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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • drcsfdrcsf Posts: 36
    I have been following the posts regarding this model. I own a 99 V6 5 speed LE. I had to visit 5 dealers in Baltimore/Washington to find it and it was the only one on any lot. It is indeed a rare model and even rarer in this last model year. Since 1997, Toyota produced less than 5000 V6 5 speeds. In 97 and 98 these were only offered as CE's. In 99 and 00 these were only available in LE's. 2001 has seen production drop to only about 1 per week!. So the difficulty in finding one at this point is real. Sorry, but it might just be too late to get a new one. The next model may not have a V6 5 speed at all. That said, I would recommend you check some used car sites like CarMax. If you can find one with low miles you most likely could steal it since the trade/resale is poor. Good Luck. Craig
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    My 96 Camry with 51K miles is running great. On a recent 545 mile trip(with one tank of gas), it got 29.8 mpg at speed of 75-80MPH. I know it can do 30-32 if I drive at 65, but it is very hard to keep the speed down. At one spot, I let it climb to 110. The engine never got loud.

    Everytime I see a 92-96 Camry with a single tail pipe, I say to myself these people don't know what they are missing!

    The only WINTER complaint with this car(and its soft suspension)is its sliding side to side tendenecy on ice patches on highway. It scares the daylight out of me on icy interstate driving.

    The car's dark green paint scartches VERY easy, and it is impossible to remove them.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    A shame, but sometimes when you sell a product that everyone wants you forget how to be a good sales person and dealership.

    In the 80's after having 3 Japanese cars (1 Honda and 2 Toyotas)I came back to American cars mainly because of the treatment I'd gotten from area Toyota dealers (3 within about 10 miles in metro NY)and the bull and lies I'd gotten from all three dealing with a problematic vehicle. One even put the car on a grease rack and smashed a ceiling mounted space heater through the windshield and then lied about it too!

    My Mom is in year 2 with a 2000 Camry LE and although she loves the car, the dealer service has also turned her off!

    As they say on TV, You Are The Weakest Link!
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    Nope, that's not the interior of a 2002 Camry.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Yes, I know. I already posted a couple times that it turned out to be some other Japanese Toyota model.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    >Yes, I know. I already posted a couple times that it turned out to be some other Japanese Toyota model

    Yes you did... and I was agreeing with you.
  • jdarcyjdarcy Posts: 8
    Why pay more for maintenance and repair at overpriced and frequently arrogant dealerships in the first place? There are so many Camry's on the road that good dependable independent shops are familiar with them.
    I had a good experience with Thomasson Toyota in the Portland area on a cash purchase of a 2001 Camry 5sp.( $16,012 hard cold cash with value pkg. upgrade ). It was seamless and only took 30 min. to complete the transaction on the advertised special. I live in the Seattle area, therefore I will use only independent shops for service and repair. A local dealer tried to scam my dad on service for his '86 Camry.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I have an independent mechanic I trust you will gladly put on genuine Toyota Parts (which I order wholesale from a dealer in MI) for much less then local dealer. Recently did 120,000 miles service, all belts (timing,accessory), thermostat,coolant, water pump (with new, now required bracket, mine is a 92 with 134,000 miles now) platinum plugs, new ignition wires, fuel filter and front valve cover gasket (V6) for parts of $440 plus labor from independent of $400. Dealer wanter $600 just for the labor!!! For certain things the OEM route is the way to go, especially brake pads and water pumps etc.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    As it stands right now, production on the new 2002 Camry is slated for the 3rd week of June. This is about a month ahead of normal schedule.
  • I recently purchased a 98 Camry LE v4 with only 9200 miles on it from a dealership. The car seems to be in perfect condition inside and out, but I have found that when I have passengers in the back seat the car tends to bottom out when I'm coming out of or going into an underground parking garage. And now my wife tells me that the car also bottoms out exiting her driveway at work when only she is driving it! Is this a common problem with Camrys? What does it take to fix it?
  • zeke20zeke20 Posts: 5
    I saw a 2001 5 speed Camry LE V6 at Koons Toyota Sunday night in Tyson's Corner, VA outside Washington, DC. Go to and check the new car inventory.
  • spadespade Posts: 4
    Don't see any point in arguing or correcting the salesman or sales manager and even complaining to Toyota USA. It is the way they try to sell whatever they have on their lot.
    There are a lot of 5 speed 2001 Camry CE air power pkg in SoCal for $14,500 if you don't mind 4 cylinder.
    Saw a Solara 5 speed air power pkg for $15,800 also.
    Go with automatic so you can enjoy your coffee or french fries during driving.
    Close a deal today, new 2001 Camry CE, 4-cylinder, auto, air and power pkg, CD/cassette, floor mats, pinstrip, scothguard and wheel side moldings total $16,800 plus tax lic less $1k rebate totaling about $17,500 outdoor with 7.99% interest from TMCC [toy mtr credit corp]. Reasonable price?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    By "bottoming out," I take it you mean the underside of the car is scraping the ground?

