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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • benz55amgbenz55amg Posts: 3
    Go to to see a bunch of BMW photos, as well as Ferrari's, Mercedes, Audi's, Porsche's etc.
  • indylowflyerindylowflyer Posts: 148
    This is my first posting on Edmunds, I thought I'd wait until I had a few thousand miles before reporting. I took delivery of my new 2001 Titanium Metallic Silver BMW 540i 6-speed on 4/30/01. Options are: cold weather package, in-dash cd player, alloy wheels, and up-graded stereo system. As of this posting, I now have just turned 5,000 miles. This is an awesome sedan. I don't know what I like the best, the engine, the handling/ride, or the stereo! First the engine; the acceleration is incredible-either from a standing start or mid-range. It just keeps pulling-great torque. The handling/ride; sport suspension is standard on 6-speed, I highly recommend this feature. The handling is fantastic and the ride is firm, but smooth. I was very concerned about the possibility of a harsh ride, but now have driven on a wide variety of roads, and am glad this car has the sport suspension. The stereo; this is the most awesome sound system in any car I've owned. The $1200.00 option for this worth it. As for reliability, I have not had any problems so far, it has performed flawlessly. Average mileage has been 19.6 m.p.g. with About 75% in town and 25% on the interstate and I have a lead foot! I did pay to have the oil changed at 2800 miles just for my own peace of mind. Overall, I highly recommend this car and feel the extra cost over the 530 was well worth it.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    You are one of the few intelligent people who prefer a Manual to the appliance-like auto. I am 52 and last year bought a Manual Lincoln LS with the Getrag five speed. Are you also considered slightly crazy by buying a Manual in a luxury car? Only 2.5% of Lincoln LS owners buy the Manual. I don't know what % 5 series owners shift, but the sales of the 540i-6 and M5 are indeed small. Overall, Manual buyers are a small % of cars in this country compared to Europe where a standard transmission is standard (60%).
    The last I heard, Manual sales are about 12-15% of all BMW sales. Are we wierd?
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    There is no auto M5. Manual only (just like it should be for a 400 hp super sedan).
  • g_carg_car Posts: 46
    Just some general information. My wife and I just purchased a 2001 525i this past weekend. Blue, Orient Metallic with Gray interior, sports premium package, Auto, cold weather, convenience, Xenons and compact disc. MSRP was $43,320. The Xenons were N/C. The salesperson said they have been seeing the 525/530s coming in with N/C for the Xenons. Anyway they made the deal at $41,620 plus I had them add the dealer installed CD Changer for $795 for a total out the door price of $42,415 not including tax/tags etc.
    We test drove the 530i, 525i and 330i. I was concerned the 525 would not have enough punch. Fears were unfounded. Not that much difference in the seat of the pants between the 525 and 530, the 525i with the Sports suspension is a sweet handling car and in the Orient Blue sitting on the dealership floor looked stunning. Anyway when I feel the need for speed I jump into my wifes 300ZX. 330i is nice but it feels a little cheap compared to the 5 series and just does not have the luxury car feel esp. since the 330i we were looking at only priced out about $2k less then 525i with the options. If we had gone the 330i route would have gotten it with the 5 speed. A friend of mine has a nice 1998 528, 525 feels very similar from a performance point of view with the Sport option giving it a little sharper edge plus looks great. My wife took the 525i to work this morning so I guess its her car now! I am probably going to be stuck driving the 300 or my old 95 Accord. The Alpine Silver with gray interior was our first choice for the color combo but the dark Blue with gray really won us over. We also test drove the Audi A6 nice car with great interior but feels a little soft on the handling compared to the 5er with Sport package and the wife really did not like the styling of the Audis. Anyway we have been very happy with our choice so far and will keep you updated if we have any problems. Happy Motoring.
  • yanbukenyanbuken Posts: 12
    Just went to my local dealer and test drove a 330i manual, which I loved and had planned to buy. However, the dealer also suggested I test drive a 530i manual. As much as the 330i was a blast to drive, my wife and I were both overwhelmed with the ride and qualilty of the 530i. The 530i is probably the nicest car I've ever driven. Now I am seriously considering ordering the 530i over the 330i, since it is only about $5k more.

    However, I know the 3-series has a very good track record for maintaining a high resale value, both in auto and manual configurations. Do any of you guys have the numbers relative to the depreciation of the 528i/530i's, particularly with manuals. I'm afraid that as Stanny1 pointed out in post #993, manuals are not as highly desired by buyers as the auto trans is (at least for the 5-Series), which is beyond me. Do any of you guys know how the resale of 528i/530i's with manual transmissions have went? Thanks in advance.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I will likely be ordering a 2002 530i 5-speed through European Delivery for pick up this winter. My research suggests that there won't be much depreciation difference. The 530i 5-speed with sport package is pretty rare around here (Washington DC) and is in reasonably high demand. I waited several weeks before I found a dealership with one that I could test drive.

