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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • In response to #83 what part of the country did you find the 2000 Silo Premiere for $26,700? The lowest offer we have had is $27,800.
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Kevin, I really appreciate the information on the mirrors. I didn't know if all vans had that problem, if so, if they were covered by the warrenty. That makes me feel a lot better!! Thanks again.

    Reatha, that price came from a dealer in Metairie, La. We got a price on 3 vans that dealer had and all of them were under your price of $27,800. If you are near that location, I will give you the dealer name, info on the other vans and the prices they give us. We did purchase the van and the only option it didn't have was the engine block heater. Now, we paid less than $26700 for the van. I think we got a pretty good deal!?
  • I had posted this in another thread, but it was suggested to post it here!

    We just bought out new loaded Olds Silouhette GLS 2 months ago and were thrilled. Our first expensive family car with everything we wanted. We researched this van via the net to make sure we were informed on everything about it before we began test driving. Needless to say, we traded in
    our reliable 2 door car for our first "family" car. Within 2 weeks, we noticed oil puddles in our garage and drive way (which is a new 4 month old house). Assumed it was coming from our 5 year old Cavalier (which has ran like a top!), but no, soon came to realize it was our new $29000 van. Took it to the dealership, said they fixed it (loose bolt in oil pan), no such luck - steal leaked! Took it in again, said they fixed it (bent gasket), no such luck once more - steal leaks. Not even 5000 miles on it.
    We've scheduled another appointment this Monday, we're hoping for the best. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
  • In my previous post, I kept typing "steal leaks", meatn to say "still leaks". I even proofed it!!
  • bigfigbigfig Posts: 35
    I live also in Metairie and the only dealer we have in Metairie is Royal Oldsmobile and the salesman wanted to sell me their promotion cars which were used during the Sugar Bowl Game in January. He did not offer me any great price since these cars had about 1000 miles on them and we felt that his price did not justify what they wanted for the car. We eventually ordered our 2000 Silo GLS from another dealer who was willing to order what we wanted as far as color and options. Our price was $155 over invoice. We have the towing package and also the CD/cassette.We ordered the Mocha with the beige/sable interior. We just returned from a 4000 mile trip and the Olds was great for ride,comfort, and mileage. Very please with our selection.
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Cindy, don't feel bad about the typos. I knew about mine and thought I had corrected them, but obviously they weren't corrected. I also checked the other posting and someone responded to it.

    John, we purchased our van from Royal, we paid $26154 and my wife received a dozen roses before we left. Right now we have 1310 miles on the silo, there were 158 miles on it when we picked it up and drove about 400 miles home. We haven't found or had any problems yet. I don't know which salesman helped you, but Daniel Morse was our salesman.

    There are 2 premieres still there, as of last Friday. I have the stock numbers and prices, if anyone is interested.
  • Took our van in today and just received work that it is yet ANOTHER leak. This time it's an o-ring, last time it was a gasket, previously, a loose screw. Very upset right not and have gotten the number to our GM rep. We will not have our van for 3 days. I'm now driving a stinky rental car while me new expensive mini-van sits in the shop. This is going to be a total of 5 days we haven't had it. They (the dealer) offers no explanations, or anything to our concerns. I've just left a second message with the GM district rep. Oil leaks are major, we a quiet concerned as you could guess. I tell you, it is just so upsetting to by your dream family car and to start off with this many problems and it doesn't even have 5000 miles on it yet! Just needed to vent! Hopefully the GM rep for our district will be contacting us. In the mean time, we're documenting everything and I'm getting a hold of my lawyer to find out what exactly the lemon laws are and what we have to do to protect ourselves.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    The Chevy Astro / GMC Safari are an older design with upgrades every year. New for 2002 is an improved fuel injection on the torquey 4.3L.

    These have 170 cubic feet vs 140 cubic feet of the Silhouette. There is more room for hips and shoulder eaier access to the third row seats. The third row of seats is accessible while all three middle row passengers are seated.

