires or replace all four tires with the Michelin X one I wanted...They discounted the the tires and the alignement and balancing for free...I was pretty happy with that arrangement because I got I believe the better tires at a very reasonable price...sometimes a bad thing can turn good.
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    The stupid spell checker keeps screwing up the words I hope you guys can understand what I said?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The spell checker is, uh, tricky indeed. For about 30 minutes after you have posted, you will see an Edit button beside the date and time of your post. This gives you the opportunity to go back and fix what the spell checker might have decided to "fix" for you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • elantra3elantra3 Posts: 7
    my 2001 elantra gets terrible gas mileage 0n 14.5 gallons of gas of 70%highway 30%city did 210 miles gas gauge on empty this is about 14 mpg does anyone know why? my car has only 700 miles.
  • Tim, I'm assuming you're a member of the FDNY. I am too. Work in L-125 Flushing Queens. As far as the Elantra I bought one and am very happy with it except the Idling problems you'll see posted here. Other than that I love the car! On a recent highway trip (manual transmission) I got 42mpg. I don't know of any dealers in Bklyn, however go to Hyundai North America .com. They have a dealer link which could point you in the right direction. You might also want to try Cars I hear their not too bad. Good Luck! A
  • interlukinterluk Posts: 17

    If the mpg is indeed so variable between identical vehicles as to make us scratch our heads, then we may have to concede that our Elantra are rearing their ugly heads of unrefinement.

    I do like my Elantra but these inconsistantcies(erratic mpg, misalignments, reluctant fuel doors, loose screw covers, idle idiosyncrasies) make it hard to conclude that the car is as refined, say as my 1996 Civic hatchback. In 50k miles, the only thing that has deviated from the center of excellence was a faulty speedo cable that was replaced under warranty.

    Although I spent my hard earned money on our Elantra--and it was a leap of faith-- I would suggest to others NOT to make a similar leap and to wait a year and see how else this car behaves after we get some significant miles on them.

    If you must buy a car, then I suggest buying another make of car, despite a higher price, until these Elantra are proven all-around worthy.
    You can always trade in another make for a higher resale in a few years and recoup it on a new lower priced Elantra if they do, indeed, prove worthy of your cash.

    Knowing what I now know, would I have spent an extra $3k on a Civic... just don't know. What I do know is that I am not NEARLY as certain as I originally was about Hyundai and realize I may have to eat crow some time down the road. Of course, I HOPE I was right all along.

