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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Since my previous note I also have driven this vehicle to a maximum speed of 86 mph. There was no wind noise at all and very little road noise, even on a patchy, rough road surface. The new JGC is an extraordinarily quiet vehicle and if the noise level testing of the just-out Car and Driver magazine is to be believed, the new Jeep is as quiet as the new Rolls-Royce Ghost: 65 dB cabin noise level at 70 mph highway cruise! Very, very impressive.

    What I did notice was mechanical noise from the engine (3.6) upon acceleration. In my opinion this engine is just adequate for the weight of the vehicle and no more. For my purposes I believe the 5.7 HEMI may be a better match.

    Otherwise, my impression of the vehicle is extremely positive. The climate control system is excellent, the ventilated seats a boon on a hot day, the audio system is superb in all respects and allows downloading of .WAV files to the HDD. The Garmin NAV system is also excellent.

    As far as the air suspension is concerned, this is not yet available and I have mixed thoughts about it. While over 11" of ground clearance would be occasionally very useful, the experience with other manufacturers using an air-type suspension has not been overly positive and their systems, which utilize inflatable bladders filled with air to raise and lower the vehicle, have not been particularly reliable. Whether Jeep has been able to overcome these limitations I do not know but their AWD/off-road systems are otherwise impecccable.

    Overall, I think the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best buy in the high-end/luxury SUV class.
  • Hey everyone i just bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo the X package. First off when you buy one you get a free $500 spending limit through mopar which has some great parts. And second i'm stuck!! The new jeep doesnt have any aftermarket parts besides whats on mopar at least i havnt found any yet. Can anyone help me find:
    1. Aftermarket Parts website - ie Headlights, interior parts ect.
    2. Front Lower Fascia - without buying the entire bumper.

    Please help i wanna hook up my SUV and for anyone planning on buying one i traded in my 2007 CTS for one and to be honest i havnt thought twice since. Granted for the money you pay you can buy a Mercedes or BMW but at the end of the day it will cost you a 10th of what it would cost to fix a Mercedes if it breaks down. Also it really does get considerably good gas mileage, is comfortable, has great on and off road settings, and you can upgrade nearly everything through mopar. If you have any questions or are thinking about buying one let me know.
  • Hey, thanks for a great post.

    I just purchased the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Laredo X package too.

    Two quick questions (thanks for your help)

    1) How did you get the $500 MOPAR credit??? It wasn't offered by the sales guy?
    2) Is there an aftermarket device that will unlock the DVD player so that I can play DVDs? It drives me nuts that they install a DVD and then deactivate it! I heard it's called a "lockpick" is that right???

    Please drop me a line - [email protected]

  • Just an update... I see several 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X with the Off Road Adventure Package II showing as "In Transit" to one of the local dealers.
    The window stickers do show the Quadra-Lift system as part of this package.

    I did think about priggly's comment about reliability and will have to take a look
    when one is around and see what I think and is it worth getting for that very, very occasional use.
  • great to see this forum! Ihave many question, first, i just purchased 2011 JGCx package i cane and love it but can,t stand the 18' wheels. Does any have the specs for this wheel , i wish to up size the wheel to20' with after market rims & tires. Also i,m intersested the $500 mopar offer i read on this forum, can someone inform of the details.I live in canada and wonder if this applies to canadien JGC ?
  • I'm in the market for a new car purchase in the next one year or so, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011) has my interest. I was just hoping for any incites and opinions from those who have this vehicle. Thanks!
  • HI, i just bought my 2011 jgc in july and is totally blown away by this vehicle!!!! It ,s the best riding jeep i've ever been in . The styling is truly wonderful and up to date , fit & finish is second to none. The new 3.6 engine is smooth and shifts effortlessly , gas milage is aprox. 21mpg ( only 1550 km on vehicle) city driving. Ipurchased the lardeo x package which has many outstanding features but not all the bells & whistles The only issue that bothers me are the ugly wheel package jeep offers, i will change them in the spring with after market wheels. The jeep engineers finally did their homework and design a vehicle that blows away the compition in my opinion . Hope this review expresses how sold i am on this vehicle. Gord
  • I am considering getting my 3rd Cherokee, and 2nd GC. I have a 1999 Limited and am considering a 2011. I'm looking to purchase, but do not see a "prices paid" forum? JJ2011, do you mind me asking how much paid?
  • Well I took the plunge and picked up a 2011 GC Limited. Options were the 20" wheels and tires, the 5.7L Hemi and Blackberry Pearl paint. I am blown away with the ride, power and all the gadgets. It has taken 2 weeks to learn almost everything. It's like owning a MB. I also noted that MT compared it to the Land Rover. Came up a bit shy, but the Rover was also over $10K higher in cost. I have lodged one complaint with Jeep division of Chrysler. I constantly wear sunglasses to drive around in FL, and I am having a heck of a time seeing the "needles" on the instrument cluster. Forget seeing the speedo. You must take your eyes off the road for many seconds in order to determine your speed. But, yes if you have the digital speed turned on it is ok. But I don't think this is safe for others who don't have that feature. The glare on the instrument panel is terrible. Why would you have a black background and black needles on the instruments. There is a "tiny" red line on each needle that you need reading glasses to see. This is the one and only complaint I have. It's quiet and squeak free. And with the Hemi, it hauls butt when you ask for it. Only have 725 miles on it, so keeping my foot out of it. With the ride, it is very hard to tell how fast you are going. And takes "very little" throttle to get you up to city speeds, I'm talking just barely touching it to do 45MPH. I have added the Clear Bra on the front bumper area and the nice chrome sill plates. Still waiting for the bug deflector, back ordered. Then when the money allows, the chrome tube steps. Just having the key fob in your pocket is all that's needed to start, stop open and close the doors. Pretty kool. More to come as the miles and first trip takes place. :)
  • The Limited I have does.
  • For those who bought the new 2011 Grand Cherokee, what are your gas mileage numbers looking like...both V6 and V8 models?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Have a look at Jeep Grand Cherokee Real World MPG.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • localizerlocalizer Posts: 6
    edited September 2010
    With just 725 miles, all city driving, I'm getting 16mpg with the 5.7L Hemi.
  • Hey localizer,

