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    I got the first post.

    Sorry, just had to do it,
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    Gotta ask this group: I have a chance to purchase this car for $8000. Looks great (looks new, actually), runs great. Records of service look great. But after reading the Millenia S posts from beginning to end, I'm skittish. Should I take it to a Mazda dealer for a mechanical checkout? My wife says I'm nuts to consider ANY car with this kind of mileage. How should I proceed? Help me out, folks...
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    Hi I am looking to buy a 1998 Millenia - Base Model with 45K miles. I don't see too many articles refer to the 98 models. Are they simply too new or is the car getting better with newer models?
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    Mazdas frequently last until 250,000 miles and sometimes on up. The '95 was the first year, however, and most of the mechanical problems I have heard of on the Millenia are on the '95s. It also has fairly high maintenance costs.

    The '98 will be great, though!
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    Hello everyone,

    I was out car shopping today and looked at two Millenias. Just so happened that they were both '97 L's with leather and seemingly all the options. One had the gold trim package as well as the CD changer and 30K miles. The other didn't have these extras and had only 18K miles. But, it had quite a bit of hail damage.

    I hadn't checked into prices before looking at these two cars and was surprised at the relative low cost. I was quoted $15,700 for the one with 30K miles and the extras (Mazda dealer) and $15,990 for the one with 18K miles (Honda dealer). Both prices seem well below book. How do they compare with your experience?

    In pouring through all of the postings (wow, there's passion out there for this car - good and bad) I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer:

    1. Is the timing belt replacement at 60K miles
    only a requirement for the Miller engine? If
    a TB replacement is required for the 2.5L is it
    as expensive?

    2. Message #342 described the programming sequence
    for the '95 or '96; does this also apply to the

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Follow the breather element hose to the bottom where air is sucked in.There is a white plastic container,REMOVE IT.....YOU WILL GET AN INCREASE IN HORSE POWER ABOUT 20 ADDITIONAL.IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CAN REINSTALL IT.
  • milleniabasemilleniabase Member Posts: 11
    Has anyone tried the modification suggested in post #6? Does it void the warranty? Is there a risk of any damage to the engine? What exactly is that white plastic container and what does it do?
  • mantagmantag Member Posts: 47
    that is hi mileage for a 95, and the price reflects that. if you get the car make it contingent for a thorough inspection from mazda at the owners expense. make sure it has had the 120 k service INCLUDING THE TIMING BELT. The 120k service w/ TB will run approx $700-800
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    0I have a 1995 Millenia S with 101,000 miles on it and here is my situation:

    On my last oil change I drove between 5,500 and 6,000 miles (I use the blended oil for longer life ), when the technician pulled the dipstick...nothing was there. The engine was 3+ quarts low. I was surprised by this fact because nothing had ever been wrong during previous changes. I went ahead and had the engine treated with the equivalent of Slick50 and had the oil system flushed out as well.

    4,000 miles into my current oil change the "check engine" light came on so I pulled into a gas station, pulled the dipstick and found the oil to be two quarts low.

    This morning when I went to leave my home (about 1,700 miles after putting two quarts in) the car had to turn over many times before it would start instead of the instantaneous response I am used to. After starting the "check engine" came on and stayed on, I checked the oil and it appears that I am at least a quart or more low again.

    I have put valve and ring additive into the oil (just recently) and have never noticed the car smoking even when following my wife in our other vehicle. There is no leak that is noticeable.

    I have noted that my gas mileage has dropped into the low 20's on the highway driving 70-80 mph, and I noticed lately that it almost feels like I am towing a boat!

    I know none of these things are good, probably looking at piston rings or valves or both. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions? I love the car, its looks, amenities, etc, and really feel that 100,000 miles is too soon for this type of problem to be presenting itself. Reply if you have any comments and similar experiences.

    It is parked for now and goes to the dealer this week for an analysis.
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    has any one tried to increase the HP for the S model, I hear that using K&N Air Filter is one way to do that, but I can't find any one who sell the K&N Air filter for my 1999 MILL S.
    has any one any idea where to get those filter from, because the only one I can find is for a 1997 Mill.
    also has any one tried any other methods to increase the HP.

    I was looking at some of the reviews, most and not all of the data at this one site as an example shows that the older MILL S models are faster than the new ones, why is that??

    What do you think??
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    My wife and I just purchased a 2000 Millenia Base model. The MSRP was $27,695. The dealer came off the sticker price $2,438 to $25,237. That was then reduced by the $2,250 rebate for a sales price of $22,987. This was about $600 lower than I had ever dreamed. This deal was actually advertised in the local section of the state paper (Arkansas). I was told that the 4.9% financing offered through Mazda is not available if the rebate is accepted. To get the financing, the rebate is reduced to $250.

