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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • js95js95 Posts: 2
    I am a very happy owner of a black LS430 and was wondering what other LS430 owners have done to change various default behaviors of their cars.

    From reading the manual and this board, there appear to be lots of features of the car that can be changed from default settings, either directly by the user or with some programming by the dealer.

    I for instance changed the behavior of the unlock on the remote to unlock all 4 doors at the first click instead of requiring 2 clicks. I also followed the tip on the steering wheel groan fix (#1601, remains to be seen if the fix is permanent)

    What kinds of such things have you done/had done? For what purpose?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,339
    Does anyone have the problem with the inside (and key fob) release of the trunk requiring multiple attempts? Upon the first click(s) to release, the lid is "caught" by the auto closer and doesn't open. The dealer said this is a widespread problem with no service bulletin remedy thus far.

  • Had this problem shortly after delivery in March. About 2 months ago my dealer called that there was a fix. Brought my car in and have had no further problems. THERE IS A FIX.
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    Edmunds has just posted its First Look at the new 7. While they gush about its handling etc (anyone surprised?), even their devotion to BMW can't force them to accept the i-Drive system. They say that it takes the incomprehensible-telematics title from the S, that it is distracting and (subtext) dangerous. They say, and I agree wholeheartedly, that car manufacturers must focus on ergomonics and usability and not simply adopt the most advanced technology available just because it is available. Especially given the demographics for cars in this price range, I think this thing will prove to be a big mistake. And that is a shame, because otherwise, the car sounds awesome.
  • I just got back to Southern California from a trip to Seattle, and was surprised to find that in the northwest the nav system has many more glitches than in the southwest.

    For instance, I would follow the guidance to a certain street, make a right turn as instructed, and then notice that the Me-icon had jumped to show me on a street 2 blocks away. After a bit more driving, it jumped back to where I really was.

    Could it be that the GPS satellites are not always visible in the northwest?

    I also noticed that the Me-icon sometimes pointed in the wrong direction, like when the car was pointing North the icon pointed East. Again, it cured itself after a short while.

    Another anomaly, though not necessarily a glitch, is that it selected different routes from the same location to the same destination at different times. Does it know traffic patterns as a function of time-of-day? I wouldn't think so.

    wwest, I kept thinking of your posts. I sympathize. I recommend you move to Southern California.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    is in Southern California. We wouldn't want them to get lost using their own Nav system, now, would we?
  • says LS 430 is the closest to anything that resembles perfection in a passenger vehicle. =)
  • Have an opportunity for what I think is great deal on certified '98 LS400. I would welcome any comments regarding a Yay or Nay on this car. Also, I live in Chicago and obviously face some winter issues; is the traction control with this car good in lite/medium snow? Obviously, I know it's not an SUV, but I don't want to get stuck every time it snows 3 inches either! Thanks, everyone.
  • We traded a '98 for an '01 LS430. The only problem we had in 3 1/2 years - 48k miles was a defective battery early in the game. San Antonio, so no experience with snow. :<}
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    Sold my '95 LS400 about 3 months ago for a private party '98 LS400 with 23k miles.

    Other than some problems I inherited, typical in a used vehicle, that the dealer fixed under the original 4-yr, 50k mile warranty, no unusual problems.

    The '98 was the first year with the higher-output 4.0L V-8 and this box really moves for a big sedan.

    One generic problem I can report, as others have done in this forum and also on (check it out - great info & very little interference by PC hosts), is that the "tip-in", or initial throttle response when starting up from a dead stop, is a bit hard to modulate cleanly. In other words, the response isn't very forgiving in trying to make smooth starts.

    But it's a great vehicle with much better handling (for a LS) than previous generations.

    Just don't compare it to an LS430!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    My 2000 GS300 has this same problem. The first thing I did to try to over-come this was remove some of the "slack" in the throttle cable, eliminating most of the throttle foot feed movement needed before the throttle itself starts to move, and that was some help.

    I finally gave up and just run the engine and transmission ECUs in "snow" mode, which eliminates the tip-in surging altogether.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    "I finally gave up and just run the engine and transmission ECUs in "snow" mode, which eliminates the tip-in surging altogether"

    Me too. I bet that this post on Club Lexus would result in many 'fogey' or 'granny' comments.