  • I'm not sure if the idling problem is a design floor either. You say it's an infrequent occurrence for you and only after you "lug" the engine. I find mine does it after extended periods of highway driving which I do alot of. This racing usually occurs at least once a week for me. The duration is what bothers me, sometimes for just a couple of minutes and two other times this continued for well over an hour! I did not "lug" the engine in any of these occurrences. I hope Hyundai is aware of this problem. Thanks A
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    I think if you look at the Civic,Protege, Corolla, Honda Odyssey forums you will see very similar problems with gas mileage. Some people imagine they will get the same mileage at 70 mph as they do at 50 mph(20% reduction in gas mileage at least) or they expect it during the break in period when the car is new. Gas mileage is affected by tire pressure, temp, wind, type of oil used, and driver habits. If it is eratic it could possibly be a "design flaw" but most likely driver influenced by the choices each one of us makes while driving. Check the EPA site and use the criteria they use for good driving habits that will increase mpg. Not hard to do just an education.As far as what interluck had to say about the Elantra I don't agree. The 2001 Civic has had more severe prblproblemsn the minor "tweeking" I have had on my Elantra. I'll take my Elantra over a Civic, Corolla, Protoge anytime because I like it and in a real world nobody is perfect.Just read their forums and that should put your mind at rest.Denis
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The powertrain warranty does not cover the clutch, flywheel, or pressure plate on manual tranny equipped Hyundais. You can expect the clutch to last anywhere between 80,000-150,000 miles depending on how you drive. A clutch job generally costs between $300-500. My mom's 92 Accord is on its original clutch and she has 189,000 miles on it. Granted the clutch slips a little and shudders bad when it is cold (when starting from a dead stop), but it still works fine. My 84 VW GTI was on its original clutch when I needed to replace the tranny around 180K. It was still working fine as well, with only a little shuddering, but since the tranny was off I had it replaced. So, if you would like to drive a stick again and want to save the $800, I say go for it and don't worry about the clutch. Statistically, it's gonna be a long time before you ever have to worry about it as long as you don't abuse it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    This goes to all those that are disappointed with your new Hyundai's fuel economy. I too was really disappointed with the low and inconsistent fuel economy of my 2000 Accent in the beginning. Being that it was supposed to be a fuel efficient economy car, i was pissed I could only muster 24-27 mpg in the city and 32-34 on the highway. It fluctuated wildly as well. However, it has all evened out and now lives up to my expectations. You guys need to give your car some time to break in. My mileage didn't improve until I hit 12,000 miles. Now, I get 29-32 in the city consistently and 36-38 on the highway. So give your car more than just 1000 miles to fully break in before you start complaining about your mileage. Cars traditionally get their best mileage after the 30K mark. Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel, just give it some time.
  • elantra3elantra3 Posts: 7
    i,ve noticed since day two my elantra has a hesitation,a pause if you will it is a 5 speed and has this hesitation which sometimes seems like its holding back when xcellerating i noticed this is even more so if you park the car when it is at operating tempiture. i would park the car for a few minitues start driving step on the gas and that hesitation is even worse. for a about five minitues or so. it doesn't happen all the time and taking the car back to the dealer i'm sure they will louse it up and make more problems than i had.if any one has had this trouble with there 2001 elantra with a 5 speed and has had it fixed i would love to know what it was.
  • lyndon5lyndon5 Posts: 20
    My wife will put 100,000 on her 5 speed Elantra in four years. Should have some observations on long term quality at that point, right now seems a little premature. I have owned a Civic, a Corolla, and a Sentra over the last 10 years. The Corolla was bullet proof, can't say the same for the Civic or the Sentra. Overall, my wife finds this car superior to the 97 Sentra GXE we just sold. Much better handling, performance, and ride quality. So far, so good.
  • rcatonrcaton Posts: 5
    Backy - don't get me wrong - I've driven manual tranny cars in the past, and pampered myself with an auto for the past several years. However, I noticed in the Elantras (and any other car) I've driven that the manual doesn't zap as much power away from the motor as the auto does, and I like being able to control when I shift. Wouldn't be a true "sports sedan" with an auto, you know. 8-)

    Besides, most of my driving is highway driving and not city, so the manual seems to make more sense. Plus I'm getting what I perceive as a great price. 8-)

    Planning to get the ball rolling and/or pick mine up tomorrow....
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    I have a 2000 Elantra with 12,000 miles. I noticed it got reasonable gas mileage since day one. about 35 mpg on the highway. 28 in the city. I just bought one of those K and N airfilters for added hp and better gas mileage. Although i cannot feel a difference with the horsepower, the gas mileage sure got better. I get about 30city/40highway. So those of you who are out of the break in period and are still getting poor gas mileage, I highly recommend getting a K and N air filter (aka filtercharger). Not only that, they are good for 50,000 miles. So you may save money in the long run. Note: You have to order the one for the 2000 Tiburon, since both cars have the same engine and same airbox. Just goes under that one name. I hope this helps.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    rcaton, have fun getting your new Elantra tomorrow! I'm with you, a 5-speed is the only way to go on a small car like the Elantra, unless you have to fight stop-n-go traffic a lot. And the Elantra is really fun to drive with the stick, especially after the break-in period when you can open her up.

