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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • My 5er is such a delight to drive, I just enjoy it. Too bad I don't get to take it
    out every day. Knock on wood, but I haven't had a thing go wrong or anything
    needing replacement like bulbs or such. Even so, that would be a small price to
    pay. My daughter-in-law has an X5 and has had driver side inside door handles
    break twice and had to replace the battery on her 2001. Mine is also a 2001.Her
    car doors are "tinny" and not as solid on closing as mine. My doors close with a
    very solid and satisfying "thunk". Anyway, thanks for asking.
  • mod62mod62 Posts: 38
    I found a 2002 that meets my specs; 5 speed, SP, PP, Cold Weather. It doesn't have fold down though.

    What would be a good deal over invoice? $1,000?

    Any insight on lease money factors with the 2003's coming in soon?

  • fasrfasr Posts: 6
    i'm considering purchasing a 1994 540i with around 77,000 miles. does anybody have any advice on things i should look out for? what is the opinion about this year and model? how is the gas mileage?
  • john01john01 Posts: 246
    Definitely make sure the car has had the block replaced. The infamous Nikasil block will definitely ruin your day. By now 6 year, 100,000 mile warranty BMW provided in light of the nikasil problem is well over. has some good information on E34 models.
  • Hello All!

    I have been reading your group for a awhile but this is a first time post.

    I just purchased a 45,000 mile 1998 528i auto with SP. Its a great car. I have owned a few BMW's in the past but nothing in the past 10 years.

    I just paid 20,000 for the car and was wondering if I did well or not. the car is perfect. maintained by the dealer and I bought it from the original owner that took great care of the car and it was always garaged.

    If you guys know of any problems i should address that would help too.

    If you have any american made 60-70 car questions I own a high end resto shop that deals with them and would be glad to help out just email me.

    hoping to be part of your group.

  • msealsmseals Posts: 257
    I am thinking of a very similar purchase with slightly higher miles than you got, but also a slightly lower price. What did you look for when you were purchasing the car? I have found that these cars are normally in great condition since the people who own them normally take care of them. But I want to know, how does it drive, what is warn on it that might need replacing soon. I have never owned a BMW and I am considering a 1998 528 or a 1999-2000 323. I am just in love with the 323Ci but they are hard to come by with a 5 speed. I would get the auto is I got the 528i.
  • From what you wrote, it seems like you got a great car and a GREAT deal !
    Enjoy your car it will give you miles of smiles. Not much can happen to a
    car that recent. What color did you get?
  • The car is super super clean. The couple that owned the car were anal about the car and had the car detailed 2 times a month. Its silver with gray leather. I simply love the car. I am a professional in the auto buisness and have owned more than my share of cars (over 100) from Hemi powered mopars to vettes and this has got to be the best car I have ever owned. I was wondering if anyone here bought one new and what they stickered at in 1998. have any of you guys had any trouble that my be a bug with these cars?

    Thanks for your time.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    According to the 2002 Consumer Reports annual auto issue, the '98 model 5 series had some trouble spots in the power equipment, body hardware, body integrity, and electrical areas.
  • All,

    I will be doing ED for late October. Got a reasonable price over ED invoice from a dealer in the area. I intend to keep the car for a long time (I figure 10 years at least; I've had my current car over 15), and I've been planning to finance the bulk of the purchase through my home equity line of credit, which gives me some nice tax advantages. However, I've also heard that leases can be very favorable for ED purchases, since there is a relatively large differential between MSRP and actual purchase price. Just to make sure I'm covering all the bases, I asked my dealer to give me his lease terms. Here's what he came back with:

    36 month lease 12,000 miles a year
    residual value 62% of MSRP $31291.40
    drive off $3159.82
    $586.8/mo +tax = $635.21/mo incl tax.

    Oh, I should add this is for a 2003 530/5sp, PP, SP, Nav, Comfort seats, rear shades, xenons.

