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Volvo S60



  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    My father-in-law recently purchased a 2002 S60 AWD with the 17" Thor alloy wheels. They are absolutely gorgeous wheels, but he says they are constantly requiring cleaning due to excessive brake dust even if he drives the car only a few miles. His previous S40 was the same way.

    Does anybody know of any tricks to keeping these clean, or have any comments as to whether this is normal for the OEM brakes on Volvos?
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    I have the Thors as well and other than cleaning them, there really is nothing you can do. I especially notice brake bust after it rains.

    What I usually do is every other morning i will garba arag from the garage and quickly wipe my rims down. Of course if they are really bad just wash the wheels more often.

    I am averaging 26mpg in my T5 5spd. Never thought I would get 400mi a tank! But I noticed it got a lot better after 3000miles.
  • I own a 2001 S60 base model. I have had the car at the dealer 3 times for the same problem with no resolution. With the car in drive sitting at a stoplight, the idle surges up and down. When releasing the break, the car has a slight jolt. It is almost as if the car went to sleep. The dealer claimed to put through a Volvo fix the first time, but the problem persists. Anyone experienced this same problem? Thanks
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    I have had 5 volvos over the years, and they all "dusted" the wheels. The dusting is most severe on the front wheels. There are some automotive accessory vendors that make a shield that reduces the deposit of brake dust on the wheels; however, the shield will interfere with the flow of air to the rotor which can result in brake fade in extreme cases. Personally, the dusting is just something that I put up with - along with having to wash the car more frequently because it is black. My worst experience was right after taking delivery - I washed the car, went for a drive and when I returned, the car was covered with yellow dust from a cloud of pollen that I drove through....
  • desaljsdesaljs Posts: 24
    Regarding the surge you feel when you take your foot off the brake, this is normal behavior since the transmission automatically shifts into neutal when you come to a stop with the transmission in "drive". When you let your foot off the brake it shifts back into drive from neutal and that is the movement you feel. When my S60 2.4T was new, I could feel this sensation, but with time and miles (12,000 now)it has almost become imperceptable.

    I terms of the idle surging, I get some of that when I come to a stop, and it is more noticable with the A/C on. The idle jumps up a few hundred RPM, then settles down to an even 700. I have tried to have the dealer sort this out for me, but it never has been properly addressed. It could have something to do with the fan turning on, or be related to the electronic throttle mechanism. I will ask about it again with my 15,000 mile service. It could be considered "normal" but I would like to see if can be resolved with a software download.
  • desaljs, thanks for the feedback. I didn't experience the problem until around 28,000 miles. I now have 36,000 miles and will continue to bring it to the attention of the dealer. Other than this, the car has ran beautifully. thanks again.
  • Yes I do get that too, with freeway combined. I'd be lucky to get more than 17 with surface streets on my T5. I don't drive very fast either, and I use premium. Also control speed to save gas, but i still only get 19.0 if i'm lucky.

    Other things I can complain about with my s60 T5 is turbo lag, bad traction, bad turns, tire scraping on the fenders, VERY BUMPY ride, Lack of compartments, no coin holder, front impact has horrible 4 star safety, no skip protection on cds.
    I hate this car, i shouldn't have bought it.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    Sorry to hear about your complaints. A coin holder is behind the cupholder in the front wall of the CD storage area under the center armrest. Regarding safety rating, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( rates the S60 rather highly, so I don't know what you are referring to. Have you discussed the rest of your issues with anyone from Volvo?
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Did you ever test drive the car before buying it???
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Dealer pushing this pkg for new S60. Puts Teflon on the paint, treats carpets with Banoyl protectant, applies conditioners to vinyl and leather. I could do all of this myself for much less, but they guarantee it: if a spot won't come out of carpet, vinyl, or leater, they will have it repaced. Anyone out there tried this or dealt with a similar offer?
  • Owned 88 240 for 6 yr, then 94 940 156,00m for 8 yr. Only problem w/240-aircond. 940 waterpump. minor items. Another driver totaled my 940, Since last two V's were great..bought a new 01 s60 loaded to replace. Although, it is stated as cockpit, interioris claustraphobic coccoon w/no review window vision. First month, had to replace master break cylinder. Had problems w/locks not opening and going down the road open up and closing. Leaned against the back passenger exterior door and it dented. Finally, after 7 mo and 13000 miles, the ck engine light and emission system lights came on. Dealer kept car 2 wks, master tech from regional office came to work on it. Released, I told dealer if anything else went wrong, I was getting rid of it. On the way home, the moonroof slid halfway and stopped. Traded next weekend for a 02 Saab 93.(Saab's great fun driving car w/nice big windshield and burl wood dash. True cockpit styling and knob functions. can;t say enough nice things. ) Sorry,Current Volvo, you've been fordized too much for me. You even look a bit like a taurus in the front end. You lost your reliablity,sturdiness and reputation w/me. This from a person who thought the only car to own at one time was a Volvo
  • I wonder if you would have had a similar experience with the Saab in its first year of production? Saab is also owned by an american parent; in this case GM. I hope you have an enjoyable ownership experience with your Saab.
  • Purchasing a vehicle regardless of make is partly luck when it comes to defects. There is undoubtly a Saab owner who is not pleased with his 93 and dumping it for an S60 or some other make.

