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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    It's finally summer here so my time for the boards will not be as great as during this forever snowy/miserable past winter. So I promise I'm going to stay with this board only going forward. But I could'nt pass up that comment from auto magazine. My fighting spirit wanes in the summer heat so if someone is going to win a battle with me now is the time. But I'm smart enough to back-off beforehand. Besides these cars are so great why even discuss it with guys who don't wnat to hear it or more importantly accept it.Let them continue to believe the predjudiced mag articles.

    You're black cherry looked awesome to me. It also had the ecru inteior which made it stand out even more. I love the pine color as well and finally had chance to wax it (used Zymol - no swirls). The wax deepened the color and it looks spectacular. Then my wife shamed me into waxing her silver one for mother's day and that looked great to. Then I saw a parchment and a black one on the road as we went out to a late mothers day dinner that caused me to get home to late for the Soprano's - and they looked real good too. You know the cars looks have grown so much on me that I like just about every color I see it in. And the more I see the S the more I see a Taurus/Sable

    Happy mother's day Flint.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    I am in the SF bay area and waiting for an sc430 but also interested in a ls430 with custom luxury if it come before the sc. As part of the discussion with the dealer, we have 2 dealers that offered us about $5,000 below msrp (or about $3,000 above invoice) for nav/ml/17/lexus link. I believed the msrp is about $61k. You can also try and put in Los Angeles' zip (91311). I believed they cardirect offers the same car about $5,300 below msrp there. hope that help. By the way, the dealer here would go down about $3,000 from msrp for the ultra.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    I'm inclined to agree with your idea that the car would look better without badges. However, I think removing the Lexus name and logos may hurt the resale value. If that's the case, it's my opinion that gold looks better on burgandy than silver. When I looked at the black cherry paint close up, I think I remember seeing some very small flecks of gold in the paint.

    By the way, I may get one logo taken off. The dealer put a chrome looking dealer logo sticker on the back which looks cheap to me. The dealership I bought my other car (SC300) from uses metal logos that match the Lexus nameplate. In any case, the car should be the focus, not the badges.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    My cars are typically "keepers" so I usually don't worry about resale value. In any case most of the logos are of the stick-on type with the exception being the "L" in the center of the trunk.

    If you are worried about resale value you can always have the Gold kit installed when you go to sell it.

    Did the dealer who installed his shop logo give you a huge discount for advertising his shop or do you agree to do it for free. If a dealer dared do that to one of my cars, especially in this price class, I would have him FIX it immediately.

    The worse my dealer has ever done is put license plate surrounds on and I make a point of removing them in a place where ALL can see and pointedly return them to the salesman.

    I would not advertise any dealer in this way, paid or not!

    "The car should be the focus, not the badges..."
  • slexyslexy Posts: 31
    I've been super busy, but on the Multifunction Display I have no idea how the car apparently fixed itself! The dealer reset one or all of the readouts, and after a few hundred miles I now show logical numbers on all readouts? This car corrects itself! On window tinting, I got ONYX 35 tint (grey/medium tinting) that goes great with the parchment color. My dealer reccommended the window tinting retail store where I got a discount by mentioning the service manager's name. I called first, and got a higer quote, so I know I got a discount. I don't know the mfr. of the tinting, but it is a well known brand that doesn't interfere with my Valentine One radar detector.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Certain tints can interfere with the Valentine? This is something I did not think about. Does anyone have previous experience with this or is it just a well-known fact that I simply missed the boat on? What percentage tints are known to possibly cause this disturbance? Your assistance is appreciated.
  • seadog7seadog7 Posts: 18
    I have been patiently waiting for a Mystic Sea Custom to become available in my area (Long Island, NY). Today a salesman told me that this combination is not being produced. Could this salesman be misinformed? Does anyone know this statement to be true?
  • sweetspotsweetspot Posts: 3
    The car also has lexus link, which I forgot to mention. I actually didn't want this, but trying getting a car without it. I gave up and took the $1000 hit.