    A note to others: If you think that this isn't an issue, watch, out of the corner of your eye, your passenger's head bob when you initially accelerate.
  • Thanks for your input. I just bought the 98 LS400 today and pick it up tomorrow. I got a wonderful deal and am really psyched about driving such a world-class car.
  • Anyone able to get a good deal on a Ultra Lux equipped in the Tampa area? I was told at Lexus of Tampa they were only selling at window sticker price. Thanks
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    Well I have just finished reading through all (2000+) of the posts in this group. I started reading back on October 1st when I picked up my new 2001 LS430. Since then I feel as if I have been in one of thos SF movies where time is accelerated. This may sound weird but a number of you regulars have shared a lot and I feel as if I know you to some extent. Very impresed with the intellectual quality of many of the posts. Also like the 'slightly' sarcastic humour.

    I must confess that at times I felt like jumping in on many of the discussions but I felt it was best to wait.

    My LS is the base model (Mystic sea - Ecru leather), no NAV, no ML stereo but still very very happy with it. I paid 49,900 here in Illinois. It was the last 2001 my dealer had. I would be interested in hearing if this sounds like a reasonable price.

    I am coming from a 1996 ES300 that I have nothing but praise for. In April I started shopping for cars and included BMW 3s and 5s (thought 7s were out of my price range) They had great handling but couldn't live with the IMO stark interior. I didn't really consider an Infinity - negative stigma. I looked at the 2001 ES but it seemed too much like my '96. Almost bought a GS until I tried the new MB C320. I really liked the C and put down a deposit. It had a very nice ride, great interior & exterior, good price and good set of options.(Tried the E - liked it but interior was dull. S was out of price range) Then waited 5 months for delivery only to then be told I would have to wait another 1 or 2 !!! In the 5 months I waited I read the C boards and found out about all the problems (although the last time I looked they seemed to be getting most under control). What raelly put me off was the exceptionally poor dealer performance - Lexus has always been fantastic. MB dealer never called me, I always had to initiate. Then it took 2 -3 voice mails to get a response. I finally wrote to dealer and MB execs complaining about poor level of service and demanding deposit back. Got check (no other explanation) back in mail for deposit from dealer - never heard a word from MB execs.

    So when the new ES came out I went for a test drive. VERY NICE WORK Lexus. But I saw this 2001 LS on the lot with 600 miles on it. Thought, before I put the money down on the ES I should at least eliminate the LS. After a testdrive I was hooked.

    Hope you don't mind the long winded AUTO biography.

    My questions:
    Around post 2045 (or 2097 ??) JS95 says he reconfiged his own door locks. JS95 could you share the steps. I have the shop manual for the '96 ES and it shows how to do this kind of thing but it doesn't work on the LS.

    Someone much earlier mentioned the ALS on their radio displaying flashing ALS icons. I just have the base radio and it just shows the ALS letters on the display when it is on. I don't really notice any difference in volume if I open windows , etc and change ambient noise level. Is it likely the ALS is not working?

    Considering paying money to join clublexus. Is more detailed tech help like above available there?

    Thanks in advance
  • dmac8dmac8 Posts: 54
    Any comments on the functionality / utility of this system vintage. Any advice on what a 98 with 44k is worth?

  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    Considering purchasing a '98 CPO LS. Not sure about NAV - going back that far is the system DVD based and can I purchase an update to it? Is it as advanced as the system available on the '01 and '02? Thanks
  • pcbrspcbrs Posts: 57

    I think you made a great decision. The LS430 is a fantastic car. I helped my mom purchase a LS430 as a gift this past August. My dad helped a great deal in the actual purchase as well. I'm still a medical student, so no real need for a car, although I get to drive it when I'm back home for vacations.