    Every dealers service departments are filled with there own vehicles in for scheduled and non scheduled service. Read the posts across Edmunds.

    The Saab dealers are motivated to move 93's since its being replaced by a completely new car on GM's epsilon platform. Goodluck with your 93.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    that while I feel sorry for your experience, this whole Ford thing is getting tiresome.
  • Has anyone tried one of these filters on a 2.4T? If so have you noticed any power or fuel mileage gains. Thanks
  • Our car experiences began w/64 Ford Falcon, then 67 Mustang,then Chevy,Buick, the longest w/Volvo 14 yrs. passenger cars, trucks and suv's.So we have a long and wide range of car ownership not lease experiences. And as any longtime former volvo owner will tell you...the new Volvos are not the same reliable, sturdy vehicles. I bought the 01 s60 too quick due to replacement of my wrecked 94 940. First noticed the interior and exterior seemed cheaper. Rear window headrest obscure the rear window by 2/3. Websites at that time did not have the check engine issue, but it's out there now and not just on edmund;s. Electronic locks issues also seems to go across the line, because i have friends who own a s80. Mother in law owns 01 s40..engine check light. Also know ford vs gm, which gives a better experience... i don't just buy a car for looks..... Look at the 03 04,'s a..Ford Focus!Look at the front of the S series and tell me you don't see Ford Taurus and the rounded 99 Thunderbirds. Ford has a philosophy and it never has built great longlasting vehicles. Read the Saab webs before I bought... Great car...In sweden Volvo's are for old people and Saabs are sporty. Sorry Volvo,,I did hate to leave the pack...
  • This is starting to sound more like a lets trash Ford thread. If we are going to be intellectually honest, we need to acknowledge that a few years back, Saab had a massive recall to fix a wiring harness problem that caused the cars to spontaneously combust.... In a couple of instances, Saab owners returned from vacation to find that their home had been reduced to charred cinders after the Saab that was parked in the garage burst into flames.

    It also sounds like you really do buy a car for looks. One reason for the similarity between the S-80 and S-60 is that they share a common assembly line - of which, Volvo invested more than $1.0 billion US to create. The new assembly line gives Volvo significantly more flexibility to meet market demand; which was one reason why Ford purchased the Volvo car company.

    It remains to be seen whether the bean counters will allow Volvo to continue to produce a premium product. I suspect that one reason for the Saab wiring harness problem was due to cost pressure from the American parent.... The past experience with Jaguar would tend to give hope, however.
  • Our new Volvo S60 broke down while we were on vacation recently. Engine just died while doing 40 MPH, we lost all electrical power, including the steering, car couldn't be restarted and had to be towed. Car sat idle for a couple of days at dealership,then started up again and has been running fine since. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their 2002 S60 Base model? The car mileage was approximately 12,800, it had been raining so we had both front and rear defrosters on. Two Volvo dealerships looked at it and neither can explain why it happened. Neither can assure us it will never happen again. Needless to say, we are scared to drive it now in case it happens again. Living in the Tri-State area, we know if it conks out while we're on the highways around here, we're toast! Does anyone have any thoughts as to what caused it, or what can be done to prevent it from happening again?
  • My immediate thought is that there is a water-caused short in the electrical system that involves the engine control unit (ECU). (Especially since the car started up and ran fine after sitting for a while - after the short had an opportunity to dry out....) I would start by contacting Volvo customer support (in writing so that you can prove your efforts to resolve the problem).
  • I believe I'm about to get rid of my problem 2000 S80 and buy a 2003 S60. One review I read (I think here on Edmunds) said with a rear facing infant seat in the back, it was cramped - the person in the front seat had to move up. Has anyone experienced this? I'm expecting my first in December and sure don't want to have this problem. Unfortunately the dealership is about 100 miles away, so I can't borrow a car seat and just pop in whenever. Thanks for the help.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    I didn't find it bad at all. If you want to move the front seats all the way back, then there is a porblem. We went for a ride and had two women in the back seat relatively comfortable with the car seat in the middle. We of course put them back there to make it more spacious (common sense). Nevertheless, it is no different from any other car in its class.
  • I have two children ages 3 and 4 who ride in the back in forward facing car seats. They are comfortable and are not driving their feet into our backs on road trips.

