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    Thanks, Hoehnjc. Actually, he is talking about an Oct. production run. I mistyped (?) earlier. I'm not expecting to pay over MSRP, just wondering if I have a chance of paying anything under. Thanks for the url. I'll check it out.
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    Noticed you are in Houston. Did not see a e-mail address so let me pass this to you. I searched several dealers in TX, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft Worth, and Arlington. NONE of them would budge on a 528 when I was shopping a few months ago. I did come across a dealer in Beaumont who was willing to work with me on the 528 but not sure if she will work on a 530 this early in the game. You may want to try them.
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    I just picked up a 00' 528i. What a beauty!! I've never owned a bimmer before, but I always dream of having one. It is a sport-premium pkg, xenon, moonroof, steptronic in Anchracite ext. and grey leather interior. The dealer I go to is very friendly and willing to negotiate to give me a good deal. I think part of the reason is they do have a lot of 528i still on the lot, and they have to make room for 530i & 525i.

    I love everything about the car except it does not have a cd player or cd changer. If I order one through the dealer, it'll cost me big dough!! Does anybody know if I go to stereo shops and install a cd changer there, am I risking to void the warranty on the car?? I will probably save 60% $ if I go outside for a cd changer.

    Also, dealer told me it will take 15000 miles before service/oil change. Any feedback if that sound reasonable??
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    Congrats on your new 528. Where do you live? It sounds like the one BMW delivered to me in error last month that I refused delivery of. Color and interior etc... I am waiting for 530 to arrive now.

    CD player - I don't believe it will void any warranty BUT I have heard from many people that many after market changers will NOT work on the BMW due to BMW specific designs. Best Buy informed me that only BMW designed changers would work on the pre-wired connections. I would STRONGLY suggest that you do the following: 1. Contact PacificBMW at and find the in trunk unit they have for sell for $373 + install kit about $15.00. 2. Visit the web site and search the 5 series E39 archives for cd player posts. There are MANY! I would not trust another after market store to butcher your car for a changeer. The in trunk unit available is easy to install yourself and already designed to work on the 5 series.

    Oil changes - Again, MANY posts in web site. I got tired of reading them all. Bottom line is that the dealer follows the car computer for their included maintenance. Some will change at normal intervals 3-5K miles etc... Personal choice.
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    Just ordered a 530i for Oct production. I'm in the Ft Lauderdale area and got $800 off msrp. There are dealers in the area however, that are adding on to the sticker price.
    Beautiful car, new bimmer owner, don't know how I'll get through the 2 month wait!!!
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    Florida driver,

    I know the waiting feeling. I have to wait 4 months for mine. I originally ordered my 528 last June and waited and waited... Tracked its progress and travel across the ocean... Finally, it arrived! Wrong color, interior and options!!!!! Now I am waiting for my 530 to arrive. I finially broke down and told the kids I ordered it because I was ready to explode after holding out on them for the first 1 1/2 months. Couldn't wait any longer to tell them. Now we ALL wait in anticipation. Good luck on yours.
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    Congrats on your new bimmer!!! There are dealers in my area willing to deal on new in stock 528i. I was told 1.5K over cost. Dealer had about 8 in stock.

    We are looking at a 530i for my wife so we are trying to get a good deal.

    Oil change interval is one year or whenever the service lights indicate one is due. We own a 00 M-roadster and took ours in for it's oil change after the one year time frame. We have 4700 trouble free miles.
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    RE:2001 Pricing: To the individual who was able to negotiate a $3,600 discount on a new 530I, I would be interested in knowing the dealer name/contact. I am in the market for a new 528I/530I and have not found any dealer willing to discount more than $2,000.
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    "tedt1" - i think you have a better chance to negotiate on a new 00' 528i than a 01' 530i. Most dealers I visited when I shopped for my 528i are more "flexible" on 528i prices. I don't think anybody can do lower than MSRP on 530i. "hoehnjc" got a discount on the 530i is because the dealer messed up with his 528i order.