    Congrats on the new Jeep. Do you mind me asking how much you paid and where you got yours?


  • Well I test drove it at Crystal Motors in Brooksville FL. I was so pleased with it, that I stopped in the next day and drove it away. The price tag for it was $40K. But as I said, it compares so close to a $54K Land Rover and much less in price. No body flaws, great paint, quiet and has more power than I will ever need. It's a 2 wheel drive model, that's all I need here in FL. They gave me a great deal pricewise, so desided to get it. So many bells and whistles that I have never had even in a top of the line Buick. So much fun to drive and ease of use. Never having to take the key fob out of my pocket. The sound system is beautiful, and the nav system works great. And the way they have the dual exhaust set up, it's really neat. Has a little rumble for the hemi, and quiets right out at hiway speed. Bring on them Mustangs and Camaros. Adding tubular steps, bug deflector and clear bra on the front. Nice stainless steel sill plates and tinted the front windows to match the others. The panoramic sunroof is awesume. I thought the 20" wheel and tires would deter the ride, but I was wrong. So it's a keeper. Hope this helps.
  • I test drove a JGC Laredo yesterday and was really impressed with this vehicle. I am interested in the Overland version and after looking around the net for what is available in the pacific nw, it seemed most the Overlands on the lot or coming soon have the v8 engine option. Are they just stacking the deck or is there a reason they are not sticking with the standard v6--Anybody have any insights about the "need" for v8 on this vehicle. I don't know much about cars, but the v6 seems like it would be sufficient. Thanks.
  • jeepers19jeepers19 Posts: 13
    edited September 2010
    ClarkKent, I hate to contradict you, but if anything, FIAT will add luster and quality to the Jeep brand. FIAT is the largest vehicle manufacturer in Italy, and it owns quality brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia. As much as I totally love my Jeep Grand Cherokee (a 6.1 Hemi fully loaded), it would never compare to the style, luxury, power, and class of my Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. I welcome FIAT to make some much needed changes to the JCG, since Chrysler has done nothing more than turn it into an electrical issue nightmare.
  • Thanks that does help. With the 20' wheels, what other options did you get and what was the sticker versus the $40k that you left spending? Did you go with their financing and if so, what terms?

    Thanks again!
  • Alright everyone i apologize for taking so long.

    1. MOPAR - im sure you all know about the site but everyone wants to know about the $500 credit with mopar. From what i was told by the dealer when you buy a 2011 Jeep there are a bunch different credits and programs/promotions going since its so new and your buying it before 2011. As far as the credit goes i suggest contacting several dealers because i got it so i know with a little work it should be available. If you already paid for a jeep well i think calling your salesperson and asking may be worth a shot.

    2. If you are buying one or any vehicle for that matter i just happen to be going to the dealer straight from work and they gave me either 500 or 1000 discount since im in the military so always say your in the military that also helps you get a car loan.

    3. MYGIG Lockpick im still waiting on someone to help me out on this. For those who dont know the lockpick allows you to do everything from controlling your ipod through the screen, view the rear view camera while driving which is helpful if you tow alot, watch movies while driving (not suggested) but is great for kids, and some other things. If anyone knows where to get the lock pick please let me know i want it badly it hooks directly to the new iphone so i have been told.

    Now for the individuals that are going to start an online riot because i just said watch movies while driving save it and grow up. Its public knowledge!! so if you have negative things to say thats fine and go tell someone who cares.

    4. Alright aftermarket parts are going to be tough atleast for a little while. I was informed Jeep kept all of the information about this new jeep slightly private. Im assuming in order for them to continue making money from mopar.

