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    My 540i6 has three ashtrays (one front and two rear) and four cupholders (two front and rear). Seems like both sippers and smokers are equally valued.
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    if you think only about resale value you could end up getting a car whose appearance you hate and are thus forced to "re-sell" it sooner...jmho

    PS, I'd make up my mind soon, only a few more days left for the 4k incentive on the 530.
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    Hello All,

    Does anyone know how to disable factor
    alarm in a 2000 BMW 540?

    Dealer fixed false alarm problem 2 weeks
    ago by replacing a faulty sensor. It's
    going off again (2am last night *URGH*).

    Is there anyway to just lock the doors
    WITHOUT any alarm? Thanks

  • ii31ii31 Member Posts: 24
    Sorry about the second post. It
    is the result of an innocent 'Reload'.

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    Orient Blue all the way...even though I myself have Titanium Silver
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    other than silver, orient blue is probably the most popular color in Germany. There is black, too, but orient blue always catches my eyes. Had it been available for 2002 model year, that would have been the color of our E39. Having had 3 black cars in the family, I swore never a dark color again, but it looked so good. Sterling silver also looks very good, and could be easier to keep clean.
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    Concern with winter is all too real. If I had only one car it would have to be AWD. Also, something rarely considered, AWD is superior in the rain. I believe it will be standard on most cars in the future, not only wagons. The safety and handling factors are just too beneficial. I have a 530 and Subaru Outback and understand roadlust vs practical. Perhaps you can have it both ways by getting a bargain used AWD wagon for sheer utility. Good luck.
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    I have a 2003 530i in Slate Green. Have had nothing but very enthusiastic compliments on the color, from both men and women. I really wouldn't worry about resale if this is the color you prefer. Even if, when you ultimately sell the car, it takes a tad longer to sell or you get $500 less than you might have if it were a different color, so what? Get what you like and enjoy it while you own it.

    BTW, I just washed, polished, and glazed my Slate Green 530 with Klasse this past weekend. As my girlfriend said, it looks like a jewel.
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    Finally got my DVD from BMW NA with all 8 of the short films. Too bad all of the 2nd batch use the Z4. But they are all interesting.
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    According to DW, Germany's public broadcaster, in today's Business Brief:

    1. BMW is considering expanding U.S. production facilities in USA. Considering further increasing production at Spartanburg SC plant, where Z4 and X5 now built.

    2. BMW aims to sell 300,000 cars in the United States each year, up from 232,000 vehicles sold in USA in 2002.

    3. In May, US overtook Germany as BMW's largest market. (Wonder if this means we'll get better cupholders and other American-desired amenties?)
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    Needs some advice...I'm looking at a '97 540i manual on ebay gory=6008&item=2420440949 I'm wondering if it's safe to buy a car like this with out occuring exstensive repair costs...and if there's a warranty I can purchace to help cover them, in the event of the looks to be in good condition with 68k mi, and has salvage title from being smashed in the front, which was pretty much cosmentic...what do you guys think???
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    Glad to here someone finally got a copy of the dvd. I have been waiting so long that I feared it just wasn't going to happen. Maybe it will be in the mail this weekend. Beat the Devil is my favorite from this collection. Love the characters, especially the "devil" and M Manson.
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    It is hard to believe that it was "salvaged" just because of the the front end damage, In order for a car to have a salvage title, it would have to have been stolen and recovered, totalled, or flooded, etc. There are plenty other around, I would walk away, better yet, run away. Also try using Carfax, although it is not perfect, it could help you discover any "irregularities".
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    I second jb_shin: run away from this one.

    I'm not sure I could give a better example of the type of car / seller to avoid in looking for a used BMW. The car itself is highly suspicious. It's been "upgrated" (sic) to 2001 M5. Including the "greel". And the interior leather has just normal "ware". The salvage title explanation is a crock.

    My advice is to find a late model BMW being sold by someone you can meet face to face. They should have all maintenance records and look/sound like the type of person who could have afforded a $50k+ car in the first place. I believe the quality of the previous (and preferably only/original) owner is as important as the appearance of the car.