    "bernard1" - Thanks for your input. I did get a deal similar to what you were saying - $1500 over cost on my 528i. For me, 00' 528i and 01' 530i are both GREAT cars to drive. Since I can get a good deal on a new 528i, therefore I just go for it instead of paying MSRP on the 530i.
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    Well, it's been just over a month since I purchased my '97 540. Would have filed this earlier, but I've spent too much time behind the wheel! As if there is such a thing as too much time behind a BMW wheel. Have finally managed to wipe the last vestiges of the seemingly permanent insane leer off of my ugly mug.

    Thought about new 528's, about the same money +/- a bit, but saw a black/black 540 on the pre-owned lot at Advantage in Houston. Yes, I got screwed on the price, but it was the ONLY 540 new or used that I'd seen after checking three BMW (2 in Houston and one in Pensacola) dealers.

    Highs: Previous owner left K40 in the bumpers. FAST! Comfy as it can get. FAST! Neat right-side mirror reverse thing. FAST! Beautiful. FAST! Handles like it's glued to the pavement. Pretty darn quick. Safest luxury sedan (Source: Boca Raton magazine, Sep/Oct 00). Did I mention it's FAST?

    Lows: $52,000 (new MSRP, b4 lux) car without a CD player???? Will be clicking that Pacific BMW parts shop link real soon. No automatic door locks. $149 for a spare key??? Cruise on/off button on dash. 131 MPH speed governor (yes, I've bounced off of it).

    Questions: Anyone know if the Nakamichi glovebox changer can be run in parallel with a trunk unit? Is the Naka unit install a D-I-Y job like the trunk, or will a dealer have to futz with it?

    What are the major service intervals? 30K/60K/90K?

    It came with Yokahamas that have about 20K left, given my driving habits. Any advice from long-term owners on replacement performance rubber?

    Gentlemen, I have never been able to keep a car longer than 18 months or so. The only reason I'd ever get rid of Darth Vader (hehe) is for a newer one with a stick. From me, that's stratospheric praise. Enjoy yours, all. If you are still thinking about one, STOP. Go out and get your 5 series NOW.
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    I believe it is me you are referring to regarding the $3,600 discount. jccssc is correct above. The ONLY reason I received such a good discount is because the dealer screwed up my original 528 order and was making up for it. You certainly WILL NOT find another dealer who will do the same under normal circumstances. I have heard of some folks on the (E39) site claim they received discounts from dealers on the East & West coasts. I don't believe there have been any better discounts than what you have already found. Some areas will not discount at all based on location.

    Keep in mind when you are negotiating the 528, that the 530 is actually $500 cheaper than the 528 opt for opt since BMW include their $1,000 moon roof into the premium packages with no price increase. The base price increased $500 so it is about $500 cheaper overall for what I THINK is a better vehicle. (design, engine, etc..)

    I just added the rear sun screen (Opt 416) to my order since I can't add meaningful tint to the car. Any comments from anyone who has or seen it?
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    Just musing. I ran BMWs for many years and recently, a little reluctantly, swapped my last for a new Saab 9-5. Reason - more space and power, less money, that's all.

    Am I happy? No. Too many problems with car and dealer.

    It's interesting to note the complete difference in tone between the postings on the BMW discussion sites, as here, compared with those on the Saab sites. The latter are contantly inundated with problems, calls for help and complaints, often not at all trivial.

    I guess that speaks for itself, but I just wondered whether there were any BMW owners out there who are actually regretting buying theirs...
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    All of a sudden the other day while I was admiring my ultimate driving machine it dawned on me that I do not know what the letters BMW stand for. Does anyone here have infinite knowledge as to what those 3 beautiful letters mean???
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    Bayerische (sp?) Moteren Werke. The hood ornament is an interpretation of an airplane propeller in motion. Enjoy yours.