    In the case of 540's, the 6-speed definitely holds its value better than the 540iA in this area.

    However, I must admit that it appears the 5-series underperforms the 3-series in resale value across the board. For whatever reason, the Mercedes E-class tends to be the resale king of this segment. Not that I would ever buy one over a 5-series.
  • Just got information from my dealer saying the model year 2002 for the 5 series will have 5 new exterior color choices. Does anybody know what these colors will be? I'm guessing they will be slight variations of the current colors or borrowed colors from the 7 series. Also, the in-dash CD appears to be standard equipment now along with the power passenger seat across the line. I couldn't find out pricing yet either. Any insight on '02 pricing out there?
  • indylowflyerindylowflyer Posts: 148
    stanny1: I don't know the percentage of 540 manuals vs. auto though I agree it is small. The advent of step-tronic tranny probably reduces manual sales even more. I prefer manual for more control over shift points and the pure joy of driving. With the 540i there are several standard options included not on the automatic ; sport suspension, wider tires, lowered suspension, different rear end gearing etc.I feel these were "must have".
    mmcbride1: I agree, the M5 should only be equiped with a manual. I am now thinking the M5 will be my next vehicle. Does any one know if this model will be redesigned at the same time as the 5-series?(2003)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It is my understanding that the M5 will continue for at least 2 more years (i.e. 2002 model year and 2003 model year) with the current body style (perhaps three). I am on the waiting list and have been called twice, but have decided to pass until at least October/November for various reasons (and to get a 2002 model). The dealer I am dealing with just spent three weeks in Germany and assured me that there are no plans to discontinue the current style. Recall that the old generation M3 continued another year after the new 3-series model was introduced.

    My dealer also speculated that, inasmuch as the new 5-series will be a bit larger (and possibly heavier) than the current model, the M5 may keep the old style for an extra year or two to retain its sportiness.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Actually, according to "roundel" the next m5 will have a V10 derived from the BMW f1 cars.

    hubba, hubba.

  • croberts2croberts2 Posts: 3
    Have the opportunity to buy a 2001 525i, 5 speed, premium/sports, xenon, in dash cd, split rear seats and convenience package. Has 2400 miles for $39k. The car is used not a dealer demo. Previous owners decided they did not like the manual transmission. Is this a good deal or should I bargain some?
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    Invoice is $38,085, MSRP is $42,420. Add 4% luxury tax to the amount over $38,000 for a new purchase.

    You should be able to get a new 2001 or 2002 for $1500 + lux tax over invoice in many areas. Unless you live in an area with no discounts, I'd buy new and get the colors and options that you want unless you could get them to drop the price. Also consider that financing on a used car will usually cost more.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    According to my calculations, the 525i you are considering would list new for about $42,400, with an invoice of $38,085. Given that I believe you can get a brand new 525i for about $1,200 to $1,500 over invoice, the $39k price ($1k over invoice) doesn't sound that great for a "used" car with 2,400 miles.

    It would seem to me that unless you could save something more substantial, i.e. like 10-15%, you would be better off buying a new 2002 model in a couple of months. If they are willing to take something in the $35k range, then you have a tough decision.
  • indylowflyerindylowflyer Posts: 148
    Thanks for the M5 info. Just curious, how long did the dealer tell you the delvery would take from date of order. Did they discount any? I am being told that sticker is a good price.
  • bajabillbajabill Posts: 60
    This almost slipped by me. I happened to drive by the location and saw signs on the
    road so I stopped in without a reservation. They said it was pretty full and to come
    back the next day. Instead I went home and registered via internet for the following
    day. Naturally, they did not have my reservation when I got there, but is was not
    crowded and I was able to enter. Lines were short and after about an hour, I was able
    to get out of one car and directly into another for some real back to back
    comparisons. I drove all of the cars, none of the trucks. Even doubled up on the BMW
    540 and Catera.

    I was most interested in the 540 vs STS. I have an STS and always considered the
    540 for my next car. Still confused, STS is stronger acceleration, 540 is better
    stopping, and I cant distinguish a winner for cornering. The Jag was not that
    impressive (under steer). This track was pretty open and allowed some good speeds.

    Entry level. Lincoln LS is the clear winner for me. I should have run this one again to
    confirm my initial feeling. Catera was OK, the Merc Benz C320 was OK. This track
    was tight, required large steering wheel spins.

    Large Sedans, DTS is better acceleration, MB was bland performer. I was warned for
    driving too fast here with the DTS so I could not treat the Lexus equally.

