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Mazda Millenia



  • I also have the rattle. It started right after I got the windows tinted. They had to remove the rear window tail light to install the film and I am pretty sure this is the source of the rattle. I will probably take it out and test drive it to see if the rattle stops. If it does maybe I'll add some felt to the base to see if this fixes it. I will post the results later. P.S. The window tint really makes the car more comfortable. I can actually have the sunroof shade open now without frying my head through the glass!!
  • 1. Has anyone installed the eibach lowering springs? How about posting a review on how they perform? Body roll, ground clearance, ride quality etc.....

    2. Has anyone replaced the muffler with a performance brand??

    3. Has anyone found any performance part?? I've asked before and let me say now that A. K&N does not make a filter for the 99 and later, B. Jet does not make a chip.

    Finally, just a word on Karma. Some rat b####rd had put a nice fat door ding in my baby the other day. It's first owie. I spent $100 bucks at the dent doctor to get it removed. I must say that they did a fantastic job. I love the sleek lines of the Millenia but what ever happened to protective body molding?? I hope God is an automotive enthusiast and has a special purgatory set up for indivuals who disrespect others property! Personally, I would like to place a fat door ding right in their forehead!!!!!
  • I would not recommend the installation of Eibach Lowering Springs unless you can locate some aftermarket performance oriented Shocks/Struts. The recoil-rate of the Eibach's is to excessive for the factory shocks/struts and will cause your Millenia to bottom-out a lot, in addition to causing the factory shocks/struts to wearout very fast.

    Just about any universal muffler is compatible with the Millenia, just find a good shop to install it for you. If you have the cash, purchase a universal muffler and have a shop fabric/replicate the factory piping using stainless steal for maximum performance and looks.

    It appears as though, many if not all performance upgrades will have to be custom made - I had the same problem with the last car I owned - but I managed to accomplish a lot with it, time and money..........................
  • The steering on my 99 Millenia L is a little too light for my taste, but it seems that the car just doesn't hold a front end alignment really well. Anyone else with similar experience?
  • Millenia's are famous for having a vague steering feel. I haven't ever needed to get an alignment on the car but it does seem like you are never just able to point the car and drive. It picks up every imperfection in the rode and sends the car in another direction. This is part Mazda's fault, I think they have over assisted the steering, and also a product of a wide tire.

    Thanks acabral for you input on the springs and exhuast. Have you made these mods to your car??
  • toddster1 - I didn't do these mods to my Millenia, I had it done on my Legend. If you are
    serious about lowering your Millenia and want it done right, contact the staff at - they may be able to assist in this matter.

  • chexichexi Posts: 13
    I just purchased a silver 2000 Millenia Millenium edition for $24,995. It was with a trade in that they will make some but not a lot of money on. I got more than the trade-in value. I hope this helps. Good luck, it's one of the sharpest, and rarest cars on the road.
  • chexichexi Posts: 13
    For those of you with the 6-disc in dash changer, Have any of you had a problem? I am getting a rapid clicking and an "E-01" code, which means mechanical problem see Dealer. Something is broken in the changer. What I want to figure out is if this is typical or rare. I'd hate to have to keep taking this otherwise great car in for something like this.
  • chexichexi Posts: 13
    There is some hard shifting in the Millenia's transmission. I'm going to get some Redline brand ATF for it and try it out. I've heard from other posts that the stuff does wonders to smooth out hard shifting. I'll let everyone know what happens after I get it done.

    P.S. I've notice some increase in gas mileage after I switched to Mobil 1 oil, but the car is so new it might just be breaking in and getting better mileage anyway. The fuel gauge, however, reads empty with 4 gallons left. I think this is typical for this car.
  • mpoempoe Posts: 1
    I had to replace my transmission in my 96 millenia
    this year after about 80,000 miles. I bought it used in 98. Thank god for extended warranty. There really wasn't much forewarning besides a couple of days of jerky take off hesitstions. All of a sudden it died. My air cond. also went last year. I liked my car until then. I'm noticing the chipped and cracked front end paint as well. I don't think it should be there when there are not any rough conditions. Time for a new car I guess.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    so what's the full price (if you did not have a trade-in)?
  • Well, right off the bat I was quoted $25,495 before they knew about a trade-in, so you should be able to get it for at least that price, if not better. Good luck.