    Jonah, you speak heresy! Trading your Ultimate Driving Machine for one of those front-wheel Swede-mobiles??? ::writhing in pain:: And how did it rate more power? If power was the issue, go up to a 540, believe me it's worth it.
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    Stands for Bavarian Motor Works
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    Yeah, I know. I should be grateful they even let me in here! But I need to put right my sins and this seems like a good place to start.

    Out of curiosity, how much is a 540 from where you speak? In the UK one of these will cost me the sterling equivalent of US 64,314 dollars at today's exchange rate...
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    hoehnjc, I have the power sun shade on my 528. It's worth it and really cool (double meaning) too. It's neat watching them go up when you push the power button. I bought it mainly for my kids, to allow them to sleep comfortably without the sun getting to them (even better when used in conjunction with the manual side shades).

    Re: BMW initials -- they do stand for Bayerische Motoren Werke. The English translation is Bavarian Motor Works.
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    Thanks for the sun shade info. I am looking forward to it. I thought I recongized the German definition. I figured I supply the english version for the request.
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    My son, say 5 Hail Bimmers and a couple Our 540s and you shall be forgiven. Go forth and sin no more. :-)

    Well, here in the States you can get a 540-6speed (which includes the Sport package) for about 57K USD, inclusive of luxury and gas-guzzler taxes, but not local sales tax. When you start adding on Nav, PDC, DSP, phone, etc. it can get into the low/mid-sixties very quickly.

    The above assumes that the dealer is not gouging above MSRP due to scarcity of six speed cars.

    Those numbers being out of my league, I went with a 3 year old 540 with an automatic. Could not find a manual. From dealer, it ran 37K, which was 3-4K higher than a private party sale, but try to find a private party with a 540 to sell.


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    Please post sites that may have any information on the next generation of 5 series sedans. I am speculating waiting on the next generation of 5 series instead of purchasing an M3 next year. I have read rumors of a 5 series being overhauled for '02 or '03. Please post any information that you may have on this subject or e-mail me at [email protected] thanx
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    I am still enjoying my new 528i everyday. But there is just 1 small thing I notice recently - it is the horn. Never thought I'd try it out during tons of test drives when I was shopping for this new baby. Yesterday I have to honk at an idiot (granted - there are tons of idiot drivers out there). I noticed it sounded kind of soft compared to my previous cars - Hondas/Acuras (I have my passenger window rowed down 1/4 at the time). Does anybody notice that too? Or is it just normal for a bimmer 5-series? Can anybody shed some light to this?

