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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    don't eaxctly recall..something related to Head gaskets or such....Toyota did warranty work on them & extended warranty to 100K miles V6s. V6 range was abroad all the product. Toyota fans/knowledgeable please correct/add something if I am wrong. I don't know exactly (heard it from Wenyue)
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    The problem was with some early 1990 V6's. Toyota extended the warranty and notified all owners of the free replacement. The affected engine was mostly for the trucks, I didn't think the Camry V6 used the same engine.

    But for anyone who is interested, this is a pretty detailed article about the early 90 V6 headgasket warranty experience, through the eyes of a Toyota truck owner.
  • bjl5bjl5 Posts: 24
    Post #536, jdarcy indicated his 01, CE, with standard trans got a gas mileage of 32.5MPG.(low) to a 40.5MPG. (high)This is very possible. What many people miss is he has a manual transmission which increases the mileage considerably. My brother just bought the same car"01,CE with std. trans. It has only 472 miles on it. At least half of the mileage is on two lane secondary roads of which most was in fourth gear and some in third gear with very little in fifth gear. When the tank was filled at the above mileage it took only 14.13 gallons . That's 33.4 MPG! He double clicked the pump to be sure the tank was full. I would guess at least half the driving was in fourth gear! That is amazing mileage considering there was three people in the car! The car has none of the problems that I have seen on this post (ie) wind noise,tire vibrations,low gas mileage etc. It's perfect so far. We both have been advanced back yard mechanics for almost 50 years so I feel if there was a problem we would a least be aware of it. Many people on this post are praising the new 02 Camry,but the 4 cyl. engine has a new aluminum block which I would not own. I will take the old 01 model with a cast iron block any day(MO). It's a nice car!
  • tyguytyguy ColoradoPosts: 1,172
    The head gasket problems were/are mostly with the 3.0 litre V6 engines that were used in the '89 to '95 trucks (4-Runners,also). This model Camry came with a 2.5 litre V6, a very different engine. I haven't heard of widespread head gasket failures on the 2.5 litre V6 like I have for the 3.0 litre V6.
    2015 Subaru Outback, 2013 Audi A4
  • cholland1cholland1 Posts: 5
    I bought a 99 Camry LE with 50K miles this weekend for $11,500 with tax. I'm very pleased so far. The car has plenty of power for my needs. Highway driving is smooth & quiet. I rode in the back seat while my wife drove, and I was very comfortable. The longer trips I took were almost too calm. I kept falling asleep. I plan on putting in a good after market DC player and key less entry/alarm. Driving the car makes me feel a little snooty. The shinny newish car doesn't look like only cost 11.5K. I don't feel embarrassed any more when parking with the Lexus and B-meer crowd. Not when mines shines just as good and keeps my wallet fat. I liked the Accord too. It was just out of my price range, unless I went with an older model with higher miles. No thanks.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    I really wouldnot want to believe that somebody got 99 Camry for 11,500!! Accords on the other hand are retaining their values ok. Fleet sales finally taking toll on Camry's resale. I hope not.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I think he got a good deal, that's about what one would go through the auction for. It has high miles, so if it was a lease return they made their money on that car with the mileage surcharge. I talked to a guy last week with a 99 and his lease buy-out was $16,000. Bank will take a beating on that one, which is probably why the banks are getting out of the leasing business. He really liked the car and wants to keep it so I told him to offer them $14,000 on the buy-out. They should take it if they are smart because they'll not get that on the auction block.

    Market is flooded with lease return 4 bangers right now. Try to find a used V6 and you'll pay a premium.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Not only lease returns. Some car rental agencies use Camrys, so you will find a good selection of used 2000s.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    Hi we want to know how well the 4 cyl is for driving hard or flooring it? would you consider a used on with 30 to 40k? how much would you pay? do you think these are good cars and reliable if we drive alot of local and hard miles? but we do service it alot..please send me all the info you can soon.thanks
  • amz997amz997 Posts: 61
    I was looking a new or used Honda Accord EX, Camry LE.

    I found a dealer who has a 2000 camry le with 8000 miles and he is selling it for 16400. Is it a good deal?

    I am in the philadelphia area.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
  • i just turned 16 and i am always floorin it in my moms 2000 camry le 4 cyl that has 30,000 miles. i think that the camry 4cyl is pretty fast for a 4 cyl but granted its not as fast as my dads lincoln ls8. but hey what can u expect its not a v8
  • jbkennedyjbkennedy Posts: 70
    I own a '97 Camry LE with the 4 cylinder engine. I live in Houston, where it is sea level and flat, so I find the 4 cylinder more than sufficient. However, I have never driven the V-6, so I really can't compare the two. I have driven a V-6 Sable and I find the performance about the same.

    What I like about the 4 cylinder is that I average about 28 mpg! With gas approaching $2.00 a gallon this summer, I would recommend the 4!

    As far as the CE and the LE, they are the same car, only the LE comes with more standard equipment. You can get almost everything on the CE as the LE as an option; however, the CE only offers the 4 cyl. engine.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i thought the CE had cheaper seats and 4 speakers versus 6 speakers that the LE has... i think the CE doesn't have body color mirrors... i thought that merely adding a power package to the CE doesn't necessarily make it an LE
  • jbkennedyjbkennedy Posts: 70
    The CE's that I have seen have identical seats & fabic; however, I think you are right about the mirror's. They are manual and you also don't get cruise control either.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    Hi, i understand the 4cyl is nice.Will the 4cyl quickly get run down in a few short years if it is constantly driven hard?,we know that flooring it isnt the best, but can camry handle it and with speeds up to 85?.How reliable is it? and would you consider a 00? and how much should you pay for a 30,000 mile camry ce or le? in good condition, all i know is my sister has an LE 97' with 74,499 miles as of the other day, and its done excellent beside the brakes and tailpipe.please respond asap. thanks
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    If you're going to be "flooring" it all the time, you probably won't be happy with the 4-cylinder. It's fine for me, but 0-60 takes about 10-11 sec.

