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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • Hi. From the damage you described, I'll bet your car has enough value left that they won't declare it a total loss. If they try to, and you don't want them to, stand your ground and point out the fact that's in exceptional condition. You might call around and ask some dealers what they would ask for a car in as good condition as yours. This is what I did in similar circumstances and I was successful in getting them to pay to have the car repaired. The only other time I had to deal with this issue (my car was SMASHED from behind while parked at the curb and totaled) I did the same thing and got the insurance company to pay me $2,000 more than they originally said they would.

    I'm not sure about this, but I'm guessing the market for aftermarket body parts for Lexi might not be too big. I say that thinking that not many Lexus owners would be willing to use aftermarket body parts.

    Knowing how people in general take care (or don't) of their cars, I'll bet it will be pretty difficult to find a '92-'94 that will come close to being in as good condition as yours.

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you and works out well.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    1994 Anniv Edition. I've driven it 8000 miles in 2.5 years only on trips. No paintwork at all. 123,000 miles. Looks like a brand new car. I love that car.
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
      Thank you for your advice and info. It is greatly appreciated. The car has only 85K Miles on it. In fact I just got it back from the 90K service that cost $1,500.

       It doesn't look too bad body wise. Quarter panel is bent in and the bumper is bent slightly. They should be able to straighten it out. The Wheel however is a different story. The whole assembly is bent in. (Tilted inside towards the wheelwell) The Lexus mechanic who works on this car is going to have a jolly time putting the pieces back together. I've already told Lexus not to put any aftermarket parts in it. I've never put aftermarket parts in this car, and don't plan on it.

    Insurance companies ought to make the driver at fault liable for this sort of thing. Why should we be shortchanged because of what someone DID to OUR cars?! It's incomprehensible that insurance companies refuse to pay for Original parts on these sort of cars.

     Take good care of that car!! It sounds like it's in lovely condition. Lexus sure doesn't make cars like that anymore. My LS430 lacks the flair of the old less perfect model.

    Happy Motoring,
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,342
    Out of curiousity was the driver who hit you sited? Those red light runners are always a dangerous group.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    What was in the 90K service that cost $1500?
    I thought the timing belt was $6-800, and belts and things were on top of that.
    Didn't think it would be over 1K.
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    Hi All,
      Unfortunately, there were no witnesses so by the time the Policeman arrived, there was no evidence. I smell a nasty insurance fight. I love it when people do something wrong and try to blame the other party for it...

    The 90K service involved the replacement of the Timing Belt, Water Bulb and half a dozen other fluids. The Labor Rate was $93.50/hr The Base Lexus 90K (W/out Timing Belt) is something like $700 dollars in MA. The Timing and Water Pump practically double that price. It is money well spent. When I got the car back it ran like the day I bought it. It was whisper quiet and drove like a dream.

  • I stopped by my local Lexi dealer last night. They have two '04's on the showroom floor and one on the lot. Saw something interesting (at least to me). The one on the lot has a window sticker that reads (not verbatim), "THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR SALE. This vehicle is for display purposes ONLY. Pricing for this vehicle will be announced on September 24. At that time the Monroney sticker will be applied and the vehicle will be offered for sale. Until that time this vehicle is not available for test drives." This was printed on the label that would normally be a Lexus window sticker. Since it is illegal for dealers to have cars for sale on their lots without Monroney stickers, I guess until Lexus officially announces prices they can't even let you test drive it.

    It is gorgeous. It is amazing to me how just a little design tweaking can yield such good results. The front fascia is more aggressive looking. The fog/driving lights are a little lower and more narrow and rectangular. And the headlights are projectors now. The headlight housing is more steeply raked back on the fenders with a sharper point at the upper edge. The rear fascia has narrower (lengthwise) tail lights and therefore a wider space in between. They've raised the height of the trim piece above the license plate area and made the Lexus "L" larger. And of course, the straight, chrome-tipped exhaust. Those are the main styling changes I could discern.

    Oh yeah, new wheels. Much better looking.
  • In July I had an accident in my 2004 RX 330. Both parties claimed they each had the green light. There were no witnesses. Nobody was issued a citation. My insurance company paid for my damages.

    I had my car repaired--$5,000. The paint (Flint Mica) doesn't match. The shop is going to re-paint it and I will probably trade it (with a big loss) on another Lexus.

    The adjusters thought that since the other car was farther into the intersection, that it was more likely to have been my fault. I hit the car near its front passenger wheel. It had to be towed away.