    Re mpg variations: is this a sign of poor build quality, or is it a normal variation based on different climates, driving habits and patterns, and age of the cars? I think the latter. I know that I get way better mileage in the summer in Minnesota than in the winter, especially a cold winter like this one. It's not just the temperature, but more idling (warm ups), and I think in some areas the gas is reformulated with more ethanol in the winter (here it's like that year-round now), which reduces mpg. You also have drivers with low miles (like me, up to 2300 now) comparing mpg with drivers with tens of thousands of miles. And you have drivers who put the "pedal to the metal" all the time (like the poster from San Francisco who thought speed limits were a merely a suggestion) vs. drivers who drive with a light foot and strive for best fuel economy. I haven't tried this yet with my Elantra, but I know from experience with other small cars that I can take a car on a long trip at 55 mph (remember when that used to be the interstate speed limit?) and get over 40 mpg, and take the same car on stop-and-go traffic in the city and get 25 mpg or less. That was my exact experience with a '95 Mystique I owned. That Mystique also spent a large part of its first six months of life in the shop for a slew of recalls and other problems. My '01 Elantra, on the other hand, one of the first units rolling out of the factory (9/00 build) has had one recall (on side air bags, fixed before delivery) and a couple of screw plugs falling off. I don't count the sticky fuel door as a problem because other cars I've owned have done the same thing in below-zero weather. Sure, I could have bought a Corolla, or Civic, or Sentra, or Protege, and had a lower risk of problems. But I would have had a car that I would not have liked as much as the Elantra, and paid thousands more besides. It's not for everyone--if you're going to lay awake at night worrying about screw plugs falling off the doors, or worse, go see your friendly neighborhood Toyota or Honda dealer, plunk down your money, and drive off with a smile on your face. As for me, I smile now when I come to a stop light because I know I get to take her through the gears when the light changes.
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    1. Tire pressure: Rec 30 psi I put it up 3 psiMost tire gauges I've owned have been off by 2-3 psi.2. On fueling up from the Owner's manual: Do not "TOP OFF" after the first nozzle shut off when refueling. Fuel cap must be clicked at least 3 clicks.I've been told by friends who are mechanics that this is a common mistake that people make. This will affect mileage as well (decrease).3. Shift points from 1-2 20 km/h, 2-3 40 km/h, 3-4 55 km/h, 4-5 75 km/h in other words shifting at or under 2500 rpm.4. Smooth driving reading the road ahead. When lights are about to change.etcEasy stuff to do and most of it is in the owners manual.
  • rcatonrcaton Posts: 5
    So as a future Elantra owner, what other minor annoyances should I look for? Where are these screw plugs located, and what's the fix (a dab of glue?).

    Sticky fuel door? Had the same problem on my Escort in the winter when it would freeze up.

    Anything else?

  • stevesailstevesail Posts: 15
    To backy: We're also in MN (northeast corner of Twin Cities). Looked at the Sonata and Kia Optima last weekend, but wanted the 5-spd, which are apparently hard to find. So drove a 4cyl, 5-spd Elantra and really liked it. Can I ask what you paid for your Elantra (what options) and where you bought it? Did you look at the Sonata? Did you consider a used 2000 Elantra? Given their low resale currently, I'd think a 2000 could be a pretty good deal.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can get a K & N air filter? Regular auto store like Pep Boys, or are they special order from a parts house.? Need it for my 01 Elantra.
  • rcatonrcaton Posts: 5
    As I mentioned earlier, today I made the deal for my 2001 Elantra. Here's what I'm getting: manual tranny, Package 2 (keyless entry, cruise, alarm, etc), floormats, mud guards, in Cranberry. Total cost including destination and documentation fee: $11,560, with no trade-in. According to Edmunds, invoice on the same is $12,425, MSRP is $13,532, and TMV is $12,771. Is that a good deal or what? 8-) And this is no demo - less than 20 miles on the odometer.

    Final prep is being done as we speak, and I pick it up tomorrow. This is my first *real* new car (always bought used before), so I'm excited!

