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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • gregoryngregoryn Posts: 2
    Is it just my 2000 Silo GLS, but are the various pieces of non-metal around the wheelwells always so loose? I am used to pieces being firmly in place, and am surprised at how they move so much. Do the screws need tightening? It came like this, so I haven't considered checking with dealer (who, after 3000 miles, I still haven't yet found anything requiring a dealer visit. Which to me is great!

    Other than that, I've been very pleased with the van. My folks have a '99 and also have been very pleased.
  • bigfigbigfig Posts: 35
    Have noticed that the trim over the passenger sliding door is a BAD design, as it continues to come down. It is secured with two-sided sponge tape and with the humitidy here in New Orleans it comes down. Oldsmobile dealership today added another piece which they think will work, but I have my doubts. If it does not work, I am going to try securing a piece of velcro to the trim and metal and hopefully this will solve the problem. Noticed on another Silo that the rubber molding around door was wider than mine and this prevented that trim from coming down. Has anyone had this problem. Have my Silo since March 27th with only 1957 miles and have had only minor problems. We really enjoy the ride and comfort of the vehicle.
  • marleahmarleah Posts: 7
    Since my last post I've had nothing but frustration with our dealer. I can't tell you anything much about the Silo trip-wise because it took so long to get into the dealership for repairs then they had it A WEEK because they screwed up ordering parts despite me calling and checking that everything was set TWICE.

    We bought the non-GM warranty after being told it covered everything bumper-to-bumper, same as GM warranty. Well, didn't realize it until later that video system, speakers, etc wasn't covered. Dealer manager basically said it was our own fault for believing the salesguy! (BTW, this is the boiled down version, add many MANY phone calls/lots of frustration/being told contradictory stories, etc.) And if we got GM warranty we HAVE to go back to dealer it was bought from (which would be a real problem as I don't ever want to go there again).

    Of course our problems aren't with the Silo itself and I really feel for Cook301; am extremely concerned now though because if this is the ^&@* we have to go through with minor details, what is it going to be like if there's a serious problem? Warranty/van was supposed to give us peace of mind, not make more troubles...

    Cook301, I'm in Cols area and am assuming you went to Dublin/Immke Olds? I wish we had...don't ever try Key Olds -- I wouldn't trust them to find their way out of a paper bag. Manager says they weren't being dishonest, just "human". (Gosh, since when is being an idiot better than being crooked?) Unfortunately I must have had the bad luck of speaking to every "human" in the dealership over the past 3 weeks, and there are A LOT of them! I'll be crossing my fingers that nothing really goes wrong with the Silo...almost afraid to drive it now!
  • marleahmarleah Posts: 7
    Have you ever bought a vehicle that is out of gas and dirty (if used) or is it your experience that they fill it up and clean it up before you get the keys? This had never happened to us before and I'm wondering if I've been living a sheltered life or is this normal.
  • cook301cook301 Posts: 9
    The Dealer I went to is here in Marysville. The Dealer in Columbus that is helpful and treats you as they should is on the west side of Columbus. This is Hadocy G.M.
    My e mail address is If you want I can fill you in on the latest happenings on my Olds Van.
    I would recommend when buying a vehicle taking a pen and paper and asking questions and get these things in writing.
  • wdaveowdaveo Posts: 7
    Hi. We are looking into purchasing a new minivan with GM option 1 and are considering the Silo and the Warner Brothers Venture. I haven't seen many commennts on the WB venture (anyone have one?) We are quite concerned with reliablity and wonder if the Olds vehicles are truly better made, or do they just have more features? Consumer reports and others always lump the Olds, Pontiacs, and Chevy's together so I can't really tell if there is any distinction. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    Dawn, I would find it hard to believe that there are any quality differences at all. The vehicles are made on the same assemble line. Except for different body and interior components (i.e., seat, wheels, bumpers, side molding and badges), they are identical. For the most part, I am very please with my Silo Premier. I chose this over the Chevy because I felt it looked nicer (trim and wheels) and I wanted every option under the sun except the gold package and engine block heater.
  • Since both are built at the same plant in Atlanta, it would seem that the build quality as well as most of the parts are identical. I bought the Silo (two actually, one is a company car) because I liked its styling better. That big clump of chrome on the front of the
    Venture looks out of place on a van with no other chrome anywhere. Also, the Venture has that big black piece of cheap plastic trim all the way around it. On some colors, especially white, it really shows up. But this is only my opinion.
    I haven't had any real problems in 60K miles on my 99 Silo (6K miles in June alone!). Only real complaint was that the original tires were terrible. Even with regular rotations and three alignments, I only got 35K miles on them, several having cupped out badly.
  • prismprism Posts: 1
    We bought our 2000 Olds Silo last September and have over 18000 miles on it. We've taken a few road trips and it drives like a dream, and I haul alot of car pools and the kids love it! Getting good gas mileage - sometimes over 26 MPG on long trips and pretty good in town, too.