    The problem is the Camry is built low to the ground; it's easy to scrape the front underside on transitions from the street to ramps or driveways. Also you have to pull carefully into parking spaces with the curb-type barriers.

    In the rear, the tailpipe can scrape, or even the main structural rails ahead of the rear wheels, this last if you drop down from concrete garage floor to a gravel driveway.

    There isn't really anything that can be done about it, except getting larger wheels or tires, but that could cause other problems, like a speedometer that no longer reads correctly.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    We agree (christawood) my brother's 97 LE camry bottoms out easily, over speed bumps or turns over curbs plus if you have heavy load it will bottom out,hes been really happy with his camry , its a 97' le with gold package alloy wheels and spoiler with high gloss black paint, the paints soo shiny but tends to get dirty within one or two days after a washing. The motor is a 2.2 4cyl, its sooo quite and smooth, but acclerates a little slow after you put four or five people with a/c on or in it. it now has 81,059 miles and runs like new, but he services that sucker soo much like the auto tranny fluid and everything every 15,000. its been a good car and it is mostly now driven freeway miles all together 188 per day, its great, i encourage you all to buy a toyota camry or let alone corolla...thanks..inform me on your camry's too...
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    Yeah, My '99 Camry bottoms out too! It's a horrible experiance. I lent it to my friend's daughter to take her driving test. She bottomed out during the test pulling out of the place. Luckily she didn't fail. Just go really slow over bumps, and pulling in and out and you should be fine. I also found that you bottom out if you pull out of a driveway that has a storm "curve" build in. That's the worst. Well good luck with your bottoming out problem.
  • jons01jons01 Posts: 59
    According to the owner's manual, when the doors are unlocked using the remote transmiter the dome light is supposed to come on and stay lit for 15 seconds. This is obviously a good safety feature, especially for women parking in secluded places.

    This feature seems to be missing or not working on my 2001 Camry LE. I talked to the dealer about the problem and he said only certain models with security options have it. The manual does not state this as an option.

    Is he telling the truth, or is it a problem with the car. Please let me know based on your experiences.
  • amz997amz997 Posts: 61
    Should I get extended warranty for my 2001 Accord EX?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi friends,

    Catherine Heins is looking for people to interview who have switched from American to Japanese cars in the past few years-- especially folks who wouldn't have given a Toyota or Honda the time of day in the 1970s.

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  • I wonder if any camry owners are experiencing the same vibration problem as with my 96 4cyl LE. When waiting at a red light or sitting in drive with the foot on the brake, my camry seems to exhibit an excessive amount of vibration and engine noise. Its especially exascerbated when turning on the air conditioning. I have spoken to my local mechanic and he said that over time that the fuel injection system "cokes up" which over time will lead to the vibration problem. He said that the computer system can compensate for a time, but with increased mileage, the vibration will ensue. The car has 65K on it and other wise is great. I have thought that changing the belts might just do the trick but I don*t know. I have had the timing belt changed 10000 miles ago and have ruled that out. Do any other camry owners share this excessive noise and vibration issue. Please advise. thank you. Also, does anyone know where we can get a peek at the new 2002. I tried the mag-x website but couldn*t seem to connect. Thanks.
  • oh3007oh3007 Posts: 2
    Been trying to decide between a Honda accord or Toyota Camry. Any opinions about these two choices or other ideas would be welcomed.
  • netbid99netbid99 Posts: 6
    Yes, it's normal. I talked to my dealer last year, and the AC problem (vibrations) was actually a well known problem. Your dealership should have an official record/fix. You can fix the problem, but it's $$$ (and it is not covered by extended warranties). I think it's a design problem, and you have to replace a few parts ... something like that ... sorry, I forgot details ...
  • 3pointstar3pointstar Posts: 45
    I don't drive my '96 very much anymore, but it has 110K on it. I'll try to remember what happened, OK here goes. Two possibilities.