    Accidents Stink!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I picked up a brochure today at Ray Catena Lexus. Unfortunately they didn't have a car on the lot which surprised me given they are such a large volume dealer. Apparently some of the cars seen so far are making their way from dealer to dealer in advance of the Sept. 24 debut. The car pictured in the brochure is definitely bolder and some of the new colors play that up. Mercury metallic is the new silver and it is a bit darker and deeper than the milennium silver. The blue onyx (car looks great in that color) is a holdover as is the black cherry which looks darker at least on paper. Some new dark colors (at least to me perhaps they were available in 2003)are Cypress Pearl (similar to the riverrock green on the LX and TLC in the past), Flint Mica (a deep and dark grey - perhaps named after Flint 350) and Briarward Pearl (a rich dark taupe color). They are all good looking colors and I think the car will look great in the Flint Mica color. The mystic gold is also a holdover but I never liked this cashmere replacement color. White and black, of course, remain and a Moonlight Pearl replaces the Parchment color and looks to be a big improvement over it. Inside the Ecru color (the real light color) is now only available on the custom and ultra lux models with the perforated leather as is a saddle interior. Black is available in standard and perforated leather and ash and cashmere are available in the standard leather.

    The sport package with the euro suspension is available with the modern luxury package and with the premium package (the latter lacks the ML or nav and will only be available as a custom order from what I've been told.) My dealer tells me Lexus will be shipping a lot of Euros outfitted with the modern luxury package in the early going. Apparently research tells them that it and the custom lux package will be hot.

    I'm surpised they don't offer the sport package (euro suspension) on the custom lux car since that car doesn't have the air suspension. Sometimes I can never understand Lexus' logic. Lastly all cars come pre-wired for XM satellite radio and the Lexus link message (for those who hate it) remains unchanged.

    Overall this car looks great and the new wheels are a big improvement.

    Oh yeah my whole purpose of going was to take out a 2004 LX470 which they gave me to take home for part of the day. This truck is better than ever and the back-up camera is fabulous. The larger wheels they put on this truck in 2003 improve, rather than hinder, the silky smooth ride. My old one rode like an LS400 but the new one has more of an LS 430 ride. I'm taking one in December.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I also picked up a 2004 brochure and the photos seem inconsistent with the option packages. I don't have the brochure in front of me, but the photo of the Flint Mica car has the 18" wheels, meaning it has the sport package. Yet that car also has the headlight washers and saddle interior, which supposedly are not offered with the sport package. If I remember correctly another sport package car photo had the new-style key (with the black marks on the door handles), which again is not offered with the sport. Maybe some of these options can be ordered as individual items in conjunction with the sport package.

    By the way, the 2004 in the showroom was Mercury with a black interior. When I pointed out the new Antique Wood to the salesman he said it was unchanged from last year. I told him it was new but he didn't believe me (I didn't look at the brochure until I got home, otherwise I would have pointed this out to him).
  • Good observations re the 2004 brochure by lenscap. Also, the cars in the brochure with headlight washers i.e ultra or custom lux have no Laser Cruise windows which should be clearly visible below the front bumper on the right.

    I believe that these are pictures of European cars. Check out and you will see that Laser Cruise is not an option on those cars. From what I can see they come with 18 inch 5 spoke wheels standard over there which explains some of the other pictures in the brochure.

    Either they did not have a US custom or ultra available for the brochure photo shoot or they are deliberately trying to show as many pictures as possible with the 18 inch wheels because they look better.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I just received an e-mail from Lexus, as I am sure others on the board will/have as well, about the 2004 LS430. It states that the 18" wheels are available as an option. It does not state that with the proviso that you can only get them with the sport package. When I brought the LX back today (I love that truck) my salesman said that he was almost certain that Lexus had decided to make 18" wheels optionable on all the option packages and in fact most of the cars you will see arriving will have 18" wheels. The cars will debut on Wednesday so let's see. If anyone on the board is shopping the car in the next week or two please post about this.

    Now the strange thing about this e-mail is it gives you a bold headline about the 2004 LS and invites you to build one. Click on that link and it brings you right to the source except that it is the 2003 that you are building. Stranger all the more since my dealer sold out his last 2003 weeks ago. Go figure.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The brochure is actually loaded with pictures taken at US wineries and other spots that Lexus gives credit to.
  • I agree that many of the pictures are credited as having been taken in the California wine country. A lot of those pictures do not have any cars in them but I guess set the mood.

    It is possible that they were using pre production prototypes or European versions in at least some of the pictures. Bottom line is that as stated previously, some the cars pictured do not seem to match with the options described in the brochure.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    should have been taken in the yakima valley where the best wines are "made".
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Though my salesman tells me there is no change in Lexus link in 2004 the brochure paints a much more confusing picture. Many, but not all, of the cars pictured have the antenna required by Lexus link. But the safety and luxury equipment (both standard and available) make no mention of it. Is it possible that lexus link is a goner? Then why the antenna or maybe it does double duty to pick-up satellite radio. On the other hand maybe I just missed Lexus link in the brochure. Maybe the cars without the antenna are the european pictures. The LX470 brochure also makes no mention of Lexus link unless I missed it there as well and the LX I drove yesterday didn't have the message. But then neither do the loaner cars I get even though the newer ones I got the last two times in had the link antenna.