    We have had a few Interior problems - the power door failed - (I just knew this would be the first thing to go!) and they had to replace the actuators. I had to replace the upholstery on the passenger side front seat - kept coming undone. Now the middle passenger seat upholstery has come undone. Another issue is the the rubber strip on the power door keeps coming loose and the door won't work at all then. Yes, I have been in carpool line and been totally unable to close the door! Had to call the dealer to walk me through a quick fix.

    Lastly, just had my 15K check up and they rotated my tires. Now I have a thumping sound from the front wheels that the tech thinks might be a bearing problem.

    Yes, we drive this car ALOT - over 1800 miles a month and I have to confess, I live in my car, but has anyone else had any of these issues?

    We got rid of a Grand Voyager because it was a total lemon. I did my research on mini-vans and the Olds Silo seemed like the best fit for us. Hope this is just the new car shake-down period.

    Would love some feedback.
  • My wife's 97 silo had a few of the weatherstripping problems you mentioned. The top seal over the power door would come loose occasionally. I put some double sided foam tape on it and haven't even thought about it since, so it must be ok now. The power door occasionally get a little uppity on both of our Silos and will pop back open instead of completely closing. Also the warning buzzer that is supposed to come on if the transmission is out of park and the door is open will start buzzing for no apparent reason. Reopening and closing the door usually stops this.
    Upholstery has not been a problem, except for kids and their juice boxes! Red food coloring should be outlawed.
  • Maybe it's just me, but the rear tires seem to wear unevenly, and start cupping out. It doesn't cause much problems until you rotate them to the front, which is when you start to notice bumps and thumps. It took three alignments in the first 15k miles to get this fixed. By that time, the tires were pretty well shot.

    Just an idea.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I agree with #73. You may want to rotate tires every 8k miles or so. I doubt this is a wheel bearing problem.
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    Thanks for your sensible ideas. Your experiences reflect those of MOST other owners and folks need to see them.

    We have a 99 silo and it's been terrific. No unscheduled visits to the dealer. I've found that when the door acts up it's time to clean the contact plate and door contacts. It's just that easy.
  • ashdashd Posts: 1
    I took my 99 GLS back a half dozen times before we identified the water leak. The two rubber boots connecting wiring in the lift gate at the top of the back of the van are the culprits. Once they were sealed, we had no more wet carpet and no more water gathering in the inside of the rear of the back wheel wells. I also unplugged the drain holes with a screwdriver in the bottom of the back of the rear wheel wells so that the water could drain out. Carpet and pad had to be removed at the dealer to dry out also. We were on vacation last fall riding around with soaking wet rear carpet when it started to snow. The computer over the rear view mirror said "ice". My seven year old looked at that and said, "Do you suppose it knows that it has a wet diaper, too" My three year old thought that was pretty hilarious. Good luck with the leaks. Once we fixed that and had the dealer clean the power door contacts (read "scratched the contacts to improve the connection)we have loved our van.
  • sixironsixiron Posts: 1
    Saw used Silo 97 gls with 56k...very nice has all options ...little afraid of miles , is this good deal at $15,000..pls advise
  • IMHO, $15K is sort of on the higher side of retail. It should have new tires, since I doubt those Generals would last that long. Also check the brakes. I just did a $400 brake job at 56K miles (needed rotors!). If it had 35-40K miles, ok. With 56K miles, maybe $14K or slightly less.
  • Since I trashed General tires on my last post, I have to be fair. The Firestone's on my 99 Silo company car weren't much better. Score: Generals on wife's 97 Silo: lasted 26K miles (bumping, thumping, and prone to hydroplaning). Generals on my 99 Silo: 36K miles (severely cupped out, pulled hard to right). Funny, no amount of rotation/balancing/alignment would solve the pulling to the right problem, but once I put a new set of Michelins on it, it rode like a dream, with no pulling tendencies whatsoever.
  • I own a Oldsmobile Silouhette minivan and it is by far the worst minivan I have ever owned. Constant trouble
    from day one. The breaks, engine, transmission
    everything had trouble and it was in the shop 4
    months out of 12. The van road bad, low on
    features, bad handling, I wodner why I ever bought
    this junkpile. My advice is DO NOT BUY A Silouhette!!!! Get a Sienna instead!
  • dwgdwg Posts: 43
    Don't pay attention to this joker. He's been over in the Sedans Conference ragging on all of the GM W-bodies (Grand Prix, Intrigue, Regal, etc.) spreading the same venom. Either a disgruntled ex-GM employee or a Toyota salesmen. He can't be doing too well in the fast food business, because he's got way too much time on his hands.

