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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    are tied to the ECM because if the alarm goes off, the starter is disabled......that is the way that the alarm makes it so no one can start the car if the alarm has been triggered, right?

    Needless to say, my 2000 Elantra did not come with one. I seriously doubt anyone will want to steal it ;)
  • There's no way the Elantra is going to have better gas milage than a civic. The civic's lighter and has a 1.6L instead of a 2.0L
    And i also happen to own both so i know which one sucks on more gas. With todays gas prices I wish I had and Echo....nah, and lose to and Elantra at the lights.
    Elantra uses about 10%-15% more gas than the civic.
    Note: these are automatics
  • Got mine fixed at the shop yesterday. Bad driver's door lock actuator kept the alarm from activating. Just for grins, I tried to activate the alarm with the car running, but it won't. If your alarm activated while the car was running, there is a serious problem. Don't know about a starter disable feature... I haven't read about one in the manual.

    Also while at the dealer they replace the power window switch module. Seems as thought the black paint on the switches was wearing prematurely.

    Found out the reason my car pulls to the left is that I have a bad tire. But they don't replace tires at the dealership... have to find a tire dealer that is authorized by Michelin to take care of that part of the warranty. At 7k miles they had rotated tires front to back, and the bad tire was put up front. They swapped them back yesterday, and the car drove straight as an arrow.
  • I saw an ad for that at L.A. Times.

    How much did you pay for it??
  • Ok! I got the car back yesterday. The interesting part is that I have no alarm, no keyless entry...just the plain old car.
    The service people wanted me to wait until early NEXT WEEK to get the car out of the shop, since they had to order a brand new ECM. My response: "I don't think so, homey!" I called the Hyundai office in California and explained my situation. They got involved and wouldn't you know it, they were going to cannibalize one of the cars on the lot for the part so I could get my car back right away. The problem is now solved and I have my car back. The dealership had a 2001 Elantra on display and what a beauty it is!
    I must say that customer service has been a welcome surprise with Hyundai, from the roadside assistance people, to the dealership and the corporate people. I hope they continue to strive for excellence!!!

  • After having the 7.5k mile service performed on my Elantra (the one where they rotate the tires) I complained that the car was pulling to the left. They drove it and said there wasn't a problem. At 13k miles I bring the car in for the alarm problem and complain again that the car is pulling to the left still. At this point they verify my complaint and tell me it is a tire warranty issue and not their problem.

    Today I go to a Michelin tire dealer, who verifies I indeed have a bad tire and because my tread has worn beyond the "free" repair period, the tire with mount and balance will run me $45.

    Does this sound fair? I have to pay almost the full price for the tire as I would if I bought it on sale elsewhere because the service department (Southland Hyundai in Benton, Arkansas) balked when I advised them I had a problem.

    I like the car... I hate the service department.

    AND... they did not fix my alarm system 100%, so it has to go back to the shop!

  • you got michelin tires on your car....not fair! I got hancook tires. They suck. I was driving in the rain the other day. i was going around a turn at 15 mph and the car started to fishtale. luckily i know how to drive and regained traction. However, the tires dont grip the road enough and lose traction too easily. i peeled out the other day w/o even trying. Other then the tires, which can be replaced easily, the car performs excellently. better then my cherokee!

    Other then that, no problems yet on my elantra. Then again, i baby it. wash it once a week, shift at 3,000 rpms. dont go above 65 mph. still brand new to me and i going to have it for a mad long time, so got to keep it new as long as possible.

    by the way, richsap, did you put on those hyundai factory fit foglights? if so, how did it go. appreciate the comments. Thank you
  • I've had my 5-speed 2000 Elantra for about 3 months and have already put 10,500 miles on it, most of it highway miles including two long East Coast to Midwest trips. The car has been flawless. Mileage has been consistently 33-35 mpg on the highway and 28-29mpg in mixed city/highway. I've been driving 70-85mph on the PA, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois turnpikes and my Elantra handles smoothly and without strain. Really don't have a single complaint so far.
  • Have to admit to being lazy lately... the Hyundai OEM foglight kit is still in the original box, keeping dust from settling on the carpet next to my desk!

    I was waiting for cooler weather to install the kit, which I figure to be a 6 hour job. But now that cooler weather is here, I want to go outside and play!
  • I took my Elantra to another Michelin dealer this morning, who guaged the tire and said I had enough of the original tread left to have it replaced under warranty. The other dealer, although telling me I had MORE tread left on the tire, also told me that the tire was worn beyond the 25% the manufacturer allows for complete, no-cost warranty service. Me thinks he was trying to rip me off! Either that or one of them doesn't know how to read the spec. sheet on the tire.
  • dunn3dunn3 Posts: 29
    Intial quality has improved tremendously. The sonata is right around the average for the industry and the redesigned Accent does much better than it did previously. The Elantra and Tiburon don't fare so well, but I'd say that is due more to their dated designs ('96) than to the quality of the company as a whole. I'm sure that when the new Elantra and Tiburon come out, they will do very well; this goes for the Santa Fe a nd Gradeur as well because they have delayed bringing those vehicles here specifically because of intial quality probelms. Once they're on sale, I'm sure they'll be great : )

    Check out the new 2001's. They look like Saabs
    or BMWs. No wagons yet of course.