    The MSRP was $61,200 (approximately). Even though I thought the $56,750 was a pretty good price, this is still far more profit than I have ever given for a car. I negotiated hard among several dealers, however, and I am convinced that this was the best I could do in Washington state.
  • chasfjchasfj Posts: 13
    My preference has been a Mystic Sea /Ecru Custom also. My dealer (Chicago area) just called me an hour ago. The factory rep is there today with a production listing. He says "no chance at a Mystic Sea or Black Cherry". According to the rep, the only two colors currently being produced in the Custom level are Black / Silver with Ecru. Anything else is a special order with no guarantee of being built. He also said that after this production period(?), Lexus was going to stop producing the Custom. Apparently they think the Custom is cutting into Ultra sales and for the relatively small difference in price they would rather concentrate on the Ultra. Now, to settle for a Silver/Ecru, or start looking for a Mystic Sea NAV/ML. Decisions, decisions.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Are you still out there? How's the car running. When you wax it try Zymol - rally made my silver one sparkle.

    Pat host - re your post 1102 - flint350 and I are buddies; he was only reminding me of past times with inflexibe people. Sorry - I should have responded sooner.
  • seadog7seadog7 Posts: 18
    You helped me make up my mind. A local dealer has 2 silver customs in stock. The interior of both is black analine with purple colored wood (not at at all nice in sunlight), not ecru. How much can you get a custom with LL for in your area?
  • chasfjchasfj Posts: 13
    My salesman says they have only seen one Custom to date. I looked at that car and it was Black / Ecru. With LL/and 17's it was $66,270 on the window. After some negotiation, we are at $62, 270, although I think there is still some room for negotiation. The Aniline leather is $645 more. They are supposed to get a Silver Ecru Custom in this week. I'm going to look at it and basically decide whether to go for the extra goodies in the Custom or have them look for a NAV/ML in a color I like a little better. BTW he says the number of Ultras they are getting lately has dropped off also.
  • seadog7seadog7 Posts: 18
    I just called the Lexus customer satisfaction number to see if there is additional information available. The person answering the call said "there are 33 custom models remaining to be shipped to the North-East/New England area for the 2001 model year". He could not tell anything about the color. However, he also indicated that "Lexus will dramatically increase the percentage of customs to be produced for the 2002 model year thus increasing the likelyhood of an acceptable color/option-package combination". He had no clue on changes for 2002, like other colors. That production mix seems to be at odds with what you heard.
  • seadog7seadog7 Posts: 18
    Who is your dealer?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Really enjoying my LS...

    Some observations:

    The power and sheer quiet of the car continue to impress me most; you have to be careful in's comforting to have great brakes on a vehicle of this weight. Gas mileage has been excellent...(just need to get the price down).

    The exterior is no longer an issue in my opinion...I like it more each day and think the design has its own merits i.e. super drag coefficient, low wind noise, etc.. The quality of fit and finish is superb....Lexus service has been the best experience, but I've only seen them once at 1000 miles.

    I'm taking a trip to the coast on hwy 17 north of Charleston....will be interested in the NAV by the ocean.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    ljflx, thanks. Pat"host", I think all of you moderators need to get together and either agree on a STANDARD of acceptable criticism/disagreement minus personal attack and use it more even handedly. My post, to which you objected, did not contain (IMO) any personal attack or slander, just pointing out the inflexibility of some positions taken on another board mostly controlled/visited by Benz Brand Loyalists - including the moderators over there. The moderator has occasionally jumped in to the defense of his own bias toward the Benz, calling into question the posting of some of us who defend our belief in the Lexus product as a better value/feature package. If you read the current postings on the High End Japanese/Amer. board, you will see what is REALLY personal criticism - with no host intervention. I agree there should be respect and decorum on these boards and they are run by you all, not us. Still, the levels where you moderators jump in to admonish are decidedly uneven (IMO, again). And that point seems to often coincide with *some* moderators personal viewpoint on the car being defended/criticized. I could list many examples of xenophobic statements, personal attacks, etc that go on and are not interrupted, depending on the subject. That should be admonished and often is not. But my defense of my position is/was fact based (with opinion clearly stated as such) and not personal. If the purpose of a comparison board (or this one, for that matter) is free and open discussion, sometimes heated - but respectful within reason - it should be expected to take on some amount of vehemence or zealousy. I fully defend my right to disagree with anyone's opinion and in that defense, point out obvious misstatements, etc - just like the Host on the Benz and comparo board likes to do. So, either please lighten up - or tone the others down and attempt to keep an even-handed approach on the admonishions. You accused me of "disparaging" other posters. Well, all I called into question was conflicting and contradictory statements often made (no names, no name-calling) and pointed out the inflexibility of it all in some posts. Part of my understanding of "disparage" is to discredit - and that I might have done, but only to the argument posted, not the poster. An argument that is shown to be factually inaccurate should be discredited or at least challenged. I did that. If you take it as too personally aimed at posters, rather than posts themselves, then any real discussion, especially involving comparisons, will become nearly impossible under YOUR guidelines, and biased under the other hosts guidelines. Lastly, I posted no attacks such as "you Americans always think...." "what you posted is such a load of crap..." "it must be true simply because YOU believe it..." All of these posts appear on those boards with no hint of objection from the host. Maybe you need to get out more (to the other boards) or maybe I just need to get out (of here).
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Very well said, I agree....
  • rollomanrolloman Posts: 64
    I'm with you too. Tell it like it is, and if this Message Board can't take it...we'll go somewhere else!
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I couldn't say it any better Flint, I hope they will get the point. Swiftm
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hello flint350,