    And if you're buying used, the overwhelming majority of Camrys will be LEs, not CEs, although most of these will have the 4-cylinder.

    I agree with jbkennedy that the Camry 4-cylinder performs about on a par with the Taurus/Sable V6, at least the 3.0-liter "Vulcan" engine.
  • pjcarzpjcarz Posts: 1
    The main difference between the Camry CE and the LE is that the LE has a value package on 99% of them that adds ABS, power driver's seat, and daytime running lights. Most CEs now come with power outside mirrors! (hint).... '02 4cyl Camry will have 155hp vs. 136hp for '01........V6???? ...... How does 225hp suit you???
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    We finally got to drive my sister's camry LE, it has high miles, but the biggest things in which we had run across was that it was very smooth and quite,and for the 4cyl it provides smooth acceleration,unlike many such as kia junk.It seems to handle hard accleration, but loaded with 4 people and the A/C on, the power is noticibly less,you can notice the engine having to strain to keep it up to 80 mph.We only drove it 55 miles,but we want all the advice on it, is it ok to Rev engines to high rpm's alot or does the 4cyl engine eventually wear out within few short years,one other thing we'd like to know is she has a 97' with black paint, and its been carported and waxed alot, but still its begining to fade,but the main concern is paint chipping on the hood?Any advice or similar notices? Thanks
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    No, the 4 cylinder engine does not wear out in just a few short years.
    If you need to drive 80 mph every day with 4 people loaded inside and the A/C on, then it will be a problem if you also have the trunk loaded with heavy objects and drive mostly uphill and you have the tach needle in the red zone.
  • koolrosekoolrose Posts: 3
    I have a 97 Camry with under 11000 miles. I really like the car, especially since it has been trouble-free. Recently, the turn signals started operating much faster than they have over the past three years. All of the signals work. They simply flash about twice as quickly as they did in the past. Could it be an electrical problem? Should I be concerned? Unfortunately, it is out of warranty by a few months. Any idea what fixing it would entail and how much it might cost? Thanks.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    maybe a fuse just needs replacing-- i thought some cars had a turn signal plug-in gizmo that's connected to the firewall.... if this fix is more than $50, i'll bet ya
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    What you describe happened to me on the left side of my '97 Camry. It turned out that the bulb for the left front turn signal wasn't making good electrical contact. I simply removed and reinstalled it -- end of problem.

    But it's a little tricky to remove the turn signal lens/housing assembly first to get at the bulb.
  • danohdanoh Posts: 23
    I think on most cars, the turn signals will blink much faster if you have a burned out light.

    check 'em all out, i bet one is out.

    either that or a relay.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    can we get any info you have on the CE or LE 4 cyl are they quick enough and smooth? we hear camry's are ok or many miles do your camrys have and do the 4 cyls last for ten years if maintained..we tend to push our fast and accelerate hard in city mostly.Can we get any advice that you have please? how much to pay for a fully equipped new CE or a used le? thank you
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    You need to just go test drive one to decide if it smooth and powerful enough for you. However, the Camry has one of the weakest four cylinder engines in its class. They are very reliable and quite smooth and quiet for a 4 cylinder, but if you like to always feel G-forces pushing you back in the seat and like to waste gas flooring the gas pedal and driving very hard always wanting to push the car to the limit, then a 4 cylinder Camry is not for you.
    Most people buy four cylinder Camrys for economy and reliability, NOT for any great acceleration.
    The new 2002 Camry will have an increase in power.
  • gbakgbak Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a used 1997 camry (2.2 4 cyl) and was looking for some feedback re: engine noise, or any experiences with excessive noise or sluggishness from the transmission. The car has 51k, and on occasion seem to be very noisy with acceleration. I'm thinking its the tranny reving high..and it sounds somewhat too noisy. Was wondering if this was common. I'm not reving or stomping on the gas..just usual day to day driving.
  • harryhessharryhess Posts: 2
    yesterday I purchased a 2001 camry LE, the only option listed on the MSRP form was value package number 4/option code VQ.. I assumed this meant ABS brakes, daytime running lights, dusk senser plus illuminated entry system, remote entry, elect. seat, floor mats.Because the salesman told me the vehicle had the value package. How wrong I was, it came with remote entry, elect. seat, floor mats-which is option package #4 and this package is free with the price of the car. What I wanted and thought I was getting option package #3/2532 option code VP, cost around $400. It was my mistake for not really looking at the sticker in detail. They delivered the vehicle to my door 60 miles from the dealership. I called the salesman today to ask about the option codeVP package and he stated that to his knowledge no camry LE had ABS daytime running lights and dusk sensor? Is this correct? Paid $18,011 plus tax for the car so the price seemed OK, any comments?
  • warzonectxwarzonectx Posts: 26
    how fast do the Toyota CAMRY 2.2 4 cyl go. is it 120. if so email me or post it my email is
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