    It can tow 6400 lbs. and still gets 18/20 MPG when lightly loaded.
  • jolie2jolie2 Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Silo premiere that I purchased in Dec. of 99. I have been having constant problems with the passenger automatic door. The door will close and then again "poof" out so when I put the van in gear my warning (beeping)sounds while in gear. I push the control at the top for it to lock from the inside. I have had it to the dealer four times they have put new weather stripping on the bottom, taken it apart, called for "tech" help and now the dealer says it has found the problem and will "fix" it. Anyone else with similar problems?? Please let me know this is getting really annoying.
  • kklotzkklotz Posts: 19
    Just picked up my 2001 Premiere last night! I bought the Arctic White with the Gray Leather. It is very nice to look at, but you need to be a Silo enthusiast to notice the changes. I opted for the chrome wheels so those stand out. The front fascia has been restyled with lots of chrome at the air intake where it was body-colored before. Not what I would have selected, but I had no choice. The interior has "wood" around the center stack and on the doors around the window and lock control. Again, not what I would have selected, but had no choice. The Premiere comes with On-star free for a year so it has a small antenna on the roof of the driver's side. The power door on the driver isn't available till mid-year so I didn't get that. Also, the flip & fold rear seat isn't available till mid-year so I ended up with the Captains Chairs. If you do this, be aware that they create a big blind spot but the backs do fold flat to eliminate that problem. Also comes with the reverse sensors so you know if you're backing into something. Overall, it appears the seats have been built better. They sit higher and are more firm. There's also individual temperature controls for both front passengers, heated front seats, a bigger TV screen, and much better cup holders. The front seat has cup holders in the center stack and the second row has cup holders built into the left-side captains chairs. They are hard-molded plastic and not prone to breaking like the old model. We paid $400 over invoice and took the lease special that GM has going for the western US that gives a $500 rebate.

  • I am new to this forum and I am in the market for a 00 or 01 Premier. When I approached a local dealer in Dallas TX with the prices I saw in this discussion he told me that the 26,100 or 26,700 was impossible. I would probably drive to LA if the price was right...need to see the Big Easy again anyhow. Can you provide any new info on availability salesman etc.
  • kklotzkklotz Posts: 19

    To give you a pricing perspective--I just picked up my 2001 Premier on Thursday. These are the options I ordered and how much I paid:

    .3rd row Captains chairs
    .Chrome Wheels
    .Towing package

    I paid: $31,622 including the destination charge. The MSRP for this van was: $34,475 including the destination. Believe it or not, I went through GM's website to find their "Buy Power" dealer in my area. He's the one that gave me the price at $400 over invoice. My dealer was McCaddon Oldsmobile in Boulder, Colorado and my salesperson was Randy Williams. I ordered the van back in June and it just came in. I also leased the van and received an additional $500 rebate from GM due to a special leasing program they have going on in the Western US.

  • Thanks for the info Michael and Kevin. Kevin did you feel the special financing you got on the 2000 made it economically comparable to getting a big price break on a 2000 with no special financing? Michael I got a quote of 28700 here in town but based on the prices I have seen discussed in this forum I should be able to do much better than that!

    What I am trying to do is find a dealer within a reasonable distance of Dallas TX who is willing to part with a 2000 Premier for approx $26700 or less, as I have seen noted earlier in this forum. The nice thing is I have plenty of time flexibility to conduct my search and we are not "in love" with any of these minivans.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    My 2000 Silo with about 11k miles has a very intermittent problem with noise interference on the radio. It sort of sounds like ignition noise. If the engine is stopped, the noise stops. I had the dealer check it out at the last oil change, but "could not duplicate" the problem. Anyone else have this problem?
  • For those considering buying a Silhouette, I thought I would post my comments. I am original owner of a '94 model with 3.8L V6,145k miles, leather interior. Some brief notes:

    Overall, I (we) are very pleased with the van. It still has a comfortable ride, good mileage, A/C has never been a problem. Great passenger comfort.

    However, there were issues, some fell within warranty, some outside. The warranty had to replace the heater core due to a leak. I think the dash had to come off twice before it was fixed. Both power window units had to be replaced immediately after warranty. The was an intake manifold leak (late warranty) which leaked antifreeze and had to be taken in twice. There has been work trying to fix slight engine misfiring at 45-60 mph cruising which still exists. There was a transmission wiring issue around 70k which caused lack of shifting. The rear tailgate has always had a weak lock system and was warranty repaired with added fiberglass, but with extra special pampering has only had to be fixed one other time. Leather driver seat started splitting around 60k.

