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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Was a pain to replace! Had remove a bunch of stuff---my son did it for me. He normally has a good deal of patience, this one stressed him. Have a mechanic do it.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Agree the air filter is like wrestling with the Devil. Far more difficult than made out in the handbook, especially trying to hold cover back to extract and insert filter.

    On the lights, it would be worth putting some clear silicon sealant around the edge. Secondly, remove the bulbs and use a hair dryer to clear condensation from the inside of the lens. Then leave to cool down.

    Another post on the Chevy Venture site, mentioned that there are rubber air vent tubes on the backs of the lamps and should be turned from present position 90 degrees. Have not looked at that as do not have a problem, but not sure if you can do it. Believe they point downwards
  • thrlskrthrlskr Posts: 3
    I was seriously considering the purchase of a new, 2001 Silhouette. It has great features, excellent warranty and generous rebate now that GM is shutting down Oldsmobile. I knew the depreciation would be steep, but I calculated I would just about "break-even" compared to higher price I'd have to pay for a Honda/Toyota after 5 years. So I was feeling pretty good about the Silhouette until I researched the safety tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

    I don't want to get into the merits of one safety test versus another - I know that no accident I (or anyone in my family) will be involved with will ever EXACTLY recreate scenarios used in labratory conditions. On the other hand I do believe in using any information available to me to protect my family from future harm. After reviewing the images and description of the GM minivan's performance in the "offset" crash test, I had to exclude the Silhouette from consideration. Check out the link below if your considering the purchase of a Silhouette or its Chevy & Pontiac "peers".

    For the record, I bought a Honda Odyssey ...

  • jabummyjabummy Posts: 1
    Waiting on my local dealer to fetch my Premiere from another dealer -- the $0 down/0%/0 payments until 2002 helped me pull the trigger now. Was going to buy early next year but why wait? Rate when it does kick in is 7.9% for 48 months. Went through the GM Buy power and asked for prices from dealers in 250 mile radius and ended up paying a couple hundred over invoice (and best offer)to buy local, plus they do all oil changes for 3 years. Getting the Ruby color, my wife liked Teal but the dealer couldn't find one on any dealer's lot within 500 miles. Should be picking up in a day or two. Liked the ride/feel of the GL we test drove and will give our impression of the new Premiere after a week or so. Told my kids I was getting them a TV with a van on it...
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Congrats on that new Silo. We have a 99GLS, Indigo Blue and have really enjoyed it. It has held up well with only minor problems thru 22000miles. Like the Premiere as well, but since we have no children the TV would have been useless. Along with the Premiere Package, I think you also get the Touring pkg which gives a better ride and more aggressive tires. That's the only option, I wish we would have gotten. Good Luck!
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I heard originally that dual power sliding doors would be available after the first of the year but where are they? Some sites list them as available but with no price and some say nothing about them. The GMbuypower site gives them as an option that you can check off but has no price. Has anyone gotten this option on their 2001 Silhouette?
  • vanman94vanman94 Posts: 4
    Thrlskr is right, the crash test pictures for all GM minivans are sobering. The Astro did okay in full frontal impact, but the minivans all look horrible. Anyone who is considering the Silo should really look into the safety. Every time a crash test is conducted on a GM vehicle, the company immediately sends out a letter about how "these tests don't accurately simulate 'real world' accidents..." Well, that doesn't excuse poor crash tests. What criteria should a company design a safe car around?

    I, too, bought the Odyssey. Five stars all the way around, and performed slightly better than the Windstar in offset crash. Look at the pictures of the GM vans compared to the Ody/Sienna/Windstar.
  • kdupraykdupray Posts: 3
    We purchased a 2001 Premier Silo back in December and have been extremely happy so far with the van. The one question I have is as follows: Over the past few months and ever since my husband tried to get the compressor in the back to work (we need to take it in to be looked at because it is not working), my van seems to ride a little harder, like there is something wrong with the suspension. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it possibly be that the air suspension isn't working along with the compressor? I would sure appreciate any thoughts on this subject. I prefer to go into the dealer armed with as much knowledge as possible so they can't give me the run around.
  • I can not speak to the ride problem you my be having, but the compressor not working may be the same problem that I had with my 2001 GL. Two weeks after getting the van I tried the compressor on the kid's basketball and it would not work. I could hear the compressor kicking on but it was not delivering air. The dealer took a look and found the hose on the inside of the panel leading from the compressor to the output nipple on the outside of the panel was disconnected. He hooked it back up and now it works fine. I did not detect a change in the ride after he conneted the hose, but then the ride was fine to begin with.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    We have same feature on Chevy Venture and from time to time you can hear the compressor cut in to reset the shocks. Try with the engine off and put ignition key into the accessory mode and see if anything happens.