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    I am TOTALLY sick of my BMW. I own a 97 528i. I purchased this vehicle "pre-owned" with 40k miles on it a year ago. I have spent approximately $5000 in total on repairs in the year I've owned it. This includes the $662 I spent on the major service II 3 months after I purchased it. (I wanted to be sure it was OK before it was out of warranty, and to help decide if I should buy the extended warranty) I didn't....HUGE MISTAKE! The car was purchased from one of those "used car superstores" with the 117 point checks. The major service was done at an "award winning" BMW dealer in the Atlanta area. They gave the car glowing reviews. I am a 42 year old software executive with a family. I'm an avid car buff, and until recently a huge BMW fan. Before you all start, let me say that I CAN afford the car, but I also have a family. I cannot accept that a car of this pedigree is so trouble prone. The list of ills befalling my vehicle range from oil leaks, to $1000 brake jobs! I've never experienced this type of problems with either my Porsche or my wife's Benz. As soon as I can unload this car, I'm headed to the nearest Lexus dealer!
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. I know how you feel. I bought a new GM vehicle and was told by the dealer to contact GM and a lawyer. So I did. Very frustrating. It sounds like you bought a 2 year old car with 40K miles on it. That's a lot of miles for a 2 year old car. Sounds like the previous owner drove the hell out of it. I would blame the "superstore" more than BMW. Chances are the previous owner new that it was a lemon and dumped it on the superstore just as you indicated you want to unload it. Unfortunately, you did not purchase a car of this caliber as a "certified" vehicle. The same could have happened to you with a used Lexus, MB or any other vehicle from a "superstore". Good luck on your Lexus. I would suggest that you buy a certified Lexus should you not purchase a new one.
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    I recently purchased a 00 528ita (wagon) w/ 10k miles from a BMW dealer in Houston. It was one of the loaners they were turning over. It came w/ the 3 yr no-cost maintenance and certified w/ extended warranty.
    For reference, paid about 38k w/ sticker shown at 46k. Has premium package, leather,moonroof, side sunscreens, etc. Price included cd player,but had to wait a couple of weeks for it to come in and be installed. Dealer customer service seems to be outstanding, very organized. You are assigned a service rep when you make the appointment and he/she stays w/ you during the whole process. Loaner cars or shuttle service is standard fare. What more can you say about that.
    This car is a highway runner. Although no dragster off the line , the faster its goes, the more stable it feels. That's my kind of car. The wagon provides the flexibility we needed w/o needing to buy a mini-van to haul lots of people or one of those unsafe utes. (I figure any vehicle that will roll because of a blowout is not safe). Check consumer report auto issue,you will see the iihs offset crash test was good for the 5-series.
    The best gas mileage we have seen on straight highway cruising at the normal 70-75 mph is 29 mpg (it is flat in Texas,ya'll). The worst is about 16-18 around town. Typically,we are seeing about 26 on freeway. I assume these figures are the best we will see. Hopefully,we won't see the dealer too much. However, w/ the 3 yr no-cost maintenance, I'm not too worried.
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    Didn't get the Sport seats. I don't think I'll be driving in a manner consistent with their design (yeah, I say that before I get the car!). Got a general question for anyone ordering a new 530 with Sport Package. I've been told by the dealer that the Sport Package requires purchase of the moonroof (supposedly an option on Sport Pkage) at full MSRP. Anyone have a similar experience?
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    Yes, my brochure says the moonroof is only included in the premium packages - premium and sport premium package.

    My car status changed to orderd for production. Should be completed in 18 days:)
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    You will need to add the moonroof if you want one. You indicated that you did not get the sports seats but you want the sports package (not the prem sports pckge?) I can honestly say I have never seen one without a moonroof. You may want to consider it for resale?? Have you considered the regular premium package?? It includes the moonroof and is the same cost as last year. That is what I purchased because I was not interested in the sports package. Something to think about. You don't want to be stuck with it because you did not opt for a moonroof.
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    An old German joke was that "BMW" actually stood for Bayerische Mistwagen Werke - Bavarian Manure Spreader Works.

    I like to think of myself as pretty good with a quip, but I got absolutely nailed years ago by the conductor of a streetcar. I had located the right line to go to the BMW works in Munich. When the conductor asked where I wanted to go, I replied "Bayerische Mistwagen Werke." Without missing a beat, he said (in German), "B-M-W. That's three letters. 80 pfennig please." Trying to figure out how three letters could give rise to an 80 pf. fare stopped me right in my tracks, to the considerable merriment of the other passengers. That's the kind of thing that makes Bavaria such fun.
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    I am looking to install an in trunk cd changer for my 97 528. Does any one have any favourites, likes/dislikes as to the alpine or the pioneer systems and where can I find them for a reasonable price. Also what kit/s do I need to make them with the car's controls. All comments appreciated.
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    Contact Pacific BMW Find their specials page under parts and select the 5 series (E39) and find the cd changer. It is $373 and additional $15 for the install kit. Best deal I have come across yet.
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    I have a friend of mine who said he smooks one 540i with one Opel Astra!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!What do you guys think about that?I think he is under medication and he is a liar like Pinochio!!!!!!
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    Just got my 540i last weekend. Came with Dunlop Sport 2000E 235/45ZR17 tires. On Friday, I had a blowout on the freeway at 65 and the tire is ripped to shreds. While doing some research on the web, I found that the Dunlop 8000 are standard on BMW and the 2000 is a similar but lower quality tire. Can anyone shed light on this ?? What is the std tire that comes with the 540i?
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    Looking to purchase a 98 528i, 5sp, all the other goodies. Dealer wants $29960 for 48,000 mi car. Is this a good deal? Should I look at the new 530 instead? Want this as a 3rd car for weekends and fun driving. Cost is a consideration. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I am wondering for those of you who have ordered the new 530i if you are having to pay "market value" dealer mark ups. I'm in the SF Bay Area and have been told that $2,000 will be added on to the price of my order. Is anyone else facing this? Also, I'm being told that the wait will be much longer for a car ordered with a 5-speed...has anyone else been told this, too?
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    4jays & muraliv,