    I hear what you are saying. Town Hall's boards have different hosts with different personalities and different styles - I think that is just the nature of the animal.

    I should clarify a couple of things for you. L8_Apex and I cohost all the discussions here on the Sedans board. That includes the board I think you were referring to - the "High End: Japanese, vs. German vs. American" was the one, right?

    One of the Town Hall hosts from other TH boards is indeed an MB enthusiast, but when he posts on any board other than those he hosts, he is posting as a guest, the same as you. He might be the one you are thinking of, I'm not sure. I know that neither L8_Apex nor I go around "defending" MBs or any other car make here on the board we host. When you see a post made by a host, you can tell whether the person is the host of that particular board or some other board by checking the signature.

    I did not mean to "accuse" you of anything, although as I look back I can see how you took it that way. A few months ago, this LS discussion did veer off into some personal attacks of other Town Hall members who were posting in other Sedans discussions. All I really meant to convey was "let's don't go there again, folks" (meaning everyone, not just you). At the time, I read (and perhaps misinterpreted) your post as an invitation for what I recall happening several months ago to start up again.

    There is a difference, as you certainly recognize, between heated exchanges of opinions and personal attacks. I suppose that "difference" is open to interpretation, and and that interpretation can vary from time to time even from the same host - i.e, me.

    I always welcome any emails that bring to my attention something a member has concerns about and would be happy for you or anyone to let me know if you think I have missed something. Sedans is an extremely busy board, and in trying to keep up with all the posts in all the discussions every day, it is certainly possible to miss some things that should have been attended to.

    I appreciate your comments. And I apologize. In retrospect, I do think that I could have held my tongue, so to speak, to see if what concerned me actually did develop before I said anything.

    Could we take any further discussion of these issues offline? I don't want to disrupt this discussion any further with this conversation, but I'd be happy to continue it via email if anyone is interested.

    Again, thanks for your comments.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I agree, this should end here as being off topic. However, I was referring to the interjections by the host on the S Class board more than the Luxury board. I realize this was confusing, since I was quoting more from the Luxury board as to the "attacks". Anyway, thanks again and to you other guys for the support - I truly appreciate it. Now, back on topic.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Have done both of the above including a tint band at the top of the windshield. My Valentine is mounted on the sunvisor(not so obvious) and reads thru the tint with no problem. Using 3M tint but would advise staying away from metal based tints.

    Tinting the rear window likwise had no effect. Should mention that this was done on my last brand X car not the LS430. Plan to do the same on the LS.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Just a point for clarification:

    Do you mean the Mercedes-Benz S-Class discussion? That also is part of the Sedans board and therefore is also hosted by myself and L8_Apex. Any other host who appears there (or in any other conversation under Sedans) is posting as a guest.

    Pardon me for doing just what I asked us not to do by continuing this, but I just want to be sure you understand that piece.

    If you do something like "Read Subscriptions" so that you just go from discussion to discussion without noticing which Board you are on, you can tell by looking at the links at the top and bottom of the page. In this discussion, at the very top of the page and also just above the Post Box you will see a link to "Town Hall" followed by a link to "Sedans" followed by the name of the discussion you are in, in this case "The Lincoln LS". Sedans is the "board", The Lincoln LS is the "discussion" within that board.

    Comparing the Board name to the host's signature will tell you whether the host is posting as a guest or a host.