    I am 6' and have the front seat positioned for comfort without compromise. The kids are happy and so am I. Most infants are not in a rear facing seat for long. You may have to compromise some of your comfort to properly position the infant seat. Of course this all depends on how tall you are. Have you considered purchasing the infant seat now to test the space in the S60 or for that matter any car you intend to purchase?

    The car seats for our kids determined whether or not we purchased the S60. We have been completely satisfied with our 02 2.4T.
  • Can anyone comment on the S60 factory security system? Have they cured the key-fob problems posted on the '01 models?

    Is it a fairly sophisticated system with all the bells and whistles including engine immobilizer?
    Does it have passive-arming?

    How about the interior monitor feature (optional in Canada). What is that exactly? A motion-detector? What motion would there be for it to detect inside the car?

    The system is supposed to have a siren. But the few S60, V70, XC that I have observed in parking lots didn't "beep" when their owners lock/unlocked with their remotes. Is there a way to turn on/off this feature?

    Appreciate any and all comments.
  • My comments are based on experience with the U.S. version of the security system. They should transfer to the one installed in Canadian models, but do not know for sure:

    1. Key Fob problem.

    There was a recall for the '01s that solved the key fob problem. I have an '02 S60 with no problems to date (I took delivery in June).

    2. System sophistication.

    General features of the system: a.) Integrated into the engine control unit - the car is a boat anchor without the ECU that came with the car; b.) Anti-code grabbing features - the remotes can not be cloned; c.) Passive arming (if you mean that it arms itself after x period of time) - I have noticed that the car will lock itself if it has sat for some period of time, however, I have not attempted to figure out the specific logic to the self arming; d.) Interior monitor - don't know about this as it is not available in the U.S.; e.) Siren - illegal in some states in the U.S., so not available. U.S. versions flash the lights and sound the horn if an attempted break-in occurs. When the system is first armed, the directional lights flash once. After the initial arming and until disarmed, there is a blinking light in the center front of the dash near the windshield that blinks - no audible beep when armed.

    Hope the above helps.
  • Interesting about sirens being illegal in some States. Probably has to do with noise bylaws? But siren or horn -- same difference if they are concern with noise pollution.

    It's also interesting that no audible "beep" to confirm arming/disarming. I know not everyone likes this feature, but I would have thought at least it would be something that could be user-selectable like other makes have done. If outside ambient light is bright, it's pretty darn hard to see the directional lights flash.
  • Glad to help. One reason for sirens being illegal is to avoid confusion between the alarm system and police, fire and emergency services (paramedic and ambulance) units. In California (where I live), police, fire and emergency services units are the only ones authorized to have sirens. The horn on the S60 is rather loud and after five seconds of continuous activation, it will get people's attention, which is one of the objectives of an alarm system. I would not consider brightness of the directional lights to be a disadvantage - they are the same ones that are flashing when the emergency light switch is pressed. The lights are visible on a sunny day if you look at them. The light that is harder to see is the indicator on the top of the dash near the windshield - that light can only be seen at night or while standing next to the car and shading the light. There have been times when I was not sure whether I had alarmed the car and so I would have to press the open button and then press the lock button and look for the directional lights to flash. If you are considering getting an S60, I would not disqualify the alarm system because it doesn't beep; on the really important items (such as vehicle immobilization), the alarm system is first rate.
  • Is the light imbedded in the bodyside moulding also a directional light. Does that light flash too when arming? Do the lights flash (twice) when disarming?

    Thanks again!
  • rghesselrghessel Posts: 122
    Does anyone have the Nav system in the S60? I'm considering getting the S60 and am curious how well the Nav system works/how easy it is to use.

    I currently have a Lexus (RX300) and LOVE having Navagion, so it's become a "must have" in my next car.

    (I'll skip the "Navigation is a frivolous waste of money" discussion. Been there, done that...)
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Is it possible to still buy a "stripper" S60 2.4 with no options, cloth, 5-speed, etc?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It works as well as any of them do.
    There have been some improvements for 2002, a larger screen, the system is now DVD based so there is only one disc instead of the six cd-roms you needed for the old system. Also, the factory now gives you a remote control so your passenger can operate the system. Previously the only controls were on the side of the steering wheels.
    The only drawback is the limited availability. Alot of stores don't order the system. It can be dealer installed but the cost almost doubles.
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