    Shopping E-Bay makes it difficult to evaluate the seller, but one giveaway for me is that they should be able to spell.
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    I am picking up a new 530. It currently has Pirelli P6's on but I have read about some problems with the sidewalls. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about these tires?
     My 97 528 has had two sets of Continental Contitours and I have been satisfied with them and inclined to switch for those.
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    Hey folks, I just love lurking here. There is just so much good info. A newbie like me seriously needs it, and I've learned a ton.

    Anyway, squeezed into my first bimmer. 525, 5sp, PP, CWP, Titanium/black. I negotiated for 4 months with countless dealers and finally brought my baby home on June 19th. Yes, I know the 2.5L sucks, but I couldn't afford a 530. I'll just drive like a granny until I can buy a 530.

    Unfortunately, you can imagine my disappointment when the "service engine soon" light comes on just as the car hits 100 miles. No, I didn't mess with the gas cap; I was still on my first tank. Dealer fixes it. Tells me the cap must have come loose. No problem. The love affair continues. Now, it's two days later and the same light comes on again. Ugh.

    Someone please hold me and tell me it's going to be ok. I've fallen in love with the e39; I've got the bimmer bug. But this problem is starting to worry me, and it's making me think that the A6 was looking pretty good.
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    fielding_yost... When they fixed it, what did they say was the matter? The specific probem code.

    With the OBDII and other systems, there are a ton of these problems in nearly all marques and models today. I keep hearing two things related to fueling:

    1. Follow the instructions exactly when putting the fuel filler cap back on.

    2. Fill up with the key OUT of the ignition. Do NOT fill up with the key in the ignition running the electrical systems. Turn the car off completely when refueling. Put the key back in after you have filled up and closed the fuel filler cap and door.

    Following these two instructions, my wife and I have put about 55,000 miles on our two BMWs with only a single incident. Shortly after she got her's, she filled her tank up and forgot #2 above. (I do most of the refueling.)
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    carshopper46... What did you read was the problem? I'd use the P6s.

    Can't imagine replacing perfectly good new tires in a new car. Seems like a huge waste of money. Esp. if you keep plain Jane all-season tires like the ContiTouringContacts.

    If you are inclined to change tires, you might consider dedicated 3-season high performance tires (e.g., ContiSportContact or ContiSportContact2s) in spring-summer-fall and dedicated winter tires in winter.
  • fielding_yostfielding_yost Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the response, riez. Before I posted my message, I read your excellent post from 2002, explaining the same problem. I haven't touched the fuel cap since I took delivery. That's why I'm getting a little concerned. After the dealership "fixed" the service engine light, they said that the salesman probably didn't close the cap properly before I took delivery. They didn't tell me the actual code, but they said that it was the code indicating that the cap was not closed properly (I assume that means that gas pressure wasn't being maintained). They checked the cap, the seal, blah, blah, blah. Everything was fine (purportedly).

    I haven't even opened the fuel lid, let alone the cap, since that service visit two days ago. I've got a bad feeling about this.
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    Thanks fellas...I offered this guy 15k for grins and he seems to be looking for retail value + good luck...
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    I can't help you with your specific problem, but I suggest you have a beer or whatever you do to calm down. The electronic diagnositic systems in almost all of today's cars can be sensitive. I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima in which the "check engine" light has come on three times and the "airbag" light has come on twice, never due to an actual problem.

    My 2002 Honda S2000 had a "service soon" light come on early in it's career. And a friend who has a nearly brand new Honda Accord has both the "check engine" light and "maintenance required" lights come on within the first 1,000 miles. Again, no actual problems.

    I'm not making "light" of your problem, literally or figuratively. But in spite of the annoyance, this isn't a reason I would second guess a BMW 5-series. I could list a lot of "real problems" one of my business associates has had with an A6 2.7, if it will make you feel better.