    Because of the light crowds, I was able to run the timed track 4 times. Times kept
    getting better with familiarity, but I missed the hat by less than a half second in the
    end. Once again, this was a tight track with lots of steering wheel action. Every drive I
    did, I used "drive", never played with any shifting. I wanted to know how these auto
    transmissions reacted. Some of them where slow to respond out of a turn and you
    had to hit the gas early to get the punch when you wanted it. All in all, the timed
    course, and entry class course were not representative of my driving at all. I am never
    interested in the fastest U-turn vehicle. On winding roads, the steering wheel rarely
    goes more than half way around. These parking lot autocrosses are designed for

    However, I am very glad I stumbled on this event, I would have been kicking myself all
    year if I found out it was right by my house and I missed it. Now, even more than ever,
    I want to participate in one of the Petty NASCAR driving schools.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Anyone that can get a Cadilac STS to outperform a BMW 540 has it all over David Cooperfield in the world of magic. Next time try sitting on some coal while you're driving the Caddy, you'll surely have a butt full of diamonds by the time you finish.

    Too bad GM didn't discover you a couple of years ago, Oldsmobile would still be alive today.

    Nice try with the joke.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    Has anyone received a letter from BMW regarding the recall for the fan switch problem? BMWNA just told me that my 01' 530 is on the list and I should contact my dealer to bring it in. My dealer is calling me back to set up an apt. once they have the part in stock.
  • bajabillbajabill Posts: 60
    epn2s astute comments notwithstanding, neither outperformed on all fronts. epn2, you have a much louder calling at humor, mine is very dry.

    The STS was quicker out of the sharp turns. The 540 stopped better entering the sharp turns. These turns were not representative of my wants and needs. Basically equivalent to a u-turn on a 3 lane highway. Yes, the rear wheel drive felt fun in this maneuver but I noticed no real difference in the result. There were some S turns at speed and neither suffered excessive roll or stood out above the other. The turns were not long enough to tweak anything along the way.

    Just one drivers experience. Where do I fall relative to the whole gamut of drivers, dont know, just not the fastest or the slowest.
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    Hey guys!
    My 528i lease is up, the dealer has a blk/blk 01 530i with 5000miles sells as brand new. Sport premium and convenience pkg, xenon, in-dash cd and steptronic. For 43,000 in So Cal. MSRP 46970.
    Good deal or just OK?? I want to do somthing since its the end of the month for them.
    1884.83 drive off. 719/mth x 36.

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    5000 miles and still selling brand new. This isn't right.
  • naimnaim Posts: 5
    You've got to be kidding, There is no way or any right or good drive compare a caddy with a 540 because they know which on is better. Are you retire yet? Maybe you prefer a softer and boring ride. Other drivers prefer to drive the best luxury sport in its class according to auto magazines. "ultimate driving machine". GET REAL.
  • croberts2croberts2 Posts: 3
    I have been reading up a little on the recall on the BMW Central site. Apparently it affects the 3, 5 and 7 series. I logged into the NHTSA site and they do show the recall for both the 3 and 7 series but not the 5. I don't know why as posts on BMW Central state the 5 series is affected. It apparently affects cars with a certain build date but I could not find that info. Hope this helps.
  • mikelltomikellto Posts: 2
    Hi folks,
    I just bought a '01 525 with the premium, convenience, xenon, DC, and Step. Could someone tell me if there is any way to dim the rear view mirror? My window sticker says it has auto dimming. I thought the brochure said it was not available on the 525. I assumed there would be a flip lever to adjust it, but no dice. Just the red alarm protrusion.
    Sorry if this has been covered before, I am not able to search the site right now.
  • indylowflyerindylowflyer Posts: 148
    Autoweek had a paragraph that stated all 5 series built between January 2001 and May 2001 were being recalled for a faulty fan blade switch. My 5 series was built in March 2001 and according to my dealer is being recalled. They said they ordered a replacement part that was being shipped from Germany and should arrive in "4 or 5 days". Well, I guess I'll see...................
  • mikelltomikellto Posts: 2
    Hi folks,
    I just bought a '01 525 with the premium, convenience, xenon, CD, and Step. Could someone tell me if there is any way to dim the rear view mirror? My window sticker says it has auto dimming. I thought the brochure said it was not available on the 525. I assumed there would be a flip lever to adjust it, but no dice. Just the red alarm protrusion.
    Sorry if this has been covered before, I am not able to search the site right now.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 130
    i just leased a new 530ia sport fully loaded taxes in pyt 8.5% and no sec dep because had a 528 it wa s
    695 and 1400 out of pocket so think you can do much better on 530 with 5000 miles on it
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    Anybody here put in an order for a new 5 series yet? If so, how much over invoice did you pay and in what state do you live? I'm interested in a 2002 530i. Also, what is the estimated time day of delivery?
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    I bought a 2002 530iA at $1500 over invoice in Connecticut. Tentative delivery is Oct 25 in Munich, but that's not confirmed. First Munich delivery was October 22. It's possible that they ship to the US before that date. I don't know.
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