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Mazda Millenia



  • Ok, I really like the Millenia's. With my budget, I can afford up to a '97.(Baby on the way) I plan on keeping the car for awhile like, 5 to 6 years. So, my question is, is this a car that I can take into the 100+ thousand mile range? I have only owned German cars and I have an Audi now that is 2k away from the 300,000. It was a high mileage car when I bought it and I had to put a clutch, radiator, cv joint, and brake pads since I have had it. I am going with a Japanese car because I will not have time to tinker as much as I used to have. I need to be able to get in drive and not worry. So are the Millenia's worth it?
  • I have a '99 black millenia with 33,000 miles. It needs new tires. I am wondering what you think is the best tire for my car. I have looked at and they have lots of tires there for my car. The one that I like the most is a bridgestone potenza re950. Any input is appreciated.
    Also, I have a rattle in my dash. I believe it is coming from the passenger side airbag. Does anyone else have this rattle. It does it only when going over pavement cracks or big bumps. It is rather loud and annoying. I have had a 96 millenia previously and it made the same noise. If anyone knows how to fix it - I would really appreciate it.
  • I had the same rattle in my old 99 Millenia. It was covered under warranty. The dealership added padding under the airbag cover and around the glove box areas...never had the problem again.
  • Ok, I just got back from Vegas early this week, driving my Millenia S with a set of new Falken Azenis ST115 tires; same size as original Dunlops 215/50/17. Here're my experience with it:
    1) Bought a set of 4 new Falkens, have them balance and install it for $500. Tires looks much better than the Dunlops, but while driving on the freeway I felt like the car is wiggling side to side. Took it back to the shop, they re-balance the wheel (put more weight on it) and also told me that his guy put too much air on it when they first install it, so he re-adjust to Mazda's setting 32Front/29rear. Drive it out of the shop, into the freeway and the wiggling is still there, even though it's a bit better now, but still annoying. So thinking that these guys are not very good at balancing a wheel, I took it to another shop which is recommened by my co-worker; re-balance and all is good.
    2)LA to Vegas, 260miles. I noticed that this falkens are much quiter compared to other performace tires, but still a tad noisier compared to the original Dunlop SP4000, which is not a performance tires. On asphalt, it's very quiet, maybe quiter than the dunlops, but on concrete, it's a bit noisier. Four adults and my 1-yr old baby was in the car, so I cant really try it at high speed; the fastest was at 120mph, which is very stable and no vibrations at all; just like driving at 80mph. BTW, Fwy 15 to vegas is consistently at 4000ft above sea level and Millenia's supercharger really helps the engine to maintain it's power at that altitude; naturally aspirated cars would've lost some of it's power at this altitude. So reaching 120mph is an easy task for Millenia's engine.

    That's All Folks.

  • Unless you just love the body styling, I don't know why someone would pick the Millenia S over the base Acura TL. I looked at both of them recently and bought the TL. The TL is cheaper, faster, bigger, more reliable (my opinion), and has similar if not more features. Sure you can get a deal on a Millenia S that puts it about the same price as the base TL but the Millenia came in 9th in Edmunds test and the TL came in 1st. My only concession is that the Millenia is better looking - but if you haven't see the newest TL you should take a look. The 2002 TL is a big improvement over last years model even though the changes are modest.
  • I got my Millenia P for $22K. I could have picked up a Millenia S for about $25K. I saved almost $7K getting the Millenia vs. the TL. Bang for the buck is important to me and the Millenia cannot be beat is this department, it is an awesome car for the money.
  • In my opinion the TL looks too much like an Accord. I like the Millenia b/c it doesn't have any cheaper cousins.
  • Millenia is cheaper and not smaller than TL. do not compare MSRP, compare how much dealers are selling these two cars for. Millenia S for about $25.5K and TL for about $27.5K. Also, they're about the same size, with TL bigger in front shoulder and knee room and Millenia bigger in the rear head and knee room. I'm 6" and I barely clear the TL's rear headliner; not in the Millenia; front head room about the same. TL is smoother/quiter on the road; while Millenia is more sporty and fun to drive.
    BTW, most edmunds's car comparison review almost never favor's Mazdas car anyway. Please take a look at other reviews also; Car&Driver did similar comparison last year and TL is 1st, Millenia 4th (and this is the 2000 Model Millenia without all the improvements they made to the 2001 model while the TL is basically the same except for the exterior design) - Go figure!!!!.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote jdigeorgio--"Millenia doesn't make sense over TL"?