  • lee18lee18 Posts: 45
    Judging by his immaturity level and general illiteracy, I would say he is about 14 years old, getting his kicks.

    I can guarantee he never owned one of these vehicles, or any of the others he claims, and probably doesn't even know what one looks like.
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    I found a 2000 Silo Premiere for $26,700. Should I jump or wait for the 01's to come out? Also, a GM extended warranty for $1965. (their highest coverage, $0 deductible) Good/Bad or other?

    P.S. It has every thing including the Gold Package!
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    Michael, $26,700 sounds like a pretty good deal for a new van. 200 miles is nothing to worry about. If you buy, get them to change the oil as part of the deal. As far as extended warranty goes, I personally don't believe in them. Take that money and buy a good mutual fund. That way, if you need a repair out-of-warranty, you should have plenty of money to pay for it. But if you do decide to go for the warranty, make sure it's GM's, not an aftermarket one. I've heard too many horror stories about after market warranty claims disputes. GM will offer this to you by mail after you purchase the vehicle. As for the 2001 model, updated interior, wireless headphones, subtle body cladding changes, larger video screen, etc. You won't find the deal you describe on a 2001 model. P.S.
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Jeremy, thank you for your input and suggestion. I think the Olds will do us just fine.
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Has anyone noticed the exterior mirrors, on the GM van line, fade on the top? What, if any thing, can be done to prevent it, reverse it or stop it? I still want to buy the Olds we found, but the mirrors make it look old or run down. If anyone has suggestions about this matter, please let me know before I buy!
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    Really, if they do, it isn't a big deal. The detailers that recondition cars for dealers can airbrush them and they'll look good as new.

    amd 26,7 for a premiere seems like a good price on the surface. What's the invoice?
  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Edmunds has the invoice price at 28,729, the MSRP at 31,745 and the TMV at 29,298. Should I be expecting to get a better deal? If so, how do I get the dealer to show me their invoice? Suggestions are very welcome!!

    Back to the mirrors. Thanks for the idea of airbrushing, I had not thought of that. Any more ideas out there?
  • I don't have anything new to add to the discussion, except that I agree with the other replies to your questions. $26,700 seems to be a real good deal, IF you plan on keeping it. A 2000 model will be a year old next month, so keep that in mind.
    As far as the extended warranty, I don't think much of them. The dealer makes a huge amount of money on these. The manufacturer is taking your money, betting that the van won't break. You're betting it will. They made it, so they should know. I'd steer clear of this. Like Post #84. I would take the $2k and put it in a mutual fund ore even a CD and use that for major repairs, if you ever need it. Another thing, if you sell the van before the 3 yr/36K warranty is up, you've really wasted the money. The only consolation there is it may help resale value somewhat.

  • artic1artic1 Posts: 4
    Just thought I'd do a follow-up on my 00 Silo purchased Feb 00. I have 7900 miles on it.

    The van has been in shop only once. The right rear wheel cylinder was leaking. Had to wait a week for the part. The Service Manager said it was still drivable that it was only "seepage". I just parked it for a week.

    The other problems I've had is the power sliding door likes to rattle on rough roads. On my last oil change I noticed oil residue coming down the passenger side of the engine onto the oil pan. I'm just watching it at this time. And of course every time I was the van I have water leaking into the right rear pillar. It only occurs when I wash it.

    Over-all I'm pleased.
  • dag23dag23 Posts: 2
    Howdy All!

    Getting to end of the General OEM's here at 40K. Any suggestions? The General XP2000 GT were okay, but not sure what next - will be keeping the van for awhile.

  • kklotzkklotz Posts: 19
    Great pricing on the Premiere. I ordered a 2001 because the 2000 was too similar to my '97 that I wanted to wait for something different. As far as the mirrors go, my '97's mirrors have seriously faded. You can have the dealer install new mirrors under warranty. We did that with our '95 Cutlass when the trunk pieces were flaking paint. Our dealer was happy to make the change--I'm sure they get some significant kick-back on the warranty work! We have 72,000 miles on our '97 Silhouette so that's what was begging the change for us.

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