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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • sintrasintra Posts: 15
    My 1998 Opel Sintra (Silhouette commercialised in Europe)also has a front suspension rattle from time to time, only at very low speeds. It is not very loud though, and it's been like that for many miles. I don't worry so far because it is not getting worse. The minivan has done 33000 miles already. Is it a loud rattle ?
  • redsox5redsox5 Posts: 22
    We just purchased a 1999 Silo that came with the optional air compressor. I've noticed that it has a mind of it's own and comes on when ever it's in the mood. Mostly I notice it when we're at a stop light, but I'm sure it kicks on while were moving too. Since my wife is the primary driver, I haven't had to deal with it that much, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has figured this out. Should I just pull the fuse so it doesn't burn it self out? Is it supposed to do this? It doesn't run constantly, but I don't want it running at all, unless I turn it on. Any thoughts?
  • I have a 98 Silhouette. Have noticed a rattle/vibration in the rear end that only happens with a side wind. Anybody have any clues on what could be the cause. It does not happend all the time but can get annoying when you are on a interstate with side winds. I just want to make sure that it is not the beginning of something serious. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The compressor is part of the load-leveling suspension and it will come on for short periods whenever a load change has existed long enough. There is a sensor attached between the rear axel and the body. The system will exaust air from the shocks to lower the ride and run the compressor to raise the ride to within spec (all with enough delay to avoid trying to be an active suspension system). If the compressor runs very often without any real load changes, I would suspect that there is a slow leak somewhere in the system, or a fault in the exaust function.
  • After 18 months with my silhouette, I am posting just to say how very disappointed my wife and I are with this vehicle. We owned 3 Town& Country vans prior to the Olds. We kept each one to about 80,000 and traded for a new one, simply to keep driving anewer model. The is time we went to something different because we were lured by the toys.
    Don't do it. The van is a basic hollow box with gadgets. The road noise, the drafts the handling suggest nothing other than a cargo van.
    Because I leased it we are stuck for another 18 months, but I can't wait to get out of this junk.
    Anyone remeotley considering a GM van either the Chevy or Pontaic, they are all the same think again.
    Just my opinion.
  • wrusswruss Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a Silhouette Premiere Edition but I am concerned what effect the phase out of the Old division will have on my resale value. Any opinions?
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    The company I work for is looking at replacing our current van, a '94 Dodge Caravan Cargo model with a Silhouette since they have offered a 5 year/60k warranty and have very good incentives. The only problem is since there isn't a cargo version available (except the Chev. Astro) does anyone know of a cargo liner that would cover the rear area of the interior from behind the front seats to the liftgate?

    Any other advice regarding the Silhouette or its siblings? We didn't want to go back to Dodge for fear of tranny problems.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You may want to scoll back the beginning of this topic to have a look at the experiences that others have had with their Silhouettes. The Chevy Venture and Pontiac Montana topics may also be worth looking at since the vans are practically identical to the Olds Silhouette. FWIW though, Consumer Reports' owner's survey rates these GM minivans as having below average reliability.

    Good luck with your decision!

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  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    From what I've seen as for reliability in any vehicles, seems that any given one may be good or bad. For instance, I had a '00 Chev Silverado with problems and had it replaced under the lemon law, and currently have a '01 and have no problems. My .02.
  • letsgetmikey Dec 26, 2000 8:03am

    letsgetmikey: Check out the following site: It came up with a dealer that will sell the filter for $57.41

  • Picked up our 01 silo last Saturday, traded in a 96 caravan with 69k and two busted head gaskets. Got a fairly good deal ($283 over invoice per Edmunds TMV price) but I'm sure I could have done better. Got $2k off in GM credit card money and got another $2K off from GM rebate so I'm not complaining too much since total discount was $6550.00

    So far all is well after one week. My wife and I like just about everything, handling, style, performance, features, and especially the 5yr/60k warranty. I do not like poor access to third row seats. Did I mention I still have 5 kids at home. No evidence of the dreaded rear leakage yet but it/s only been thru the car wash once and all the precipitation we have received here in Indianapolis since I've had the van has been in the solid form. Where the hell is that ground hog anyway?