    1. Some folks are receiving some discounts. I suggest you check some of the archive files on (5 series E39) You may find some folks who have received a discount. Make sure you shop around.

    2. A $2,000 market value mark up??? BS!! Go find yourself another dealer. A airline ticket to LA or some other place in CA is much cheaper than that.

    3. 5 speed taking longer?? AGAIN BS!!!! Never heard of any such thing. That is a standard configuration! Again, go find yourself another dealer This one is blowing smoke! etc... They will not have access to these vehicles for some time. The BMW dealers WILL have first dibbs on them. And they are VERY limited on their allocations. Don't hold your breath for that order. BTW - is out of operation effective 18 Aug 00. Check their web site.

    5. Shop around. There are some dealers offering discounts. Keep looking. I am expecting my 530 in a few weeks here in OH.

    Good Luck!
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    Hello, I'm considering getting a BMW 540i sport w/6-speed, sun shades, heated seats, and navigation, with 24K miles, it is a 1999.

    I am thinking that that is not that bad considering that it is almost 2 years old = about12K a year. It looks in good shape and not dents and dings, what should the price be? I was quoted 49,9K Is this good. I'm not sure on BMWs, as I am coming out of an MB. The reason is that I want to get a sporty manual car. Unfortunatly I cant afford to import the manual MB's

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    My '00 528 Wagon has less than 5k and I'm not in awe. There's a sporadic whistling on the right side air vent that stops only when you turn off the a/c or hit the air circ. button. My service rep looked at me as if it would be impossible to fix it. Thanks. Biggest problem is the sport seats. I'm about 6' tall and have never had a worse experience in driving comfort. After only 1 hour my right leg hurts. The seat does not offer any support above the knee/thigh area. Even when you articulate the front seat extension to a forward position it does not raise but rather extends out. This is a terrible design. My Volvo and Benz seats were much better. Has anyone else had this problem? I look at it this way- A Ford Fiesta can do 80mph down the highway just like the bimmer but we buy the better cars for comfort and this seat design is flawed.
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    Just testing. No postings in a week???
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    I am in the process of buying a 97 528i. After carefully examine the car, I noticed that there are cracks on the side of the seat (where the seats controllers are). The owner told me that most 97 528i have them and that they are just one of the few flaws of the car. Does anyone else have this problem? Any info. is greatly appreciated.

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    We get 17.5 mpg consistently in a mix of country roads and stop/n/go driving with our '97 540i. We got 23.5mpg on a highway vacation trip last month at 70mph average. Sounds like you DO have some sort of problem with yours. Maybe a diagnostic service at a non-dealer shop would help. Worth the $$ to know, and if they find the problem, you might get the dealer to reimburse you.
  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    Go see the guys at "Buckhead motor works" on Roswell road just north of 285. They're honest, polite, professional,have good prices (I got a L2 inspection/oil change, new rear brakes, and the front tires balanced for around $700) and they
    do the job right. They came highly recommended and so far have earned those recommendations.

    The dealers are just ridiculously expensive. They're also very busy(I couldn't get in the parking lot at one dealer's repair shop) which means they have little incentive to price-cut. you're also probably talking to someone who isn't a mechanic at a dealership. The guy at "BMW" knows what you're talking about when you have a problem.

