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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • Test drove 2 different LE 4cyl. autos. Very good handling and smooth ride, comfortable drivers` seat; one car had very noticeable wind noise from the drivers` side window at highway speeds; my wife, who said the back seat was roomy and comfortable, could hear this noise also. Raising and lowering the window had no effect. The second car (from another dealership) was much quieter. Window seal problem? Both cars had very good acceleration even with 3 passengers. Trunk is enormous. Fit and finish was excellent; no sign of color mismatch on the bumpers or anywhere else. One concern: there was an initial hesitation in acceleration with both cars, and I`m not talking about flooring the pedal here. Once again, one car was better than the other but everyone in the car still felt it. The only way I can describe the strange sensation was as if the trans was slipping in low gear; obviously this can`t be so. I understand the throttle is now electronic, not mechanical, but both salesmen said this delay was due to the intelligent trans which will adjust itself to the driver over 1000 miles; can anyone provide any reliable info on this? BTW, to the poster who questioned the auto-locking feature of the doors; according to the salesman, this can be switched on and off or pre-set in a variety of combinations as you choose. Overall impression: Toyota has another fine car on its` hands.
  • After months of waiting for the 02 Camry and comparing with the Accord, I finally purchased the 02 Accord EX-V6 last weekend. Test drove the Camry LE 4 cyl and V-6. The Camry did drive a little smoother, but everything else seemed to point to the Accord. (I do mostly city driving - not too many long drives.) I believe you get much better value for your dollar in the Accord. Also, the lack of availability of any Camry with sunroof in the LE version was disappointing. Got my Accord at $400 over invoice and a very good trade-in on my old accord. I was also impressed with the Honda salesman who factually compared the two cars (even when a Camry advantage), while every Toyota salesman I dealt with gave me lots of misstatements and put downs on the Accord. I found this insulting since I had done a lot of research and could spot the missatements. I think it all comes down to personal taste because the cars are very similar in quality and reliability.
  • brown33brown33 Posts: 11
    I am considering a 2000 XLE and wanted to know what year did Toyota add de-powered airbags to the Camry? Also, does anyone know if the alarm on the 2000 XLE includes an engine immobilizer?
  • pduboispdubois Posts: 73
    Even without the alarm, all models have an engine immobilizer (at least in Canada).
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Buying the sunroof on the Passat is not necessary for safety items. The base Passat is more expensive then the Camry or Accord, but it does come with much more.

    Side curtain airbags standard. Brake assist standard. Traction control standard. Electronic differential lock standard. Pretensioning seatbelts for all 5 occupants standard. Force limiting on all 5 seat belts standard. Telescoping steering wheel standard. Trip computer standard. Remote keyless entry standard (you can even roll up all the windows at once and close the sunroff by holding the key in the door - kinda neat). Air conditioned glove box standard (keep your refreshments cool). 180 hp engine standard. Height adjustable drivers seat standard (try that if the sunroof is a problem - or don't order the sunroof) Fog lights standard. Front fender blinkers standard. Anti theft alarm standard. Reading lights in the rear standard. Lumbar support standard. These are just the items that are optional or not available on the Camry, it also has everything else that the 2002 Camry has standard Power windows A/C etc.

    The Passat also handles better than the Accord or Camry and rides just as well as the Camry (better than Accord).

    The only downfall is - reliability is just average. However with the rate cars are improving in reliability a new Passat is as reliable as a new Honda or Toyota was in the early 90's - not too bad. This according to Consumer Reports.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    You can get a Passat as a wagon if you need more space, not so for Accord or Camry (unfortunately)
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    wouldn't chance any VW, their reliability records are very sketchy, mostly electrical problems.
    Sure they have a lot of stuff standard, but for the price difference (Camry vs Passat) I sure hope it does.
    While the Camry doesn't technically have a wagon version, the Camry-based Highlander is a better alternative than the Passat wagon. And cheaper too (esp. when compared to Passat GLX model), just as long as you don't go crazy on options. As a Highlander owner myself (also have an 88 Camry), I certainly would rather have a reliable Toyota than a "cool" Volkswagen.

    I wish Toyota would bring back "All-Trac" on Camrys to compete with the Passat 4motion. That would be sweet.

  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 170
    There is absolutely no comparison between the Highlander and the Passat, sedan or wagon. I own both a Highlander and a Passat sedan. The Highlander was great last year in the snow and the higher stance and excellent "greenhouse" of the Highlander make for great visability and around town driving. Once out on the highway, however, I leave the Highlander in the garage and drive the Passat exclusively. It's quieter, tighter and much more "connected" to the road. Before I bought my second Passat I drove a couple of '02 Camry's and for my taste, the Passat is far and away superior. On the other hand, if I planned to keep the Passat beyond its 4 year, 50,000 mile warranty, I would take pause. I've had no problems with my Passats, but since I only keep a car two to four years, I'm not concerned. Also, the resale on my 2000 Passat was much better than a Camry XLE V6 (slightly more costly than my cloth GLS V6 Passat). If I was into a car for 5 to 10 years, I would think strongly about the Accord, however. We bought my daughter an '01 EX and as well constructed as the Highlander is, her Accord is even better.
  • I'm considering buying a 2002 SE V6 but would like to get it without leather. I'm told by one dealer here in Connecticut that Toyota is "just not making them" w/o leather right now. Anyone know if this is accurate?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Depowered airbags were first used on the 1998 model Camry. If the car has an antitheft system, it will include the engine immobilizer.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    It depends on which region you live in. I have access to V6 SE without the GK package(that is the package that has leather that your dealer is telling you about). You can always special order exactly the way you want it if you are willing to wait.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    Sbelle4 What state are you in? Here in the tri-state area of NY,NJ,CT you can't get a SEv6 without leather. I understand from a couple of dealers in NY that they will not be available in Oct and probably Nov. They are not making SeI4 either for a while, At least for this region. It's strange but i believe someone screwed up at Toyota. These lots are overflowing with LE v6 and I4 and everyone else is looking for the Se.Currently, you only have to order one. I saw at Penn Toyota 2 SE I4 manual(red and Blue). I,m waiting patiently. Tomorrow I will test drive the Altima.
  • jdeibjdeib Posts: 70
    In Western PA(Central Atlantic Region), it seems the dealers are getting SE 4cyls with cloth only, and the SE v6's are leather only, for now. We do seem to be getting all sorts of LE 4's and 6's. The most expensive LE I've seen here was a V6 for 27K and change.