    Does anyone know what is going on? Is it history or has Lexus put it in the vehicles and forgotten about it?
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Lexus has a customer info center at the corporate level, and is worth a try for info like that. For instance in the past they were able to tell me the Class rating of the LX tow hitch. Not that sure of the number but try 800-usa-lexus and if that isn't it they can at least direct you.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    It's not that urgent for me as I am 3 months away from taking the LX and 4-5 for the 2004 LS. But it is included in GX470 option packages at Maybe it is part of Bluetooth or maybe Bluetooth blew it away.
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    Hi All,
      I got that email as well from Lexus. Something of note: Do you all think the '04 is just a filler for the 2006 LS? I've seen some pictures ( that supposedly portray the '06 LS. It would seem that LS is going to sport a completely different look.

     Essentially, I don't as though I should be rushing to trade my '02 LS for an '04. The changes appear to be minimal with the exception of the 6 speed Transmission.

      The young girl who hit my 92 LS definitely ran that red light. Everyone else at the intersection had already stopped. (My light, of course was green) Undoubtably she'll deny this to avoid fault. However, the physical evidence is in my favor. (She hit the Left Front wheel completely bending it into the car)

    I asked Lexus of Watertown what needed to be replaced. Their response, "Everything attached to the wheel." They estimate the damage to be $2,000+ most of that being parts.

    I was surprised at how quickly they got the parts. Whatever they didn't have was overnighted from Lexus in NY. (Do they have some Part stores there?

    The quality of the Paintjob really depends on the shop. The body shop here, which is employed by the Lexus dealers, does a great job. You really have to nitpick at them, but they usually get it right.

    Happy Motoring,
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    It's the typical refresh Lexus does when it thinks the new model is aging. I think they are making it obvious that they will lean a bit more towards a bolder sportier look and feel but at the same time maintain a reasonably high degree of conservatism. The next generation will be interesting and I think it will be along the lines of the HPX prototype they had at the NY auto show. That is also what the next generation GS is set to follow whenever it is expected to debut. Lenscap noted a pub that said that is now in 2006 vs 2005 as everyone had expected. So maybe the LS is put back to 2007. They also will redo the LX in either 2006 or 2007. Based on the dating of the current body styles the pecking order should be GS, LX and LS. I'm not at all sure when the IS is to be done again and at some point they will bring out that HPX possibly in conjunction with the next GS.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    My hope and speculation is that we are looking at model year 2006. Lexus has said it wants to adopt a family look and it makes sense to do so sooner rather than later. Also, I see hybrid powertrains as being a key differentiator so it makes sense to get that on as many models as soon as possible, and it is logical to do it in an all new LS (it starts with the RX in 2004 I think). All the hybrids should be inherently AWD, since there are electric motors on all 4 wheels...possibly, we will not see a gasoline-only AWD LS. So, sv7887, if you are like me and buy rather than lease, and don't buy that often, there might well be alot in store with the next gen LS and it may be worth the wait.
  • ljflk-I am also wondering about the lack of any mention of lexus link in the '04 brochure, however, could the antenna be related to the nav. option?
  • Go to and you will see the antenna on the european LS430
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Maybe. I don't remember that antenna on pre-2001 cars so I just assumed it was tied to Lexus link which came out in 2001. The nav system has been around since the 90's so does anyone have a 2000 or earlier car with the nav and does it have that short antenna at the end of the roof?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The antenna on the LS was for Lexus Link, although I'm pretty sure all LSs had them whether they had this feature or not. It has nothing to do with the nav. Older Lexus models with nav do not have any type of antenna. Neither do current models with nav. And the antenna on the current RX 330 is for the radio since Lexus could not fit all of the glass-mounted dual antenna into the RX's small triangular side windows.

    It is odd Lexus Link is not mentioned in the brochure - great catch by ljflx.
  • dvaldval Posts: 13
    Link is gone for 04. Per dealer contact.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Didn't I read soemwhile that it used the old analog cell type which is now virtually obsolete???
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    You're right - I've never seen a 2001 or later without that antenna and never saw a 2000 or earlier with it. Bluetooth is supposed to enable you to use your existing cell phone hands free. So maybe that function renders Lexus link obsolete. Now I'm wondering if my salesman thought I was referring to homelink rather than Lexus link. I'll have to call him back. Still - why do many of the pictures in the brochure show the antenna while a few do not?

    wwest - is soemwhile a new word - even if you correcet the placement of the first e. Just kidding. By the way you said the Turanzas are the quietest tires but is it the summer ones or the all seaon?
  • The detailed 2004 LS information that I downloaded from the Toyota website doens't mention Lexus Link as a feature or option. The information is dated August 15, 2003. I downloaded the PDF file. Here is a link: =2004ls430_s
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I think all photos of the LS in the 2004 brochure have the antenna. I'm going off memory since I don't have the brochure in front of me, but I think you don't see the antenna in some of the pictures because of the angle of the car. Even though you can't see it I would think it is still there. That's my guess.
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