    Secondly, I have found the ride quite sensitive to the tire pressure and of course that depends on the accuracy of the gage. Venture is 35 lbspsi all round.

    Good luck
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    Has anyone added running boards to your Silhouette? If so, where did you get them?
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    Edmunds TMV says that an '01 Premier w/ Trailer Tow, Gold Pkg, and 6 Disc CD changer should be $31, 552. I live in Ohio and the edmunds pricing guide mentions 0.9% Financing and $2000 customer cash rebate. Does the TMV include the rebate and can I use the financing w/ the rebate or is it one or the other, but not both? Thanks!
  • robfilmsrobfilms Posts: 5
    i'm looking used and doing my homework.

    i know in 98 got chair-mounted side impact air bags. was wondering if anyone can tell changes in 99 models? or 2000 model? or 2001 model?

    any and all opinions are appreciated.


  • elsmithelsmith Posts: 2
    I traded my 2000 Saturn LS1 for a loaded '99 Old Silo Premier last Saturday. Had to run and pick up my daughter at ice skating lessons. When I returned the dealership had had a "mishap" and one person left the hood open for the oil to be changed while another decided to take to have gas filled up and run on interstate to check for vibration. The hood blew up and busted the whole front windshield out, dented in the roof, and the whole hood will be replaced with new. I had already signed papers and everything. It just had passed the mag. warranty of 37700 miles. We have asked, besides only accepting it if it is fully fixed, for an extended warranty for the trouble, for FREE! Should I consider anything else? Actually this dealership bent over backwards for us and we got a great deal on it. Now I am presuming it will show "wrecked", anyone know?
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    I have a '98 Silo GLS and am currently negotiating on an '01 Premier. The things I see different include the cup holders (improved), traction (gls/premier stand.-gl available), stowable 3rd seat, tri-zone heat/AC (gls/prem), and easier reclining mechanism on all captains. The 8-way power seats (heated - new) don't have a lumbar support mechanism (disappointment).
    Remember that there is 2000 rebate along with GM/Olds loyalty of 1500 AND 5 yr/60,000 warranty on the '01s. New might be as cheap as used.
  • there are minor differences between the 98,99,00 models. more changes in the 01 model--16" wheels,new grille, round fog lights, larger screen on the vcr,5 more hp in the motor, different instrument panel, and some other odds and ends but basically the same car. looked at used and new. found a 98 with 30k ,looks like new. bought an extended warranty and still saved over 12k. that was enough to keep me from buying a new one. so far it was the right decision.
  • I'm looking at a 99 Premier with 27K on it. Warrantee expires in Oct. Is it worth getting it extended? They are asking $27K (cdn). Anybody have any thoughts?
  • elsmithelsmith Posts: 2
    I am purchasing a "99 Premier Silo with 37K on it for 19,175. It is out of warranty and I do not feel comfortable without getting an extended warranty. It has so many bells and whistles I think it is worth it. My dealership is "giving me FREE" an extended 3 more years/36,000 more miles for the "accident" they had with it when they took it to test for vibration. See posts # 255. They of course are paying to have it fixed as well. Hope this helps. If I had to buy it I would.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I've got one with 22000 miles and probably WILL get the extended warranty! Good luck----FYI to date I have had no problems with the Silo:-)
  • van out in the parking lot for 10 minutes in full sun. BIG POP back window is shattered and window is bowed out. dealer has heard of this before but never seen it. 98 GLS 30k. any ideas on what caused the window to blow out?
  • kdupraykdupray Posts: 3
    CD changer in 20O1 Silhouette Premier
    Has anyone found an after market CD changer that still allows you to use the radio controls on the steering wheel. I would be interested to know the brand and where you purchased it.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    '01 Premier on its way

    Mocha Premier (two tone leather) w/ Gold Pkg, Trailer Tow, and 6 Disc changer. Using GM .9% financing - 32,135-1500 loyalty-385 GM VISA = $30,250. Not a GREAT deal, but I think better than a good deal. Please chime in. The .9% seemed like a better deal than the $2000 rebate. $324 in interest over 3 years for using their money (108 per year).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    GM minivan recall for mechanical defect in sliding door.