    Like speedracer3 says--Quote ,"I got my Millenia P for $22K. I could have picked up a Millenia S for about $25K".

    As a matter of fact I bought my "01 P for $21680, and the S, which I didn't want because of the supercharger, which adds a lot of mechanical complexity for a gain in power I do not need, would have added about $2500 to that, or about $24200. I doubt you could find a TL anywhere near those ACTUAL REAL WORLD prices.

    I now have almost 4000 flawless miles on a great "made in Japan" with almost 100% Japanese content automobile, that rivals any car within $10000 of it's MSRP, both inside and out. The styling has to be as good as any car, bar none. The 626 does have a strong frontal resemblance to it, but the Millenia still comes out on top.

    Unless you are planning to drag race and need a hot rod engine, I see no drawback to the 2.5L V-6 at all. It has performed flawlessly, and has all the power needed for anyone not interested in racing it.

    Contrary to some posts I have seen, the reliability rating both in Consumer Reports and all online sites, shows the Millenia to be as reliable, or more so than the Camcords. The only exception being the spark plug wires on the '95 model, a $100 item.

    I like the TL, but I love my Millenia.

    That said, enjoy your wonderful new TL.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote: csuftitans--"they're about the same size, with TL bigger in front shoulder and knee room and Millenia bigger in the rear head and knee room. I'm 6' and I barely clear the TL's rear headliner; not in the Millenia; front head room about the same."

    My other car is a '95 Olds 88. And while the Olds measures a little larger inside, the Millenia has a far superior open and airy feeling. After driving my Millenia, the Olds makes me feel like I am sitting in an overly upholstered hole. I always avoid the Olds in favor of the Millenia, unless going to a mall or some such place where the car is apt to get door dings etc. The Olds does have a little more rear knee room.

    I guess my point is that the measurements don't tell the whole story. The Millenia is simply a joy to drive and to be seen in.
  • that those TL guys are trying hard to justify the thousands of dollars they overpaid for their Honda Accord...Opps...I mean Acura TL vs. the Mazda Millenia.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    I have a 95 L Millenia and the fog lights don't work.I've checked the bulbs and fuse and they are fine.I purchased a fog relay switch from the dealer for 22 bucks and installed it & the still do not work.If anyone knows of a recall or have experienced this;please let me know.
    Also about a week ago my transmission went out on my car for the 2nd time in 3yrs but both times my extended warranty paid for the remanufactured tranny.The 1st time I had 63k miles and had only owned it for about 1yr 1/2 (the warranty co. brought this one to the dealer install.This time the same dealer(Jim Ellis in the ATL) used one of there's.Now I have a heavy foot where I'm always using my passing gear daily.I'm not sure it was me or not.By the way I have about 83.3k miles on it now.My extended warranty runs out at 99k or 12/02.I have to hold on this this car right now because I'm buying a home 1/02 at 6.25%.
    Thank for listening but if anyone has an answer to my question it would be greatly appreciated.Happy Holidays :-)
  • I would like to know if I could use the $4000.00 dealer cash For a new 2001 Millenia towards the negative equity of my trade-in.
  • Dealer cash is deducted from the purchase price on the spot.
  • Hello to all

    I'm fixing to buy extended warrenty for my millenia, and I was wondering if any one recommend buying extended warrenty from any where in specific, Also has any of you heard about a place on the internet called, if so what do you think of it,I read on there Web site and it sounds very good. I also hear that the credit unions and car insurance company sell those extended warrenty, do any of you recommend where to get one from.
    I'm wanting to buy one very soon, and all of your help is appreciated in advance.

    please let me know what you think.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I was tempted to do it, too - but I really couldn't find company that I felt 100% comfortable with as extended warranty provider. Here is another one to look at:

    Because I have 2001 Millenia S I decided to start worrying about warranty in a couple of years from now...

