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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    Jack, with the 60/60k warranty that Olds is offering on the new Silo and the .9% financing with the 1500 Olds Loyalty this may be the best time to trade that '99 in on a new vehicle. Your '99 should bring a good price and you can't beat the new deals with all the new features.

    I also compared the T&C Limited with the Silo and came away impressed w/ the Silo (2nd Silo) and the money difference was a major factor. From all I've read about the reliability problems of the T&C I couldn't pass up the 60/60k warranty on the Silo.

    I also noticed that our new radio didn't pull in the local stations very well. I'll inquire the next time I'm in for service if they have others saying the same thing.
  • dustmitdustmit Posts: 2
    Or should I try to negotiate on my own? I then hope to apply the manufacturer's rebate.
    Is it reasonable to think I could negotiate lower than $300 over invoice? I'm going to buy the 2001 GL.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I would think that you could do much better than 300 over invoice. Check it out and if not go with the X plan.

    FYI---Last November I purchased a new, 2001 Buick which I got at invoice plus a $2000 rebate....
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Does anyone have any information on the rumored AWD option on the Silo? Our DC awd is getting old...I'd love to buy a loaded Silo...

  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    My 2001 Silo's VCP player is still not fixed. The techs put in a new interface module with no improvement. The next step is replacing the screen. If that doesn't work then they'll replace the head-end unit. Disappointed kids.

    Also, as anyone noticed a high pitched whistle coming from the radio on the 6 disc changer units? It's very annoying and alost forces me to listen to CDs exclusively. This will definitely be reported/corrected the next time I'm in for the VCP problem.
  • Just pulled my new premier Silhouette out of the show room. Within a day we had a problem. The traction control service light popped on and automatically turned off the traction control system. Anybody else have this problem? The dealer is getting a call this morning.
  • dhintzddhintzd Posts: 12
    The dealer received the new radio and had it installed, but the same problem arose. They still were not able to pull any AM/FM radio stations. The tech hooked up a non-window based antenne, and the radio worked fine. They called Olds and began trouble shooting the problem. I guess, according to what the service manager has told me, is that the OnStar comms was affecting the signal reception for the radio, since they use much of the same wiring. Olds knows of this problem, and had the techs check 2 wires and a module. 1 wire and the module checked out ok, but the third wire had the problem. I guess they now have to re-do a bunch of coax in the van. I saw the van the other day, and the whole dash area and driver info center on the ceiling is all tore apart. My big fear is now the chance of squeaks and rattles once everyting is put back together. The replacement wire has been ordered and hopefully will be here in a day or two. Will let everyone know how the radio works once the wire is replaced, and give a part number for the wire if I can. As an aside, they gave us an "01 Montana to drive around until ours is fixed, and I sure like our Silo better.
  • cpdcherrycpdcherry Posts: 2
    We took a 2001 Venture LT van out for a final pre-delivery test drive, and the "Service Traction Control" light came on near the end of our drive just after I did a lot of backing up to check out the sonar feature.

    I spoke to the service manager about it. Turns out an ABS sensor in a rear wheel was bad. That was replaced, and I have been assured that the van has test-driven well by the sales manager. We haven't been back yet,though. We already wasted two afternoons at the dealer (one for the test drive, another when they told us it was fixed but hadn't done anything to it yet) and are currently checking out other mini vans.

    I liked the Odyssey a lot (here in Amarillo they're going for sticker plus any options the buyer wants, no high-dollar pinstripes etc.) and we're renting a Windstar on our vacation this weekend. Those GM card rebates sure are twisting my arm for the Chevy though!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "The Silhouette minivan is a veritable living room on wheels."


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  • kdavis3kdavis3 Posts: 1
    We've looked at the '01 Silo GLS and Premiere and like what we see. Saying farewell to our '94 Villager w/172K miles in the process. Any thoughts on trying to justify the extra $$ for the Premiere? Have 2 kids, but the idea of lugging around VHS tapes on trips seems like a hassle--they take up a fair amount of room. Is there such a thing as a portable DVD player that could be hooked up to the jacks on the SILO? Also, I look at the screen and think it's tiny. Any opinions on this? Do the cordless head phones work well? Thanks.
  • sew90sew90 Posts: 1
    Does anyone here have any strange intermittant problems with their TV looking very cloudy with a line through the screen, but then the next time they run the car, the TV looks fine?