    As I said overall, good van and all seems well. However, of the things that failed, they seemed to do so earlier that expected and cost always seemed to be high. This van was dealer serviced until after warranty, and they fixed additional stuff that I don't recall. At this time, I feel like it is at the verge of high maintenance and time to find something new. Would consider a new one, but BE SURE to do as much warranty work as possible to ensure your wallet doesn't get lightened afterwards.
  • are you for real? if you can get one for around 28 DO IT! the 26,7 is a's not real and not can't believe everything on the interent you know....
  • cook301cook301 Posts: 9
    Well it seems I get to go to court on my LEMMMMON this Oct. I guess four tranies is considered normal by GM. I just extended the warranty just in case I lose in court. This will be the last new GM product that I buy. There has been no help from the Dealer on my problems. They have offered to give me a GOOD deal on a trade in. Not this time GM!
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    HeeHee! HaHa!... Yea, buddy, it's a joke ahrite. You wanna hear sum'um even, HaHa, bettern nat? We gots da pepper works ta poove et!
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Once it is posted, it's to late. That last posting was, well, I'm not sure. This might clear things up, a price of $28654 less $2000 rebate leaves $26154. That is how we paid that price!

    In posting #94, Reatha got a price of $27800. Was that price with or without the rebate?
  • After living though several major problems with a '92 Dodge Grand Caravan, I recently purchased a 2000 Silouhette only to have numerous stalling problems within the first week. It happens mainly upon braking. The dealer has not had any success in correcting the problem in several tries. Has anyone seen this problem?
  • Looking at a 2000 GLS demo model with 4400 miles on it. Sticker is $29K. Dealer is offering 2k off
    on the mileage and the 2K rebate. Anyone have experience with pricing on a demo? The 2K sounds low to me. I just want a better estimate on the amount that should be deducted from sticker.
  • Demo's are still considered new vehicles. Since they have never been registered within it's state, the typical expected depreciation of a used vehicle does not apply. Dealers generally try to give the impression that you will save more money by buying a demo version. This is NOT always the case. You can negotiate just as favorably on a Non-Demo vehicle without the excessive mileage on it.

    If you still want the vehicle, do your due diligents, check out Edmunds invoice cost with all options on this vehicle and determine the numbers for yourself. In my opinion, they are a lot of 2000s available, and I think it would behoove you to negotiate wisely. I would recommend only paying invoice on a 2000 without ANY mileage. If your still set on this demo than I would suggest trying out 2k below invoice plus the 2k rebate and see if they bite. Otherwise, pay invoice on a NON-demo version plus 2k rebate...the choice is yours. Why deal with a vehicle which you have no history (You don't know who drove it, how they drove it, how many drove it, etc. That's 4400 miles!). Just my 2 cents worth.
  • For those that might be interested, The 3rd row stowable bench seat is now in production. Dealers should have them in, and naturally, more will trickle in throughout the month of September. The 3rd row stowable bench replaces the split bench. So if you like the split bench better, you will not be able to order one from this point onward (Dealer Locates Only).

    The power driver's sliding door is not slated for production until November of this year. So if that's an important feature, November is not too far away.

    If you order the Chrome wheels and the Gold Emblem package together, the chrome wheels DO NOT get the gold accent. Of course, if you only order the Gold Package, the standard alloy wheels will get this gold accent treatment.

    As of August 9th, invoice for all flavors of the Silhouettes went up by $200.00 (give or take a couple of dollars). Edmunds numbers need to be updated.

    N.B. Regardless of what anybody tells you, if you stick to your guns, the dealers WILL sell a 2001 Silhouette to you at Invoice (Currently, there is an unadvertised $1000.00 rebate from GM on all their 2001 Silhouettes. I think the expiry on this is 10/2/00).

    Signing off...
  • Its sooooo close BUT misses. I doubt they will produce it but I think its a fantastic idea. I love minivans and I love power. If fact, I think that GM should start a new division just for minivans and put me in charge.