    FWIW, the dealer is St. Charles Automotive in St. Peters, MO (just west of the St. Louis area).
  • jyk1981jyk1981 Posts: 37
    I think Elantra's mpg is pretty good..
    I always do sudden acc. but it still give be 21 mpg in city.

    Someone said he/she does not recommand because of
    erratic mpg, misalignments, reluctant fuel doors, loose screw covers, and idle idiosyncrasies, I think it is nothing compare to the Elantra's safety fetures. Also, its crash test results are better than honda accords.

    2001 Elantra's Crash Test Results
    Driver: Rating = Good
    Passenger: Rating = Excellent
    Side Impact Front: Excellent
    Side Impact Rear: Good
    Crash Offset: Acceptable
    Bumper Bash: Good

    Recently in Florida, there was side impact accident which Nissan Tundra hit Honda Accord from side..
    and guess what?? Because of that hit , the accord cut in half.. The police said they were driving about 45 - 50 mph..
  • jyk1981jyk1981 Posts: 37
    If you are interested in wooden dash board..

    then visit this site..

    they got wooden dash board for every cars..

    but 2000 Elantra's wooden dash board costs about $180 but 2001 is about $300...

    they say there's more piece in 2001..

  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    Hello all,

    I've been following this board for almost 2 years now in hopes of eventually getting an Elantra. Finally the circumstances have permitted me to get one, as my piece of crap '92 Subaru died a horrible death last week. Just tonight I closed the deal on a 5-speed Midnight Gray with Package 3 (cruise, keyless entry, CD) plus mats, mud guards, and CA emissions for 12,884 before taxes, tags, etc. I could've and maybe should've gotten the car for a few hundred less, but I'm content with this deal. For anyone interested and who lives in the area, I went to Herb Chambers Hyundai in Auburn, MA (central Massachusetts). The experience was mildly stressful. They seem okay, though.

    I was originally hoping to wait and get the upcoming hatchback, but because I'm in need of a car now, I'm settling on the sedan. Besides, I'm not sure I could afford the hatchback. I was also hoping to special-order a package 5 which includes the ABS. I decided not wait out the 3-4 weeks they said it would take to get the car.

    I tried my best to find out info about getting a factory CD/cassette put into my Elantra. I believe the optional system from the Santa Fe would fit into the slot for the Elantra stereo (and the space below it). The salesmen and manager did not know much of anything about it, but doubted it would work. I'll continue to try and find info so I might eventually replace my CD with the CD/cass. combo. I know I could install an aftermarket unit (and cheaper), but my pickiness requires a factory unit.

    Once I get my car and drive it for a while I'll update everyone on what I think.

  • ebekinsebekins Posts: 21
    Well after about 7 weeks of looking and studying all kinds of car information, we purchased our pewter 2001 Hyundai Elantra automatic with option package 3. We got it through Frank Hyundai in National City, CA (near San Diego.) We got it for just what it says on Edmunds TMV, but after reading others posting here, I think TMV might be a little high. Some of you seem to have bought yours for a lower price. I guess you could consider ours $500 lower, since the dealer credited us the rebate after figuring the price.

    I like the car but I'm also nervous about being in debt. Our salesman was a very nice guy. But we had to sit for an uncomfortably long period of time while the "sales manager" did the financing end of it. Then the F$I guy did his talk about all the wonderful products that we could add on to our car. I was grateful that I have been reading these boards so I knew what to expect and how to just say "no thank you." I can see that they really can make a lot of money off a slim priced car with all the other stuff they throw at you.