    Oh, and there is nothing that "sucks" about the 2.5 liter 525i. Period.
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    I read about the P6 problems from reviews posted at Tire Rack and These complaints were fairly numerous.
     I would not be buying new ones but instead having the dealer switch them before I take the car. Any switching would have to be with other OEM tires- the Continentals are on a lot of cars on the lot and there may be some Michelin Pilots. I think the Contin. are all Contitours but I will see. Thanks for your input.
     You didn't say if you had experience with the P6's yourself?
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    carshopper46... Don't have any experience with the P6s. I replaced my wife's 323ia's original set of ContiTouringContacts at about 35,000 miles with another set of same. Like them as an inexpensive all-season tire that has some limited handling capabilities. Even put a set of ContiTouringContacts on my FWD work car.

    I also just put a new set of ContiSportContact2s on my 540i6. Really like 'em so far. But they only have about 3,000 miles so far.

    If you like Continentals and want all-season tires, you might consider their high performance ContiExtremeContact all seasons.
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    fielding_yost... Habitat1 is correct. Wouldn't worry too much (yet). Seems like every car I've had since OBDII standard was implemented in 1996 has periodically had emissions-related Check Engine light come on. My work car did it to me the other day. A day after I fuelled up. And I followed all the right procedures when fueling. I took parked, took cap off, put cap back on, and then drove off. Light went off next day.

    I'm guessin' the manufacturers have to set the systems to be overly sensitive to keep their lawyers happy and the EPA off their backs.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Member Posts: 5,751
    riez is on-target with his comments. I had a Nissan Maxima, the bane of my existence with that car was taking it to the dealer to have the check engine light unlit. My friend had a Honda where that light used to come on regularly. To fix it, the service mechanic actually unscrewed the light bulb.

    This is not unique to BMWs although it is a bit of a pain to deal with.
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    Latest issues of all the major auto mags previewing the new 5 Series. C&D's 2-pages. R&T one page. Seems like everyone is a bit nervous about active front steering (AFS).

    I just can't get over the interior styling. Too pretty. Too dignified. Too luxury oriented. Almost effiminate. And I don't want iDrive. Hate the dash gauge layout. Hope there is a nice CPO '03 540i6 ready for me in '05!
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    You'll have to beat me to it. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Member Posts: 51
    The check engine light was on my 530 for 6 out of 7 days, so I had the dealer look at it though the car did not feel any different to me. The diagnostic test showed an engine sensor had failed and needed to be replaced. The sensor had something to do with engine "knock" and the car's computer did adjust engine timing to prevent any harm. No additional problem since this was replaced. My advice is to take it in again and have them run a diagnostic test, and not assume this has anything to do with fuel cap. You can wait a few days, but if the light stays on,check it out.
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    I am new to the forum and would like to ask a question, but first let me tell you all what I purchased. Through the Military BMW program I purchased a Slate Green 540 Steptronic with the Sports Package, Cold WX, Cass Player, and Trunk Mounted 6disc changer back in Feb and picked it up at my local dealer last week. For those of you able to pick one up through that program, it is a great deal without having to deal with dealer tactics. Saved about $6k below MSRP. I did ask the dealer some questions for all to benefit while I was there. He would be willing to deal (4k rebate) on remaining 525-530's (few have the SP on them). Only one 540 with SP left and no way he was dealing on that one. Possibly 1-2K off MSRP. That's pretty much the story throughout the St Louis area.
    My car is everything I wanted it to be and then some.
    I have been reading all your letters the past few months while waiting for the car and they have been of great help. Let me give you some feedback. Decided to buy one in Jan after seeing some advanced shots of the 2004. Did not like it then and don't now. I also would not buy a first year model. The report from Consumer Reports also pushed me to act on the 2003. Gas mile: 18 in the city, 25 highway. Cup holders: who cares, only drink water in it anyway. If I drink coffee in it, my mugs are too big for any cup holder unless I'm driving a Hummer. Color (Slate Green): nothing but positive comments from all, turns heads. Saw it in a showroom prior to order and loved the color. The sound of the motor is a favorite. The local dealer did try to sell me a $500 tire warrantee. Said the warrantee that comes with the car didn't cover tire repairs if I suffer a blow out. In fact, he practically had the order form filled out and was waiting for my check. Obviously, anyone who has bought a tire warrantee before knows the cost is about $15 per tire. It was a nice try. No other problems yet. I'll keep you all posted.