  • You guys make me sick! I thought I got a smoking deal when I paid $27,500 for my 1999 S in Jan of 1999. In 1998 they were going for over $30,000. At least I got 3.9% financing and lifetime oil changes.
  • I am going to test drive a Mazda Millenia tonight. I really had not heard much about the car prior to seeing it today at the dealer. Right now I have a 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage that I have had since high school with 160,000 mi and my wife and I need a second car. We test drove a 1998 Toyota Camry, 1998 VW Beetle, and a 1997 VW Jetta. Obviously, you can see that we are looking for a car in a certain price range and I am working with a dealer that will give me a good deal due to where I work and a friends recommendation.

    After driving these other cars, he showed us this 1997 Mazda. It has 48,000 mi, and is loaded with everything - Leather, cd, heated seats, etc. I am not sure whether it is an 'S' or 'L' series.

    I am now concerned after reading a lot of the posts about this car. This car is listed at $17,995, but most likely I would be able to get it for 15,000 or so.

    Any advice or words of wisdom?

  • From a personal standpoint, I am quite confident in the Millenia - (well the 2000 Models)Thus far, I have not had any problems with mine. The Millenia, isn't the best car in the world, but for the money spent, and plathora of standard features, moderate maitanence cost, and tax savings. It's an excellent value!

    Any slight bit of imperfections or "should haves" that I may have come accross are really insubstantial to me from a logical standpoint once I recant to the dollar to value ratio -

    If you decide to purchase a later model, just review some of the "problems" that owners of similiar models/years have experienced, and carefully check for signs/symptoms of them in the model year Millenia you are considering - for what its worth.

    It very difficult to identify each and every flaw or malfunction that a used car has/may be subjected to from a 20 minute test drive.

  • Has anyone managed to obtain information regarding the release date of the 01' models. All
    of my local dealerships are keeping the exact release date on the "hush-hush" so they can remove all the 00' Millenia's of the lot first.
  • Saw three yesterday, one "S" in pearl white, two base w/leather, Bose, etc. (one two-tone pearl white, one in platinum). Same body, with added chrome treatment below the trunk lid surrounding the license plate area and a few other upgrades. But, no rebates ...... for now.
  • Do you see these at night? I think you may have been confusing them for the '00 Millenias -

    Although I can't manage to obtain an exact release date, the rumours that are floating around are uttering a release around the December, January time frame -

    The problem is that I have also heard that the '01 will will release prior to the above mentioned date as well - Late September to October time frame.

    The fact of this matter is that, the actual "delivery" date will be the same at all Mazda dealerships within CONUS, therefore, you couldn't have seen a '01 Millenia

  • chexichexi Posts: 13
    A quick note on MPG. My new 2000 S is getting 23-25 mpg with mixed hwy and city driving. I guess that's pretty good. One thing I've noticed that I think is true for all is that the gas guage hits empty with about 4 gallons left. This may have been intentional as you really shouldn't let the tank go to empty. It's a bit annoying, but just figure you have 80 miles or more when the empty light first comes on.

    As for insurance, I realize this is a free plug, but I went to and requested a quote for my 2000 Millenia S Millenium Edition. I've got all the basics required for a financed car and then some. I'm a 27 year old male with one nasty ticket still on my record. I ended up with a quote of $1180 per year (yes that's per year not per 6 months). This blew my mind, as I thought I was getting a decent deal at $1650. The best part is, when I said I would pay it all at once, they dropped it down another $115 bucks. For anyone out there who thinks they may be paying too much for insurance, I suggest you use this wonderful thing called the internet. It just saved me $500 per year. :) BTW, YOudecide just gets quotes from insurance companies, they do not sell or underwrite the insurance. Good luck all.
  • chexichexi Posts: 13
    I just saw a pic of the 2001 Millenia. I don't know about everyone else, but I think the vertical lincolnesque grill on the 2000 is one of its best features. To me, it's what really separates the looks of the car from a Maxima, and it let's everyone out there know that this is a luxury car. The new grill, while Acuraesque, I think is less classy. I was about to kick myself for buying a 2000 when I heard of some of the new features on the 2001, but now I'm glad I bought the 2000.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    last April.