    I think we got really lucky. The dealership is a combination Mazda/Buick/Oldsmobile site. Another dealership, however, just bought it. It appears that they are trying to move the Mazdas ASAP.
  • dmkdmk Member Posts: 22
    You got a great deal! Enjoy the Mazda and drive the heck out of it!

    K & N, go to a Mazda forum and ask.

    120,00 mi. Millenia--get the records and make sure the 120,000 mi. service was done.

    Enjoy your cars!
  • mantagmantag Member Posts: 47
    check i believe. i have the k/n air filter will last forever(reusable) $ 30-40. does improve hp a bit, as far as gas mileage, i am not sure. i tend to drive fast so have not noticed a real improvement in mileage.
  • marak88marak88 Member Posts: 57
    I checked the site that you posted, it only advertise the filter for the non S Millenia model (2.5 L), so I assume that you have the base model.
    I'll keep on looking.
    thanks for trying though
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    I have a 99 base Millenia w/19,700 miles on it. The tires are starting to get bald. It will cost me $611 to put on the identical Michelin tires it came with or for $487 I can put on Century tires, which come with a warranty and are suppose to be just as good. Has anyone put Century tires on their Millenia? And if so, do you like them?

  • mantagmantag Member Posts: 47
    marak88, i have a 95 S. i am trying to remember, if the site had a differentiation or not between the 2 engines. the filter i got fits fine. i know the two engines are vastly different, bit maybe there is no difference re: the air filter.
  • milleniabasemilleniabase Member Posts: 11
    Hi. I wanted to ask if anyone knew how to get more HP out of Millenia? The KN filter, doesn't it void the warranty? Any other tricks anyone knows?
  • 97mazda97mazda Member Posts: 9
    The container only prevents the Millenia from breathing more air.
  • goldie01goldie01 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a K&N air filter right after I got my 97 Millenia S. Did it not for performance, but to save dishing out for an air filter every 3-4 months. I got mine at Hi-Lo for 44 bucks. I have done this with my previous cars, and if you plan on keeping it for over 2 years you will be saving money.

    As for gas mileage, I now live in Tucson, Arizona, therefore I have no freeways to use. Just stoplights galore. My mileage in town varies from 21.5 (summer) to 22.5 (winter). Interstate mileage is 26-27. By the way, I never figure gas mileage by gauge. I do it by inputing trip mileage and gas pump gallons into an EXCEL spread sheet and keeping running totals.

    I like the car(0 trips to the dealer so far), but am disturbed by the talk of dropping the Miller Cycle engine. Does anyone have some up to date info on this??? Also, has anyone used the tweaked engine computer for more HP, and replaced the stock struts/shocks???
  • milleniaman1milleniaman1 Member Posts: 110
    The miller engine will still be around for the 2001 & 2002 model years. After that it will be gone, because it doesn't meet 2003 EPA guidelines.
  • marak88marak88 Member Posts: 57
    Well, I finally was able to get my car in when service manager was there, and his comments about my car not getting a better gas milage than 20 mpg on the free way was: the hot weather, if I had my A/C on or off ( like I did not already know that), how I should be driven @ 45 mph to get the best gas milage (now who is going to be driving @ 45 mph on the high way), he also ignored me telling him that I took a trip last summer (very hot) and I had my A/C On the whole trip cruising at 80 mph I had 24-25 mpg, and it has only been very recently that I been getting the very poor gas milage ( its gotten as bad as 16 mpg).
    he told me to just keep monitoring the mpg for a little longer, may be it'll get better, (I think that was his way to tell me that there is nothing they can do for me).
    Well, I'm not going to hate the car or start down talking about my car ( I still love the car ), I just wish to know why is it not getting as good of a gas milage as some of the other.

    Oh, by the way I did find a site that they commented a bout a poor MPG for the millenia S. If you are interested just go to this site:

    Also, the K&N filter will not void the vehicle warranty, to find out more, go the below site and click on AIR FILTER FACTS, then click on the VEHICLE WARRANTY.