    I do think it might be worth it to order one. I just ordered a SE 4cyl with pkg 3, the aluminum wheels, side airbags, the 3200 alarm, and ABS. The reason I ordered mine was that it seems that our region is not getting any 4cyl SE's with the ABS. We are getting LE's with ABS but for some reason, Toyota is not building any SE 4's that way. Anyway, the wait is only about 2 months, and you are assured that you will get only the options you want.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    I am in Alabama which is part of southeast Toyota distributors that serves NC,SC,GA,AL,FL. 30% of all V6 Camry SE purchased in the southeast will have GIAT ( power seat, keyless, JBL speakers) and if you want leather it can be added but you are not required to have it.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I placed my order on 9-2-01 as was told that the car would take 90-120 days. Originally I was told about a month and that they can change the color and option's On the SE that was scheduled to be built and allocated to that dealer. This was they only way to get the car in about 30-40 days, no dice. The following week the dealer called and said I would not receive the car on 10-15-01, more like Nov or December. A white SE (V6) with black cloth and pkg # 3 was the order. I hope you get your car in 30-60 days, however I wouldn't be surprised if that was delayed.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    Special rates are for selected vehicles for limited months. Rates and terms vary from region to region so you need to check with your local dealer for full details. With that being said, if you are interested in any of the vehicles with these incentives it is a wonderful time to buy. No, there is not any type of dealer cash, rebates or special interest rates on 2002 Camry at this time and I certainly do not expect any in the near future but it would be nice!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Does anyone know whether or not heated outside mirrors is standard for Camry in Canada? The e-brouchure does not list that as one of the features.
  • msnerdmsnerd Posts: 6
    Hey there. I have a 1998 Camry LE (36k miles) that replaced my 1993 Camry LE. I had the 4 cyl engine in both of them. The 98 model is rated 23 MPG in the city, but I observe just barely over 21 MPG city. The 93 Camry was rated 21 MPG and that's exactly what I observed. My driving style has not changed, and I know that the engines in these two cars are very similar. I was looking forward to the better fuel economey in the new model, is anyone else getting only 21 MPG with their 97 or 98 Camry? (btw, I am observing these figures without A/C being on and with full tire pressure).
  • I don't think that 28 mpg is for the city? Are you sure about that? Sounds much more like highway mileage on a Camry.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Could the people who post that own a 2002 Camry or about to buy one please give the amount paid MSRP/out-the-door. Also give the model of Camry and what engine/trans, as well as options or packages.
    It would be helpful. Thanks.

  • msnerdmsnerd Posts: 6
    That figure is 23MPG, not 28. The highway mileage is fine on my 98 model, it's the city mileage I'm observing of only 21MPG I'm concerned about. the 98 model is rated 23MPG city. My last camry (93 model) was rated 21MPG city and that's exactly what I observed. I have not changed driving styles since getting my 98 model but I am not observing any better city mileage in my 98 model despite its higher EPA rating.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I just saw 4 new SE's with V-6 and cloth. White with Taupe look very nice. Two had the stability, airbag package ($1,100). In Ok with gulf states add on rip of these were $28,900 list with cloth and package 3! That is price of Acura 3.2TL. The extra mile package $1,000 and the snake oil paint sealant $200 and the $300 auto dimming mirror just ruin otherwise reasonable prices. My recommendation to any of you in these distributor areas. Simply go to another dealer outside the region. Even SE i-4 was $26,500 with cloth and distributor adds.
    I found the SE V-6 a nice ride but not worth it over an XLE.
  • paid 20,100 for an le w/ abs and jbl system,
    power seat and keyless entry. this is before
    taxes and alarm charge.
  • ficklefickle Posts: 98
    Paid $23,333 for SE V6 with pkg. 2 before tax and license.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Thanks for the prices.

    Wheels4me, is your Camry an automatic? I know fickle's is because of the V6.

  • For a survey of actual prices paid for 2002 Camrys, go to this link at

    minster "2002 camry se-how much did you pay?" Oct 4, 2001 6:52pm
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I wouldn't sweat it over a 2 mpg difference, especially if highway mpg is okay. As the fine print says, "your mileage may vary."

    That said, I get about 23-24 mpg in short-trip driving in my '97 Camry 4-cylinder (I live in a small burg), about 30 mpg on longer trips on non-interstate divided highways, and about 34-35 mpg on interstates / long trips. But I keep to the posted 65 or 70 mph limits on the latter.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Yeah, I had noticed that thread after I posted my price inquiries here.

  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Toyota updated the "build your own" section and now has Camry LE V6 pricing listed. It still doesn't have pricing for the SE 4-cyl automatic though.

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