    Unfortunately, your big mistake was buying from any dealer at all. You have to pay thousands in sales tax(think how many repairs you can do with the $2-3 thousand you pay in tax), and their "inspections" are never worth much. It's just a selling tool unless they include a warranty with it. Next time, find a BMW that was "babied" from an original owner, with clear title, all service records/stamps, etc. You can also have your dealer punch in the vin and tell you what HAS gone wrong with the vehicle in the past(if it was fixed under warranty there) There are also a few used BMW's with transferable after market warranties available from private sellers who purchased them. Ours is with Western Diversified and they have paid two small claims with no hassles whatsoever (slightly oozing valve cover gasket that I only fixed because of the warranty, and one rear window malfunctioned (broken clip))
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    I find the sports seats a nice compromise between comfort and support. They are much more comfortable than my previous M3 yet still maintain the firmness needed for spirited driving. Lumbar support is indeed lackluster.

    I have not had similar problems with my a/c, but do not find the auto operation as smooth as a Lexus or Acura.

    The cupholders are hated by all.

    The 4.4L V8 is widely regarded as one of the best and far from underpowered. Aftermarket items can boost HP and there is always the M5....
  • hoehnjchoehnjc Member Posts: 41

    I can honestly say that that is the first time i have ever heard anyone say the 540 was underpowered! PLEASE!! What are looking for? Rocket engine?? Just exactly how fast do YOU NEED to go 0-60?? Guess you need to get one of these new 400-500+ Hp cars coming out.

    Seats, I too do not care for the sports seats simply because of my size. I chose the standard seats with lumbar on my 530.

    A/C - no comment until I receive my 530 I guess.

    Cup holders - Everyone complains about them. Like they say, I guess thats why Germans don't worry about cup holders on the autobahn.
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    I want to buy a 540i with sport suspension and the shadow trim but I don't want the sport seats and rear axle mod which results in the lower milage and gas guzzler tax. What aftermarket mods can one do to get the sport suspension.
  • hoehnjchoehnjc Member Posts: 41

    I have no idea about after market items as you mention. But you may find some help at the (5 series (E39)) web site. There are often similar type questions there. This Edmund’s board has been very quiet lately.
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    ok, i quess that was a little harsh, attribute it to first-post exuberance. the engine is not underpowered per se, what i meant is that for an engine of that size it is slightly underpowered in the sense that it generates 282HP for 4.4liters, which is conservative. many engines are in the 100HP/liter range. also its got great speed/pull from 0-infinity, but from 70 to 100, it's less than you'd think. i understand the chips and airflow mods provide only another 10-15hp.

    what do people recommend for snows??
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Shouldn't you be sailing! The question you should also ask is whether or not you should get different wheels to go with your new snows. How well are your tires holding up after 7 months?
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    I always was told that japanese cars had the highest resale value. When I looked at KBB, what I saw was (I used 2000 prices for "new" and 1997 trade-in prices in excellent condition for "used" and wasn't very careful about options)

    Q45 new 49240 used 23060 resale 47%
    528 new 39470 used 27925 resale 71%
    740 new 62970 used 34725 resale 55%
    LS400 new 54500 used 30225 resale 55%
    A6 new 34475 used 16280 resale 47%
    Contl new 39800 used 15275 resale 38%
    E320 new 47745 used 32600 resale 68%
    STS new 49745 used 23050 resale 46%

    Do these numbers seem right?

    Why is Lexus so bad? Your extra $15000 turned into $2000.

    Why buy a used 528 when they cost so much?
  • hoehnjchoehnjc Member Posts: 41
    I think your numbers say it all. Why do YOU think the 528 has such a high resale value? It would not have such a high resale if the quality and reliability did not support it.
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    I am beginning to research the purchase of a 97, 98 or 99 528ia. My research so far is that I have actually driven a '97 which is owned by a friend and really loved it. Any advice will be appreciated as to problems known of with any particular model year, or features available in any particular model year which are worthwhile. Thanks for any input you may have in pointing me in the right direction.
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