    Ours has a build date of Feb 17 2001, and only had 12 miles on the OD. So I feel like I got a nice fresh virgin. Hopefully we'll have this car for a good 10 years or more, and the sales experience will be a distant memory. Happy driving!
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    Hey Everyone! Bought an '01 Elantra last month, auto,white, pkg two, ten miles on it, $12,300 + tax,tag,etc. Appreciate being able to read all the comments in this forum before purchasing. My wife and I have been driving two Acura Legends for the past six years, and I was surprised at how good the ride is in the new Elantra. I'm planning on selling both the Legend's to get a second Elantra, or maybe the Sante Fe.

    Anyway, have about 1500 miles on it so far, not a single problem. Bought it from Ft.Myers Hyundai (in Florida). I used to sell Toyotas, and owned other Honda's as well, but the value of the Hyundai was too good to pass up.(Higher marginal utility per dollar spent for all of you economics students out there).

    Take it easy! Rhino.
  • jcaccjcacc Posts: 10
    Well, I knew my new Elantra was sharp, but something happened yesterday that really took me by surprise. Somebody tried to pry off the name badge from my front grill. It broke while they were trying to get it, so I was able to put it back on and will get it replaced. What is so strange is that this happened on a city street in a town that is so prosperous that most of the people drive a Lexus, Infiniti, or a Mercedes. Why they singled out my little Hyundai when there were so many prestige badges on the cars around me beats the heck out of me!
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    Who knows? Maybe we'll start seeing people wearing Hyundai emblems on gold chains in the near future!? Hyundai mentioned in pop songs??...
  • pewtermanpewterman Posts: 17
    I nightly park my '01 silver Elantra next to my neighbors 01 silver Lexus; it's BIGGER than his and cost almost $18,000 less! I'm not surprised that someone would want to steal your Hyundai logo and put it on their Lexus--so their neighbors don't think they're dumb for spending so much on that car!!

    I've noticed a few posters mentioning an occasional surge or race in their idle--after warm-up or extensive driving. This has been mostly from people with manual trannies. I have an auto and the same thing has happened to me. I mentioned it to my service manager and he thought it was odd. Needless to say, on the occasions when I've brought it in, it doesn't happen. Sooo... is this a design problem or a design innovation? Why it happens, I don't know. In gear (drive, reverse)it's reving at about 750. I put in park and it jumps to 2,000! Anyone have any concrete info on this?

    But, Hey!! For those who gripe about such "little annoyances", I say: I like the thrill of unpredictability! And my Elantra is STILL more reliable than my Mazda was (AND quieter, heavier, more comfortable).

    And for those who think their Elantra mileage isn't that great, my Mazda Protege had a 1.8 engine (stick!) and never got better than 25 mpg! Elantra's 2 liter (auto) with about 30 mpg is a pleasant change for me!

    Also, nice to see so many other new owners are joining this forum!
  • jsapiejsapie Posts: 28
    Just installed a new Kenwood CD player in my 2001. I ordered the connector from Crutchfield and it took about an hour . Can anyone tell how to install new rear speakers. Looks like you need to remove the whole back seat.
    BTY I now have 5000 miles with no major problems at all. Great car!
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225

    You have to order it. Depending where you live, places like Pep Boys, Car Parts, Autozone usually carry them. Thats over here in New Jersey. Now, for 2000 Elantras, such as mine, I had to order the filter for the 2000 Tiburon since they had the same engine and same airbox. However, ask the sales person about for 2001. Things may have changed...

    Jsapie...Thank goodness you asked here before you attempted to do the rear speakers!

    The grills are clipped on to the rear deck. I learned this the hard way when I tried to pry off the grills to put in dynamat under the rear speakers and snapped one in half! Turns out the speakers have some kind of foam underneath that was a waste. But you have to remove the backseat to get to remove the rear deck. then you can get to the speakers. Hope this is helpful.

    And i would have to agree with peweterman on the "thrill of unpredictablity". Sure, my car rattles, some of the trim looks like cheap, weird noises come and go upon warming up. But he's right! Car has never left me stranded. I get great gas mileage. Its comfortable. Engine is quiet and the car moves. You step on the gas and its like ::whoa::
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