    I Will keep you posted.
  • 69cad69cad Posts: 6
    I just found this message board tonight. Very interesting reading over problems, criticisms & praises. I bought a demonstrator '99 Silhouette with 2270 miles on it on November 30, 1998, and have not had any major problems. It has 27,000 miles now. My parents loved my van so much that they bought a 2000 model (With heated seats! wish they were avail. on mine! Just bought another vehicle with them and they are super nice) My only restriction on Mom & Dad was that they not buy the same color I had.

    Only problems I have had are the electric sliding door (had problems at first with it not working, dealer worked on it and finally got it fixed. Recently had a short problem again during very cold weather, but no more problems since then) The security system kept going off (I don't think there was a problem, except it being overly sensitive. Semi trucks going by our house on the highway set it off) Onstar phone went out (promptly replaced by dealer) and last summer at the beginning of our 2 week vacation the CD player quit (the first day of vacation, Darn!!!) All these problems have been taken care of by the dealership. Other than these minor problems, we love our vans! I don't think Mom & Dad have had any problems.

    Readers might find it interesting that my Silhouette has a full vinyl roof which looks very nice. I own a small funeral home, and had a hearse conversion done to this vehicle. Full vinyl roof with removable rear side matching vinyl window covers with decorative chrome bar on them. Removable wood grain formica floor with casket rollers & holders. I drive the car as my personal car, and for funerals for lead/clergy/flower car now, and after the van has many miles on, it will sit in the garage set up as a hearse. Looks very classy with vinyl top & chrome rocker panels. It is burgandy with gold package, vinyl top matches paint exactly. Most people think it looks really sharp, but can't quite put their finger on why.

    My warranty will be up this year, so I will watch this board for any problems that should be fixed. Anything I should have checked before warranty ends?
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    We've had our 2000 Silo since 12/1/99. We had the leak in the passenger-side rear wheel well, which was cause by an open seam in the wheel well (water in the jack compartment). Hasn't come back since the dealer sealed it with black silicone sealer (both outside and in the jack compartment.

    Only other problem just occured. The driver's set heat stopped working. The dealer has order a new heating element for the seat. I'll post again if the problem recurs.

    Other than that, still loving the van. I find the traction control excellent. I have this hill by my house, that, when covered with snow, the Silo has no problem getting up. My 94 Jimmy in 4wd cannot make it up the hill. Go figure...
  • Curious if anyone has had problems with power door on 2000 Silhouette van power door. Mine would not close tightly, leaving the door ajar buzzer on. Turned off power and used manually until a roller wheel fell off. Anyway dealer "thinks this is a recurring problem, because he cannot locate a hinge assembly anywhere and has to wait on GM for part. Also Olds has changed part #, indicating probable redesign. I just hate to get the same replacement part and be back in 6 months with same problem. With Olds demise, I'll probably have this van forever.
  • does anybody know the lemon law specifics in NY. picked up a old silo Jr 3 weeks ago and it has already been back to the dealer 3 times. he first two were for engine warning lights that on-star diagonoised was a emission problem. Just today, the air bag warning lights come on and on-star tells me to pull over immediately and stop driving because the air bags could deploy any second. Just wondering if anybody knows how to go about getting a new vehicle? thanks
  • I just got my new company car, another Silo GL. Last one was a 99.
    A few of the changes: other that the slightly different front end (which is an improvement), that great American obession: cupholders. The front ones pull out of the dash, and the second row is built into the side of the captains chairs.
    Somebody must have gotten the message about how easily the old style cupholders could break. Just paid $140 to have both sets fixed on my wife's 97 Silo.
    Second row captains chairs are standard. The bench is no longer available here. Can't tell you much about the third row fold away seat, since mine has the split bench back there.
    The instrument cluster is a bit different, not necessarily better, but different. Radio Data System is kind of neat.
    OnStar is standard also. Still trying to figure it out.

  • hhuahhua Posts: 16
    We have our 2000 Silo Premiere for 8 months now, and so far we like it very much. The van has a towing package "3,500 pound capacity, including engine oil cooler, heavy-duty engine cooling, 5 wire electrical harness.

    My question is. Can we, just by visual inspection, tell that we have the towing package? If so, how to identify these things?