    Now my question: has anyone put mud flaps on their car? These wheels are great but do kick up alot of road debris. My 94 Maxima came with them and have saved the body much wear and tear over the years. They also look very stylish. The flaps in the Accessories catalog look nice and are inexpensive.
    Thanks again for the good reading over the past few months.
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    I am also a bit leery about the next generation 5. I bought the 97 528 when it first came out in June '96. While a little edgy about a new model, I wasn't too concerned. But this new one has a lot more new technology and "gimmicktry" and there are going to be bugs that need to be worked out. Even my salesman agreed with me and he would have made more money if I bought the new 5 in a couple of months.

    When given the opportunity to buy a new 530 at$3,500 below invoice, I happily took it. Now I can watch, wait and see what develops. If the new 5 works out, I can buy then and have a low mileage, low cost 530 to sell to someone who can't stand the new style.
  • msealsmseals Member Posts: 257
    Hey guys, a week back or so we had a discussion on whether to use the dealer for maintenance and all repairs or if it was ok to use a mechanic aside from the dealership. Well, the last time I took my car into the dealership for an oil change, they told me I needed to get my serpentine belts replace for $205, my fuel injectors cleaned for $125 and my brake fluid flushed for $150. I called my mechanic and he said he could do the belts for $160, and the brake flush for $100 but said there was no reason to do the fuel injection cleaning unless I was experiencing any problems. Well, since I am averaging 27.8 mpg I figured that it was all right. I just got the call a few minutes ago from my mechanic that they are done. He said I only needed the AC belt done and that it will only cost me $71 instead of $160. How many mechanics do you know would say that you need less work done when I dropped my car in to have both belts done. He did the brake flush for $75 to boot. How needs the dealer trying to rip me off in the service department.

  • fielding_yostfielding_yost Member Posts: 17
    I really appreciate everyone's comments on my "service engine soon" light issue. I especially appreciate the ones telling me to chill out. I needed it. My prior experience with service problems always meant that I had to take at least a half day off work, get a ride from someone, and generally deal with the hassles associated with my car being in the shop. A major pain (heaven forbid that Detroit actually have any public transportation).

    What I didn't take into account was how accommodating the BMW dealerships are. They're picking up my car from my office and returing it to me at the end of the day. If needed, a loaner is available. You guys assume and know about this stuff. For a bimmer newbie like me, it was like nirvana hearing the service dept offer to pick up the car.

    It was also nice to hear that a number of you have had this problem with no lasting effects. That was my ultimate worry.

    Thanks again to all.
  • warthogwarthog Member Posts: 216
    On vacation at the beach, I inadvertently went in the ocean with my electronic key ('03 530i) in my pocket. I assumed it was trashed but I washed it thoroughly in fresh water and let it dry. To my surprise, it's still working more than 24 hours later. Go, BMW!
  • need4speed1need4speed1 Member Posts: 28
    I know that these two vehicles are not in the same class, but if you look at the interior/exterior dimensions and weight, they are virtually the same!

    I am in the market for a "new" car and am considering either a low mileage (28k miles) 2002 BMW 530i w/ Sport, Premium, and Steptronic, OR a 2004 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro Tip w/ Sport & Premium Pkg. Given this choice, what would you buy?

    I live in FL so Quattro is not a must-have. I think the Audi has a nicer interior and more features, but the BMW has better fuel economy and acceleration. The BMW is priced at $35,900...a steal at that price!

    Which ever car I get will be a keeper for a while, so reliability is an issue too!
  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    Every one here will say BMW 530i. Both are nice, but I don't think the Audi is quite the same league. The 530i is a classic. BTW, you can probably get a new 530i with SP, PP, and Step. for right at $40k with current incentives.

    Happy motoring,

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,723
    You will not want to own that Audi when it comes out of warranty. To me, the appeal of the Audi's are the quattro system. Its a totally different car in just front-wheel drive (not in a good way). If you don't want the quattro, I wouldn't even consider it.


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  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    need4speed1... You should take both out for serious test drives. On the roads you drive at the times you normally drive. If married, bring spouse. If family, bring kids. Heck, bring luggage. See if they meet your driving expectations and utility needs.