    At the New York Auto Show. I remember walking away spitting, because I could not believe what they have done to such a nice car. The new grille and new sharp hood creases are ruining it now.

    It was locked up so I don't know about the interior.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    but then again, if 2001 flops because of its style - consumer will benefit.
  • I am too Glad that I got the 2000 Millenia S compared to the 2001. I was going to wait for it before I see the 2001 picture. Now that Ive seen it, I'm glad that I got the 2000 model. But then again, the 2001 might look better in real life than in pictures. I will however replace my tail light with the new one, so I'll look different.
  • The front fascia of the '01 Millenia is something that has to "grow on you" if you will. My speculation is that Mazda changed the front end of the Millenia to obtain a more masculine look like many of the other luxury/near-luxury vehicles on the market today.

    Eventhough the '00 Millenia has the similiarily exact body style as its predecessors, I think the subtle changes to it makes it standout a great deal. Especially, the rear fascia with its refined tailights and metallic trim, the front fascias clear/smoke coloured bumper reflectors refreshens the appearance a great deal as well.

    The biggest quam that I have about owning the '00 Millenia, is that all us '00 owners will literally be "upside on our financing", because whenever a rebody occurs previous models tend to depreciate very fast - regardless of the price you paid for it OTD.
  • Saw three more 2001 Millenias today at another dealer. They have the different nose treatment - you either love 'em or hate 'em. Besides, the stickers all identified them as '01s.

    These did not have the leather and other goodies as part of the $2000 option package charged in the 2000 model. Apparently, these are included in the base price.
  • Ecaf, you're right on the money. The 97 & up 626 looks very bland, even after they re-freshened it in '99 still looks bland. I used to owned a '93 626ES, replace the grille and headlights with the 5-door hatchback Australian version, it's one of the best looking front end anywhere (I have pics to prove it). The maxima has a better looking front end now, but the butt is butt ugly. MX-8 would be a Great idea if Mazda can come up with it, I can only hope.
  • Ecaf,

    I wholeheartedly agree. I was considering the Maxima, as a friend of mine had an older model edition I really liked. The later models, however, are a monstrosity (especially the rear end. What's with those stupid tail lights?) I agree also about the 626. Another friend of mine had an older model 626 several years ago, and I really liked it. Now, I find the 626 quite plain. It's funny though, because the Millenia's differences from the 626 are only subtle (as far as styling goes), but I find the millenia to be an absolutely beautiful car. It just goes to show how subtlties can make all the difference.

    Has anyone noticed that Mazda is starting to advertise again like mad. Of course it's for the MPV. I still haven't seen a Millenia commercial since 1995. Fine by me. I love having one of only a handful around. There's a sort of commaraderie in it. On those rare occassions I see another one on the road, I glance over and give a nod to the driver... the driver almost always returns the nod acknowledging that we both know a secret held by a select few... Millenia...
  • Hello, this is my first visit...just purchased a 2000 sand mica MilleniaS with chrome wheels...looks question...Do I need mud guards...I think it will detract from the appearance of the car but I do not want to deal with tar...paint chips etc.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    2001 does not look better in person either. I am glad that you are glad that you got 2000. :)

    ecaf - I agree on all points, including your thoughts about Maxima and Q45. They looked so good in early 90's.
  • I have mud guards put on my millenia S sandmica and It does not take away any of the looks, As a matter of fact I thinks that it adds to the looks.
    go for it,:-).
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