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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Call the Chrysler customer service line and work your way up to a senior case mgr. far and they told me that I was the only complaint they've received so they can't confirm there's a problem. They swore the vehicle left the bldg with the specified tires so the dealership must have swapped them. I guess all the dealership that sold jeeps.with the Adventure Pkg are in collusion to swap all the off road tires for the touring tires. Must be quite a market for those tires..... somewhere. They're all bs and don't know how to explain it away. Maybe a public TV news station would like to investigate. Would be very interesting.
  • Just wanted to express how disappointed I am with Chrysler-Jeep and my 2011 V6 Laredo 4x4. I like the styling, fit and finish are good, and ride / handling are very good, but mine also suffers from the hesitation issue. I've almost been rear ended because after the vehicle starts to accelelrate, it sometimes hesitates before the the RPM's jump up to 4500. I did have a computer update done that the dealer said would solve the problem, but it did not help. On top of this, I'm getting an intermittent thud from under the vehicle that feels like the gears are slamming together. I use the vehicle to travel for work and I agree with other comments here that the seats become quite uncomfortable on long trips (I know this is subjective).

    The worst part is Chrysler seems like they could care less. I was given a case manager who seemed like he wanted to help in the beginning, but he has completely disappeared. The last time we spoke was in Nov. In the first couple days of Dec his vm said he was out through the beginning of Jan and he has not responded to a single call so far in 2011 (I was never rude or disrespectful when we initially spoke or in any of my subsequent messages).

    Just last week I was left stranded for a couple hours in a parking lot because the key fob wasn't being recognized by the sensor module in the vehicle. I had to get a tow to the nearest dealer who found the contacts were bad inside the key fob. At this point I really feel this particular vehicle is unsafe and I have no faith in its dependability. At the very least my advice would be to wait until the 2012 comes out if you're considering this vehicle.
  • I don't know if you saw my previous post, but I'm also experiencing the hesitation in the acceleration with my V6. From a little research, I've come up with the fact that it's only happening in V6, not V8, and in vehicles built before Sept. 2010. Do you know when your vehicle was built? Mine was in July 2010. My car is in the shop having the computer update done while we speak for the problem, so I'll let you know if I notice any improvement when I pick it up.

    My suggestion for you is to start hounding on your dealership. Literally start calling every day until someone hears you. First ask for the sales general manager, and also the service general manager, and get them to start working together on the issue. That's where I've had the most luck in the past.
  • Jeep555, Did you have any luck with the flash update? I had mine updated and it still has the same problem No change, still big time hesitates. thanks
  • Same as you, NO CHANGE at all!!! I can't believe it. :( My dealership is saying that it's just the way the V6 handles, which I think is wrong because before I bought this I had a 2007 jeep V6 that was way more responsive than the 2011. I'm going to go into the dealership again this afternoon and ask to test drive another V6 to make sure it's not just because my jeep was built before they had fixed the problem, and make sure other V6's handle the same way. If the other V6 I test drive does hesitate, I'm thinking about trading my car in a couple of years for a V8, but don't really want to have to do that. Have you talked to anyone else with this problem?
  • Hi Jeep555

    MY 2011 V6 has no hesitation, I have 3000km on it, bought it Jan/11 so most likely built after Sept/10. If I were you I would push them to fix it, if my engine does not have the problem than there must be a proper fix for it. You have to make a big stink or they will brush you off. Good Luck

  • Jeep555, let me know what they tell you. I've been in twice and I can't believe how the vehicle hesitates. I've owned 3 SUVs, all with less hp, and none were slugs like this... sad.

  • Hey virginianjeep,
    I have an idea for us. I went in and test drove another V6, and did not experience the hesitation that my V6 has. The only thing I noticed is that the jeep I test drove drives like a typical V6, not as responsive as a V8, but it did not have the long hesitation that mine sometimes has accelerating from a stop. I think the reason we are experiencing this is that we bought our jeeps early and they were built before Sept. Did you tell me when your jeep was built? Can you tell me again? If it was built before September, than at least there are two of us that can team up on the issue with Jeep. (There's probably more people out there). Here's my idea for you: Can you go into a jeep dealership and also test drive a V6 and tell me if you think the V6 you test drive is the same as your vehicle? If it's not, then we have a case here, and our vehicles definitely need to be fixed. Does this make sense?
  • Jeep555, yes mine was August, 2010. Good idea - I'll try to drive one on Monday and let you knw. When was yours built?

    Did the dealer have any explanation for you after the flash update?
  • I purchased a brand new 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited 4 x 4 with the
    V8 Hemi in it in January, I got up this morning and started the vehical and it was running rough, then the engine light came on and started blinking rapidly, so I shut it off and drove another car to work. I contacted the dealer and let them know the problem and the picked the car up, took it back to the dealership service and I just found out the motor is shot. They either have to replace the cylinder heads, or the whole motor, with one month of driving on it. I wonder what's going to happen now? I feel I should get a brand new motor, not rebuilt, or a new vehical. Looking like a lemon!!!
  • jeremyjbjeremyjb Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 V6 Grand Cherokee and am also noticing a huge lag in acceleration from a stop. Its driving me crazy....I guess I'll have to check when it was built and start talking to the dealer. Awesome.
  • eheadleyeheadley Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2011 Loredo X-Pakage last week and I have to say that the pentistar V6 4X4 seems to run a ton better than the V6 I had in my 2007 Commander. Its way more responsive and seems to "Coast" very nicely at a good speed.