  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    I'm interested in a Millenia but am frustrated trying to find a RELIABLE place to find out what ALL the incentives are on a particular make and model. For instance - Edmunds says nothing available but low apr. Kelley Blue Book shows 1500 back. Nobody lists any dealer incentives like the $4k I've read about here. Does anyone have the facts for me? Thanks in advance. BTW, I
    drive a 99 626 with the 4cyl and have 54k flawless miles on the car. Still rides new - no rattles and doesn't use a drop of any fluids. I'm considering a 2.5 litre Millenia. I guess thats what everyone calls a "P" ??? Let me know your experiences - especially anyone with high miles (anyone w/ over 125k??)
  • First, P is 2.5. Second, certain cash to dealer is a private arrangement between carmakers and dealers. Edmunds only include published dealer incentives and rebates. The $4000 incentive on P is not published incentive, but it is factored into the offered price. If you consider the $4000 incentive and $2000 minimum discount, you should be able to get it at least $6000 less than MSRP. The amount of incentives and other promotional offers vary from states to states. I don't know anything about the $1500 rebate. But someone indicated somewhere in Forum that there was a $1500 rebate for Millenium. The salesman that I talked to to recently did not know anything about the $1500. He would not even admit that there was a 4000 incentive. But I was quoted a price which reflects the incentive anyway.

    Since you have a flawless 99 626 (I had a similar one for 9 years), you may want to hold onto it a little longer. I flirted with the idea about trading in my old 626, but just could not give up the car and ended up driving it for a good 9 years. I still miss it sometimes. They don't make car like that anymore (with real bumpers and more conservative look).
  • TL feels bigger regardless of what numbers say. TL holds its value much better (understatement). The Millenia S engine is a nightmare after the car is not new anymore (per the Mazda techs - didn't make this up!) The price difference is inconsequential - some will pay more for the Mill and some for the TL but we are talking a couple grand either way. Those who say the TL is an overpriced Accord and like the Mazda because it has no sibling have a point I suppose but I looked at the Accord and TL extensively and drove both. I am sorry - I don't see how people compare the two cars - they are vastly different. Drive both cars before you make that statement and don't just repeat it because you read it somewhere online.
  • I don't know where you live, so I'll cut you some slack on that, but in Atlanta, I could not touch a base TL for anywhere near 5K of what I bought a base Millenia for, and I am good friends with an Acura salesman! Sorry, but that is not inconsequential in my book. TL's do hold their value better and have a very good engine, but everyone has a different financial position and I just wanted a nice, luxurious car for my wife without breaking the bank.
  • digergerio.....are you just trying to ease your conscience about the fact that you paid too much for a car or do you work for Car and Driver Magazine??...I think the best resolution for you would be to take your Honda...err Acura to the ACURA posting sight where your silly comments about comparing apples and oranges (They are 2 vastly different cars - I mean, come on the TL in any year is just plain UGLY!!) - while the Mill is sleek, refined yet sporty and quite attractive) - when's the last time anyone said they liked your car??...If there weren't 7 of them on every street corner, you may have been awarded that type of conscience easing satisfaction...good day
  • If price is "inconsequential" then I'd rather be driving a new Lamborghini Murcielago.

    I paid $22K (and I am not the only one here) for a top notch luxury car with a V6 engine. In terms of value and bang for the buck, the TL can't touch the Millenia with a ten foot pole.

  • BTW...I am doing worse mileage with our Millenia P than with my previous Toyota Sienna mini-van. Is the 2.5L a gas guzzler or what?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    When I was shopping for a replacement for 1995 Passat GLX (which held up VERY well, but with 66K miles started to need some investment, and I was bored with it (but don't tell my wife!)) I extensively looked at Acura TL, Lexus IS300 and Millenia S. IS300 is too small and too expensive, so I test drove the TL. Didn't feel very fast, but
    - great engine
    - OK transmission (Lexus IS300 has much better manumatic)
    - spotty interior (the light switch stalk is from 1980's Civic) that - for me - lacked any class
    - no headroom (I'm 6'3)
    - terrible front seats - I was perched on to of the seat, not really sitting in

    So, I ended up looking at TL type S just because of the seats. Great car – but with the sticker of ~$32.5K and the lousy trade-in for my Passat that I was offered (in two Acura dealerships) I would have to put up $26K in cash to get it.