    Does this sound like a good deal? Does it make sense to lease when one is sure to keep the car for many years beyond the lease? (I've never leased before, so I'm pretty ignorant in this area.)

    Any input appreciated.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    are for people who: 1) have a legal way to write the lease off for business or other purposes, or 2) can't afford the car in the first place and choose to rent it.

    I studied leases carefully 4-5 years ago and it became apparent fairly quickly that, given that I wanted to keep the car, buying it was the way to go, especially given that I drive quite a few miles every year.

    Exceptions: Often leases are heavily subsidized by the manufacturer. When that's the case, AND there's an ironclad "right to purchase" piece in the lease, it could make sense. You lease the thing relatively cheaply, then buy it for a song. This is rarely the case with a BMW.

    Short answer -- if you're going to keep the car a long time and it's not a known dog -- don't lease.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    If you have to keep a car for more than 5 years it also means that you cannot afford the particular new car. Instead you actually choosing to own a used car for many years(probably the fact that is was used by you makes you feel better). BTW leasing is in most cases the cheapest way to own a new car every 3 years.
  • Does anyone know if tinted windows on a 5er reduces the AM or FM radio reception? I heard that the tinting may reduce AM reception on some cars.
  • Well here's some info on 2003 530A leasing. I ordered one and will be ready second week in Oct. My deal was 1500.00 below MSRP. Options iclude auto trans/xenon/heated wheel/premium package/lumbar support. I'm in NY and hope I got a good deal. Don't know what the payments will be like yet.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    My windows are tinted. I almost never try AM, and it was awful to begin with, but I have heard (and was warned when I got the tinting) that AM reception does usually suffer. My FM reception has been unchanged, but then since I got XM Satellite Radio I barely listen to that band, either.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Because we all drive "used" cars. Why have payments or tie up money that can be used for other purposes? If your car is safe and reliable, there's probably no reason to trade it. Our old 86 528 is still running good.

    Also, we have 2 children, ages 2 and 5, and it's nice not to worry about them eating, etc. in the car and it's easy to carry around what they need. The trunk on the 86 5 is superior to the new ones. From some of the complaints I see on the boards, we have more PM, but fewer unscheduled repairs than most newer 5s.

    Now, we'll probably replace this car with a new 5. But only when this one ceases to be reliable.

    Of course, YMMV.