    I had my timing belt changed and it made this intermittent vibration/rattling noise. I told the dealership it could be the timing belt. They laughed it off and sent me on my way because I am not a Toyota Technician. So, 30,000 miles or so later and I still have a vibration/intermittent rattling noise. I go to the dealer fed up and tell them to open up the timing belt and check if it's loose. They tell me it'll cost me, I said who cares. They open it up adn lo and behold, it was loose. They were embarassed and didn't charge me for it.

    2. AC CLUTCH
    Like the previous writer said, it'll cost you. Just live with the minor AC noise and save yourself some money. My Camry has a ta-ta-ta-ta-ta... sound when the AC compressor kicks in.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to read through the messages in a discussion on our Sedans Comparisons Board at this link: Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry. There are other comparison topics that may interest you as well - take a look at the discussion list here to check them out.

    Good luck, and welcome to Town Hall.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • msnerdmsnerd Posts: 6
    Hello all,

    I would just like to confirm that the 4 cyl 97 and 98 Camry can use 87 octane gas. I read that the V6 should use 93 octane, but I would like to know what is needed for the 4 cyl. Thanks!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Only requires 87 octane gas. I think this is true for all other years as well, including 2001.
  • jbkennedyjbkennedy Posts: 70
    One of the reasons the current Camry ('97-01) bottoms out,is that it has a well in the trunk to accommodate a full spare tire. I had a blowout this weekend while driving my '97 Camry on a out of town trip. I was very thankful to have a full size spare as I went ahead to my destination, after changing the flat. With a "bicycle" spare, I would have had to find the nearest tire store and have a new tire put on. Those "bicycle" spare will only get you down the road a few miles and you cannot drive (safely) over 50 mph!

    So its a tradeoff, with the low trunk, but I think it is well worth it!
  • paulelapaulela Posts: 3
    My Wife fell in love with a lease return Camry 99LE V6. It has ABS,Trac-control,CD,brand new Michelins and the car is in exellent shape.My only concern is the mileage, 59,000.Must be highway miles for sure and the car drives much better than the new 01 Camry 4cyl with 0 miles we test drove. I can get the 99 for 15k, would love to get some advise/comments.
  • guevinjguevinj Posts: 15
    I think this is strange. I have a 1998 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl. My roommate drives a 1998 Lexus ES300. According to the owner's manuals, both cars have 18.5 gallon fuel tanks. When I fill my Camry from 1/2 tank, it takes about 9 gallons, which seems right. When my roommate fills his Lexus from the same point, it takes only 7 gallons. He has tested this repeatedly, and the pump always shuts off at 7 gallons when filling from 1/2 a tank. The most gas the Lexus has ever taken was 15 gallons from the empty mark (after the low fuel light had been on for awhile). My Camry has taken almost 17 gallons when the low fuel light came on. I would have thought that since the Camry and Lexus share some parts, that the fuel tanks would be exactly the same. Does anyone know if in fact the tanks are different? Maybe a different shape? Is the Lexus' gas gauge calibrated differently than the Camry's? It discourages me to know that it's costing me more for gas from the same point on the gas gauge when we have the same size gas tank! Anyone have an explanation for this??
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i assume you're getting better gas mileage-- so how is it costing you more? explain that one, pal. usually when the pump shuts off, you can squeeze more gas into the tank-- maybe another half to full gallon. i hope you're not the type who puts the nozzle into the filler tube, pump the gas while you smoke a cigarette, then as soon as it shuts off automatically, you don't squeeze in some more gas. you need to pump gas like you're drinking brim coffee-- fill it to the rim. don't worry about the snob driving the lexus.
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    I have a '99 Camry LE. It's an automatic and today when I went to shift the plastic right by the shifter fell down in. I preceded to shift and the shifter dragged the plastic up with it. Now When I look down at the shift I can't even tell what gear I'm in (The red indicator is also gone) I saw that it looked like it could be glued but the piece of plastic is stuck in there Should I try to take it out or call the Toyota dealer?
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