    I hope that helps

  • anthonycanthonyc Member Posts: 21
    Here is the official japanese website for the new 2001 millenia. I think a lot of you might be interested in it. It is in japanese. The interior of the millenia looks pretty much the unchanged. Just click on the those links under "select menu" on the main page and it will lead you to the photo galleries for the interior and exterior of the millenia. I think the first link is exterior photos and and the second link is interior photos. There are some english headings here and there on some pages.
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    I just purchased a 95' millenia. I have read alot of the posts. I was wondering if removing the white canister attached to the breather hose works for the base 2.5 v-6 and if it provides a significant improvement in performance also is it safe on the engine. does the k&n filter also provide a significant increase in performance. is there any other inexpensive improvements out there that may help. thank you
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    After owning over 50 cars, mostly sports cars, i now own a Black 99 Millenia S. Really like it's looks and drive. Was getting beat bad at lights. Found out you have to shift it yourself, turn off non slip button, drop to 1st and engage trans lock. disengage lock button after revs high and then upshift as needed, problem fixed. Now it's the runner i enjoy. No i don't do this often but when needed it's there. 10,500 miles and average 23 to 28 mpg.
  • wnamlniawnamlnia Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I found the perfect car tonight and I am skeptical of what the dealer is asking for it. I am new to the Millenia crop, but the car is perfect. The dealer says he wants 17,9k for it with 27k miles, it just says Millenia on the back and everywhere so I just think it is the base version. How do you tell the difference? Do they have the L or S on the backs beside the Millenia name?
  • rbrubakerrbrubaker Member Posts: 54
    The Millenia S as an "S" next to it's name in the back. The Millenia L has leather interior with no distinctive lettering. The L was discontinued in 1999, but you could get the Premium package on the Base model for the same effect. What year is the car? For that price it should be at least a 1998. You probably have some bargaining room here. Check the used car prices on the Edmund's home page for the specific year. If you don't need the power, stick with the base. I do need it, and I have an "S" and love it.

    Good Luck
  • 97mazda97mazda Member Posts: 9
    Has anyone tried this modification if not ,
    TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dsnedegadsnedega Member Posts: 1
    I've been seriously looking at the Millenia to replace my 93 Subaru Legacy and can get the S or Base for 7500 off sticker in Boston. I want to go with the Base, but am concerned about low end acceleration -- I assume removal of the white container significantly makes a difference in performance based on previous comments. Does anybody know what the impact of removing this device is? - why would they have it to begin with unless it was implemented by Marketing to create a more significant difference in the engines?

    Appreciate any and all comments, because I really thing the car is unique and a good value regardless of model.
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    Hi - I just bought a '97 Millenia with 40K miles. I love the look and feel of the car in general, but the shifting seems to be clunky, very unsmooth and it almost seems as though it shifts at the wrong time, i.e., too early or too late. I'm not sure if the car has had its 30k mile check-up.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know of what the cause might be?

    Thanks, Kim
  • crystalclear4ucrystalclear4u Member Posts: 7
    I have a '96 Mazda Millenia and I don't know how to program the keyless entry remotes. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  • mantagmantag Member Posts: 47
    i have a 95 s. so far no problems other than oil pressure switch ( $75, but I am noticing what sounds like an engine drone noise more noticable at 40 - 60mph. i dont know if it is the continental countact touring tires( i hope) or something else. it seems louder than before. anyone else experiencing this on the s?

  • prophet2prophet2 Member Posts: 372
    Saw one at a local VW dealer. Leather, 20K miles, leather, CD. Ad price of $15,995. Sales manager is a friend of mine who informed me of minor scratches (repainted - nice job). Dark blue is not my favorite color, but it's okay. Can't be too choosy about that feature.

    He offered it at $14,600 + fees. Any comments? At one time, I leased a '95 Millenia and though its 170 hp is "under-powered" compared with the 190+ offerings by the competition, I'm not a speed demon or hell-raiser anymore.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Member Posts: 215
    I read from Automotive News mag that the 2001 Millenia will have a "backlit" display/tachometer and all; kinda like the one on Lexuses. It will retain both engine with re-designed front and rear end. I only wish that they would include a GPS of some kind. BTW, I own a black/grey 2000 Mill S with 14000miles on it. I've been very happy with the car so far, got it for $29995 out the door from Puente Hills Mazda. Planning to put a 19" wheel soon.
    The only drawback, 20 Mpg in LA traffic.
  • wanna99wanna99 Member Posts: 1
    Hi all! Been reading with great interest all the comments on the Mazda Millenia. Have a chance to buy a 99 Millenia S, but with its Miller Cylce engine and the engine no longer being in production after the 2002 model year, does anyone know how Mazda plans on providing customer support should owners experience any problems with the engines after 2002. I am a long term car buyer (currently have 1987 T-Bird with 142K miles. If I buy the Millenia, I want to be sure I can keep it long term and have service support for it while I own it. Does anyone have information on parts/service support for the Miller Cycle engine after 2002? Thanks for any info you might have. "Chris"
  • milleniaman1milleniaman1 Member Posts: 110
    According to the Mazda website...the official one, not the US sight, the new Millenia will have a navigation system. go to the news releases and you will see it
  • prophet2prophet2 Member Posts: 372
    The salesman I initially spoke with on the phone did not know that the '98 Millenia DID NOT have leather and guessed that the mileage was in the 20K range. Actually, it was 33K! But, it had the CD, new tires, and was clean.

