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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I simply fail to see why you need to come over to this board to tout a car that only YOU need to be satisfied with. Frankly, you sound like you are desperately trying to convince yourself that you made the right choice. Again I ask, how many BMW owners visit the LS board to talk about how great their car is? Right. They don't have to. Just keep telling yourself that YOU made the right choice. Sooner or later you'll probably believe it. And as for your precious $40K LS "Sport", I'd rather buy a 1998 540i 6spd and pocket the difference. Heck, for $16K you could pick up a fine E28 M5. Throw a $250 chip in the ECU and you've got a naturally aspirated 3.5 I6 making over 290 hp. One more thing, can I assume that your LS won't be seen on the track anytime soon?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    div2... Why fret? Check out the resale value for MY 2000-2001-2002 LS. From what their board talks about, it ain't pretty. Many wholesale figures in the under $20k. Huge depreciation hits. All that 0 percent financing and huge rebates & discounts really destroyed resale value.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    How about resale?

    A business associate sold his 1991 Acura Legend with 230k miles on it and got a 2001 Lincoln LS two years ago. In a little over 18 months and 30k miles, it was into the dealership more than his Legend was in 10 years. I don't know all the details, but it was not pretty. Once he came in smelling like he took a bath at the local Exxon gas pumps. His fuel system was discharging fumes into the cabin of the car and he had nearly passed out on his drive to work.

    Clearly, he got a lemon and it's not fair to judge Ford/Lincoln by this one bad apple. But when enough was enough, he decided to dump the car three months ago. The best he could get on trade in or private sale was $19,000. That's $10-12k less than a comparably equiped 530i would have been worth.

    You can pitch the value of a Lincoln LS over a 530i, but when a 2 year old one is worth less than 50% of what it sold for new, the "market" isn't buying your pitch.
  • ii31ii31 Posts: 24

    I bought a 2000 BMW 540 couple of weeks ago.
    What a blast to drive!

    Original manf. warranty will expire
    on 11/30/03. Can anyone point to
    a good deal on extended warranty?

    It has low miles. I can live with 7 years/100k
    miles. Dealer quoted $3000 with $100 deductable!
    Please help!


  • ii31ii31 Posts: 24

    I forgot to mention that I live
    in California. I can't buy warranty
    online due to state law. Does it mean
    I've to get it through a dealer?

  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782
    Actually my LS sees quite a bit of track time. Let's see, Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, various autocross tracks. There are quite a few LSes that autocross and most people, including BMW owners, are quite complimentary over how the LS handles and how well it does against other makes, including BMWs. Although most of the BMWs that are seen at the autocrosses and the tracks are the 3-series, not the heavier 5 series. On occasion there is the rare M5 sighting.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, lets don't turn this into a 5-Series vs. Lincoln LS discussion.

    We can purse that subject on the Comparisons board if anyone wishes to fire it up.

    I think we briefly had one of those that archived itself due to inactivity, but certainly we can try again if anyone would like.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    I'm not trying to convince any BMW owners that they bought the wrong car and I don't need to convince myself or any other LS owners that they bought the right car. That's an individual choice. I never said the LS was a better car or that the BMW was a bad car. All I said was it was competitive based on price/performance. Obviously nobody here will admit that so I guess it would be pointless to continue the discussion.

    Resale value on the LS right now sucks due to the deep discounts on the 02s. But that's only a problem if you're selling the car - I'm not so I could care less.