    Then I test drove Millenia S and was really impressed with it. With the discount of about $6.5K total and better trade-in, I had to shell out $18K. That’s 8K cheaper than TL-S and 6K cheaper than the regular TL – big difference for a poor immigrant from Poland who programs day and night so that kids can go to good schools and the wife can stay at home :-) so I decided to go for it.
    I am frequently getting positive comments (from co-workers, neighbours) and questions like “wow, what a great-looking car, what is it?” A friend of my from Switzerland thought it was a $40K Lexus . . . he was stunned when he saw the two-tone interior, electroluminescent gauges and listened to the Bose stereo.

    One more thing: the parking lot of the company I work for is littered with new Passats, Acuras (TL, a couple of TL-S), Avalons and so on – but there is not even one Millenia. And like driving off-beat cars.

    Different strokes for different folks, but so far I’m pretty happy with the choice I made.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    In the Boston aree Millenia S is advertised by Quirk Mazda (Sunday Boston Globe):

    $32.5K sticker
    -$4K rebate
    -$2.5K dealer discount
    Your price: $25,995

  • Tomekk made a good point, there are not that many Millenias on the road. I get asked "what car is that?" a lot when I take out my wife's Millenia for a drive.
  • also see post 1011....same thing said. I live and work in downtown Boston, granted I'm only 23, but I see roughly between 10-15 Acura TLs's at that point that I am reassured that I made the right decision (2000 S M.Ed.bought w/4200 miles for $22k flat). I like the feeling of driving something other than than the common car. On another note: if any Millenia owners here would like to protect their front end from highway pebbles, tar, etc...and not use an ugly black leather bra; I had the 3M clear film package applied to the front end (they have a template specifically for the Millenia's) - it looks and performs great - can also have the headlights done. -

  • I don't care what anyone says...I didn't even consider the TL when I was looking for a new car. I'll be 22 in 2001 Millenia S is my 4th Mazda. I started out with a 91 Protege DX (Awesome car...never had any problems with it), then I bought a 94 626 LX (not very reliable...but had a lot of features), then I made the mistake of leasing instead of buying a 99 Millenia Premium. So far I am really enjoying having the S over the 2.5 L engine. The Millenia to me just seems much more refined than the TL. Plus you don't see 20 Millenias at the stop light. Both of my Millenias were the two-tone White/Sand Mica Paint. I love the auto-tilt away steering wheel (TL doesn't have...always impresses my friends). The seats are very comfortable. When I saw the 2001 model I just had to get out of my lease early. This time I am buying. I always get compliments on the car...most people think that it is a Lexus. Acura will most likely never get any business from me. I plan to keep this car about 5-6 years, then move to a Mercedes or maybe a Lexus. I'm not worried about the depreciation...I love the car...if I loose more money on it, oh well! At least I'm driving something different and it's what I want!
  • I got about 27 mpg on all highway on a recent trip, which I was pretty pleased with, but the city driving really takes it toll on the MPG. I bet I am lucky to get 20 most tanks. It is a fairly heavy car with a semi small V6 so it just has to work a little harder I guess.
  • You can't make a statement without someone taking it personally (yes I work for C&D - you got me). Truth be known, I have bought two new Mazdas in the last 10 years - still have one (98 MPV). I like Mazdas (Japanese ones - not sure about the Ford versions). Almost bought a Millenia twice - back in 95 and again recently when I decided on the TL. Couldn't do it in the end for reasons I gave earlier. Please remember that where you live has a lot to do with the deals you can get and the number of similar cars on the road. For example, around here (N Florida), there seem to be more new Passats than new TLs. I think price is a major reason - and the Passat is a nice car (almost bought one). I just don't trust VW quality - not yet. I was burned by VW repairs in the 80s - owned 2 Golfs, a Jetta and a Sciroco.
    You all made some good points on the Millenia - some of the same reasons I bought the 98 MPV - it was $9k less than sticker and it was fully loaded including leather. Problem is that now it isn't worth much and they are very hard to unload. I know because I traded in an MPV once (a 91 with low miles) and even though it was in meticulous condition with low miles, I got almost nothing for it. I presume you Millenia owners will fully enjoy your cars until that moment - and that's OK since you presumably got a better deal to start with.
    As far as price being inconsequential, I am speaking to the price difference not the price.
    BTW - The price differential between the Mazda and Acura are virtually nil, especially over 5 years. The exotic super car is slightly more I'd say. And yes - I have had several compliments but I'm not out to impress anyone so it doesn't matter.
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