  • msealsmseals Posts: 257
    cdnpinhead is correct, from a pure financial standpoint, leasing is never the way to go, unless the manufacturer is giving an extremely large amount of cash back or rebate. This is never the case with BMW. As for keeping a car 10 years, that is also the best way to go. A car should be good for about 200,000 miles now a days. Depending on how much you drive that should cover 10 years at 20k miles a year. then when you figure the money you save the remaining 5 years after the car is paid off, assuming you take out a 5 year loan out. It fiancially is the best way to go. I wish I could do that, but my lust for a different car every 3 years or so it too great.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    I do not think that 16-year old car can be qualified as "safe". It does not have any of the modern safety features - stability assist, side/head airbags and so on. I rather spend the money on the latest automobile technology that on jewelry or closing. I'd rather wear the same pare of shoes or jeans for 10 years. At least it would not compromise safety.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Safety, safety, safety, huh? Sounds like there's a Volvo in your future...
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    Hope I made the right choice, just ordered an E320 with the sport package after driving a BMW for 6 years. I took the Benz for a test ride and was very much impressed by the interior, exterior, performance, and handling (with the adjustable suspension). Enjoyed the power of the E500 but felt the E320 was a better choice for city driving as well as being more affordable. After 6 years with a 5 series I just wanted a change, who knows when the new 5 series rolls in maybe I'll switch back.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    I looked at that E320, and it is a nice car. But the price is outrageous. Did you get the full leather for an extra $1400? Xenons for $1150? By the time you option the car, its $55K. I actually thought the E500 was the better bargain, because alot of the stuff is standard on that model, and you just pay a hit for the bigger motor. Also consider that the E320 will be replaced by the E350 in two years (+30HP for the new motor). After factoring everything in, I'm back ordering a 2003 E39...
  • Just turned 30,000 miles on my 2001 540i 6-speed with sport suspension,xenons, winter pkg, and premium stereo. What an awesome vehicle. Only problem was a turn signal went out. I have averaged about 20 m.p.g. combined city/highway driving. I have about 25,000 miles on the Dunlop sport tires (I put about 5,000 miles on Michelin winter tires) and the rears are about due to be replaced, however, the fronts still have good tread. I have been very happy with the tread wear, as I thought I would get less miles out of them.
    This vehicle has been a blast to drive with gobs of power, great handling, and a very smooth ride. I was debating an auto tranny when purchasing, but went with the 6-speed and am very glad I did. The manual and the sport suspension make this car. I am also impressed with the solid, quite ride.
    I have never owned a vehicle that has a manual transmission mated to a V-8. This will not be my last!
    All said, I would highly recommend the 5-series to one and all regardless if it is 528,530, or 540.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    The similar equipped E320 came to apx 54,000 where is the 530 would be 50,000. To me that was not a big price difference when you are getting a totally new model. The 530 is due for a complete makeover next year and I wanted a new vehicle today. The E320, I felt had more than adequate hp, at 221 and good gas mileage. The E500 was apx 6,500 more for the same goodies including the gas guzzler tax. I am very happy with the BMW 5 series, but just wanted a change. I am still debating whether to call the dealer and upgrade to an E500, it sure was fast (but will I ever use the extra hp living in a major city?)
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Well, you really have to option up that 530 to get it to $50K versus a $54K E320, considering you don't pay MSRP for it, as opposed to paying MSRP for the Benz. However, consider that if you take delivery of an E500 after 12/31/2002, you don't have to pay the federal luxury tax.

    That said, I did find the quality and layout of the 320 interior to be superior to the E39, hopefully the E60 will be better. It does irk me to have to buy a new E39 and have to immediately replace the center amrest in it, and live with poor cupholders.

    I will say that based on what is happening with the E65, I think the new E will likely be more reliable as a first year model then the E60. What can you do, there are tradeoffs everywhere.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I was informed that the luxury tax drops 1 point every consecutive year until it is eliminated. In the month of Jan 2003 in should drop to 2%. Maybe I was misinformed, please advise. You are right that the 530 should be discounted below msrp and would probably configure to under $50,000. Hopefully there are no bugs in the first year of production of the E 320. Wish me luck.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    gone on 1/1/2003:

    right now, its 3% on the amount over $40K.

  • mlbmwmlbmw Posts: 11
    I have '02 530iA, the mileage is 4500 now, couple days ago, I got a coupon for oil & filter change + 34 point check from BMW dealer, it is $49(they said Reg is $128). it sounds a good price.
    my question is do i need to send my car for an oil change using this coupon?
    my concern is it is so long to wait for 1 year to have free oil change (my dealer said no matter how many mileage on first year, you have a free oil change). usually my anther car (Acura) has a oil change on 3000 miles.
    Dose anyone can give me a advice whether or not my car have a oil change this time. BMW will still give me a free oil change again on 1 year?
    i am really appreciated your help.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    A lot of guys replace their own oil because they're skeptical/paranoid about BMW's recommendations to just wait. I guess the old "every 3000 miles" habit dies hard. Personally, I think BMW would be foolish to try saving a couple bucks by extending oil change periods if doing so would jeopardize engine durability (which is far costlier, obviously).

    So, if for you it's a peace of mind issue, feel free to spend the $49. But I wouldn't bother.

    You'll be entitled to a free oil change either a year from when you get the oil changed, or when the dash indicates it's time for an oil service.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    Thanks to nyca for the info on the luxury tax. It looks like they are phasing it out in Jan 2003.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I am looking for a bike rack, i tried looking at the Thule and could not find a model for a 3er ? would you happen to have the part #s ? And how it mounts ?

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