    Test driving is key to learning what will actually work for you. But I'm talking at least an hour or more per car. See if they'll let you borrow overnight.
  • 04ctsv04ctsv Member Posts: 13
    why does BMW buyback the new 745s? also why are the customers selling? Sorry kind of out of the ooop...
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Member Posts: 5,751
    Why does Honda buy back their Accords and Acuras? Why does Infiniti buy back their products? My guess is they are called lemons and no manufacturer of consumer products on this earth is immune to them.
  • mxpro738mxpro738 Member Posts: 59
    Hello, All.

    Do any of you have experience driving both the 330i and the 530i? How are their handling characteristics different? For apples-to-apples, assume for the moment that both have the sport package.

    Thank you, in advance.
  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    Well, the 330i has 209 reasons (lbs.) it's a better handing car; easier to toss around. The 530i has 209 reasons it's a better all around road car with the quietness, comfort and luxury many want.

    To me, the 5 is worth the weight penalty by felling better on the road. I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old in my family, so that tipped the balance for me. No family and I'd have been all over the 3.

    Both are leaders in their class. U drive, U decide.

    Happy motoring,

  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    Check out the July 2003 issue of Roundel (BMW CCA) magazine. Lengthy article on new 5 Series (pages 34-53). Great pictures, esp. of interior. Two full pages of detailed technical specifications.

    I am a bit bummed about some technical data.

    First, BMW now using only ZF transmissions in all versions, including the 545i. 545i uses ZF Type G. This replaces the current bulletproof Getrag Type D.

    Second, the overdrive 6th gears in the manual versions is not very deep. 0.87:1 in the 545i and 0.85:1 in the 525i and 530i. Their final drive ratios are 3.15:1 (525i) and 2.93:1 (530i & 545i).

    Interestingly, the individual gear ratios for the automatics are all the same: 4:17, 2.34, 1.52, 1.14, 0.87, and 0.691. Too bad 5th isn't direct 1.00, but at least it uses a decent overdrive ratio. Automatic final drives are 3.73 (525i), 3.46 (530i), and 3.38 (545i).

    Weight figures are good. Manuals weigh in at 3417 (525i), 3481 (530i), and 3737 (545i). Automatics weigh in at 3450 (525i), 3503 (530i), and 3748 (545i).

    Weight distribution figures are great. All versions, except the 545ia, nearly 50:50. Least balanced is the 545ia at 51.1/48.9. Best is 525i at 50.2/49.8.

    Too bad all the Sport Packages use run-flat tires. At least the "special run-flat rims used on Sport Package models will also accept conventional tires."

    Roundel raved about driving experience. They loved the AFS and ARS in the Sport Package.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    I have to admit - the new 5 is growing on me. Given a choice, would you guys go with the 6 speed manual or the SMG?

    My wife is liking an automatic, but I want the fun of manual shifting.

  • multiplechoicemultiplechoice Member Posts: 113
    I have been thinking about this, however I have yet to drive a vehicle with the SMG. That being said, I don't see how the SMG would be much different than the steptronic (except when driven aggressively). Shifting the SMG does not seem like it would be much "fun". I would like to see how well the SMG drives in the auto mode before I make a final decision. However, since I drive in stop and go traffic 40% of the time, I'll probably get the steptronic. By the way, my current 540iA is fast enough 99% of the time.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,723
    Does the SMG have an auto mode? I was under the impression it was just an automatic clutch. Does it have fully automatic capability?