    As a matter of fact I was actually surprised how nice the engine responded to my accel and deaccel requests. Sorry you are having issues. I love this truck and want to keep it forever.
  • doodleddoodled Posts: 1
    Any update on this and how many miles are on it?
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Glad to hear you love your new Jeep. Any issues with wind buffetting that you can tell?
  • maxcrew1maxcrew1 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    ;) I just brought a 2011 Grand Cherokee limited in Feb. No problems at all with the Hemi Engine. I took it to GA from NY put about 2800 miles so far, no issues. Its the best suv I've owned thus far. Even comparing the ride and comfort to my 2007 MDX....No comparison. I would choose my Cherokee every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Im sorry your having issues. I hope they gave you a free loaner and also unfortuantely depending on you states lemon law, the dealer has three chances to fix the problem before they have to give you a new car or refund your money
  • heydudesheydudes Posts: 43
    Hello. Question: Can I get QD2 without getting the Hemi V8? I just cannot be sure based on info I see and having heard months ago that QD2 was only avail with the Hemi. Thanks
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Go to the Jeep website and try a Build Your Own, and see what comes up for options. I'm really not sure myself but its worth a shot. I've got the hemi with the QD2.
  • gsh44gsh44 Posts: 3
    So that I know, what are the On/Off Road 18's that everyone is having issues with? My Overland with the Off Road Adventure Package and 18's is awaiting delivery and I'd like to know what to look for that is not up to what they have claimed. It should be in by next weekend, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    According to the build sheet and window sticker the Adventure Pk II should come with on-off road 18" tires not TOURING tires. The on off roads are much more aggressive and can really take you off road and obviously much better in snow. The tire that came with my Overland was Michilin LT Touring, and that's not correct. So far as I know everyone with the Adventure Pkg received the wrong tires. I'm still trying to get that corrected and I got my Jeep the beginning of Dec.
  • gsh44gsh44 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the update. As of right now, the scheduled delivery date is next weekend. I'll send an update once mine comes in.
  • heydudesheydudes Posts: 43
    Good idea. (Doh!)
    So I did and Quadra Drive II doesn't pop up until I select the Hemi.

    I'd love a Hemi, truth be told. But then there's that pesky cost of gasoline.... and living in a world where the powers that be actually WANT the price to go up.

    Can I ask, what kind of mpg are u getting?

  • I just bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the V8 HEMI. WOW - It is smooth as silk AND POWERFUL! I traded in a 1995 Ford Explorer so I guess compared to driving a 16 year old Ford SUV - anything would feel better - but this baby is smooth! The last time I bought a new car was in 1988 (it was high time I treated myself).
    Not sure if the rules have changed but I remember in the 80's that you had to "break in" in a new car. Vary speeds, change the oil after 1000 mile to clean out any "factory debris", etc. Is this still the case? I asked the dealer and they didn't mention anything - just bring it in after 8000 for oil change and tire rotation.
    Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

    ps. If anyone is contemplating a new Jeep - this is the model to go with. I test drove the V6 and it felt a little sluggish compared to the V8 - and the gas mileage is about 2 MPG less.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited March 2011
    Hi everybody.

    I also have the off-road package with the 18 inch tires. When I did my research before I purchased the GC, I saw they were giving the Latitude Touring Tires. From the time I have own 4x4's, I have always change tires within the first 4 months or before snow season because the car manufactures never give you the right tires. However, in this case, Jeep spelled out the words off-road tire on the sticker and gave us a highway-touring tire. Even Nissan Xterra PRO & off-road trim model comes with BFG Off-road tires, which IMO are ok.

    The Latitude's might have worked in Jeep's applications and testing, but for other applications such as the Jeep Jamboree they might not work on some trails. Right now I am waiting for Cooper Tire's new Discoverer A/T 3 off-road tire to be launched. Jeep must recognized that they made an error and find a way to resolve this.

    Otherwise, since I got the GC last month with the V6, it is night and day over the Pathfinder. I do find the engine is sluggish at times and I have to ask the dealer to look into this. I also found by using the manual transmission, you get the power by shifting. This is far better than I had on the Pathfinder. If I had more money and money for gas, I would love to have the Hemi.

    Best for now. :)
  • The following link is for the 1st impression of the cooper discoverer a/t 3. -offroad-tire-53156.html
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Are you happy with the 5-speed transmission, does it shift smoothly? Heard JEEP will soon have a 6- or 8-speed? Do you feel it when the engine changes from 8 to 4 cylinders and back? Thanks!
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    I ordered a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland with Hemi on Feb. 15th. Today, dealer told me car is in "D" status and has a VIN Number, but not a build date yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a build date once an order is in D status?
  • nolajeepnolajeep Posts: 2
    Hello! I just purchased a 2011 JGC Overland two weeks ago. So far so good, except I notice there is a 2-3 second high pitched whine from the radio (Sat and FM) that seems to occur with acceleration and deceleration. Before I go whining to the dealer, anyone else have this issue?
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    No, no whine from mine. Sounds like electrical interference coming tbrough. Did you get the 730n or the 430n radio? 730n was supposed to come with the Overland but mine came.thru with the 430n. I'm trying to get it swapped through Chrysler. :mad:
  • heydudesheydudes Posts: 43
    Geez, wrong entertainment system, wrong tires, ... sounds like the new Chrysler is even worse than the old. That is just plain inexcuseable what they're doing to you folks. You pay $40, $50K and they give you whatever radio and tires are layin around the line? Lawsuit, false advertising, bait and switch, ... this is ridiculous. Probably need to make sure you all got the correct tranny, rear end, anything that's optional needs to be verified.
  • I just bought mine last Friday - I have not noticed any issues with my radio except the satellite goes out when I pull into the garage which is expected. Let us know what you find out. Good luck! Frank
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