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  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Just rotated the tires at 22,500 miles (built Nov 98, delivered Dec 98). The original tires (General XP2000GTs) look like they will last to at least 50K. The fronts wear more that the rears (expected on any FWD), but wear is even. Since tires for the Silhouette run around $60, this is very good performance. The brake pads look great, should do an easy 60K miles. I think this may be at least partly due to the fact that I do my own tire rotations and carefully torque the lug nuts to spec.

    The van has been a pleasure, no shop time (save for that deer thing), and the power train is first rate. It uses no oil between 7500 mile changes (Mobil 1 0w-30), and gas mileage is very good (20MPG long term, and we live in the mountains), 25MPG+ on the open road.

    Have not yet received the latch recall notice, sounds like a quick fix. We have had zero problems with the power door. I did manage to break the lift gate inside handle, but that was a two minute warranty repair.

    If our finances work out, we will probably upgrade to a 2002 GLS this fall to get some of the new features and extend the warranty for another five years. With trade-in, discounts, low financing, and the $1500 certificate we should be able to keep about the same payments. We also have the luxury of a great dealer (we have purchased 3 Oldsmobiles from them since 1995).
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    Picked up our '01 Mocha Premiere on Saturday. I had reservations about the color but now I can say that I "like" it and may grow to love it. I've had many complements on the color in the short time that I've had it. With the gold package and a gold pinstriping the mocha is an attractive color (mauve brown). We have the two tone mocha seats - nice touch! The only glitch is that the video screen does not work properly - they have to order a new "interface." The audio on the VCP works but no picture appears. The 6-disc CD is a nice radio - lots of nice features. Ironically the recall notice for our '98 silo that we traded in came in the mail today. I guess we'll be receiving the '01's recall notice after Olds' records are updated. The back-up sensors, newer cupholders (especially 2nd row), and heated seats are nice additions. I'll try to keep you informed of future developments/pleasures.
  • dhintzddhintzd Posts: 12
    We just traded our 99 Silo GL for an '01 Silo GLS. We started have little things go wrong with the '99 and we were close to end of warranty. So far we really like the '01. We enjoy the leather, heated seats and the 16 inch wheels seem to ride a lot nicer. The chrome wheels combined with the Arctic White color really make the van stand out. Have discovered that the rear parking aid really does work well. The only glitch that we have discovered so far is that the radio is having a lot of trouble picking up radio stations, even those that are local. The dealer checked out the antenna connection, and that appeared fine. So...a new radio is on order. The extended warranty was a big factor in our purchase.
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    I see a number of you are experiencing the water in the jack compartment problem. I had this last year on my 2000. I noticed that the water was silty (road dirt). This caused me to suspect that the jack well leak was in the wheel well seem. If you look behind the rear tire (either side), you will see that the wheel well is two pieces with a pinched seem running down the middle. My dealer sealed this seem with black silicone sealer. Also, they applied a lot of the same inside the front wall of the jack compartment. I haven't noticed a recurrence of this problem since (yes, I do check occasionally).

    Regarding the power door problem... we just drove from NJ to myrtle Beach and back. The problem occurred once. The door warning buzzer sounded when I left the hotel to come home. After about 5-10 seconds, it stopped. This is the only time I am aware that the door did not fully shut. Yesterday, Olds sent a recall notice to me for this very problem. My van will be in for service next week as the dealer had to order a window latch for the power slider door window, as it doesn't; fully lock. So, when it comes in, I'll have them replace the recalled part as well.

    Other than that, the only other problem I have had in 1.5 years and 14,000 miles is that the driver's seat heater needed to be replaced (took 4 visits to get it right). The old one in the seat back shorted out. Had a pencil eraser-sized burn mark where the element shorted out.

    Still, this van has been great. The video system was my savior on my 1900 mile round trip vacation (3 kids).
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    I heard somewhere that AWD would be available on the Olds, even with the fold flat rear seat. Does anyone have information about the system, or when it will be available? Although my wife currently drives a DC T&C awd, and it has been satisfactory, I like the extended coverage GM offers and, apparently, the lower price.
    Any opinions or other information out there?
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I own a 99 Silo and am thinking about an Extended Warranty. One company quoted me $767 for 24/24 and $1037 fior 36/36. Any comments on the pricing?

    Also any names and contacts for extended warranties would be appreciated.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Extended Warranties: Extending The Joys Of Ownership. You can also click-through to 1Source for a quote (an Edmunds partner).

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