    Anyway, we paid about $52,000 (not including fees and tax) for an LS430 with the ML sound system only, and not usual package. So about $3800 off MSRP. So in my opinion you got a great deal on your car, especially if it hasn't been sitting on the lot. The only difference between the 2001 and 2002 is the addition of an exterior color. You have a beautiful car. Just expect that discount to resurface when you trade in or sell your car, since it's not the newer 2002. Enjoy.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Just so you know, the base wheels were changed from the 2001 LS to the 2002.
  • gtr49gtr49 Posts: 7
    I'm very interested in the LS 430, but it's an inch or two short on headroom for me (my head rubs the roof in my normal driving position - seat as low as it goes). Does anyone know of any options to lower seat or gain a bit more headroom? Dealer didn't know any options. Thanks for any help.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Delete the sunroof, that is if you can find a dealer who will do so.
  • gtr49gtr49 Posts: 7
    Thanks for sunroof suggestion but dealer said they are not available without sunroof.
  • pcbrspcbrs Posts: 57
    You should shop around. There are many base LS430s, which do not come with a sunroof. The sunroof is an option on the LS. However, if you decide to go with an option package, the sunroof is sometimes included. Just be careful of which options are absolutely necessary for you.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Dealer may claim you can't get one without a sunroof because THEY don't sell many of them. But they can ordered without one.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    mike3939 - the 98 LS400 is a great car; not bad in snow with the snow setting on. But the tires and their condition will be the determining factor. I know people with Audi quattro's that put snows on their cars because they say there is a big difference in how the Audi's handle snow when they have snow tires. The MB 4-matics don't fare well in the snow with the performance tires on either (excellent with snows though) from what I've been told. I hope you got your 98 LS400 with the Nakamichi as it's an exceptional stereo system. Great as a car as the 98 is though it's no match for the new LS430 which really upped the ante.

    gtr49;pcbrs - I have never seen an LS400 or an LS430 without a sunroof. Never. I would think that since it is an option you could custom order it but I thought Lexus packaged it with other goodies so you may have to do without heated seats, maybe the memory system etc. if you go this route.

    nealm1 - I think some people at BMW lost their minds with all the technology they tried to build into the new 7. It seems like you are going to need a manual to change a radio station with that Idrive from what I've read. All I want on the next Lexus from a technology standpoint is that dirt eating glass, a tire sensor and a PHONE. I do like Infiniti's camera idea as well - but for the suv's. On scopes - try where there are many retailers. Woodland Hills who'll you'll find on that site usually discounts Celestron a bit and offers free shipping at times and of course you'll bypass the tax. Good luck.

    My dishwasher saga - discovered that the European equivalents to appliances have the same first letters as the cars; Asko, Bosch and Miele. Interesting. I told my appliance repair guy I want the Lexus of dishwashers (very quiet and very reliable) and he steered me to KitchenAid. Hope he's right.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Didn't I read that Sears now owns the factory and Kitchenaid brand?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    They make the Sears Kenmore brand which as a result is high rated. They also make whirlpool I believe. The one I bought cleans a lot better than the Miele I had.

    Bitkahuna - football is awesome in HD. Why does CBS do college and not pro in HD? With BMW introducing TV's as an option for rear seat passengers will they be jumped by MB and Lexus with hdtv's for their next models? I think the technologists are running wild in these companies. Maybe the auto companies think it's a shareholder value thing. Now there's a term I haven't heard in a while.
  • ljflx-Thanks for the info. There is lots of tread on the Dunlop all-seasons on the car; I figure that when the first significant snow hits, I'll see how I fares. If it struggles, I'll get new tires.
  • My LS430 came with 16" wheels. Contemplating going to 17" wheels. Any comments pro or con?
  • js95js95 Posts: 2
    re: edarte's question on how the LS430 remote can open all 4 doors at the first click - actually I did not do this myself, it was done by the dealer at my request.

    re: steering wheel retraction groan - I tried the 'limit' fix described here earlier, and it seems to help in that the groan occurs less frequently. But I understand now that there is a proper dealer fix, so I will get that done.

    re: Nav system - I am delighted with it and it works great 99% of the time. One thing though - consistently, 100% of the time, when it gets to the destination, almost 50-100 yards *before* you actually arrive, it says 'your destination is on the right (left)' - is this what you all see - or do I have a calibration problem?

    Nobody else reprogrammed any behavior on their LS430?
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