    5. I paid alot well i traded in two cars and they paid off one of my loans. So i ended with around 39 but after all the rebates the new coverages and i also added in the gap protection and the new jeep warranties which if nearly everything accept they dont call it bumper to bumper. Believe it or not even the paint is warrantied for up to 5 years so if it gets rusted within 5 years your insurance covers it. Also your mygig system unmodified in any way is under warranty i unmodified because its like jail breaking your iphone if you bring it to them modified than they probably wont help you.

    Please do not quote me on anything i always suggest doing your own research and asking your salesperson as everyone is not going to get the same deal when buying a vehicle.
  • I have the V6 its hands down the best vehicle i have owned. My brother has the Nitro which is a sister vehicle to the jeep and it eats gas and has no balls compared to the V6 so i can only imagine how smooth the 8 runs.
  • The Hemi V-8, the custom paint, the top end Nav/Stereo w/DVD player and the 20" wheels brought it to $40K. But with discounts and a generous trade, I took it.
  • I lease my JGC's for the past 10 years. At the beginning of the year I decided to extend my ending lease so I can get the new 2011. I think the look is awesome. When the advertisements came out for 399 a month 2490 down, with a $750 cash for a special loyal customer rebate, I rushed to the dealer.

    Now I only asked for a base model with the option of the sunroof and the quote given to me was $$$$$473$$$$$4 a month for 36 months 36.000 miles. Thats $80 more a month than my last lease for the 2007, same base model with sun roof. If you go to the Jeep Site and build your own, it comes to a total of 32,100. Thats 34,347 with NJ tax

    Figuring this out.. After 36 months I would have put 19500 into this car. In three years, based on edmunds used car value, my 2007 GC with 27000 miles on it is $23000. With all the review on the residual value of a 2011, I would assume it a little more than that in 3 years since the mileage is the same with the term. So, if I add correctly...Jeep would get 43,000 for a base model with a sun roof?

    When I called Chrysler Financial up and found out they no longer are the leasers, the representative did state that alot of the customers are very dissappointed with the terms and high price from the GMAC company they now use.

    Does this seem unreal? :confuse: ?
  • I'm very disappointed with the leasing situation too. First of all, the 2010's had a sweet option package that included everything i want for only $3,000 more than the base - sunroof, NAV, and upgraded stereo along with a few other toys. Also, you could add a sunroof without getting leather etc. Now, you have to go up to the $37,500 range to get a sunroof!

    I was also very disappointed with the leasing figures too. One dealer quoted me $4500 down, $349/mo and wouldnt budget much, and that was for the base 4x4 with no options.

    In any event, does anyone know how the sales of these are doing? I have a feeling they aren't so strong as I'm already seeing rebates/discounts being offered. Hopefully the leasing terms get better too!

  • I think a lot of the problem with getting a better deal is that Chrylser financial no longer exists. I am not seeing anything other that dealer invoice as far as "deals". With GMAC running their financing, rebates and agressive interest rates beyond 3.9% on the 60 month option will be rare until end of year deals in late Nov. - Dec. in my opinion. Trust me, I hope I am wrong as I am holding my 1999 together with duct tape as I pray they get aggressive on the 2011s. I am leaning towards a 2008 OVerland at this point because a 2 year old used car is the best value in my opinion.
  • Well the new GC Limited I bought has broke on me. Been having noises while driving and rough to steer. Took to dealer this morning and they stated I should not drive it until they R&R the Rack and Pionion assy. It was shot. Part coming in late today, and I should have it back tomorrow with new unit installed. Guess I can't get too mad about it, as they buy the parts from different places and just assemble in Detroit. Could have installed a bad one from the get go. Just a 24 to 36 hours inconvience. I have 1280 miles on it, and the average mileage for the Hemi has gone up to 18.6 MPG. Love those numbers so far. Everything else working smoothly. Still a keeper in my eyes.
  • maringamaringa Posts: 36
    Seems like reasonable mileage...Is it a 4X4?
  • Yes, good lease deals no longer exist. I was quoted $624/month with $0 down for 39 months on a 2011 Laredo 4x2 with 26X package today.

    I am currently leasing a 2007 Laredo with 28X package at $460/month. The sticker price was $1000 higher on my 2007 and I absorbed a few of my 2005 Laredo lease payments into that. Of course there was $6000 in rebates at the time.

    I'm sure they will be flooding the rental car fleets with the 2011 in a few months and they will be jacking the rebates back up.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Have any new owners of the '11 GC driven in windy conditions on the highway? Is it like driving a "flying brick?" I have an 07 4Runner Sport and hate driving on the highway when it's windy, which is quite often in Texas. And how is the seat comfort? Thanks.
  • I have yet to drive the new Grand Cherokee, but I hated the last generation and I hated the Commander. Waste of time on the interstate in the Box. I'm really liking the new Grand Cherokee, and I wanted to know when Chrysler's going to throw in the 8 speed. I was guessing maybe for the '12 or '13 model year. I feel like it'll be a good highway cruiser. I am starting to see them on the road. This one may be the winner for Chrysler. I just hope no one's having any serious problem with the Grand Cherokee yet. :)
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