    kdavis3 - Once I figure out what is going on with my TV, I can tell you that I am very happy with it. We have taken a couple of trips in it, and the screen is plenty big enough and the picture is clear. The headphones work really well too. We don't always keep tapes in the van, and our kids can only watch the TV when we are going on a trip. I would imagine you could use a DVD player, since there is a video/audio input jack on the VCP.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I have a 99 Silo, GLS which I bought from my son. Originally, he didn't get the TV due to cost. He just felt it was overpriced. What he did for his son was buy a small (10" or 12") portable TV with a built in VCR, "installed" it in the Silo; worked out well. However he had to remove one of the seats to make room for the TV and make shift stand. Though it worked well, I always thought it was unsafe..............So, IMO, if you really feel you need the TV, buy the one that is installed by GM.

    Hope this helps...
  • We bought a 2001 Silhouette Premiere in January of this year. It had about 4,000 miles on it...previously driven by the dealership owner's wife. Everything was fine at first..but for the past couple of months we've noticed an increasingly loud and frequent noise coming from what we think is the leveling compressor. I can't drive five minutes without that thing going off. Sometimes it sounds like a machine going's that loud. On a 3 hour trip last month it sounded off at every single stop light. The service dept is trying to say that nothing is wrong with it...but we can't believe it's supposed to be that way. Have any of you experienced this with your vans? Thanks for the input.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344

    Would think that you have an air leak in the rear suspension system that is causing the compressor to constantly operate. I think there was a post on one of the other GM van sites and it was a hose not connected.

    In our case (Chevy Venture) it will sometimes happen in the garage before we start or when the load changes such as more people or filling the gas tank. Certainly not every five minutes.

    We are seeing numerous postings across Chevy/Olds/Pontiac that when people take their vans in to the dealers and they can never duplicate the problem. Literally you have to camp on the doorstep.


  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Agree with the comment about warranty service! They just don't seem to go the extra yard to find the problems. The "Services Advisors" are quite nice and make dropping off your car a relatively pleasant experience, but after that it's up for grabs!
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    Has anyone out there recently tried to lease a 2001 Silo., particularly a Premiere? I am in the market, like the van, but I can't seem to get a descent deal put together. The GMBUYPOWER site is listing SmartLease payments of "only $811" a month on a 36 month lease. Not to smart looking to me,

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  • dhintzddhintzd Posts: 12
    Well, after a little over a week of having our new Silo in the shop, we finally have it home. The wire finally arrived at the dealership, and now we are able to pull in all the radio stations in the area...and a few from longer distances. But, now when we turn the radio on...the message "CAL ERR" displays on the screen for about 5 seconds before showing the station frequency. Mentioned this to the service manager, and it will have to go back in to calibrate "something" but not sure what. Has anybody else experienced, or is experiencing, the radio problems of not being able to pull in AM/FM very well? The sales manager seems to think that it might just be our Silo.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Was interested in the comments in #288. In the Venture handbook, there is a brief item on Radio Calibration.

    It would appear that the radio has to be calibrated for the individual vehicle. If the CAL appears, it means that your radio has not been configured properly and must be returned to the dealership, which you have already noted. Hopefully the dealer can fix it.

    Although the radio is good in itself, I feel GM scrimped on the speakers in terms of quality and only putting in four. Many of the vans have at least six and believe the Mazda MPV has nine in its upgrade package. If GM want to keep up with the rest, this is an area that needs serious attention.

    Does anybody feel that the windshield mounted antenna is as good as a regular outside mounted one ?
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    This option is a necessity for my wife! Are heated seats and the coming awd options only available on the Silo or will the Pontiac or Chevy van offer these?
  • missedbassmissedbass Posts: 48
    the alarm is set off for no apparent reason, usually early in the morning. the horn sounds 5 times then shuts off. supposedly it is the shock sensor under the dashboard. any one else have this problem?
    Regarding #289 I don't think a windshield antenna works as good as a regular antenna.
  • bcbobbcbob Posts: 13
    The Montana offers heated seats if you opt for the leather, which you can only get in the high end models of course. Don't understand why you can't order leather seats in a base model.