    I may still prefer the 2000 wagons. They have a classic look.
  • Is there still $750 rebate for Elantra sedans? And when will it expire? Thanks.
  • Hello everyone, I have had my 2000 Elantra 5-spd wagon for 10 1/2 months and have put 21,000 miles so far. I still love this car!!! I agree the paint is a little cheaper and it certainly isn't a VW, but for the price, you can't go wrong. Just wanted to let everyone know because I drive my car harder than most and it holds up well. We'll see what the next 20,000 miles brings.
  • I am new to this post. My Elantra has about 24K on it. The car is a blessing. I have previously owned a used Topaz. The car tried to kill us several times. It had so many problems from day one Fuel pump, ignition cut out when you flipped the high beams on (along with the rest of the electrical system), transmission issues, idle speed motor problems, throttle positioning sensors (2), mass airflow sensor, EGR valve problems, in addition to the regular stuff, 2 alternators, water pump, shorts in the electric harness, poor grounding and on and on. I get into my Elantra and drive. Once in a while I put gas into it, maybe windshield washer fluid. It has more power than the Topaz and it hasn't compromised my life in intersections. I'm sorry to hear about some of you with power features. I didn't want any of those, just a simple car that wouldn't try to kill me everyday or need a personality adjustment.
  • I've had my Elantra for about two weeks now. It's a five speed. My daughter is just getting the hang of the manual transmission. She really likes the idea of a moonroof and cd player, etc. So far so good. I hope we can say the same after several thousand miles. It's pretty zippy and fun to drive. Couldn't beat the price compared to other sedans in its class. Good Luck to all those who take the Hyundai plunge.
  • can you do me a favor and remove the forum "Hyundai Elantra GLS 1997" from the selection list on the elantra page? I ask you this cause I created a chat called "2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS vs. Ford Focus ZX3" and it got taken off; maybe its because there is no room for it on the selection part. But that 1997 hyundai forum is pointless. no one has posted something in it for 2 years in it and even if we wanted to, its frozen. So its really just taking up space. I'd appreciate you taking it off and putting the "2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS vs. Ford Focus ZX3" back up. People were posting a lot in there until it was taken off and now it can't be found unless searched for. Thank you very much!
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    I don't maintain the links from the pricing pages. I'm not sure if they are generated automatically or somebody actually selects and inserts them. I can remove the 1997 topic but I don't know if that will make the comparison topic show up...
  • baberbaber Posts: 96
    According to the Kelley blue book the 2001 Elantra is $700 more for the 5 speed and $750 more for the automatic over the 2000 models. I don't really see the reason for such an increase. Also, you have to pay $400 now to get cruise control becaues cruise control is now a package that includes the keyless entry. I think we will keep our 99 for a few more years. The 99/2000 Elantra looks better then the 2001 anyway (my opinion).

  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    the 2001 elantra is much more refined. i mean, look at the interior. it looks more stylish then the 2000. the headlights are better. its been redone. i think the front end kind of looks like a chevy impala squshed down a bit and the back end like a nissan sentra. its nice, but i like mine better. maybe if they swapped interiors, then we have a perfect car!
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100
    Wheel base is changed........
    more roomy than before........
    also... weight is heavier.......
    Elantra has a three kinds of suspension.
    One is for Korean market--> very soft
    The other is European market--> very very hard.
    The third one is for NA market--> I don't know..

    Hyundai guys think that quality is as same as Honda....

    Well.. it is sold in Europe now.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    the elantra isn't as good of a deal as it use to be! Eventhough its canadian dollars, basing it on saying its the same base price; you lose some standard options that were with this years model, you lose power windows, locks, mirrors and only gain 15" rims vs. 14" which are this year. Not worth giving up those power options to me. It now cost 17,000 fully loaded. id rather have a vw jetta for that price. Glad i bought mine this year :) Best deal there ever was and probably will be!
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    According to a magazine ad. For that reason alone I think it is worth the 750 dollars.
  • I have the opportunity to buy a 1999 Elantra for $8500. It has 9500 miles. I just want to get a feel as to whether or not it is a good deal. It has PW, PL, Pmirrs, Rear Def, AC, AM/FM Cass, 195 tires, Cruise, 5sp (I would not consider automatic... personal preference). Anyone know of any problems with the manual transmission?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    That price is too high. I got my 5 speed 2000 Elantra brand new for under $10k in August. They depreciate fast. I would say somewhere in the $6k range is fair.....

    The car is great though.
  • Where did you get a 5-speed 2000 Elantra under 10K? I'll consider going there and buying one. Let me know. No such luck for me in the northeast to date.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    fairfax hyundai in Fairfax VA. They had one in the paper for $9998. When I got there it was gone....but they gave me the one I wanted for that price. I got a 2000 base Elantra...

    Standard tranmission, A/C, power windows/locks, AM/FM cassette, all the normal stuff. I did not get cruise control or alloys....but it comes with 140hp engine and height adjustable drivers seat with lumbar adjustment too. The only thing I wish it had was a CD player - but I already put my own in....

    They had lots of them in stock, they have like two or three lots.

    Hope that helps.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    i think that recall only applys to cars with automatic transmissions. ive heard that only occuring in cars with autos. i have 6,000 miles on my elantra and not once has it stalled on me yet.
  • dunn3dunn3 Posts: 29
    Has anyone bought one yet?? They look OK and seem much better than their counterparts (fit & finish, transmission (5speed), etc.) I'm curious to see what people think about them
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