    Sorry Pat - I'm outta here.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    Thanks to all for your input on my SF question. Sounds too awesome of a drive to not take my 530. I will look for off street parking in the City as dabimmer suggests and valet parking too. Looking very much forward to this road trip!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Brian, I know that you're an enthusiast; that's not the point. And you well know I've taken on a Lexus troll or two in the LS topic(where I sometimes lurk to pick up LS info for my computer-challenged uncle). It's just that I've never felt the need to sing the praises of my Club Sport or 5er on the Audi/CTS/Infiniti/Lexus/LS/etc. boards. I'm pleased and content with MY choices and the way that they satisfy MY driving criteria-and I simply don't care what the fans of other marques think about it. Look, if I suddenly popped up on the LS board singing the praises of E39s you'd be well within your rights to tell me to get lost-or worse. Why Akirby thinks he should not receive a similar response in this topic is beyond me.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Your point is well taken. The LS V8 is competitive. Does that mean given the choice I would choose it over a 5er? Probably not. But I like having options and choices. Ford had to put an engine almost a liter bigger and give it two extra cylinders just to almost keep even with the 530i, and the LS 3L is anemic from everything I can gather. Granted the LS is heavier by a few pounds.

    They (Ford) did a nice job on the interior, the leather is nice, the sound system is nice, the lines of the car are nice. For an American company I think they hit the mark closer than the CTS and closer than the G35. Even though this is not the price range for the G35, but some Infiniti folks seems to think it's a 5-beater. For those who don't want to spend the money on a German vehicle and want to buy American, this is the ticket.

    But there is something oh-so-smooth about the 5 series. It is a classic car that has aged well. I would like to take a picture of the contenders in this segment - hold these pictures for 6 years and then we can all look back and probably have a good laugh.

    This is a BMW forum but sometimes a reminder or two that there is competition and what the competition is about never hurts.
  • I bought a contract from them and had a couple of claims without a problem. They have been excellent to deal with thus far. I am in so. cal too.

    Good luck,
  • BMW is apparently looking very seriously at bringing the 530d into the USA.

    How do I know? Well, According to a rep that I deal with from BMW, there's 5 of them running around NJ and 1 in Atlanta at some Zone office.

    If they do bring it in.. I think it'd sell like hotcakes if it was marketed properly!

    For those of you unfamiliar.. 3.0L Turbodiesel engine. Sells, comparably equipped, for about $3K less than a 530i in the UK.

    0-60 7.6
    50-75mph in 4th: 6.9 secs
    Top Speed: 144mph
    City MPG: 25-28
    Hwy Mpg: 40-45 (US Gals, UK figure on Imperial Gallons is over 50)

    I was driving one of these back when I was spending a ton of time in the UK. The car is very refined, smooth and quiet. Idle is quiet. Highway power feels better than a 540i. no kidding.

    Car feels like a freight train with the torque.

    If they do it, this will be interesting...

  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    actually is more expensive than 530i in Germany in the used car market. I would have bought one in a heartbeat if it were available.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    brentwoodvolvo... From the rave reviews in places like Roundel (BMW CCA), Bimmer, etc., would be great to have 530d available in USA. Isn't a key sticking point the lack of availability in USA of the necessary low sulphur diesel fuel that the Europeans use? Thought USA has agreed to go to low sulphur diesel in 2006 or 2007. (Thinking USA has similar problems with its regular gasoline, too.) Till then in USA big rig diesels are king and the American petroleum industry and trucking companies don't want to spend more for better low sulphur diesel. Here in midwest, there is a big push to promote soy diesel. Wonder if the European diesels run efficiently on that.

    Also thinking that in most European countries diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline. Which isn't necessarily true in USA. And diesel is far more available throughout Europe. In my small town, we have 4 gas stations. Only one sells diesel. And it isn't open 24/7.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Bill!! Where ya been? Welcome back. :-)
  • sel3sel3 Posts: 33
    Has anyone had these side bags activated?

    I ordered this option on my 2003 525. The dealer has stated that I must sign some paperwork before they activate the bags.

    Sounds strange. Any thoughts?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    sel3... My '98 540i6 has them. I don't see too many in the 5 Series. Most dealers didn't order their stock cars that way. They are also pretty hard to find in the 3 Series. Same response by dealers.

    Really a legal liability issue. BMW and its dealers fearful that small kids will sit in back. They hope (pray?) that the disclaimer and waiver you sign will send the liability your way. (Though they know nice trial lawyers in Mississippi and other frivolous lawsuit friendly states will still likely sue anyway.) Kids might rest heads and other body parts directly against or near the rear side airbags. Then in case of accident....