    The OSV Silhouette show minivan described at GM site:
    3.4 engine with intake, header, exhaust mods.
    210 bhp at 4400 rpm
    270 lb. ft of torque at 2800 rpm
    - Increased Intake Capacity
    - Special Tuned Headers
    - Koni Springs & Struts
    - Borla Exhaust
    - K&N Filtration
    - 13-inch Brembo Cross-Drilled Disc Brakes (On a minivan. Finally, now thats thinking.)
    - Recaro Style Seats
    - Titanium Pedals
    - Racing Hart c-6 Revolution Chrome 19”x8” wheels (Thats right 19'' rims on a minivan!!!!!! Yes!!)
    - Front and Rear Spoilers
    - Ground Effects Package

    The way it would have been made if I was in charge:
    3.5 L DOHC from the Intrigue OSV that adds the Eaton 62 supercharger (or better yet I would prefer the Aurora or Northstar V8s normally aspirated but I'm not exactly sure how one would get them to fit)
    250 bhp at 5600 rpm
    260 ft. lb. torque at 4400 rpm
    5spd or better yet the 6spd gear box from the Corvette
    HID lamps
    AWD system with rear bias and limited slip
    In addition to all of the aforementioned mods as GM could have it.
    All for under $45,000.

    Come on GM, if you are gonna make a soccer-dad mobile.....go all the way. Make a good one. When I'm in charge of GMs new super minivan division, I would also toy around with the idea of a mid-engine 400-500bhp V8 twin turbo AWD minivan. Why? I love minivans and I love power.
    One could haul the family and dogs around and still manage a sub 6 second 0-60. That would be cool.

    Other practical uses:
    Get groceries home faster to retard spoilage and keep the family healthy
    Get kids to school faster so they can learn more and get a merit based full scholarship to Harvard
    Get dog/kids to vet/doctor faster to keep him/them healthier
    Get kids to soccer/football/baseball/basketball or other practice faster so they get better and earn an scholar athelete free ride to college
    The uses are practically endless!!!!

    So, you see, not only could this van give you more quality time at home, it can keep your family healthier, and even save you money in the long run when your kids are super-smart mega-atheletes that go to college for free. So my idea for a $45,000 minivan is actually a bargin when you factor in all the benefits.
  • Bought a 2000 Silhouette in April. Been back 7 times for a water leak in the right rear. Water collects in the tire jack compartment. Initially it was filling up with gallons, until the rear window seal was replaced. Now its just tablespoons. Each time I go in, its something different. Called GM # in owners manual, they have been useless. They gave me an address to write to, and I have heard nothing back. ANY IDEAS?????
  • Check out your states Lemon Law! I am doing this on my van after four transmissions. It is still not right. I can sugest a good attorney. Please E mail me for further details.
  • Response to (cook301) Look at post #14,15,16,&21 for possible solutions for your water leak. Since the boots have been fixed with silicone, I have not had any leaks.
  • Response was meant for (spud16) not (cook301)
  • Thanks for pointing me to the postings. The right rear window seal was definitely one part of the problem. From what I can read in my records, the boots were never examined. For those of you that had that problem, did the water leaking at the boots get into the wheel well area, ie in the side compartment where the tire jack is? Or did it leak right into the carpeted area? Also, has anyone had condensation in their tail lamps?
  • I purchased an Olds Silouhette Premier and took delivery on 8-01-00. I paid cash for it in addition to using my GM Credit Card earnings.
    On 8-15-00, with 600 miles on the van, the drivers side, side impact, air bag deployed while my wife was driving. It happened on a smooth road at about 35 mph. The van was returned to the dealer. It was returned in a week with the air bag and related components replaced. It happened again on 9-11-00, same thing, 30 mph on a smooth in town street. The van was returned to the dealer. A GM regional rep came to the dealer and took the van apart. He said we could not have it back, that GM did not want this van on the road. This is where the real problem starts.

    The GM re-purchase person assigned to us is the most rude, arrogant individual I have ever dealt with. They have had my van and my money for two weeks and I am stuck. They refuse to make me whole on the deal. All I want is even. The problem is in replacing my GM credits on my account.

    I am very frustrated and getting more angry by the day. I wish better luck to everyone else.
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