    I hope this is a little clearer than what I said before about boards and discussions - I see that I used the wrong term myself (board vs. discussion) when referring to the "High End Luxury" discussion, so I contributed to the confusion of terms.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Thanks for the info on the compatibility of the Valentine One/window tint combo. Anyone else able to second this? Greasy, you might want to check profile...not too sure about the availibility of a 2001 LS400... : )
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Any idea which phones are compatible since they went against the pcs type, i've got the nokia 8860 with a profit mount next to the indash cd changer, but it would be nice to integrate the "lexus phone"
  • bongerbonger Posts: 16
    After looking at the LS430 many times I can't say its the most beautiful car I've ever seen. I can't put my finger on exactly why either. I have been swayed by the dark side lately looking at 740 and the S but today I saw a black ultra on a showroom floor. The force was strong -- very strong. I pick up my Black Ultra tomorrow...can't wait... Bonger from Indiana
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    wbwynn - what I am starting to love the most about the car is the tremendous acceleration you get when you go from say 50-55mph to 70-75mph. The car seems to get there before you've finished stepping on the gas pedal. By the way this is where the S-430 paled in comparison and even the S-500 didn't seem to be as quick. This is one of the bigger performance improvements to the car from the old model unless of course you went to the euro suspension as you did. Then I'm sure the handling would also be of equal rank (though it is noticably better even on the base suspension). The car has so many attributes I don't know where to begin. The gas mileage is improved - I know I've moved up to a 25mpg avg. from about 21-22 on the old model. The a/c unit is a refrigeration chamber. I find the car cools down so quickly even after parking it in the sun on a hot day. The Benz guys seem to complain about their a/c units not being cool enough and I know a friend who has an E-class who is unhappy with his climate control system. I find myself raising the cabin temperature because it gets so cool so fast even though I prefer it on the cold side. The silky smooth ride plus the ultra quiet cabin combined with all that engine power is impossible to beat in my opinion. The ml stereo is the icing on the cake.

    Flint350 - Don't leave the board. It needs you and as far as I'm concerned you can become the chairman of this thing. I'd also miss your great dialogue. Nuff said!

    Pathost - the hosts should use sur-names when they want to join in a group discussion. The opinions don't show the proper impartiality/objectivity Edmund's should have and can only hurt its' reputation. I know that I've become somewhat distrustful as a result. My feeling is that if Edmunds lets its hosts show bias then the writers must also go un-disciplined. The bias is irritating and was very noticable on the S-class (at least when I was looking at that board when I was evaluating the S vs. the LS430) and comparo lux boards.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Good luck. It's a truly great car and looks fantastic in black. Make sure you use a swirless wax when you wax it. And watch your speed. The car is very fast.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Just keeps getting better! Only three suggestions for "improvement" - things I tried to get adjusted through C-Best that the dealer can't do.
    1. Make the turn signal noise louder (either a louder relay or hook it up to one of the electronic chimes. I can't hear it (partially because I'm at that age) and have found myself driving with it on.
    2. Some sensitivity adjustment for the automatic wipers (I confess -I'm lazy and tend to leave it in auto all the time). Sometimes it tries to clean the windshield when there's just a little dirt on it.
    3. Change the brightness level at which the car changes from day to night modes. I'd prefer the headlights to come up just a little sooner.

    Of these only one is serious in any way, and that's the first. It's a safety issue. I know I hate when someone else has a turn signal on and doesn't turn, particularly if I pull into traffic based on their signal. My service rep said I should call the Lexus Customer Satisfaction 800# and tell them my feelings. They take customer input seriously and use this info when deciding changes for the next model year. If you agree, please take the time to call them. Better yet, if by any chance you find that your dealer can do anything about the above let me know. I suspect no dealer knows all the parts of C-best.

    Seadog7 - I'm feeling better about my decision not to wait for the Custom. The laser cruise and Park assist (and the other goodies) would have been nice, but the car is great even without them.

    All - Let's give the host some appreciation. Imagine having to read every post on a busy board like Sedans and keep all the threads straight. I have a hard time with the few I follow.
    Even though it's past the time when I can apply the knowledge, I started to read the discussions on smart shopper under questions for a dealer and inconsiderate buyers/salespeople. They provide a very interesting look at the car business and provide a different perspective on the sales process. Anyone still in the buying process should scan these discussions.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206

    Brand Defects

    1. Lexus 85

    2. Jaguar 108

    3. Acura 118

    4. BMW 119

    5. Saab 121

    5. Toyota 121

    7. Buick 123

    7. Infiniti 123

    9. Cadillac 126

    10. Mercedes 129

    Hmm... looks who is tenth. I vowed not to post to A.R.Coates' board any further, but feel free to cut and paste there!

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