    My car was originally leased by a company that used it to ferry adults.

    At least the MY 2003 5 Series comes standard with rear head protection. But that is separate from the lower rear side airbags.
  • jeffryjeffry Posts: 36
    Pen, I agree w/ the above & would push relentlessly to get it taken care of.

    I've had reliability issues in the past w/ a '94 Volvo & '86 Accord when they were pretty new & got it handled. With the Volvo the evaporator went out Just after the warranty expired. Naturally the service advisor said they could'nt do anything...I pushed him to call Volvo NA. My stmt. was that my family has had cars w/ A/C since 1953 (growing up in FLA & in the car business) & NEVER had the evaporator go out....& I want it handled!! He called & said they'd split the cost w/ me. I called called Volvo & pushed the point & they readily agreed to pay the whole thing & THAT IS WHAT THEY'D TOLD THE DEALER!!! Issue handled, (I go to an independent now).

    With Honda the brake pads went out in only 30K mi. which we'd never had on another car before & CU showed that as a repair issue. The dealer gave the 'normal wear & tear' line. The district rep said the same thing. We found Honda has some kind of binding arbitration w/ the better business bureau. When we mentioned that & that we would NOT let it go. They fixed it & the next pads lasted well over 100K! (w/ subsequent Mercedes & Volvo 30K on soft brake pads seems normal--BMW too??)

    I'd push it like hell if I were you, a clutch out in 14K is clearly a defect given you're a responsible adult & experienced w/ manual trans. Even if the car were demoed by a lunatic before you bought others have stated, it shouldn't go out.

    You of course will let them know you're in touch w/ 100s of BMW drivers & POTENTIAL owners & surely they (BMW NA) will want to see you post a happy outcome. You'd hate to have to go to this BB & all others you can find & relentlessly let people know of their defective product &and poor customer service!! You'll get it handled. jeff
  • Hello everyone:

    I own a 2000 5 series and I love it. I just placed an order for an 03 MB 500, I still not sure, but for what I've seen, MB has closed the gap in performance (not the same yet) certainly interior quality has been better in the past and I think still continues to be better than Barvarian's. Does any one know where a 5 series 04 pictures can be seen I already checked but the pictures are not very good.
  • I recently had a Canadian M540i inspected at a dealership in Canada and they suggested that the rotors and pads be changed. The specs for the rotors are Front right and left - 29.5mm Rear right - 18.1mm and rear left - 18mm. The pads are front right - 7mm left 7.5mm and the rear right 6.5mm and left 6mm.

    Any comments on the necessity would be great.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,263
    Reiz: you're right (as usual), the trucking industry will fight tooth and nail in order for Diesel Fuel to be made cleaner and cost a few cents more.

    I remember reading an article in the British publication CAR maybe a year or so back on a 330d and the writers raved about the car and said they'd definitely take it over a 330i even if gas and diesel were the same price. I think a 530d would be a welcome addition to the BMW lineup (and to US shores). The other BMW that I think would sell very well in the US would be the X5 3.0d. Imagine an X5 3.0d (I hate SUVs in general, but they're not going anywhere so I guess we have to deal with it:) with its BMW-esq handling prowess, the towing capacity that probably exceeds that of the 4.4, great low end torque, that gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 30mpg on the highway. Pretty cool huh?

    Unfortunately I think the majority of Americans wouldn't take well to the fact that diesel technology has come further and they'll think of their uncle's 1972 Diesel Mercedes Wagon (much like people who think the 4cylinder engines have no "pickup.").

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,042
    I'd be extremely interested in a 530 diesel. The two Audi turbodiesels I rented, plus the VW that came later all had very good acceleration and phenominal fuel mileage. Just as advertised.

    Please bring them here.
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    jeffry, thank you for your comments. I should hear something back from BMWNA on Monday.