    If the car was titled early in the '98 model year (late 1997), then the mileage isn't excessive. But, then again, the three-year warranty period will run out long before the 50K mileage limit is reached.

    $14,600 isn't a bad price. The car ran well, did not reek of tobacco, and the touch-up work on the minor scrapes was flawless. Probably a decent deal, but not exceptional.
  • misty8misty8 Member Posts: 15
    How do I find the white container and is it difficult to remove? I'd like to try it but I'm not very mechanically inclined.
  • milleniabasemilleniabase Member Posts: 11
    Trying to get a windshield decal but don't know what word millenia looks like in japanese. Or any word for that matter(speed, demon whatever). Any help?
  • mantagmantag Member Posts: 47
    i think the foreign name is "mellos"??? (? sp)check "automobile" magazine. the mag gives names for all cars w/ there foreign name.

    white cansister: do you have to remove the air filter cover or that bellows looking hose connected to it?

    tires: currently have original continental contact touring tires. i am looking at michelin pilots/dunlop/yokohama. go to
  • kristinishkristinish Member Posts: 1
    I read in Consumer Reports that if a blue cloud of smoke comes from the tailpipe, it is a sign of an oil-burning engine.
  • poorman1poorman1 Member Posts: 1
    Someone else is driving my care along SR46 up near Paso Robles. It starts to overheat - probably a water pump problem. They don't notice until smoke and steam are pooring from the car.

    End result is the car is going to need a new engine. The head gasket is blown, header warped, rings fried and gouged the cylinder walls, blah, blah, blah. Needs new radiator too.

    The car is is SLO with a busy mazda/mitsubishi dealer that seems to have a good rep. The bill will come to $11k for a new engine, and it doesn't seem much chance of a rebuilt as there are so few miller cycles on the market. Anyone know if that seems high for parts and labor to get a new engine, etc.? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it. For those of you who have expressed concerns about the miller cycle engine, this is the downside - it costs a lot and they're not easy to work on so you have fewer alternative to a dealer than with other cars/engines.

    Up until know, I've been real happy with it. a few, minor problems, but nothing horrible. Front seats could be more comfortable. That engine can really fly, though.
  • octmanoctman Member Posts: 3
    Hello to all! I'm closing in on finalizing a deal on a 2000 Millenia base. The car is equipped with both the 4 season and Premium Pkgs. My question has to do with the wipers...they seem to sit awkwardly on the windsheild, much higher than you'd expect. Does this require a minor adjustment or is it a sign of things to come?
  • milleniaman1milleniaman1 Member Posts: 110
    Can you see the wipers when sitting inside the car? You shouldn't be able to.
  • toddster1toddster1 Member Posts: 18
    The wipers are supposed to have two positions. A winter and summer setting. The winter setting has the wipers sitting higher on the window to avoid ice build up between the wiper and hood. The summer setting has the wipers setting below the hood line. I don't have the owners manual in front of me but it seems like I remember that you just pull out on the wipers and they ratchet up or down to switch positions. May want to read the manual first. P.S. has anyone found either a contoured bug gaurd for the hood or tried the transparent film?? How about any classy looking side moulding to protect from door dings. Got my first bad one the other day and cost me a c note to get it fixed. That paintless dent repair is amazing. I wish I knew how they did that!
  • gfishgfish Member Posts: 1
    I got under my '99 Millenia base yesterday to take a look at the white box on the intake tract some of you have discussed removing. The white box is a resonance chamber designed to tune the intake tract and reduce intake noise.

    The shape and length of the intake tube is engineered to move air from a relatively cool location under the hood as quietly as possible--efficiency is considered but intake noise is usually what the designer is trying to minimize.

    On my car the intake ends at a hole in the inside panel of the left fender just behind the headlight--the intake tube goes straight down from the airbox to the engine tray, turns sharply toward the left wheel well, then turns up (that’s where the white box is located) and runs to the intake opening in the fender.

    The shape and length of the intake tube is engineered to move air from a relatively cool location under the hood as quietly as possible--efficiency is considered but intake noise is usually what the designer is trying to minimize. To some small extent, the length of the entire intake tract may help smooth the airflow and eliminate peaks and dips in the engine's torque curve.