    I was kind of surprised that my Montana only had 4 speakers, I had thought it had six like many of the other vans until I went looking the other day. A couple more might make it better but the four in there seem pretty good. I've never been able to get anywhere near 1/2 volume for fear of blowing what's left of my hearing, the sound is clear enough for my tinny ears, and the speed compensating volume feature is great. The radio reception does leave something to be desired sometimes compared to what I get in my Tempo in the mountainous terrain we have around here. But I don't think the difference is that great and it's a whole lot easier to change stations with the steering wheel mounted control. Seems you gain some you lose some. Wonder if any of the automakers will ever clue in to offer a range of brands and sets that people can choose similar to the local audio shop?
  • 69cad69cad Posts: 6
    When we first got our '99 Silhouette, we had problems with the alarm going off frequently. Some time ago I think I figured out the problem, and we have never had a problem since. Our home is right on the main street in our village. I was parking the Silhouette right next to the sidewalk. Main street is a state highway, so there are often big trucks and Semi's going by. I saw that when A big truck went by, the alarm would go off. What I finally had to do was lock the door with the door lock button, rather than the remote. This disarms the alarm. Now my wife and I have switched parking spaces, so I park farther away from the street. Now I can lock the doors with the remote, activating the alarm, and no more problems with the alarm going off. I guess it was just the vibrations from the trucks going by that was activating the alarm. Otherwise, we love the van! We have had a few small problems with the electric door, and the Onstar cell phone, but both were corrected.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I have a 99 Silo with 24K miles. Over the last couple of months I have had two epsodes of rough/abrupt/hard 1st and 2nd gear shifts. The problem occurs after the van is drive then shortly thereafter restarted. Then if I stop turn off the engine and restart let;s say after a 1/2 hour it's fine again. This does NOT happen often---only 2X in the last two months! Any ideas????
  • jjsmom1jjsmom1 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I was sold on buying a Honda Odyseey. However, with certain things coming down the pipe I just couldn't see being able to afford the new car payments. So I started looking at used. Discussed with others who already had a Silo and they indicated they really liked their van. Found a used 99 GLS from a private buyer. We really like the van and do not regret passing up the Odyssey. It is a very enjoyable van to drive. I believe a Silo is definitely worth looking for anyone unsure about what they want to buy at this time.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The motion sensor part of the alarm is adjustable. There is a screw under the dash somewhere. If you are interested, I will look it up in the service manuals, otherwise, your dealer should be able to make an adjustment for you.
  • missedbassmissedbass Posts: 48
    I haven't touched the shock sensor adjustment yet. When I set the alarm, I can push and shake the car without the alarm being triggered, yet when all is quiet it will sound off 5 times and rearm itself. Just curious how the sensor works.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "New minivans prove GM hasn't lost the edge."


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  • We are considering buying a 98 Silo from a dealer. It came from Canada, owners manual is in French, and was bought at an auction. Is there any way to find the previous owners? We have the carfax report, but it just says it was registered to the Quebec Motor Vehicle Dept, then registered to Indiana Motor Vehicle dept. then sold at auction, Central Region.
  • silotwosilotwo Posts: 27
    Just purchased a used 98 GLS with 35,000 miles after spending 11 years with a 1990 Silo. The 90 was terrific and still ran great at 125,000 miles when traded. Negotiated the price on the 98 down to $15,000 and thought it was time to take advantage of the opportunity.

    I have a problem with the power sliding door in that it closes by itself. I can hear the latch work when it opens and it does open fully, but then in about 3 seconds it closes on its own, and closes completely. Had it to the dealer twice, they reset it the first time with no success, second time replaced the ignition switch and said all was well. As usual these days, all is not well and they have no answer.

    I checked around and this is not associated with the door re-call. Would appreciate hearing about similar experiences and the ultimate fix.
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    We've pretty much decided to purchase a GM minivan (we have a 99 montana now coming off lease soon) ...

    We're looking at the Warner Bros. Venture, Montanta w/ Montanavision, and the Silhouette Premier.

    I know the Olds/Ponti have steering wheel audio controls and tach, the ponti has lower boddy cladding and 'sport suspension', and the olds has auto temp. control.

    Does the venture have less sound deadening material (sounds louder)? I know it doesn't have steering wheel controls or a tachometer.

    Anyone have an idea of the differences between them?

    Thanks in advance,

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