    When I called BMWNA Friday morning (9 am), the lady that I spoke with said she would call the dealer right away and see if she could arrange for a representative to check it out. I was encouraged.

    However, when I called the dealer Friday afternoon to follow up (3pm), the service advisor said he has yet to be contacted by BMWNA. I then called BMWNA back. Of course, the lady handling my claim had already left for the day. So I called back again and spoke to someone else. They said the claim is in the data base now and they were going to contact the dealer, but that the lady I spoke with is my contact and she is handling it and there is not much more they can do until Monday. This is frustrating, especially when the lady at BMWNA who is handling my claim tells me one thing and does not do it on a timely basis.

    We will see what happens on Monday. However, I am not expecting an easy time at this.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    kdshapiro - nice post.

    div2 - Brian was only defending the statement that the LS wasn't being driven on the track, and that's all he said.

    Since BMW is the acknowledged performance leader for sports sedans I think it's significant when an American car even comes close, much less outperforms it. At NO time did I say or imply anything troll like. What I expected was what kdshapiro posted, not lame grandma comments. However, I should have started a new topic under comparisons so for that I will apologize.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Let's see, you brag about your way-kewl sled in a BMW topic-but you don't want to be called a troll. Makes sense to me :p As for the "lame grandma" comments, I certainly didn't mean to imply that ANY of the hundreds of elderly LS drivers I've seen were disabled-in fact, most of them looked like they could walk faster than they were driving...
    Bottom Line: Enjoy your LS; I hear that Ford won't be building them too much longer :(
  • jeffryjeffry Posts: 36

    Another thing you might consider if they are not willing to fix it for you. I'd tell them I'll tow it to an independent to be fixed & get a 2nd opinion as well. And if he finds a plain & simple defect I'll be taking them to small claims court. It'd probably be cheaper to fix it there anyhow which would pay for your tow & maybe rental car!

    As long as you're 100% sure you did nothing that could have damaged it (& have no teenage son who had access to the car & keys while you're away!!) there is no way it's other than a defect. Surely they'd get that you're pissed & would do it, as a matter of principle, and not want to go thru the hassle themselves......that ought get it handled! Good luck.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I would like to add my voice in support of a 330d and/or 530d.

    The last Mercedes E300TD (1999) available in the US was very impressive. Acceleration equal to my old 1984 Toyota Supra and 34+ mpg on the highway. A business associate has one and has been offered in excess of $30k by the dealer to sell it back to them (i.e. not a trade, they would give her even more in that case). She (only) paid $43k for it in late 1998 and has 60k flawless miles on it.

    My only concern is that one of the big appeals to me of BMW over Mercedes is the tighter handling and steering offered by BMW. Diesel engines are heavy (the Mercedes E300TD weighs about 200-300 lbs more than the otherwise identical E320 3.2 gas version. I would hope that the 330d and/or 530d still handles as competently as their gas counterparts.

    P.S. Another business associate refers to his 1990 300D as his "$100,000" Mercedes. He paid $40k for it new, but has deducted over $100,000 in mileage on his taxes (he now has 300k miles on it and it still looks/runs new). After tax, he has actually made money on the car.
  • They keep asking for them over at roadfly as well.

    Seems like it'd make sense.. time will tell, doubt we'll see any E39s as that car is effectively DOA now.
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    jeffry, thanks for the additional thoughts.

    I just got off the phone with BMWNA Customer Relations. When I dialed the extension for the representative that took my claim, I got a recording that she will not be in today for "personal" reasons and will be unable to take any calls or messages. So, I called back to speak with a different customer relations representative and they said that she is the only one that can move the claim along and that I have to wait until she returns to get anything done.

    I called the BMW dealership, and the service advisor said that he has yet to hear from BMW. He says there is nothing he can do until he hears from BMWNA. So, I am stuck. I will loose another day waiting to hear from BMW. If this was Lexus or another car brand, I am sure I would be treated better.

    I asked the service advisor if I were to take the car now to another repair place, how much work has been put in the car so far. He says $330.
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