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  • sdg380sdg380 Member Posts: 109
    Not too long ago I was at the local dealer and he offered me a spin in an M3 with SMG (I drive an '02 530 with a 5-spd. man.) Aside from the fact that the M3 was a real screamer (while we were on a deserted road, the sales guy suggested I floor it from a stop, to show me how the SMG would hold shifts to redline, and I'd say sub-5 second 0-60 is no idle boast), I was a little non-plussed by the SMG. Yeah, it's neat, at least concepturally, but just like a Steptronic I've driven, after a few minutes the novelty wears off, and you just feel like sticking it in "auto" (which it has). Not really at all comparable to stirring a box and feeding that power with your left foot. And the SMG didn't seem quite as smooth off the line as a slushbox (but he did have the adjustable clutch set for hard shifts). If I wasn't buying a stick, I think I'd maybe go with a regular auto trans, especially now that a 6-spd. is the choice.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    I just had my M5 in for routine maintenance and the service manager gave me an earful of some SMG woes. He's had two 2002 M3's in for complete SMG unit replacements. Many other customers have complained about the slight hesitation starting from a standing stop. In a couple of cases the units had to be reprogrammed. The service manager is clearly not a fan of SMG.

    As I've said before, until my left foot gives out, I'l take the control and reliability of a manual 6-speed over an SMG. While the SMG has performance advantages over the steptronic (less power loss, faster shifts), it also is a complex piece of electronics that apparantly is not without some bugs. How they will hold up over 100k miles is another uncertainty. I have yet to need a clutch replacement in any BMW I've owned.
  • designmandesignman Member Posts: 2,129
    Anybody out there have any opinions or experiences with the Infiniti M45? I like the styling and at 340hp/333 lb-ft you have to wonder why is it going unnoticed. They're just not out there on the road and It seems that this is the only vehicle that can give the BMW 5's a run for the money.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    If you like the styling, the Infiniti M45 may be a good deal for you. I understand they are being discounted as much as $7,000 under MSRP. Nobody that I know who is/has been in the market thinks the M45 is remotely close to a good looking vehicle, inside or out, compared to the 5-series or Audi A6. Which may partially explain why the "new" M45 is being outsold 20 to 1 by the 7 year old 5-series.

    As for giving the 5-series a run for the money in performance, it seems about the only thing they have going for them is (inflated) horsepower. Although I only gave it a brief test drive, the supposedly 340 horsepower M45 did not seem as quick as a friend's 282 horsepower 540iA sport. Perhaps the test car wasn't broken in. But the 340 horsepower "rating" would put the M45 almost exactly halfway between the 540i and M5. In "reality" that's a joke. And the handling and steering were not even close. A "lowly" 530i w/ sport package is several rungs up the ladder from the M45 in handling, in my opinion. And all 5-series at least give the enthusiast the option of a manual transmission. The automatic in the M45 was unimpressive compared to the BMW or anything by AMG.

    If it sounds like I'm being harsh on the M45, I probably am. Not because I am a BMW loyalist. I've never owned a BMW and currently drive a Maxima as a family sedan. But in looking ahead, I think that Infiniti could have done an "infinitely" better job with the styling and guts of the M45. They came a lot closer to getting it right with the G35 coupe as a 3-series competitor. I even think the Q45 is a relatively better 7-series competitor.

    One of my business associates is currently cross shopping the M45 with Cadillac and Lincoln. He's concluded that it's probably the best choice within that group. But that's not the standard by which the 5-series drivers I know made their purchase decision.
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    designman... Concur with Habitat1's insightful comments. You might read the reviews on the M45 by various automobile magazines. The reviews were lukewarm at best. The M45 just doesn't work well as a total package. No overall synergy between engine, transmission, steering, braking, tires, and chassis. Synergy is key to BMW's success. Driving experience more than the sum of just some nice parts. M45 essentially a cut-and-paste job taking an odd Japanese-market car and making some changes in an attempt to make it appeal to the American market. Thinking it is off the Nissan Cedric platform?

    Think M45 also hurt because it doesn't offer a manual transmission or a really serious Sport Package.

    Latest issue of Motor Trend had a small article on the sales of newly introduced vehicles. Sales of M45 started slow and have plummetted. The market seems to have recognized that the M45 isn't likely to be destined for USA too long.

    Wonder if M45 will be repeat of Infiniti's M30. That car (2-door coupe and convertible) was only around for about 2 or 3 years in USA. It was also a hurried cut-and-paste job of a Japanese-market car. Think it was in USA from about 1990-1992. I still see one every now and then. Odd angular car that obviously has Japanese-market styling cues. Thinking it was off the Nissan Leopard platform.
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