    If, when you say “remove the white box,” you're simply disconnecting the flexible plastic joint that joins the airbox to the rest of the intake, you’ve shortened the intake tube and may be drawing cooler air from the area just above the engine tray. Cooler air means more power, and you’ve probably changed the shape of the torque curve (for better or worse). If you’re actually removing the box, the engine will draw air from the original intake opening and the two holes in the tube where the box was mounted. Again, you may be drawing cooler air. In either case, the sound of the engine, particularly at full throttle, will likely be louder.

    If you look at the large air tube on the top of the engine between the air box and the throttle body, you’ll see a similar black plastic part (mine is labeled “KL470”) which is also a resonance chamber. In this case, the size and shape of the chamber is designed the smooth the flow of air into the engine within a particular RPM range--changing the size or shape of (or removing) the chamber will change the torque curve of the engine.

    I’d like to know if anyone has actually measured 0-30 or 0-60 times before and after removal of the box. "Seat-of-the-pants" dynos are notoriously inaccurate, particularly if the sound of the engine is louder.

    The intake tubes are pretty small and look restrictive. I think our cars could benefit from a cold air intake which allows fresh air from outside the engine compartment to be routed directly to the airbox.

  • nmgridlnmgridl Member Posts: 12
    How to program the keyless entry has been posted before under the original Millenia topic site. There are several steps. Seems to me you had to push buttons and open/close doors in some sequence.
  • acabral1acabral1 Member Posts: 122
    The 2001 Millenia will be more or less identical to the 2000 model, with the exception of the front fascia. The rear fascia was carried over to 2001.

    The major differences among the 2000 and 2001 model will be that as follows (2001) will have:

    * GPS - Navigation System
    * Eight Speaker Bose Stereo with upgrade Feature
    * Larger Center Armrest
    * Projector Headlights
    * Wood Steering Wheel (top/bottom section)

    Most everything else will remain the same - but as everyone is probably already aware, expect last minute changes to the 2001 Millenia before it reaches US land.

    The list of changes above is - per Mazda Motors statement, is what consumers wanted to see in the Millenia.

    The 2001 Millenia is anticipated to go on sale late September to early October 2000.

    Rumur has it that, if these changes to the Millenia increases sales for the Millenia. A complete rebody will be done in 2003.


    PS - if anyone want to see pics of the 2001 Millenia email me: [email protected] I have about 14 pictures of it
  • acabral1acabral1 Member Posts: 122
    If any visitor of this forum is debating whether or not they should purchase a 2000 Millenia S, you need to read this review. Granted it is purely subjective, but all automotive reviews are so read on.

    The 2000 Millenia S, is a phenomenal vehicle in all prospectives. First and foremost owners of this vehicle will be exhilarated with the fact that they won't be driving a car that everyone in their neighborhood has,. (we all know which cars I am referencing to) Secondly, you will be the proud owner of a car that has 210 supercharged horsepower - which will out performance all of its competing models.

    The 2000 Millenia S, also has a feature called - "hold" which allows the driver to manually control the transmission for maximum "off-line" performance. Believe me, this feature is 5 times more effective than the Sequential Shift and Tiptronic Shift of its competing models; because it will never become tiresome as a result of it being results oriented and not gimmick oriented like the other transmission control systems currently available on other vehicles.

    In addition everything stated above, the 2000 Millenia's interior and exterior build is truly top notch for a car priced under 35K,. The Millenia's leather quality is superb with the perfect amount of firmness.

    To avoid making this review to lengthy, I will bring closure to this topic, but simply must restate to all debating purchasers that, the 2000 Millenia S is a spectacular vehicle that will surely impress you whenever you'd least expect it to. - If any of you all concerned about the negative comments that owners have made about the 2000 Millenia or its predecessor, try visiting other forums, you will see an equal balance of gripes from owners their as well - i.e the 2000 TL's and the like -

    - "Get in. Be moved"
  • sayheymjsayheymj Member Posts: 1
    I'm getting conflicting information on rebates / incentives and Mazda financing .

    I Want to buy a base '00, but heard the current rebate of $2250 is over on 9/5/00. Does anyone think this will be extended or maybe even go up as the '01's roll out ? Can you get the rebate and also the 6.9% financing for 60 months? I guess the real ? is should I buy before 9/5 or wait a week or two ? I really enjoyed reading all the info on the previous postings ....Any info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS
  • acabral1acabral1 Member Posts: 122
    I called speak upon the rebate towards the base model, but the dealership discounted my "S" for $6,500.00 - I could't argue with that - hopefully this information sets some parameters for you -

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