    Our van came with a plastic bag contains the wire harness that is not installed. Shouldn't this wire hardness be installed by the dealer before delivery?

    Any comment will be greatly appreciated.
  • Your 2000 Silhouette should have the air suspension if you indeed have the towing package. With the air suspension, there should be a compartment in the back of the van on the side that includes an air compressor that you can access to inflate stuff with.

  • hhuahhua Posts: 16
    #198, #199
    Our van has the compressor and automatic leveling, these options are standard for premiere. Thanks for the comment Brian #199.
  • 69cad69cad Posts: 6
    Yesterday, I removed some after market chrome trim that had gone bad from our '99 Silhouette. On the front passenger door, under the chrome I found some bumps under the paint. They look to me to be rust spots under the paint. There is no blistering or cracking of the paint on those bumps. I took the after market chrome off all the way around the car, and found no other spots like this. Anyone else found this problem? Could the heat gun I used to soften the adhesive have done this? It did not show up anywhere else, and if anything I heated this strip less than some others.
  • After a month or so of promises, Olds sent me a certificate for $1500 towards the purchase of another Olds (or $1000 towards another GM). What a deal; this is the icing on the cake (the 0% financing on our 2000 Silhouette for 60 mos was the cake). I guess I'll be shoping now for the 2002 Bravada. Sharp vehicle.
  • Hi.. my wife has a '99 Montana with 42,000 mi on it. The "Check Engine Light" just came on. Was wondering if this light is programmed to come on at this time for periodic maintenance (oxygen sensor, etc) or if there's actually something wrong with the engine. Has anyone else had this light come on and, if so, what was the problem? Thanks.
  • Must be death throes. Current Olds used car prices have fallen dramatically. My friend has a 3-year ols Cutlass type Olds with all the toys. Olds, Caddy and Buick dealer will NOT even allow a trade-in....sell it yourself, they say. Sad day for a grand old name. Lack of quality in build hits the arrogant auto unions right where it their jobs. Don't forget, Olds can pull the plug earlier than their last date of five years. Do you think there will be any quality from the assembly line workers, knowing they will be unemployed soo.? My 2 cents :-)
  • Local Olds dealer here in Delray Beach, Florida has already sold out his business to the Cadillac dealer next door. The Caddy dealer has a couple of new Olds in and they are honoring the Olds warranties so far...albeit with a very critical hand. sad...sad...sad!
  • I am about to buy a new mini van and I have driven them all. I was impressed with the way that the Silhouette GL drove and I am seriously thing of buying it. The only thing that stands in my way is a report that it did terrible in the offset crash test. Does any one know if the 2001 model was improved any way or should I just stay away from the car because of this.
  • nat13nat13 Posts: 1
    I brought a sil 00' and have about 13k on it and the steering wheel has this low irritating squeak as if there is styrofoam in the wheel, will I just have to live with this or what? Other than that no problems.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I purchesed this van about 8 months ago and do like it. However, at speeds 60 and above in a relatively strong cross wind, we get a very loud wind nosie coming from the front windshield. It sounds like loud static from the radio (which it isn't). Has anyone had this problem? Was the dealer able to fix it? Would appreciate your comments.

    Just as another comment---if OLds is giving extended warrenties along with good deals on the Silouette Van and your inthe market for a van, I'd buy it. Mine has been a good performer.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Anyone experience hard starting with their van, our Venture has at times cranked for more than 20 seconds before starting, otherwise no trouble. Engine temp doesn't seem to affect it?
  • creidcreid Posts: 54
    I owned a 98 Montana which is a twin of the Silhouette. The noise is from the black cowl at the base of the windshield. It took about 4 attempts for the problem to be found. The cowl is vibrating on the windshiedl from the wind passing by it. Take some black silicone or black rubber glue & seal the area between the cowl & the windshield. The dealer did this exact same thing to the Montana that we owned & it fixed the problem.
  • I'm looking into getting an '01 Silo, and the 6 disc changer/radio option is something I am considering. However, when I mentioned this to the sales manager at a local dealership, he said that he had customers who had problems with it (CDs would not eject and problems with heat build-up). Does anyone out there have any experience with this system in an '01 Silo?

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